Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi telling Raman that ishita aunty has a problem. Raman says Adi, this….. Adi says can’t you see, she does acting to look good infront of you. Raman says she did not think wrong for you and Shagun. Adi asks him to go to his wife, and he can’t bear anyone insulting her mum. Raman says she loves you a lot, you are mistaken, please come home. Adi says he won’t go with Shagun. Shagun asks Raman to leave and she will send Adi later. Raman says Shagun will come along. Adi says no, till Ishita says sorry to her, we won’t come. Mihir asks Adi to behave yourself. Shagun acts sweet and asks Adi to go with Raman. Adi says he won’t go without her. Shagun says Adi is angry, you go now Raman. Mihir says sorry Bhai. Shagun thinks Adi I love you, you will make me reach

my place. Ishita will take me back to that home, superb.

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The watchman tells Appa about the cheque bounce which he gave to the society head. Appa says I will talk to bank. Appa thinks how can this happen, I have to go bank. Amma says its first Pongal for Raman and Ishita after their marriage, I have to invite them, but how, Shagun will create issue again. Appa says I should not tell anything to her now, she will get worried. Amma likes the gift. She says new shirt for you. He says I have many. She says she has placed the order for it. He says no, cancel it, I don’t want. He says I got three for our three son in laws. She asks three? He says Raman, Bala and Ashok. He says Mihika is our daughter and its her first pongal after marriage. She asks who invited them here.

Vandu and Bala invite Mihika and Ashok for Pongal. Mihika asks did they ask Appa and Amma. Ashok says we can’t come as I have imp meetings. Appa says we can be annoyed with Mihika, but can’t forget her, so Vandu told me. Amma says Ashok in this house with Raman, never, he is Raman’s enemy. Amma says what will Soumya feel if we sideline Mihika and Ashok. Mihika says we have to go Ashok, all family will be there, they will feel bad if I don’t go. She takes him far and says if you don’t come, I can say about my and Mihir’s child.

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Amma says Ashok and Raman in same house…. Ashok agrees to come. Bala thanks Ashok and they leave. Mihika thanks Vandu as she made it possible for her to celebrate Pongal with family. Ishita asks Raman about Adi, did he bring him or not. Raman says he is not coming, he is annoyed. Ishita says with whom is he annoyed. Raman says with you, stop discussing this now, I know you and Adi tried to stay happy, but my fate is bad that something happens, Adi wants you to apologize to Shagun, else he won’t come home, why did you tell anything to Shagun. She says I did not say anything. He says leave it, what was the need, mind your business, I explained Adi he is wrong, but he is a kid, I just know he was with me after years, why did you annoy him.

He says my son is away from me because of your over sweet nature. She says its because of me and cries. Appa is worried for expenses. He says Chadda and says I m sorry to disturb you at night, and asks about 2 lakhs depositing in society, I gave the cheque, but how can I get such amount again. Chadda says the fire incident damaged a lot, and rates have increased for everything, everyone is paying. Appa says fine, I will arrange the money. Appa says even if I break the FD, how will I get 2 lakhs. Amma comes and asks is he still working, not feeling sleepy. Appa closes the files, and says nothing, I was just checking.

She says fine, I was thinking, you bought shirts for son in law and sarees for daughters, and its first Pongal for Ishita and Mihika, shall we buy gold chain for them. Appa worries. She says you can break the FD. He thinks he has broken FD before. Amma says our life is complete, duty is over and whatever is there is for our daughters. She says I will sleep and have to get up early tomorrow. Appa thinks and cries. He says how can I manage all this, I can’t tell her else she will worry.

Appa comes to his room and sees Amma sleeping. He switches off the lights being still in worry. He sees a gold ring, and recalls Ishita refusing to take it before, saying its your wedding ring. He thinks Ishita was right, this is my wedding ring, I will sell this and buy happiness, and get chains for both my daughters. He cries and hugs the ring. Mrs. Bhall cries on Adi going far from her again. Mr. Bhalla asks her not to cry, and he will talk to Raman. She says Adi will not come back, he won’t come if Ishita does not apologize to Shagun. He says why will Ishita apologize, she is our bahu, she got Shagun from junk, we can’t agree to Adi always, Shagun has filled his ears. She says yes, but its our loss.

