Sadda Haq 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vardhan comes in. Everyone is shocked to see him. He says to sanyu stop calling God and check mechanical extension. He goes to randhir and says where is mechanical engineering in your idea. I didn’t expect this mediocre performance from you. Kabir says welcome to FITE vardhan. This is the first time I am welcoming you here. Vardhan says what you thought I wont come back and you will sit in my cabin? You can take my cabin but not my place in this college. Kabir says I am faucalty here and you cant change that now. Vardhan says positive attitude, I like it. FITE needs positive people like you. Kabir says in heart lets see what happens this time vardhan. Do whatever you. Vardhan goes and sits beside maya. Kabir presses a button and Randhir’s wall breaks down, then Sahil’s

and the parth is done too. Ankit says she makes so much fuss of her engineering and look she is left. SAnyu hits the wall and breaks it.

Parth says what it is this question. sahil says we cant get it. Kabir says the answer is from the 4 historic books that men wrote centuries ago. Solve it down quickly. Kabir says the rules of universe. Randhir is trying to solve. Sanyu says this means vaidh. Kabr says you have 10 minutes left. Sanyu says yes grandma and mom taught me vaidh. Its a normal linear equation now. She is done. Randhir is shocked. Kabir says correct, 8 minutes well done. Randhir is done as well. Kabir says I am impressed. Agarwal says to ankit lets go I cant see all this anymore. Kabir says sanyu solved question first in 8 minute but since randhir broke the wall first its a tie. SAnyu and randhir both are first. You can go interview to the perspective employer.

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Jiggy and yoyo congratulate sanyu. Rehan says to randhir congrats, your gf is smart. I thought she would be down but she gave you a competition. He shakes hand with sanyu and says congrats. He says I am rehan I saw you and thought you will win it. You look intelligent. He puts his hand on her shoulder. He says You can join SAniyal and Bajaj as intern. Randhir will be there as well. SAnyu says I will join my dad’s company it has been my dream. He says good you should follow your dream but think about my offer first. sanyu says I have decided already. He says okay then good luck. SAnyu says I have a request. Can you please leave randhir alone he needs his space. Rehan says he is my brother how can I leave him alone. Who will take care of him if I don’t.

Scene 2
Agarwal says it took me years to gain respect and this girl ruined it. Anju says whats wrong? what she did? Ankit says she made fun of us. He tells her everything. Ankit says papa offered her but she said no. Agarwal says she said I will come with my talent she has so much ego. Anju says I will talk to her. Agarwal says let her come to my company I will tell her what engineering means and how it is to compete with boys.

Everyone is praising parth. Yoyo says there will be a lot of interview letters. Jiggy says lets see what will be tomorrow’s task. YYoyo says you are scared like you are going on border. I have field in village you can work there. Jiggy says shut up what are you saying. They all leave, parth sees vidushi and goes to her. Vidushi says what now? are you going to sau vidushi cant you see? He says focus on internship. Vidushi says stop hanting me and I will. Parth says I came here to says two things, just keep calm and focus and secondly all the best. He leaves. sanyu asks parth have you seen randhir? He says no. sanyu texts him where are you? please don’t fight. What will you get. She sees randhir coming to her with a smile. Randhir says I was angry but couldn’t stop myself from appreciating your effort. I hope you get internsip in your dad’s company. I realize how important it is for you. I should shatter your dreams for my personal fights. Sanyu hugs him and says I missed you so much. He says I am sorry I reacted too much. Sanyu says I beat you in the task. He says you were looking beautiful and you distracted me otherwise I would have been first. He kisses sanyu’s hand. He says I love you, sanyu realizes it was just her dream. She sees randhir’s photo and says that idiot cant be this loving. Anju calls sanyu and says are you in college? SAnyu says I am on stairs. Anju comes there. sanyu is shocked. sanyu says maa you are here. I performed so well in the task. papa and ankit went in between. Anju says they couldn’t handle the insult and you didn’t accept his request. sanyu says listen to me. anju says when you will this end? You took four years and now this internship.

