SWARAGINI- Limitless love ( Episode 41)

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Laksh: you are looking beautiful today.
Ragini smiles and leaves the place. She enters her room and sleeps on her bed.
Ragini:( staring at ceiling) why am I feeling so restless thinking about laksh’s journey??
She tries to sleep but somewhere deep inside her heart she us really worried about his separation from her.

Swara slowly opens her eyes and looks at sleeping sanskar.
Swara( smiles) I will be really happy when I am with you.
Saying this she slowly gets up and walks like a cat.
Swara-: walk slowly swara! Otherwise he will get up. Sanskar moves a bit and she stops walking.she again started her walk when she felt like he was sleeping.
Sanskar: swara!!
Swara:( sighs) sanskar!! ( turns to him) I was walking slowly in order not to disturb your sleep and you..
Sanskar: my soul can even feel your absence.
Swara smiles and gets into washroom. She comes out while sanskar goes in
Swara is sitting in front of mirror brushing her hair. Sanskar who came out of the washroom hugged her from back.
Swara:( blushes) sanskar!!
Sanskar: ( looking at swara) hmm
Swara;( stands) I need to go!
Sanskar: wait a minute.
Swara:( surprised) what happened?
Sanskar take the sindoor and fills swara’s maang
Swara: ( rubbing her eyes) ouch!!
Sanskar:( worried) what happened swara!
Swara: I think sindoor has fallen in my eyes.
Sanskar: let me help.
He blows air into her eyes.
Sanskar: how are you feeling now.
Swara: I am fine sanskar. Don’t get tensed
Sanskar:( emotional) I can’t see you in pain.

Swara and sanskar come down. Laksh coughs seeing them.
Sujatha: good morning swara.
Swara smiles.
Annapurna: get ready swara
Swara:( surprised) what ma!
Annapurna: ( smiles) I mean get reading for cooking. It is one of the ritual.
Swara looks at sanskar in worry.
Sujatha: come dear. I will take you to the kitchen.
Swara looks helplessly.
Servant gives tea to sanskar. Laksh comes to him.
Laksh: ( in a low voice) how was your night bhai
Sanskar looks at him.
Laksh:( winks) I mean no disturbance..right!
Sanskar understood the second meaning of it.
Sanskar:( sips and in an attitude voice) shut up
He moves from there while laksh smiles.

Sujatha: so you must prepare kheer as a part of this .if you want anything please call me.
Swara:( smiles) ji ma.
Sujatha leaves.
Swara:( to herself) dadi was correct. I must have learnt thus earlier..cool swara! Badam,kaju,and what was that…milk…and what did I see while eating…she is trying to remember but of no use.
She calls ragini.
Ragini: hello didi.
Swara: hello ragini. Will you please tell me the procedure of preparing kheer?
Ragini: ( bursts out laughing) didi. I know only to eat. Anyhow you will find it in internet.
Swara:( disappointed) okay then. Bye.
Sumi: what happened ragini.
Ragini: ma! Didi is asked to prepare kheer and she called me to get the procedure. I think she is not that successful in cooking there.
Swara tries to connect to internet.
Swara:( irritated) uff! I don’t the WiFi password.
Uttara: ( teasingly) this is cheating bhabhi.
Swara: will you please tell me the password
Parineta: no way!!
Swara feels disappointed while they both leave the place. Sanskar entered the room.

Laksh is packing his luggage but is restless thinking about ragini.
Laksh: I am unable to get out of your thoughts ragini. You have occupied every inch of my body without my knowledge and you are killing me like slow poison…he looks at her picture in his mobile.. I can’t bear separation from you. I cannot leave without you ragini. ( bitter voice) I am leaving to us tomorrow and you are also leaving for your future studies. I am sure that you will return after two years and anything might happen in these two years. ( stands up) no..I won’t loose you at any cost..

Sanskar: what is my angel doing here
Swara:( irritated) trying to prepare kheer.
Sanskar:( smiles) why you will get tensed swara when I am with you.
Swara:( widened eyes) so you will help me?
Sanskar: of course
He starts saying .and she follows it
Parineta: ( smiles) great job sanskar.
Swara and sanskar are shocked looking at her.
Parineta: ( sarcastically) but boys are not allowed to get in. Swara! You must prepare it by your own.
Sanskar leaves the room leaving swara disappointed. Parineta takes swara’s mobile.
Parineta: this is also restricted.
Swara:( to herself) bhabhi ko bhi abhi aana hai kya. If she would have come after 10 minutes, I would have finished this. Now who is going to help me.
She feels like something hitted her and turned back.
Sanskar: swara..the paper has the procedure. All the best.
Swara happily opens the paper and finally finishes it.