Simmi says what can we do. Mr. Bhalla asks Simmi to take care of mum, and he will talk to Raman. Raman thinks whats happening, Adi is annoyed with Ishita and Ishita is annoyed with me, I know Ishita did not tell anything intentionally, what should I do now. Mr. Bhalla talks to Raman. He says parents’ love can’t get less for children, even your mum is worried. Raman says Adi is saying Ishita insulted Shagun, and till Ishita apologizes, he will come, how can I ask Ishita.

Mr. Bhalla says I understand, few things should be left to time. Raman says its Lohri tomorrow, and kids should be there.Mr. Bhalla reminds the last Lohri, a miracle happened, you got Ishita, and I m sure Lord will give us more happiness this time, don’t worry, go and sleep. He leaves. Raman recalls Adi’s words. Ishita recalls Raman’s words and cries. She says does he really feel I have Adi go away from him. Raman cries thinking about how Ishita supported Adi and took care of Shagun. He recalls her sacrifices. He thinks of the happy times with Adi and gets into dilemma on what to do to get Adi back.

Mrs. Bhalla says I know Ishita its not your mistake, but apologize to Shagun. Ishita goes to Shagun and sees Adi. Raman and Mihir look on.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Manisha

    I hate Raman, Toshi and Adi. Shagun is a cheap bastard.
    and this Raman is becoming a bastard too.. How can he not trust ishita. This is too much. why only ishita has to sacrifice always. Seriously ishita should take roohie and walk out from the bhalla home. these people do not deserve a bahu like ishita and daughter like roohie. Shagun is only better for them..
    This non sense adi is always given more importance than roohie.

    Ishita should go and start living with mani, than only raman will realize her importance. More than adi, he requires Ishita in his his life.

  2. Raman tum aaisa kaise kar sakte ho. …….tumhe Adi k aalawa kuch dikhai hi nahin Dera ha hai …….Adi k liye sab itna overreact kyun. …karahe. …..aaisa behave. ….karrahe hai ki. ….jaise…..6 saal se koi festival celebrate hi nahin kiya Adi k bina. …………….raman tumhe ishita par itna nahin chillana chahiye tha. …..uss main ishita ki koi. …Galti bhi nahin hai. ……………………….
    ……plzz Adi ko itna importance mat do. …woh iss. pyar ke layaq nahin hai. …
    …HAME ISS …ADI …..shagun ko nahin dekh na hai. …………….
    ..dono maa beta …se nafrath hogai hai. ………

  3. 123

    Guys – good news. I have stopped watching this show. There is no love and romance in this show. This show shld have been titled Pati, Patni aur purani sauten and not yeh hai mohabbatein. Jo romance hoga that is also not realistic as Divyanka has her own reservations. Bullshit. Ishra has lost their charm. ab raman does not deserve Ishita. He has lost her. He cannot protect her dignity. Aise insaan ke saath rehna nahi rehna ek hi hai. I suggest Ishita shld leave Raman and go somewhere to live alone. She has suffered so much and now is the time to get some peace. Raman ke promise saare fake hai. He is one big matlabi aur khudgarz insaan hai. Ab woh ishita ke liye jo bhi karega bilkul bhi accha aur khoobsurat nahi lagega. Bechari IShita kitna karegi, kitna sahegi jab uski koi ghalati hi nahi hai. Pyaar khatam ho gaya hai. Raman – tumhara beta duniya ka sabse accha beta hai. use god mein leke jee bhar ke pyar karo. Duniya mein sirf tumne hi beta paida kiya hai. Toshiji aapka waaris aa gaya hai sab ko bhool ke use hi pyar karo. We all hate Ekta so much for this bullshit drama. Ishita shld leave her bedroom to raman and adi and she shld shift with ruhi. It does not make any difference being with raman or without raman as there is nothing they do as a couple at night. Ishita shld not surrender this time. Raman is taking her for granted. this is not done. She shld avoid him until he realises his mistake for forgetting his promises. yeh rishta bilkul bhi nahi tik sakta. Raman ka ego uske liye sab kuch hai. Ishita ka pata nahi lekin humein Ishita ke liye bahut bura lagra. She is just suffering at the hands of Raman. How much more Raman? U don deserve Ishita.