Randhir is in lab, he recalls rehan’s and vardhan’s words. ishika comes in. She says hi. Randhir says cant see I am busy. Go from here. sanyu says never hug and congratulate me. if ankit would have done it your would have been proud. He and I have same place is dad’s company. ishika says I will learn a lot from seeing you work. Ranhdir says all right but don’t touch anything. ishika says not even you? sanyu says I won because of wha you taught me. I thought you would be happy but you came to scold at me. I want you and my dream both. Ishika holds randhir. Randhir says leave if your bf sees he will make an issue. sanyu comes in lab and collides with ishika on door. She asks randhir what was she doing here. e doesn respond. sanyu says I am disturbing you but you can answer me at least. randhir says she came here to propose me.

Precap-sanyu says you will destroy our future. SAnyu says I have not even prepared for interview tomorrow. Randhir says I wont let you be there. He faints sanyu that day and takes her to lab.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. kasturi

    Yaar maina tum sabke pichle comments pada tum Saab ko Kya laga ki sandhir ki love story itne jaldi khatam ho jaye GI.
    Paar nahi asa kabhi nahi hota aur na hua.

  2. arrrrr yaaar even after giving her best and competing the tasks why her dad and brother are embarrassed instead of praising her??this is annoying!!

  3. kasturi

    Iss ishika Ka Kya hoga ye tau girgit ki tarah rang badalti hai air double game khal rahi hai yaha randhir aur vaha rehab.

  4. Samairaa

    hi guys can u tell me wats happening in sh as i didnt read update since last few weeks i am very confused with new charecters like rehaan pls help !!!

  5. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Woh tum ho na??? Aisa bola ki tum mera intzaar kar rahe ho?? Ye kaisa pagalpan hai?? Tum pagal ho kya??

  6. Dashing Prince

    Tumhara liye intzaar karna paagalpan hai,
    To teek hai main paagal hun,
    Haan main tum pe paagal hun!!

  7. {[(♥)]}

    Tumhe pata toh hoga
    ki mere dil mein kya hain
    chalo kahe dil ki wo
    Kabhi nahin jo kaha hain
    tumhi mere har pal mein
    tum aaj mein tum kal mein
    hey shona hey shona!

  8. Jise zindagi dhund rhi thi
    Kya ye wo mukam mera h
    Ab chain s bs ruk jaaun
    Kyu dil ye mujhe kahta h
    Ek aas jagi kyu dil me
    Jo kabool kisine kiya h …<3

  9. {[(♥)]}

    Puchh lo hawao se,
    surmaye ghatao se
    barisho ke pani se,
    pucho nadiya divanee se
    tum mere ho, bas mere hee mere ho –

  10. Menda Ishq Bhi Tu, Menda Yaar Bhi Tu
    Menda Din Bhi Tu, Imaan Bhi Tu
    Menda Jism Bhi Tu, Mendi Rooh Bhi Tu
    Mendi Dildi Vi Tu, Jind Jaan Bhi Tu
    Ho Mere Maula Maula, Maula Ho Mere Maula Maula

  11. {[(♥)]}

    Tum jo mera sath do
    Saare gam bhulake
    Jeeelu muskurake zindagi
    tu dede mera saath
    thaam le haath
    chahe jo bhi ho baat
    Tu bas dede mera saath…

  12. {[(♥)]}

    Jaane Q lagta hain ye sapna
    Q koi ho raha hain apna
    Aise Q kho rahi hain duniya
    Q lage ab nahin hu tanha… 🙂

  13. Dashing Prince

    @beat K miss whatevr u r??? Woh meri rajkumari hai aur main uski rajkumar hu!! Main kuch karu aap ko kya farak padta hai!!

  14. {[(♥)]}

    Heyy xyz kise bol rahe ho??
    N you dashing prince you do whatever you want
    i dont care!!
    Shazana if you dont want to talk to him just ignore!

