SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 40)


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Swara is crying and sanskar is trying to console her.
Sanskar: swara please don’t cry like this. I can’t see you in tears.
Swara:(wipes her tears) okay sanskar ji. I won’t
Sanskar:( smiles) that’s like my girl.
Swara rests her head on sanskar’s shoulder. He places his arm around her.
Swara: I was dreaming a day like this sanskar.
Sanskar: you no need to dream anything from now. I will be with you..always.

After doing all the rituals,swara enters the house.
Sujatha: now everyone get ready for ring finding ceremony.
Swara and sanskar sit opposite to each other. Ragini sits beside swara and laksh sits beside sanskar.
Parineta: okay then. Now I am placing this ring in this plate you must find it. The one who finds first will be dominant to other.
Uttara: but no cheating okay.
Swara and sanskar starts their search. Everyone are eagerly waiting. Both of them teach the ring at the same time and lifts their hands.
Ragini: ( disappointed) what is this! No one got the ring. Swara and sanskar looked at each other
Swasan: ( to the itself) my victory lies in yours!!
Laksh: bhai! You are ruining our respect .
Ragini:( looking at laksh) ni way. My sister is going to win. Didi please didi
They again start searching. Swara reaches the ring first but remains silent. Sanskar takes out the ring but he understood that swara lost intentionally.
Laksh: yippe! Thank-you bhai .( to ragini) we won.
Ragini looks at him disappointed.
Parineta: so sanskar dominates swara.
Swara:( to herself) and I like that.
After few hours..
Parineta: ( teasingly) so Mr. Devarji.!! You are going to carry swara in your arms till your room.
Swara and sanskar look embrassed.
Sanskar: but..
Uttara: sorry bhayya. You are left with no other option. Sanskar lifts swara.
Sanskar: swara! You look so thin but you are heavy
Swara eyes him with fake anger. He carries her to his room followed by other family members.
Swara gets down and tries to open the door.
Swara: I think this locked.
Sanskar: let me try.
Sanskar too tries but fails.
Uttara: I think it is locked.
Sanskar turns towards uttara.
Uttara:( showing keys) you must pay for it bhayya .
Sanskar manages to get a bubbly
Uttara: what! You thought that I am going to fall for this. No way. You must impress me
Sanskar looks helplessly.
Swara: take this uttara.
Uttara opens the gift and gets happy.
Uttara:( happy) thank-you bhabhi for this I mean this is my favourite mobile. ( to sanskar) learn from her.
She handovers the keys and they get inside.
Everyone giggles
Parineta: its time for our next plan.

