Luv doesn’t follow procedures (crazy luv) chapter 2

Tq frndzz.. i hope u il njy dis friction story

Scene 1:(college)

Evry1 chit chating n havng a gud tym in d cls. Sakshi n sheela came to d cls n introduce sakshi to her frnds.. these are my frnds kaira (silent type), anath (notty boy) n she finaly points finger on one boy.. n feels shy..
Sakshi:oh hooo.. blushing n at ah.. so he s tat dumbo.. ryt??
Harry(shela bf):wat dumbo!! n luks at shela
Shela:dnt lie.. i actualy told u,  tat he s sweet n handsome boy na,thn y r u lieing?Its nt fair sakshi(childish face)
Thn.. al were teasing shela.. n she finaly realizes wat she said n gets shy n hary was literally blushing.. dey r al havng a fun tym.. “oh al r havng fun tym,widout me” sounds from back.. den al r turn back n.. see, arav n nikil.. arav sees sakshi.. n ask whose dis beauty??
Shela:she s my frnd sakshi.. n she s gng to study wid us.. n she introduce arav n nikhil to sakshi.. arav says oh now dis hottie wil b in our grp, perfect.. sakshi gets irritated.. n staf came to d cls.. n al were seated to d respected places

The boring clases strted.. sum were playng, sum were sleeping n pasng msges.. bt sheela n harry lost in each oder eyes n sakshi were in d middle “kya yaar may, kabab main, hadi bankayi.. bachaw”(sad).. finaly clas get ovr

Scen 2:(canteen)

Dey were literally havng a fun tym.. wid each oder.. arav come wid coke.. and says dis s for u babes.. n al were oh,4r ms.sakshi ah.. teasing way
S:i dnt lyk cokes
A:pls dnt tel lyk dis na, dis coke il realy feel bad n keeps tat coke, near his cheeks n keeps a cute face
S:she takes dat coke while cing into his eyes.. n says how can i make dis coke feel bad (cute face) and she deliberately drops d coke n its splits on arav shit..
A:wat the
S:(attritute)oops.. mr.bandar(monkey) sawryy
A:bandar??? Me
S:cant u hear?? Ya,u.. wat u thnk,  tat i il fel for ur baseles flirting skils.. oh pls.. im nt tat typical gal in ur list.. understnd
A:oh hlo.. ms.notanki, wat r u thnkng of urself.. r u mis world, tat evry1 flirt wid u.. oh cumon, luk at urself
Ananth:cumon guyzz, cumon i.. need mre emotion, r wid consan “stup up anath.. “?
S:watevr.. stay away frm me.. samji. She went of

Al r luked shocked.. n started laughing.. “kya yaar, ur charming failed” says nikhil in a funny way.. arav:she il defiantly pay for dis.. she s nt a typical gal ah?? Lets c(wicked smile)?while these hot thngs r happening.. shela n hary feding icecream to each oder(blushing)dere r lost in deir own world?..anath shouts  HARY UR PAPA..hary stands straight n closes his eyes n says no papa, no im nt done anythng.. i jst.. al started laughing n giving hifi 2 each oder.. shela beats haryy”mental kaika”

Scen 3:(sh)

Amma: how was ur day, beata?? U dnt fight wid anybdy na???
S:thinks of arav.. n gets irritated bt smiles n says im a gud gal mom, how can i?? .. amma: stop ur,  drama.. n go n fresh up

Nxt mrng:

She sits in her place.. n cntnue chating wid her frnds.. den faculty came.. wen she takes d book SHE TOUCHES SUMTHNG in d desk n bends n c wat was dat.. she sHouts lyk crazy n sit on d bench lyk monkey,  holding her legs n shouts COCKROACH.. thn anath came n takes tat, it was a fake one.. n evry1 started teasing n laughing at her.. she feels embarased n aching her hair..
Arav:look.. sum1 s behaving lyk a typical gal ah.. feeling bad my dr
S:staring at him wid anger.. faculty told evry1 to go deir places.. n start taking lsns


Nikhil:cum dude, lets go..
A:chil N, c my hair s ful can i c gals lyk dis.. n put sum gel on his hair.. sudenly he feels aching n hotnes on his hair.. n runs to d washroom..den sakshi laughs loudly n says”idiot, bandar ladka” ?? Den she told dem tat, she mixed sunscreenlotion on his gel.. n al get shocked.. bt she s laughing continuously.. arav cumes n sees sakshi.. n realizes tat, she did it.. nw c ms.sakshi,  wat il do to u..u il b my puppy forever said arav.. arav hair s lyk brown stick(coconut hair), his frnds al controling deir laugh..arav cums n pulls sakshi towards him bt she cant control her smile n bursts into laughter bt arav keeps his finger on her lips n says,for dis smile, i can do anythng..aacha says sakshi,he pulls sakshi,mre closer n careless her hair.. n says evn im ready to put tat gel also..thn he keeps his hand around her waist n makes her evn closes n staring at sakshi, dey share an eyelock she can feels his breathe..she slowly closes her eyes.. kaira:sum1 stop them guyzz..anath says wat deir r dng,(smile)i thnk sakshi “ka kosh uth gaya”.. sheela:tat nevr hapen,wait n c buddy
hary:no.. she already failed
Shela:bet.. Hary:sure swty, 10kisses n point his finger towards his lips
Shel:cool.. lets make it fair,if u fail 10days.. u il b my slave.. deal???
Hary:deal.. al were luking dem wid curiosity..

Precap: sakshi n her dad luking at arav wid angry face.. arav confused and thnk “wat now”?

Tq for al d readers n those who commended for my stry… if u lyk my stry comend.. n if u want to say any negative,  feel free to share frndzz.. dnt hesitate n sry 4r errors especialy hindi errors…buddies

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  1. Oh god awesome episode will they kiss and mega can u make them because it is little odd making romance in school and plzzx plzz don’t be sad of my words or story is mind blowing if u want only change it in to college waiting fr next update post soon

    1. no.. yaar im nt at al sad, i il defiantly try to improve..

  2. Ha ha ha oh my god sakshi u r best girl

  3. don’t make them kiss megha.according to sheela sakshi won’t kiss..

  4. Nice story there Mega. Keep going and update soon…

    1. hmm.. i il try my bst anaya

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