  15. Naina di, jab bhi main target deti hu, uske poore hone par i announce an award fr d prsn who commented most cmmnts. That is the golden commentor award
    WELCUM 2 TU!
    myself-official welcomer

  16. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @Mr.Prince Tumko kya ho gaya?? R u in senses?? And hw dare u speak 2 my frnd lyk tat?? Be in ur limits!!

  17. Dashing Prince

    Neither u will understnd my feelings,
    Nor i will make u feel my emotions!!
    Bt plz dnt mak it to late,
    Sch tat u wil regret 4 it @my shazana aka my princess

  18. Dashing Prince

    Meri dhadkan dar gayi!!
    Ya phir mujse pyaar ho gayi!!
    Darna mana hai,
    Agar pyaar kiya to darna kya????

  19. xyz

    Who is desperate n cheap already got or will get my point. Why r u reacting and please use Ur mind. Things r always not same as they seams or same thing with ppl too.

  20. Chinky

    Haa xyz ppl show Der cheapness here proposal on a written update? Hahaha
    They dun get thse stuffs in real lyf so dey cme here with bullshit

  21. {[(♥)]}

    Xyz i think mujhe samajh gaya
    tum kise bol rahe ho

    ok! Bye everyone!!
    chinky is very cute name 😉

  22. @ Dashing prince
    Hv u lostd ur mind ??
    U r doing Nautanki here by misbehaving wid my grl.
    So plz get my point and try ur luck @ other grl
    We r alredy reserved for each other 😛
    As soon as you’ll get it will b better for you ..

  23. I m so sorry @ my princi
    I knw today I hurt you a bit more
    Bt I was helpless ..

    Tu hi haa wo gair hai
    Jo ki apna lga
    Mangu teri khair main
    Ab to shamo subah. <3

  24. Chinky

    Hahaha if d doggys name is chinky where is d point of visiting psychiatrist? Really u lostd ur mind I mean ‘lost’ u hve to visit actually

  25. @Chinky,
    WELCUM 2 TU!!!
    myself-official welcomer
    Coz i THINK u r new…..i may hv forgotten u….
    And z dont fight with Luci….warna Naina di bhi aa jaaengi uski side lene…..coz they r d NEW FOUND couple u know….. 😉
    hahaha lol naona di maine bola tha main nhi chodne waali aapko….chidhaungi zarur!

  26. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Gud mrng guyz!!! hve a nice day!!
    Who is tat bloddy chinky??? @chinky Dog has only 5 senses & u provd it!!!
    At night I dnt cum online often k!! Tum jaisa raat kutta aa sakta hai aur wo dashin prince tumhara jaisa ek aur kutta!!!

  27. Chinky

    Hahaha chedne ? Just go n look at u r face once. Cheapster. Cute princess LOL 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    U r name shld be despo it really suits to u r character despo.

    • Shazana(Cute Princess)

      Zyada haso mat?? Ne careful tumhara harkaton ki waja se puri duniya has rahi hai!!!

  28. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    k undrstood!! U r nt nw here!! U r an imposter!! Hw fst u replied to my msg!! U r constanlty chcking comments!! Bt im nt lyk cheap imposter!! Jst dis mrng i read ur comments k!! I tink ur sucking dashing prince!!

  29. Chinky

    Who told u that I m new ! Not at all !
    Whom u trying to make fool . I know how many usernames u used till now. Cheap girl despo. Cute princess ROFL 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  30. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    o really?? say hw mch!!! If i wnt scold anybody i will do wit my real name k!! Muje koi kutte ka naam nahi chaiye!! I hve evn hve FB account wit dis name k!!! I m nt cheapster imposter dog lyk u!!

  31. Chinky

    Hahaha Dees cmmnts r nt mine whoever u r great job.nd blo*dy shazana u r oly dashing prince n proposing urself hahaha.:-D

  32. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Im already havin Bf in my lyf k!!! Muje koi online kutta nahi chaiye!!! I kw it’s u dashing prince!!
    Prince banke aaya par kuch nahi kar saka ab to kutta ban gaya!! Prince ya kutta uska character hi uska aukaat!!