  4. arey yaar it a boring can u raman yell with ishu yaar.we known every is there love their will be angry also.phir bhi it not even fair.y should ishu suffer and sariface one getting that even ishu has heart and it too has feeling also.y dont anyone of the house get it.and raman we dont except this form u.and ur words has hurt ishu and us also.plz koi tha kuch karo naa yaar.make the serial back on track.

  5. Dekho yaar Raman Ishita se gussa nahi hai………bas us ka gussa control nahi hua to usne Ishita par nikal diya…..jaisa har normal insan karta hai…….sab log Ishita jaise calm nahi hote jo apna gussa control kar sake…….& Raman ko Ishita par bharosa bhi hai iss liye to wo dukhi hai ki usne Ishita ko hurt kiya…..but because of his man ego…..wo apne aansu Ishita ko nahi dikhata……..

  6. and raman by doing this to adi u and ur family making the mistake by show the wrong path to him.and raman dont forget that becoz of that pagal shagun only ur heart breaks.and only ishu made u to live ur life again by lot of happiness.dont forget it raman.

  7. ashi

    What kind of story is ths….
    it cn nvr hapn in real life
    there is no reality….
    no lady wit selfrespect wit tolrte this….
    ishita dnt hve anykind of slfrspct or wat…???

  8. 123

    ab kuch bhi accha batade, woh feeling hi nahi hogi. sab kuch bigad gaya hai. Ishita tum kitna sahogi. Ab tumhare appa ke paas money bh nahi hai. woh bhi ek problem hogi aagey. Ishita, u deserve Mani or someone really good who just cares for u. Ur life is very painful. Plz never ever forgive Raman.

  9. Raman tum kehrahe ho ki. ..ishita jaan bojh kar kuch nahin karsakti. ……….toh tumne ishita ki baat kyun nahin suni. ………….tum kaise keh sakte ho ki. …ishita ki wajhe se Adi phir tumse durr hogaya. ………not good. …

  10. Hum IshRa aaise gussa gussa karta hoye nahin dekh sakte. …………..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    …iss track ko. …..khatam karoooooo

  11. ruhi

    Bakwaas. Ishita, Mani was rite Raman doesn’t deserve u. Mani where r u?? Plz marry ishita and ruhi will be with ishita. These blo*dy bhallas doesn’t deserve ishita. Raman u r a cheap…. No abuses for u. U dpnt even deserve that. I have seen people commenting they need husband like raman. Girls, if u r unlucky then only get a husband who is mad and biased towards that bastard child aadui.

  12. Hey 123 dont worry yaar………aapne kaha Divyanka ne kaha wese romance nonrealistic hoga………but usss par utna belive mat karo……..aisi kai news aati hai sab sach nahi hoti …..ab dekhlo Ek aisi newsme Karan ne kaaha tha uske parents uske liye bride dekhrahe hai…..& dusri latest news me tha Karan Kamya ka rishta shaadi tak jaa sakata hai………..ab kis par belive kare……..& 1 year tak wait kiya hai to atleast 1 month aur wait karlo romance le liye…….Its February…….love season …..valentines day……..IshRa’s 1st anyversry………
    & Ekta jab aged Ram Priya se Romance karva sakti haito humare IshRa to abhi bharpur jawaan hai……

  13. Tum sab ne SBS SBB me dekha wo Pongal ki pooja chal rahi thi…..usme bichme aag ke upar ek mataka rakha tha…..usme ponagal ban raha tha……..kya tum me se kisine pongal khaya hai???? Maine ek baar khaya tha…

  14. viewer

    madam ekta.. wat do u think of us.. do we luk dat stupid to u ki aap kuch bi dikhaogi aur hum dekhte rahenge… frst of all, ishita jitna accha koi hota nai hai, its jst not realistic n secndly, shagun n adi ka track bht hi boring n irritating hai.. me ye show starting se dekhrhi hun bt nw i dnt hav any interest in it bcz ye bht galat khicha jarha hai jbki dere are so many othr things jo writer iss serial me dikhakr aage badha sakta tha serial ko.. shagun adi track dikhakr serial ko bore banarhe hain.. ishita shud jst leave d house wd ruhi n shud not even talk to raman n mrs.bhalla.. n den dey will realize wat dey have lost. Aur mihika ko to itna smart dikharhe hain ki wo ashok suraj jese dangerous logon ko defeat karhi hai jbki wahi mihika kitni badi bewkoofi karchuki hai us ashok se shadi krke..jiski wajah se ye sb kuch horha hai.. kuch bi kyu dikha rhe ho yaar… we are not fools. Ds shw ws a best watch n nw it has lost all d charm

