SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 39)

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Ragini:( arranging swara’s dress) perfect! You are looking awesome didi.
Swara turned to see herself in mirror . she was wearing a peach color lehenga. Her hair is tied as a bun
Swara: yes ragini!! I am looking beautiful.
Sumi: swara. Come down fast! Maheswari family has arrived
Swaragini came down. Sanskar is mesmirised to see her.
Sanskar:( to himself) oh my god! She is damn beautiful today. I think God has mistakenly dropped his one of the angels.
Swara:( to herself) sanskar..you are really looking hot today and this blue colour sherwani increased your beauty.
Laksh:( coughs) bhai..don’t state at her like that
Laksh:( to himself) where is my angel. I haven’t seen her till now.
Just then ragini entered the room wearing a green colour saree.
Laksh is just stunned by her beauty.
Laksh:( to himself) you always look good in every look dear. I am left with only one mission that is to marry you.

Meanwhile swara and sanskar leaves the place
Sanskar: you are looking good swara.
Swara: ( in a low voice) sanskar. Anyone might see
Sanskar: no chance dear! We are at a corner place and that too it is dark.
He comes closer to her. She steps back and back. Sanskar pinned her to the wall.
Sanskar:(whispers) you are looking …
Swara: hmm looking ..
Sanskar smiles and comes closer to her. Swara’s heart started racing. She is able to feel the hot breath of sanskar. She didn’t reject it as she liked their closeness. Sanskar holded swara’s hand. Swara closed her eyes.she is sheivering.
Sanskar:( taking her hand into his) swara! Let me find my name first. Swara opens her eyes and smiles.
Sanskar:( moving his fingers on her hand) I think it is here.. No there
Sanskar is staring swara and she is blushing.
Laksh: bhai!!
Sanskar left swara’s hand seeing laksh while swara turned tapping her forehead.
Laksh: I think you must do this there. Not here.
Sanskar: lets go.

They come out.
Ragini: so jiju..find out your name in my sisters mehindi.( stress) at one chance.
Sanskar: this would be really a difficult one.
Laksh: pray God bhai. We must fight till the end.
Swara stretches her hand. Sanskar looks on.
Sanskar:( to himself) oh God! What is this. I can see only lines everywhere. I think it is here ..no there. Come on sanskar you must do it..suddenly an idea flashes in his mind.
Sanskar: ( pointing somewhere on her hand) it is here swara.
Swara: no..you are wrong.
Sanskar: I think you have sight. See it is here.S
Swara: no sanskar ji
Sanskar: font try to act okay
Swara: ( smiles) no ji. You have lost. Your name is here… Saying this she points his name.
Sanskar:( victorious) see there it is.
Ragini: this is cheating jiju.
Sanskar: what cheating? You said that I must find it in single chance but you didn’t mention that I must find it myself
Laksh: true bhai. We rocked
Swara makes a face.
Sumi: ( smiles) shall we start SANGEET?
Everyone dances happily .

Sanskar’s haldi function is going on.
Uttara: please ma. Let me apply haldi to bhai.
Sanskar: noa! I am sure that she is having a plan with her. No
Uttara: please bhai.
Sujatha smiles.
A voice: how can my son’s haldi can happen with you his mother
Everyone looks at the entrance.
Sanskar:( emotional) ma!!
Sujatha:( happy) jiji!! Kavitha’s parents have come. Please get in ji.
Annapurna: happy to see you ji
Kavitha’s mom and dad smiles.
Laksh: hey abhi! How are you dude.
Abhi: fine Mr.flirty.
Kavitha’s mom applies haldi for sanskar.
Sanskar: thank-you for coming ma!
Kavitha’s mom: our I am your mother in law. Okay. Swara is my daughter. Accha where is she.
Uttara: in BAADI
Kavitha’s mom: will you take me there
Uttara: sure ( looks at sanskar) now I am meet bhabhi..but you can’t.ha-ha
Sanskar smiles.