  33. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Ek kutta ka naam se FB account ho sakta hai!! Bt my account is in name shazana k!!

  34. Chinky

    Hahaha. U have bf? Hahahahaha n y telling m dashing prince hahaha do u think I propsed u yesterday go n read again tune gadbad ki hai name change krke hahaha

  35. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Tat stupid dashing prince tld to heartbeat behalf of me !!! Vo tumhara jaisa kutta hai !! He is proposing all d girls!! U belive it r nt i dnt care!! I dnt need 2 prv anyting!! My frnds knw abt me tat’s enough!!

  36. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Shakal tekne se insaan pechan nahi kar sakte!! Uska dil samajna chahiye!! Tumhara jaisa kutta kabhi nahi samaj sakta

  37. Chinky

    Aye larki kutta kutta kya laga rakha ha kutti to bol hahaha tera problem kya ha chup jaa na yah se cheapster
    Mera fb acc hai k!! Tera jaisa kutta ka naam nahi chaye k!! Hahahaha 😀

  38. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @chinky Aur yaad rakhna chinky kutta!!! Dont mess with Princess!! Muje pata hai tu mera account dekh liya!! So proved!!

  39. Chinky

    Dnt mess wid princess lololololol 😀 princess nahii cheaster ha tu apan name princess rakhne se koi princess nahii banjaata get dat k!!!!!!!!! haahaha

  40. {[(♥)]}

    Sorry mein subh auto mein thi isliye wrong type kar diya

    mein bol rahi thi meri class hain
    aur aaj 1:45 ko baat karte hain
    Aur kal ke liye It’s ok!
    Qki mein tumse ghussa nahin thi
    ok! Bye!! Sweet heart!!

  41. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Stray dogs barking dosnt matter for dis Princess k!! And right Dashin prince, chinky(1) and all cheapster r u??? Tum ek pagal kutte ki aank se princess dekh ne liye koshih kar rahe ho!! Wo mushkil nahi balki namumkin hai!!

  42. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Yes Im princess and Im proud to say it!! People who luv me undersnd tat!!! Tu to kutta hai!!

    • Shazana(Cute Princess)

      Ab samaj me aaya!!! K u r feeling insecure tat boyz r nt proposing u!! C u r imposter !!

    • Shazana(Cute Princess)

      No thank u!! At least nw u tld ur grl!!! Gheen aati tujse baat karne main!!! I nvr expectd dis 4m a grl!!

  43. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @chinky I ws speakin wit little respct thinking ur boy!! Ab aisa bhaag jao nahi to main aisa ghali dhoongi ki zingadi to aayna kabhi nahi dekh sakti!!! U insecure girl feeling jelous!! Itna try mat kar!! A real man will nver propose u!!

  44. Girl

    Girls r not insecure but definitely girls should feeling ashamed that u r a girl.
    Despo. U r big stain on girls name dirty stain. Cheap girl. Princess ROFL 😀 😀

    • Shazana(Cute Princess)

      Ek aur username chinky!!! Being Insecure is a behavior k!! It can come to grl r boy dosnt matter!! U r stain for girls k!! Changing usernames often nt me!! Main Shazana tha, hu aur rahungi!!

  45. Girl

    Say sorry ? WHAT ?
    No never say sorry means I regret on what I told her u mean I m fake hahaha. I was right n I stand for what I said that she’s Cheapster n despo.

      • Girl

        Thanks n u must write princess unlimited time then u will realise my taking cute princess username u can’t be princess despo 😀

  46. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @chinky Tum har roz potty kati ho na isiliye tumhari dhimaag aisi hai!! Tum kameeni kabhi nahi sudregi!! If ur so desperate der r places 4 girls lyk u!!

  47. Girl

    What u thought or still thinking if u have brain that by using abusive language u can proof that u r right then u mistaken. Rather u shows u r stain on princess name too. So called cute princess ROFL 😀

  48. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @girl Hey chinky kya cheating karte ho yaar?? Pehle chinky ab girl uske baad shit naam raklo??