  15. Khushi

    pls end this shgun and adi’s boring faltu track
    today i switched of tv after 15 mins
    no good things …good hope……now serial is full of NEGATIVE ENERGY

  16. Ishra means !!! I -incomplete !!!S -story !!!H -happiness and sadness!!!R -Raman ishita !!!!A – additional love of ruhi!!! …..
    Today’s episode is boring ……

  17. Hey 123 I want to suggest you one thing…….maine jab se yeh site joine ki hai tab se aap ki sabhi comments padhi hai…..aur sab me aap ki yeh hi demand hoti hai that you want physical relation between IshRa…… agar aap ko padhane ki hobby ho to aap IshRa ff par jaakar stories padhiye……aap ko waha sabhi type ki stories milegi……IshRa love confession ki, Suhagraat ki, Honeymoon ki, Ishita ke pregnant hone ki ….
    .aur bahot kuch……….trust me current treck boaring lage to yeh try karna achchha lagega………..
    Kal maine yeh kaha tha but aap ne padha hi nahi………..

  18. mano

    u stupid raman i hate u
    ishita pls go to ur moms home for 3 to 4 days then only raman knows ur value yar

  19. Prayosha y yaar maine pongal kaya will be tasty and delious which will my mom make it.waise bein meri maa tho in pongal banaya tha pongal.

  20. zee

    i agree with all ur points app sab log sahi kehrahe hi but raman bhi sad hi pls end this chapter soon ishitha deservres mani but where is mani

  21. ruhi

    Raman is not hero of the show. He is the main villain of the show. Ishita, how much more can u take?? Misses bhalla u r a Bulshit. Ghar me itni acchi beti hote huw bhi iss bastard Aadi keliye Mar rahe hain. Thoo makers please die soon.

  22. ruhi

    Where is mani?? Where is mani?? Mani we really miss u. U r the best for ishita. 2 nd handle raman ko cchhod do.

  23. 123

    thanks Prayosha but ab mujhe kuch nahi padna nahi dekhna hai. full interest lost. I’m hating Raman now to an extent that I will be happy to see Ishita marrying nayone else.

  24. AS

    Sad 2 say I have 2 stop watching dis drama.bcos everyone blame me 4 getting low marks 4 test.They threaten me not to watch dis drama anymore.And I have 2 stop read this updates too.dis is my last day.BYE guys 🙁

  25. Maine pongal Tirupai Balaji Temple me khaya tha…….but I am not South Indian to muje jyada achchha nahi laga tha……uske test se laga ke wo shayad Rice se banta hai and salted hota …….hai……

  26. Tadap Tadap k iss dil se aaha nikalti rahi……..
    hum ko saza di pyar ki aaisa kya gonah kiya. ……ke. ……..pakgaye ..haan pakgaye …haan pakgaye iss …..track ko. ….dekh dekh kar. ……..

  27. gfh

    its is made of Rice,yellow dal milk and water all three mix and cook till to get three cooker sound and after that add gud and ghee and nuts which will give evy good taste

  28. Yaar tum dab itna bhi gussa mat karo Raman par……aur yeh to bilkul mat kaho ke Ishita ki kisi aur se shaadi karni chahiye…..Raman ne jaan buj kar nahhi Ishita ko hurt kiya……..usne Ishita par gussa nahi kiya but Aadi ka gussa uss par nikala aur yeh mai nahi keh rahi aisq khud Ishita ne interview me kaha tha……aur jab se Raman ki apne pyar ka ehsaas hua hai usne pehli baar Ishu ko hurt kiya hai…………koi insaan perfact nahi hota yaar kya tum me sekisi ne kabhi kisiko hurt nahi kiya……….Raman ko ehsaas hai ki usne galat kiya iss liye to last me ro raha tha……….aur wese bhi jab insaan nashe me aur gusse me hota hai tab jubaan par control nahi rehta iss ka matalab yeh nahi ki Raman ishita se pyae nahi karta ……uss ke liye to wo apni family Ruhi & Aadi ko chhodkar Singapor jane ka soch raha tha

  29. mala

    What is this. U know guys nowadays I m not feeling to read written update also. Pls make Adi to realize his mom real face or is hit a should fight back until that I will feel like see this serial is waste on my time.

