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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman seeing Ishita sleeping. He says he won’t trouble her more. He goes to washroom and takes it towel. He takes his clothes and starts leaving. He says even he is worried for yesterday, I m sorry about that. He leaves. She wakes up by the door sound and sees the time. She says Raman did not come till now, did he not sleep here at night. Neelu comes with his clothes, and Ishita asks her. Neelu says Raman got ready in Romi’s room. Ishita says why is he angry on me, whats this. Appa tells Amma that Bala’s mum health got bad and Vandu said he went there. Amma says it means he won’t be there for puja. Simmi and Romi talk about Lohri. Rinki also joins the discussion.

Ishita comes and hears Rinki saying everyone’s mood is bad. Simmi says mum wanted Adi to come. Mr. Bhalla says I explained your mum that its first Lohri after Raman and Ishita’s marriage, where is she. Simmi says maybe she went to temple. He asks Ishita to come and wishes happy Lohri. Ishita greets him and everyone exchange wishes. Mr. Bhalla asks about Raman. Ishita says he went to office. Romi says maybe he has meeting. Mr. Bhalla says whenever he is in tension, he hides in office. Ishita goes to make tea and thinks. She thinks so he wants to hide in office, mum is also not at home, if my apology can make Adi come back, I will get him back.

Shagun says why did no one come from that house, did Adi did too much, no, I m sure someone will come. She is surprised seeing Mrs. Bhalla. She wishes Lohri, and welcomes her. Mrs. Bhalla asks about Adi. Shagun asks did you come to wish him. Mrs. Bhalla says no, I came to take him. Shagun says he won’t agree, but you try to talk. She calls Adi. Adi comes and Mrs. Bhalla hugs him, wishing Lohri. She asks why did he leave them on festive day. Adi asks why is she saying this. She cries and says she has done arrangements for him, she wants to celebrate Lohri since 6 years and now got a chance. Adi says no, I can’t come.

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Mrs. Bhalla asks how will we celebrate Lohri then, your dad did not sleep all night, even me, all are waiting, come and everyone will be happy. Shagun asks Adi to say yes. Adi says he is not angry on her, but Ishita aunty makes my mum cry and insults her. Mrs. Bhalla says it happens, fight increase love. Adi says no, its intentionally, till se apologizes, I won’t come. Ishita thinks seeing Raman’s pic and says I know Raman, you don’t want me to apologize, but if Ruhi was annoyed, I would have make up to her, I wish all kids and elders to celebrate festival together, what self respect infront of a kid, its ok, I can do this for the house’s happiness, no big deal, I will apologize.

Raman asks Mihir to leave him alone. Mihir justifies his step. Raman says Shagun can never come in between me and Ishita, but Adi and my relation was joining after years. Mihir asks him to go home. Raman says you will get a slap. Mihir says fine, I will feel you have forgiven me, you advised me to face the situation, why are you running now, everyone is waiting for you at home, go home. Amma prepares for Pongal festive and reminds Amma to take gold chains for Ishita and Mihika. He says I m going now. She says I did not sign for breaking FD. He says I have money, no need. She asks how did he get extra money. He asks her not to question.

Vandu says Amma knows everything. Appa says tell her not to talk in my matter. Amma says see how he is talking, he did not get new shirt for himself. Vandu asks her not to spoil her mood. Ishita thinks she should get Adi before Raman comes. Rinki stops her. Ishita says I have some work, I will just come. She opens the door and sees Mrs. Bhalla bringing Shagun and Adi. She greets them. Mrs Bhalla asks where are you going. Ishita says I was going to bring Adi. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, come with me. Shagun thinks now she will make her lovely bahu apologize, perfect. She enters the house with Adi. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to apologize to Adi, and she knows he is wrong.

She says I know its not your mistake, but he was not ready, and I got him by much difficulty, you apologize to Shagun. Ishita looks at Adi and Shagun. She walks to them. Mihir and Raman come home. Raman is glad seeing Adi and stops hearing Mrs. Bhalla saying Adi is he happy now, as Ishita is apologizing to Shagun. Shagun sees Raman and thinks to surprise everyone by her goodness.

Shagun stops Ishita from saying sorry and scolds Adi. Adi argues. Shagun says Ishita did a lot for you, if she told something, She hugs Ishita and apologizes. She says no need to apologize, and greets everyone happy Lohri. Ishita says Adi like mum says forget everything to celebrate Lohri. Ishita sees Raman. Raman thinks it was not good, we showed down Ishita for Adi, I wanted Adi to come home, but not this way.

Raman says finally its over. Mihir says we both know its not over, its temporary pause and it can start again, you spent time with Adi, I will have meeting. Rinki stops him. Mihir says I will come in evening. Amma and Appa come and are shocked seeing Shagun back. She says she came to meet Mrs. Bhalla and its Ishita and Raman’s first pongal. Mrs. bhalla says first Lohri too. Shagun says great, it should be celebrated well. Appa talks to Mr. Bhalla. Amma takes Ishita and Raman, and tells them about puja, and gives them new clothes. She invites everyone. Mr. Bhalla asks them to have dinner with them. Amma and Appa leave. Ishita sees Raman and goes. Shagun notices the gap between them and smiles.

Ruhi reminds Ishita that she met her in clinic on last Lohri, and she and Raman did puja together, when they did not know each other, you are my mum and won’t hurt you, won’t make you say sorry, don’t every cry, I love you. Raman looks on, Ishita says I love you too and hugs Ruhi.

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