Kavitha’s mom: who is swara.
Ragini: she is my sister ji. Please come in.
Ragini points at swara and kavitha’s mom left.
Uttara: she is kavitha’s mother.
Ragini: ohh
Uttara: by the way bhabhi..I need to talk to you.
Ragini: with me!!
Uttara: hmm..she says something in silence and both of them giggled.
Kavitha’s mom: God bless you my child
Swara:( confused) sorry aunty! I didn’t recognise you.
Kavitha’s mom:( smiles) I am kavitha’s mother.
Swara takes aashirvaad from her.
Kavitha’s mom: I am really happy for you my child.
She opens her hand bag and takes a gift from that
Kavitha’s mom: the are bangles swara. I brought these for kavitha to gift her on her wedding..she paused…but destiny planned something different.
Swara: please aunty!
Kavitha’s mom: its okay dear!! You are like my daughter and please call me ma. I feel comfortable. Saying this she made swara to wear the bangles. Swara hugged her.

Sanskar is getting ready in red sherwani for marriage.
Laksh: offo bhai! You are looking handsome today.if bhabhi sees you like this I am sure that..
Sanskar: ( blushes) stop it lucky!!
Laksh: ( taunts) you know to blush bhai
Sanskar: not only this bit I know many other things.
Laksh: okay then. Will you prove it.
Sanskar:( confused) what!
Laksh: I mean I will give you a task and simply you must finish it.
Sanskar:( raises his eyebrows) what!!
Laksh: simple bhai. You must meet bhabhi bsfore marriage and get a selfie of you both.
Sanskar looks on.

Maheswari family reaches BAADI. Dadaji welcomes them.
Annapurna: ( looking at the decorations) wow! Your preparations are really good.
Dadi smiles.
Everyone sits. Laksh gestures sanskar to go. He leaves the place.
Sanskar enters swara’s room
He sees her sitting on bed with veil on her face. He sits beside her.
Sanskar:( in a low voice) swara! I know that it is wrong to meet a bride before marriage but lucky has challenged me to get a selfie of you and me. You very well know about him nah! Please cooperate swara and don’t get tensed.
Ragini:( opening her veil) why will I get tensed to click a selfie with my jiju…jiju!
Sanskar:( shocked) ragini!! You..I mean where is swara?
He heard someone laughing and turned back. Uttara,laksh,parineta and aadarsh are standing at the entrance.
Parineta: this is not fair sanskar. You should not meet bride like this.
Laksh: you thought that it would be that simple to find her.. Keep trying bhai.
Sanskar turns towards ragini.
Ragini: jiju .you must pay to meet her.
Sanskar gives her thousand
Ragini: what is this? Atleat 2500
Sanskar gives her.
Sanskar:( with eagerness) where is swara?
Ragini gets down from the bed
Ragini:( laughs) sorry jiju. I too don’t know.
She runs from there. Sanskar who left with no other option came down
Pandit ji: sanskar beta! Come into mandap.
Sanskar gets inside while ragini brings swara.
Panditji asks everyone to stand for pehras. Swara and sanskar do pheras while everyone is showering flowers on them. Laksh is constantly staring ragini.
Pandit ji: now..make swara wear this mangal suthr. Sanskar decorates swara’s neck with it. Swara and sanskar look at each other.
Pandit ji: now. Fill your wife’s maang with sindoor.
Sanskar fills her maang with sindoor by staring at her eyes. Swara I’d also looking at him but with tears in her eyes.

After performing some more rituals,pandit declares that they got married. Swara and sanskar takes blessings from elders.
Durga Prasad and Annapurna: God bless you dear. Hope that God will bless you with all the happiness.
Dadaji and dadi: be happy forever
Ramprasad and sujatha: we wish that you both stay happy forever and ha keeping loving each other unconditionally.
Shekar and sumi: sanskar beta! Please take care of my swara.
Sanskar: ni ma..papa
Kavitha’s parents: I am really happy for you sanskar as swara has became your life partner. Hoe that she will fulfil a her responsibilities perfectly.
Swara smiles.
Uttara: ragini bhabhi! You are coming right?
Sumi: where dear?
Ragini: ma! Uttara has asked me stay at mm tonight.
Laksh: please ma! I will drop her tomorrow.. If possible today only.
Sumi: okay ragini but come fast as you must pack your bags.
Ragini: yes ma! I remembered.. Bit I have some important work at MAHESWARI MANISON even.
Screen freezes

PRECAP: laksh announces that he loves ragini and wants to marry her.

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