  30. ci

    Today raman hurt isitha he doesn’t get day raman realize his mistake.not only raman but also whole bhalla family realize it.mein chahathi hum tab innem pachthNa padae.they all choose ishu over that time adi will realize his that time no one will support adi.

  31. 123

    Prayosha – I do not agree with u. Raman ne khud kaha mere aur mere bete ke beech koi nahi aa sakta. Aur Raman ko lagta hai ki Ishita ne Shagun ko kuch kaha. Pyaar use karna chahiye jo pyar ke layak ho. Adi to poora Shagun ban chuka hai. Use purify kare to bhi woh wahi Adi rahega.

  32. Rita

    Guys i know that the serial is boring but raman is not to be blamed. I mean to say that we cant say raman to choose ishita over adi as if ishita would have to choose between raman and ruhi who would she choose obvoisly ruhi so raman is not wrong

  33. sumera

    I think fans are over reacting, Raman has an anger issue, but he is not in his right mind cos of all the games Shagun is playing. Its time for Ishita to wake up and fight.Shagun not run back home! Looking forward to Jansi ki Rani to claim her right on Raman and Bhalla house!

  34. IshRa Fan

    They have to end this track. Its getting irritating. How can the Bhalla family forget what all Shagun did. Also Adi was not with them for the last 6 years. Any why now they r insisting that Adi be with the family. They r forgetting what all Ishitha sacrificed. This track is not good. Why sons r more important? Please stop it ASAP.

  35. Reddy

    Prayosha just come out of your dream world , Raman Bohot achha hai and all that SHIT . Just stop this ****
    The ground reality is that all the members of Bhalla family are selfish they are worse than that witch Shagun and that bastard Adi . Ishita should not live in that shit (Bhalla house ) ! Raman Ki jab Akal Thikane aayegi na tab pata lagega .
    This serial is *******************

  36. But 122 maine kaha to ki Raman ne yeh sab gusseme kaha tha…..aur gusse me koi bhi kuch bhi bolta hai……kya aap ne dekha nahi ki last scene me Raman Ishita ke secrifice ko yaad kar ro eaha tha………aur aap ne suna nahi…….putra kuputra ho sakta hai…..mata kumata nahi……..wese hi pita bhi kabhi bura nahi hota….bachcha kitna bhi burq kyo na ho par pita ke liye achcha hi hota hai… Raman ko bhi wo bura nahi lagta……aap ko Raman ki yeh gusseme kahi hui baat yaad hai to wo yaad nahi usne kaha tha ki tumhe Aadi ki sagi maa hona chahiye tha…………yaar aap sab ne gusseme kabhi kisi ko koi galat nahi bola…….yaar Raman ne gusse me bola tha Dil se nahi aur jald hi wo saab sambhal lega…….aur Ishita bhi samjegi ki Shagun kya kar rahi hai…….aur ab yeh Ishita ki jimmedari hai ki wo Raman ko apne paas aur saath hi Aadi ko apne paas laye……

    • ruhi

      Prayosha, galti hoti hain
      … Lekin ek baar do baar…. Baar baar nahi. This idiot raman has always hury everyone especially…. Sweet ruhi and ishita many a times. jab ki o jaanta hain Aadi is wrong…. To usko badawa Kyun deraha hain. Galat haib wo… He should get scolding…. O itna chota baccha baingan nahi. That Aadi is really grown up…. A Bakwaas dinosaur hain wo. Iska baap usse bhi stupid hain. Raman u suck.

  37. Aaisa bolo mat reddy. …………
    agar aap ko ye track achcha nahin laraha hai. …….toh track k bare main bolona. ..raman ke bare main aaisa kuch mat bolo. ..We are a true fan of IshRa. ……..hame bilkul bhi achcha nahin lagta. ……………………plzzzz bolna hai toh. ……uss Apshaguni shagun aur uss ka devil bete Adi ke bare main bolo. ……
    ….plzzzz plzzz
    . …….