Sumi: ragini!!
Ragini: ji ma
Sumi: please give these sweets to swara as a gift from our family.
Ragini: okay ma. I will go now.

Swara served the kheer to everyone.
Durga Prasad: delicious.
Annapurna: I never thought that you will cook so well.
Swara smiles and looks at sanskar. Everyone gives her gifts.
Laksh comes downstairs.
Sujatha: come laksh. See what your bhabhi has prepared today..your favourite kheer.
Laksh:( firm voice) I need to talk to everyone..important
Durga Prasad: don’t hesitate to say it laksh.
Laksh: ma. Papa..I want to marry ragini
Everyone are shocked.
Laksh: yes ma!I love her a lot and I cannot dream my life without her. Please accept it ma.
Swara is shocked seeing ragini at the entrance.
Swara:( shocked) ragini!!
Everyone looked at the entrance and are equally shocked.
Ragini:( irritated) what are you talking Laksh
Laksh:( emotionally) yes ragini. I want to marry you.
Ragini looks at him and descends the steps.
Ragini: didi. Ma has asked me to give this as a gift from our family.
She handovers it and is about to leave.
Laksh: ( stops her) I need the answer ragini.
Ragini looked into laksh’s eyes. She was able to feel his love but is really confused.
Ragini:( in a low voice) it us my parents duty to decide laksh.
Laksh:( pleading voice) bhabhi. Please make her undetstand!!
Swara:( smiles) I will be happy if she accepts you laksh but( seeing ragini) I don’t want to repeat the mistake by forcing her again.
Durga Prasad calls shekar
Shekar: namaste ji
Durga Prasad: sorry for the inconvenience ji but please come to our house along with entire family.
Gadodia family reached MAHESWARI MANISON in no time.
Shekar 🙁 worried) is everything fine ji. Did we do any wrong things yesterday.
Durga Prasad: nothing like that ji.( sighs) actually my sin,laksh MAHESWARI loves your daughter and he wants to marry her. So I have called you all for deciding their future.
Gadodia family us shocked.
Screen freezes.

PRECAP: Ragini says to riya that anyhow she must marry and so she has accepted the proposal. Ragini and laksh engagement.

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  1. So ragini accepted the proposal so happy for raglak

    1. Finally but destiny is planning something else..keep reading.

  2. Nice one dear and r u from bangalore ??if yes wich area

    1. No dear.I belong to Hyderabad.

    1. Thank you shabrin.

  3. I started watching Swaragini. …..only after 4-5 months…..
    So obviously i love Swasan than…raglak. …but after reading feel that both are equally lovely ??

    1. Yeah! Anita. Both are equally lovely.

  4. Awesome dr…but make rags accept laksh by heart dr….dnt make iit a forced one…swasan scene mind blowing..?

    1. It is not a forced one and ragini will accept it from heart in the later episodes. Keep reading

  5. wow so nice dear

  6. wow super. .
    swasan best jodi..

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    1. Thank-you karthi,jwala,akku,surbhi,devi and cutie for commenting.

  9. Very nice episode…but how can laksh ask he want to marry Ragini with out her wish…make her confession…add some scenes…otherwise it will get bore(again marriage scenes)…?

    1. Thank-you krish for commenting. Laksh is possible about ragini.but they won’t get married as both are leaving KOLKATA the following day. .twist and turns on way..keep reading.

  10. Finally much awaited part keep it up

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    1. Thank-you aqsa,sravya,shanaya, seetothy,Maya,darshini,Nice for commenting. Love you all.

  16. i am a big fan of raglak…when will u upload next episode loving to see more sequences of raglak…

    1. From now you will see only raglak dear. Thank-you for commenting.

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    1. Thank-you Tara but it takes time for ragini and laksh marriage. Keep reading.

  18. Wow gread job siri….sanskaar helping swara is really good….I think there r many hyderabad fans …I thought u would b frm hyd but didn’t asked now I got conformed….even I am frm hyd

    1. Oh!! Good to see a hydrabadi girl here. Thank-you vaishnavi for commenting.

  19. Nd what r u studying siri ? Nd in which area u live dear??

    1. I am doing my under graduation..and about place I won’t reveal it..

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  21. Really nice I LIKE IT VERY MUCH different from other stories…… Plz continue and update it soon aa?

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