  49. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @chinky Kutte samne shareef banna kaya faida??? Giving respct is for only respectble persons k!!
    U be barking !!

  50. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @girl Tum ladki naam ki parde ki andar chupi huyi ghayal ho!! If ur nt chinky stay out of dis!! It’s argumnt b/w me and chinky k!!

  51. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @girl Tum baar baar despo kyu bolte ho!! Y dnt knw any other english wrds!!! In whch film despo wrd
    comes often??

  52. Chinky(1)

    Girl c told despo k Alawa kuch nhi bol sakti means c wants us to call her despo ok shitzana u r despo 😀

  53. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Ladke ke peeche bhaago na!! Becaus y ur feeling jealous wen dashin prince proposing me!!! Tum bhi jaake propose karo na he will take u 2@@@@@ werevr u wnt!!

  54. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @girl If i am running behind boyz i would hve accepted tat prince proposal!! Chinky u r running behind me becauz tat prince coming behind me k??? U f**** Despo!!

  55. abc

    Plzzz end this here!!
    You all are girls how could you say such things. If you think you are not at fault then dont answer to any comment

  56. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @chinky im a studing journalism k!! If u wnt i will teach u english!! Becauz u dnt knw any wrd dan despo!! &stp correctin spellin mistak lyk LKG teacher r go learn SMS language!!

  57. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    It’s SMS language kutti!! Zindagi main pehli baar text kar rahi ho kya?? Waisa bhi tum jaisi kutti ko kaun This is an example of simple text. sarkta hai!!

  58. Girl

    U will always remain despo. Despo.
    U r a characterless girl n u know that. Don’t need other suggestions. Continue with it despo n make proud Ur self so called princess. Despo. N this is not sms language it’s chatting language n u must learned it becoz u r so desperate to talk to boys. Despo 😀

  59. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    K abc i knw u r also supportin them!! I dnt care!! get lost u all!! U chinky kutti go & dump urself in a dustbin!!

  60. Girl

    Abc or rajat or whoever u r. I was not giving explanation but she is still giving becoz she is despo. Cheap girl.

  61. Girl

    Forget i m not ghajini’s amir Khan that I will forget. She is despo n I will remember this girl is stain on girls name.despo.

  62. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @abc Nw u understood!! It’s them who startd nw also dey r nt ending it!! And im replyin 4 u abc & nt 4 them!!! Please dnt blame me 4 dis!!!

  63. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @chinky Kutti First u call me shazana!! Maafi shate ho learn to respect others!! U say only started d fight k!! nt me!! Tat u spoke abt wen i ws offline!!

  64. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Heartbeat i dnt wnt 2 fight!! Just like a repaired alarm tat chinky is repeating im despo k nt me! I promisd i will end it k!! Bt stil dey r irritatin !!

  65. abc

    Shazana if you are my friend you will not comment now
    if you ppl cant say sorry then why are you expecting from others

    • Shazana(Cute Princess)

      @chinky If sumbody say bad abt me i will be quiet k!! Dashin prince proposed me!! It ws a matter were only we both r involvd. Y u came in b/w??

    • abc

      Heyy i am not being fake
      meine apna name bata diya
      Pehle kisi reason ke wajah se nahin bataya tha

  66. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @girl I dnt hide anything in my heart girl!! It’s u who is doubl standard k!! Even u wnt 2 scld me wit these wrds k bt u want shw ur good!! For me it’s nt necessary!! People who lyk me knw how i am and wt type of family i belong k!! I scld everyone directly on face!!! tum to joote naam se bauk rahe ho!!

    • Girl

      U don’t hide n I don’t have bad anything in my heart. What u have abusive words but I don’t have then how I will show them. Ya one word I hv that is despo for u. N good yes I m good girl but not for u. Better luck next time. Hahaha again u crack a joke. Cute princess really 😀

  67. Girl

    U tried everything how experienced u r. Good. So u got praise by doing all what u suggesting to others. Despo.