  38. Kya dream world ha??? Kya Raman ki ek galti se aage ka sab dhul jaayega……….Raman apni family ko chhod kar jaa raha tha…….apni post uss Ashok ko de di……Param ke baare me sabut dhundhne me Ishita ka saath diya……. Amma ke accident case me wo apne bhai Romi ko jail bejne ko taiyar ho gaya baad me Aadi ko bhi saja dilai……..Ishita ko jail me bejne par Raman ne Ishita ka saath diya Aadi ka nahi aur wo to saja bhi dena chahta tha Ishita ne mana kiya ……..inn sqb me Raman kaha se selfish laga………yaar pyar ka realisation hone ke baad pehli baar gussa kiya aur baad me uss baare me soch kar guilty feel kar ke roya bhi………..yaar sach me gusse me words par control nahi rehta……kya sqch me tum sab ko iss ek galti se lagta hai ki wo selfish hai….& Ishu se pyar nahi karta…..??? No yaar thats not true……….

  39. Sweety

    i m completely with u reddy… everyone in bhalla house is becoming selfish nd now it looks like ishita is dumb too, cant she see wats Shagun is up to…. pls nw stop being jagat mata

  40. Ruhi aapto married hai na … bhi hai to 1-2 to hue hoge shaadi ke… kya aap ne kabhi apne hubby par gussa nahi kiya????? Har insaan kabhi nq kabhi koi galti to karta hai…..galti karna buri baat nahi hai….galti kar ke usse accept na karna aur use naa sudharna galat baat hai…….aur jo Raman nahi karega……….use apni galti ka ehsaas hai aur wo use sudharega….

    • ruhi

      I m.married…. Isiliye keh rahi hun. Aisa nahi hota realtoon. Jo hamesha apne bete keliye Apni beti aur biwi ko.bulade. Aur bacchonke galti ko sudharana chahiye na ki badawa

      • Haa to Raman ne kaha Ishita ko maafi maagne ke liye kaha?? Wo to Toshiji kahegi…….& Raman hamesha pehle bhi chahta tha ki Aadi ko galti ki saja mile par Ishita hamesha mana karti hai…..aur har galti ki saja nahi hoti Aadi ko galat guidance mila hai iss liye wo aisq hai…….aur IshRq use sqhi raah par layenge……think positive yaar not be negative…..

  41. sras

    waste of watching serial…what the hell is going on…..i will give an idea make ishitha villan and let raman and shagun get together…. i will also tell my friends not to watch the serials…

  42. sras

    waste of watching serial…what the hell is going on…..i will give an idea make ishitha villan and let raman and shagun get together…. i will also tell my friends not to watch the serial…

  43. sras

    and we watch serials for entertainment but therre is no entertainment its just a tragic story so just stop watching serial

  44. unique Angel

    Gys u know dat I got a newz dat mani will come n ask shagun to marry him bcoz he don’t want raman n ishu go far from each other bcoz of dat dayan shagun so shagun wanted a rich man to marry her so she agree

  45. jinn logon ko yeh serial chodna hai woh chod sakthe hai.but true yhm and ishraruhi fans will never leave this show. aaj jo bhi raman ne kiya gusse mein aur adi ki door jaane ki wajah se kiya ,na ki uss intention se ki woh ishitha ko hurt kare . jab gussa aatha hai toh everyperson kisi na kisi pe toh nikal tha hi hai aur raman ne wahi kiya aur baad mein usse bura bhi laga.its quite natural.and by the ways sabar ka phal meetha hotha hai .jab sabne itnaa drama dekh hi lee hai toh kuch aur hi sahi.we have expectations from ekta maam that she will end this drama soon and there are many more dramas after this long drama also.and i am dam sure ki yhm will again pick up its we have to just encourage it so that they mein end this drama as soon as possible and start with another exciting drama.

  46. Last scene makes ne teary yaar………
    Kya tum sab Raman ke baare me bol rahe the tum ne last part nahi dekha………Raman ko ehsaas hai Ishita ke secrifices ka…aur apni galti ka……aur kya puri Bhalla Family selfish hai…..Mr. Bhalla aaj tak kabhi Ishita ke khilaf kuch nahi bole…….

  47. …yaar sab log kehrahe hai ki. ….I hate this….I. ..that. ………..koi kehrahe ke maine show dekhna bandh kardiya. …koi. ..kehraha hai. ..It is a waste of time. ……….etc etc. ……..phir kyun. …ye log yhm ke bare main comments karahe …..unn ke bare main sonch rahe hai. ……ab time waste nahin horaha. ………….