Swara looks around the room. It is fully decorated with flowers and candles. The room is filled by a sweet fragernce and a light music can be heard.
Swara sits on the bed facing sanskar.
Sanskar:why are you staring me like that!
Swara: you are looking cute and I bet sanskar that I can spend my whole life simply staring at you.
Sanskar(cold voice) swara..
She looks
Sanskar: thank-you swara for coming into my life. If you wouldn’t have come then I would have missed these days.
Swara smiles.
Sanskar: you know what.. You share many similarities with kavitha and that’s the reason I started talking to you but I don’t know when I have started falling for you. I really became restless when you left on leave. I understood that I started loving you when I met abhay..I came to confess you on my birthday but…
Swara: past is past sanskar.. When I have seen you first time in my college auditorium, I totally lost myself. My heart was cursing me for letting you go out of my sight but destiny made you as my boss. I have behaved like a child just to get your mobile number. In every step of mine,I tried to get close to you but you rejected me every time. I was totally moved by your past and as I can’t see you in pain, I met you with abhay. I understood that you too have started feeling something for me and thought to propose you on your birthday but..
Sanskar looked at swara while swara started crying.
Sanskar: ( wiping her tears) at least we are one.
Swara smiles.
Swara: but sanskar you are not romantic. I have never seen you commenting anyone..why anyone you didn’t compliment me also.
Swara makes a face.
Sanskar: so you want to see a romantic and flirting sanskar.. Right!
Saying this he comes closer to her but she runs. Sanskar follows her. Swara slips and sanskar holds.
Sanskar:( leaning towards her) you asked that you wanted see a romantic guy in me then why are you running.
Swara: ( in a low voice) I am afraid to get near to him.
Sanskar tightes his grip and comes close to her. Just then alram clock clock starts alraming lodly disturbing them.
Sanskar tries to off it.
Swara: off it sanskar
Sanskar:( irritated) its is not working.. I am unable to off it.
They both hear someone giggling outside the room. Sanskar opens the door.
Parineta: ( controlling her laugh) what happened devar ji? Any problem?
Everyone bursts out laughing
Sanskar: so this is your plan bhabhi.
Parineta: yes ji. I have the remote to off it but you need to impress me..no my child.
Sanskar thinks for a while and gives her a chocolate.
Parineta: only one
Sanskar: I will give you a basket full of chocolates tomorrow. Please give me the remote.
Parineta agress and the alram gets off.
Sanskar bolts the door.
Sanskar:( looking round) now where did this girl go?
Swara hugs him from back.
Swara: I am here sanskar
Sanskar makes her turn to his side
Sanskar: sorry swara.
Swara hugs him tightly.
Sanskar:( husky voice) I am feeling as if I am out of every danger..
Swara smiles.
Just then swara mobile rang.
Swara: hello ragini!
Sanskar looks irritated
Swara keeps it on loud speaker.
Ragini: didi..sorry to disturb you but I have one question.. 2+4 is equal to 5 right!
Swara and sanskar look confused.
Swara: are you okay dear!
Ragini: answer my question didi.
Laksh: ni the answer is 6.
They start quarelling with each other. Swara gets irritated and disconnects the call.
Ragini called her again.
Ragini: help me didi.please.
Laksh: it us 6 ragini.
Uttara: no both of you are wrong..it is 2
Sanskar gets irritated and opens the door.
Sanskar: what do you want lucky?
Laksh:( thinks for a while) your bike keys. I know that you won’t let anyone to touch it even.
Sanskar being helpless gives him the keys.
Sanskar: now please don’t disturb.
He shuts the door and everyone laughs.
He turns and sees swara removing jwellery. He just stares at her.
Swara:( looking through mirror) why are you staring me Mr. Maheswari.
Sanskar: you are looking beautiful Mrs. Maheswari.
Swara:( sighs) I know that I look pretty.
Sanskar: don’t get any ideas. You are looking because of the sindoor that I have filled.
Swara: offo..
Sanskar comes to her
Swara: but I am not interested to talk to a person who is not strong enough to lift me even.
Sanskar: oh! So you want to see my strength
Saying this he lifts swara.
Sanskar: see. How strong I am..
Swara smiles while he carries her to bed..lights off

Laksh: come ragini..sit. I will drop you.
Ragini: what on bike
Laksh: hmm
Ragini:( taunts) but how can we maintain 10inches gap?
Laksh:( confused) try to adjust
Ragini sits on bike while laksh starts driving.
After travelling some distance, the bike stops.
Ragini: what happened laksh
Laksh: I think petrol is finished
Ragini: what shall we do now?
Laksh opens Google maps.
Laksh: there is a petrol bunk after a kilometer.
Ragini: so we must walk..
They start walking.
Ragini: thank-you laksh,for helping me to unite didi and jiju.
Laksh: no ragini. It was my duty even.
Ragini smiles.
Ragini sees an ice cream stall
Ragini: laksh! I want to eat icecream
.laksh: what! Now?? Look at the weather ragini. You will fall sick.
Ragini: please laksh.
Laksh brings two ice creams and they start eating.
Ragini: on what occasion are you giving this treat?
Laksh:( in a low voice) as I am leaving to U.S
Ragini:( shocked) but you didn’t inform me laksh.
They finished eating and started walking again.
Laksh: I didn’t get time to mention.
Ragini: its okay laksh. Even I am also leaving to Bhubaneswar day after tomorrow.
Laksh: I am going to miss you badly.
Ragini looks at him. They have an eyelock.
Ragini: we reached the bunk Laksh.
After payment ,they again start their journey to BAADI
Ragini gets down from bike. She is about to leave.
Laksh: one more thing ragini!
Ragini turns.
Laksh: you are looking beautiful today
Ragini smiles.
Screen freezes

PRECAP-laksh announces that he loves ragini and wants to marry her.

Credit to: Sree harini

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