  68. Chinky(1)

    Aye shitzana oh sorrywala comment Mera nhi ta may b u Oly USD my name nd askd sry to urslf how cheap
    Lololol he despo u r 😀

    • Shazana(Cute Princess)

      Punctuation is der in everbody’s keyboard!!! U wnt show me bad so try by all means!!! i dnt care!!

  69. Chinky(1)

    Lololol despo shitzana 😀 khud ko propose b krti ha or khud ko sry b bolti ha hahahahah 😀

  70. Chinky(1)

    Kisi pagal ne ise princess bola to ye apna name k baaju me princess. Rkliya ise acha to shitzana ha 😀

  71. {[(♥)]}

    Boring tha yaar
    class jaldi khtm ho gaya to mujhe laga tumse baat hogi par yaha to jhagda chal raha tha
    bhout mushkil se khatm hua

    tumhara kaisa tha??

  72. {[(♥)]}

    Meine bhi bhout miss kiya tumhe kal raat se
    Kal tumhari eng ko kya hohaya tha??
    Losted??? 😉

  73. {[(♥)]}

    Acha… 🙁
    Aur mein kitna pareshaan kar rahi thi tumhe
    tumne ek baar bhi kuch nahin kaha… 🙁
    Ab theek ho??

  74. {[(♥)]}

    Nahin theek i think we should not chat here
    bas show ke baare mein comments aur hi wagera thoda bhout

  75. {[(♥)]}

    Bura mat mano
    mein hu yaha sadda haq tak
    aur pata hain isiliye i was not accepting
    but uss din tum bet jeet gaye isiliye ha bol diya

    • {[(♥)]}

      Luciifer agar tum bet nahin jeet te to mein tumhe nahin batati that i love you
      aur mein jab jaaungi to.tumhe bata ke jaaungi

  76. {[(♥)]}

    Mujhe literally bhout acha lag raha hain tumhe sab kuchh batane ke baad

    n now we will not talk about this
    I know you will understand

  77. {[(♥)]}

    Lucifer i think ab hume kam baat karni chahiye
    it will b easy
    Tum aisa samjho ab mein huu hi nahin

  78. {[(♥)]}

    Sorry tumse zyada mere liye difficult tha
    acha hota agar mein uss din haa hi nahin bolti
    Mere hi karan ye sab hua hain

    • {[(♥)]}

      Shut up yaar
      aise mat baat karo
      i wont be able to talk with you

      aur pata hain aaj meine tumhe itna miss kiya.

  79. {[(♥)]}

    Bhot saaaaaaaaaara miss kiya
    aur tum agar happy rahe to mein pura sh khatm hone tak yaha rahungi
    just smile once for me… plz

    • {[(♥)]}

      Ha nahin jaaungi…
      You are very nice
      daksh ne kaha tha tumhe loyal rehne ke liye aur yaha to ulta hi ho raha hain…

  80. {[(♥)]}

    Tumhe mujh par bhout ghusaa aaraha hoga??
    Meine tumhe hamesha pareshaan kiya hain. Aaj to bhout hi zyada fir bhi tum mujhe kuch nahin bol rahe ho??

  81. {[(♥)]}

    Tum ho gam ko chupaaye
    mein hu sar ko jhukaaye
    tum bhi chup ho mein bhi chup hu
    kaun kise samjhaye
    ab duriyaan itni hain to
    milna yaha kal ho na ho….

  82. {[(♥)]}

    Mein kitni buri hu yaar
    tum humesha mujhe smile karwate rahe aur mein humesha tumse aise baat karti rahi

  83. Bs chup kro aisa nhi bolte ..
    Mujhe pta h tum b mujhe bhot chahti h
    Aur main tumhe jitna pyar krta hu wo ye soch kr nhi k utna hi tum b mujse kro

  84. you too ..