  48. mani and shaguns pair will never match nor with simmi also.mani deserves someone better and shagun should go back to ashok itself and mihika with mihir.when it comes to simmi then we dont know.but mani is very good person and when it comes to ishra then their relationship is not too weak that anybody can spoil it. and i have also heard that shagun will go back to ashok then where did mani come.he is too good and he does not desrve a witch antagonist lady shagun.

  49. Kyun …….????….
    pehle season 2 k rumours aayi thi. ..ab ye. ..leap ka. ……….pura January chainse rahene nahin denge kya. …………aaisa bilkul bhi nahin hona chahiye. ….

  50. Lekin yhm. .unn. ..
    serials ki tarha nahin hai. ………jis me leap lena zarori hai. …..pata nahin ekta ko kya sojhti hai. ……..aur IshRa fans k dil ki dhadkan badade ti hai. …..

  51. Are jo karana hai ekta ko. ..woh uss ke dusre serials k sath kare. …par yhm k sath nahin. …… ekta k old tricks yhm ko suite nahin kare ga. ….
    are. ..leap kyun lete hai. .jab serial achcha nahin chal raha hai. …….
    lekin yhm ka aaisa kuch nahin hai. …….usse leap ki zarorat nahin. ………..

  52. na

    Ekta ko balaji telefil se hatado. Moti kahi ki. Jab Dekho leap leap marti rehti haib. Aur koi bhi budde nahi hote hain.

  53. nafisa

    Why the bhallas r so worried about adi is he made of diamond its seems like ishita is nobody to them they keep insulting her every time and I think Raman also should control his anger

  54. We r also fan of this show. Can’t see this show a downfall. Isiliye to.gussa hain. No wonder if ekta makes raman marry shagun again. In her shows marriages can happen any number of times and with anybody anywhere.

  55. YHM ki baat hi alag hai iss serial ko leap ki jarurt nahi hai…..yeh bahut acha chal raha hai and agar yeh track change kar ke ishra ke HM wala track dalte hai toh yeh 1 position par aa jayega……

  56. shreyu

    Adi has been brainwashed by that Shagun hate her and Raman should stop encouragingredients andon’t forgivingredients Adi each time and Ishita is being too stupid and should realize Shaguns real nature I want to avoid this show but I can’t as I watch almost every serial I hate this track

  57. No yaar 5 year ka leap matalan Ruhanika nahi hogi…….aisa to nahi ho sakta kyonki maine abhi 2014 ke last me hi news paper me padha tha ki Ruhi ka contract december me pura hua aur wo yeh show chhod ne wali hai aur iss liye wo show me nahi dikhai……..par ab Ruhanika ne contract renview kiya hai to leap ka to kou chance hi nahi hai…..aur itne bade drame ke baad hum yeh nahi seh sakte……..
    & yeah muje bhi ab yeh HM wala treck chahiye…….jab Europe wali baat hui tab kitna soch kar rakha tha…..sab gaya paani me……….par ab aisi bhi news aa rahi hai na ki Ishita ko Shagun ke iraado ke baare me pata chalega…..

  58. bhagi

    shayad issi bakwaas ki vaje se iss bar star guild awards me ek bhi award nahi mila yhm ko phir bhi bakwaas katham nahi karthe hai how can be a child like this and this leap its totaly a crap…..raman gusse me hai par is ka matlab e thodina hai ki hamesha ishu chup chap sehti rahe raman ya kisi bhi family member ko ye nahi patha ki akir ishu shagun ko kya kaha yaha tak ki ramam baath jaanna jaruri bhi nahi samja bas use suna diya its somewhat rude shayad muje aisa lagtha hai ki ee sari bhalla family aap ki mahan pothe ki pyaar me( yaha tak ki jo un logom se pyaar nahi karta just selfish person ) e bath bhul rahi hai ki un logom ko ek pothi bhi hai jo un logom se beinthehaa pyaar karthe hai us ko ko denge…..hating the track

  59. surya

    totally serial has lost its grace since the entry of shagun in bhalla house,,
    it has become one amongst d worst serial..
    stopped watching it long back and even not reading the w.updates
    d way it started was gud,bt d mode its gng nw is d worst…
    waste of time watching dis

