Sasural Simar Ka 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Amar says I have recorded everything in this phone. Whole family will know that you are that green eyed woman. you will be punished now. fake roli says didi don’t have to be scared of me. she is my sister, you want to tell family my truth? We have to call the family here. I am helpless now, let me call whole family myself. why you are staring me? She starts screaming and says sid save me, mata ji save me. sid and prem rush downstairs. they find their doors locked from outside. prem says who is there? simar? roli? they all knock at their doors and says please open the door.

fake roli messes whole room and says please leave me. sid save me. she breaks vases. simar says what are you doing? She breaks her sleeve. amar says have you gone mad? Anjali and sanju are crying. Roli shoves simar. She falls. roli says you have to go away from this house. She hypnotizes amar. She says go and help mausi ji in jail.

sid breaks the door and comes out. He opens everyone’s doors. When they come downstairs they see roli crying in a corner and simar fainted on floor. mata ji says what happened? Who did this? roli hugs sid. Prem goes to siamr and says open your eyes. roli says he came here and attacked simar to seek revenge and when I went to save didi he tried to rape me. She shows him her sleeves. sid covers her with her saari. He is infuriated. mata ji says how can some do this. sid says where is he? roli points at amar standing in corner.

roli says tried to save didi so he did this to me. She hugs. sid says nothing will happen to you. mata ji says I cant believe he has this face as well. pre tries to get simar up. She is not waking up. amar picks a vase and goes to attack simar. Sid grasp him. he wants to throw the vase at simar. Prem stand sin front of simar. prem slaps amar and says I wont leave you. Amar grasps prem by his neck. all men help prem in releasing. Sid says whoever we trust deceives us. I will take revenge of every tear of simar and roli. he starts hitting sid. whole family try to stop him but sid hits him hard. Everyone is shocked. Mata ji says stop it sid. Rajhinder says I calling cops leave him. rajhinder calls inspector and asks him to come.

Scene 2
next morning, mata is with simar. She is still unconscious. simar recalls last night and gets up in shock. mata ji says don’t be scared I am here with you. simar hugs her, mata ji says don’t be worried. I know what happened. I know everything. we came there on time and truth came in front of us? simar syas you know the truth? Mata ji says yes. She says don’t worry we are all with you. simar says we cant let it ago. we were all wrong. what you know is not the truth. truth is a lot more dangerous. I have seen that from my eyes. Fake roli comes in, simar stops.

Precap-fake roli says to simar don’t try to tell family truth or roli will have to face consequences. mata ji hears it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Yeh I want to hear her motive too tell us already

  2. Matajj heard wat Sara z i guess. It means she will paralyse her also. Lol . But y she wana stay here if she came to b take revenge. When she will reveal her motive?

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