  60. Hey Bhalla family ka Lohri dance dekha??? Sab the Ishita bhi thi but Raman kahi dikha nahi Ishita Red Black dress me puri punjabi bahu lag rahi thi……

  61. 123

    midam prayosha aur rithushree, abhi aap bachche ho. ground reality se bahut door ho. gussa karna alag baat hai kisi ko blame karna alag baat hai. raman ishita ko has taken for granted. isiliye hamesha usi pe apna gussa nikaalta hai. jab raman shagun ke saath tha tab to usne ek baar bhi shagun pe apna gussa nahi nikala, nahi oonchi awaaz mein baat ki. woh to pagal tha shagun ke liye. agar tum apni biwi ishita ko samajh hi nahi sake to tumhara pyar kya hai. pehle dil dukhana phir maafi maangna yehi to karta aa raha raman pehle se. I was a huge fan of raman’s character. I felt, he is a perfect human being lekin main ghalat saabit hua. Ishita masoom hai. Use sirf pyar karna aata hai. nafrat karna use pata hi nahi. Ishita ki zindagii raman hai aur woh hi use dard de raha hai. F…

    • Well said… Gussa karna aur blame karna Bahut ala baat hain. Raman is a loose chartere….. I used him so much initially. He cannot respect a women. P pehle ruhi pe gussa nikalta tha ab ishita pe. Disgusting raman

  62. Rashmi salvi

    Please change the track .how can Ishita be so dumb and not stand for her own rights.she should not apologise and get things straight.why should Ruhi be ignored just because she is a girl child.and Ishita is condemned for her husbands spoilt brat and listen to all selfish people.please shows one women power

  63. No haa 123 Raman ne blame nahi kiya tha…….usne sirf gusseme bola tha…..iss liye to gussa jab shant hua tab usne realize kiya tab guilty feel kar ke ro raha tha…….

  64. 123 & Ruhi…..Raman ne Ishita ko blame nahi kiya tha……Raman ne yeh nahi kaha tha ki tumhari wajah se mera beta mujse dur hua hai…..usne yeh kaha tha ki tumhare over sweet nature ki wajah se mera beta mujse door hua hai………& haa Raman ke behaviour se hume bhi gussa aaya hai…….but aap log itna bhi gussa mat karo ke yeh kaho ke Ishita ko Raman ko chhod kar koi aur life partner dhoondhna chahiye……..yeh to aap bhi mante ho na ki jab Raman gusse me nahi hota tab Loving husband hota hai??????????……..yaar Raman ki ek galti maaf kar do…….

  65. & ek aur baat 123 & Ruhi jab Ruhi ka coustody case reopen hua tha tab wo Mihir ke gusse ki wajah se hua tha tab Raman ne saari galti apne uper le li thi … Ruhi ko khone ke dar ki wajah se Ishita gussr me thi & usne Raman ko blame kiya tha ki aap ke gusse ki wajah se meri beti mujse door horahi hai & same situation ab Raman ki hai….& ab Raman ne kaha ki tumhare over sweet nature ki wajah se mera beta mujse door ho raha hai……to dono situation me kya fark hai…… to aap logo ne mahi kaha tha ki Ishita ka gussa galat hai to ab kyo keh rahe ho ki Raman galat hai….

  66. unique Angel

    Come on guys dont blame ekta mam for leap wo hamare liye itna best serial banarahi hai wohi bohut hai wt else u gyz wnt

  67. yeeeee……….. tom boy 123 4 get on the dance floor stop proving others wrong first see yourself budhe……… oh my god why so indecent he/she i.e 123

  68. 123

    the makers r trying their best to make this show as worst as possible and they r succeeding to a great extent. the new spoiler is a fine example for that. looks like Ishita will be suffering the maximum now. Agar Ishita ne kuch guna/paap kiya hai to use maar dalo na bhai kyun use iss tarah se tadpa rahe ho. the trps shld be at an all time low.

  69. i am sorry 123 one of my frienda wrote this about somebody and the comment went in this site by mistake .actually our cousin has kept the same as 123 and every one tease her as he/she.

  70. 123

    Balaji are using the same scenes in all their shows. Raman taking marriage woos again and in kumkum bhagya, the couple r taking marriage woos again around the lohri fire.

  71. HAJ

    Please show some think diffrent
    like Raman shd not support ADI and Shagun for wrong things and woul support her Wife Ishita

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.