    Sach hai ke dil toh dukha hai, hamne magar socha hai
    Dil ko hai gham kyon, aankh hai nam kyon
    Hona hee tha jo huwa hai

  85. {[(♥)]}

    Na kuch manga na kuch pucha
    tune dil se diya jo diya
    Na kuch bola na kuch tola
    muskurake diya jo diya
    tu hi dhup tu hi chaaya
    tu hi apna paraya
    aur kuch jaanu
    bas itna jaanu

  86. Tu hi to jannat meri
    Tu hi mera jahan
    Tu hi to mannat meri
    Tu hi ruh ka sukoon
    Aur kuch na janu
    Bs itna hi jaanu
    Yara MAIN KYA KARUN <3

  87. {[(♥)]}

    Jab anushka ne mujhe tumhe i love you bolne ko kkaha tha tab tumne ek comment kiya tha ki hum teeno ke comment read karlo tumhe pata chal jaayega mein kisko lekar serious hu iska matlab

  88. Main.late dinner krta hu
    Bn to time s hi jata h.
    Aur us din maine aisa isliye bola tha kyuki
    Meri bat to mainly tumse hi hui thi baki s to kafi kam thi

  89. {[(♥)]}

    Ab lag raha hain ki tum peehle wale lucifer ho
    agar tum uss time i love you nahin bolte to aaj ye nahin hota

  90. {[(♥)]}

    Jab mujhe sab ek hi baat bol rahe the tab
    lag raha tha tumhe nahin unhe mujhse pyar hain aise mana rahe the 😉

  91. {[(♥)]}

    Lucky is lucky for me 😉
    Ek aur bbat batao
    Mujhe pata hain tum yaha pehle bhi comment karte the
    user name batao apna

  92. {[(♥)]}

    Hume tumse mohabbat hui hain
    oh jaaneman do you know
    iss dil se shararat hui hain
    oh jaaneman do you know

  93. Maine pucha kudrat se k usne mere liye kise bnaya
    Kudrat ne kuch na kaha fir wakt tham sa gya
    Fir kudrat ne muskura kr mujhe tera naam btaya

  94. {[(♥)]}

    Nazron se nazrein mili to
    jannat si mehki fizaayein
    lab ne jo lab chu liya to
    aasman se barsi duyaaein
    aisi apni mohabbat
    aisi tu hain ibaadat
    humpe mehrbaan do jahan…

  95. {[(♥)]}

    Mere frnd list mein koi boy nahin hain
    mein to tumhari list dekhne ke liye bol rahi thi

  96. {[(♥)]}

    Bye! Good night!
    thank you! N sorry!
    i love you my heart <3
    I think tum sogaye ho
    bye mere cute

  97. {[(♥)]}

    Good Night!!
    I love you dear…
    you are really very cute!
    sorry meine tumhe bhout pareshaan kiya hain.
    Take care!! 🙂
    kal bhi yahi mile??

  98. Sorry my sweetheart bt is bar mujhe neend aa gyi thi 🙁
    I love you too my lovly baby <3
    & maine bola na tumhe no sorry.
    Aur tum chahati ho yahin mile to.yahin milnge ..ok
    Love you again 😉

  99. {[(♥)]}

    Good Morning!!
    i love you sweetheart!!!
    no problem mujhe bhi aarahi thi
    Sorry to mein jitna bolu utna kum hain
    aur thik hain yahi milte haim
    🙂 🙂

  100. afra

    u 2(love birds) wait a secnd i have a doubt or question(jo bhi samjho)
    aap dono kabhi face to face hue????
    i mean kaabhi mile yaa fir only onl9????

  101. afra

    yahi puchne aayi thi ab jaari
    but u cant get privacy here…… humse toh ummeed bhi mat karna….lol just jokn 😉
    u guys carry on…..

  102. afra

    yahi puchne aayi thi ab jaari
    but u cant get privacy here…… humse toh ummeed bhi mat karna….lol just jokn 😉
    u guys carry on………….

  103. afra

    sry 🙁 mai updates padhri thi isiliye late hogayi
    recent cmts par aapka name dekha tha so came here
    lekin yahaan to………;) 😉
    r u alone woh(lucifer) nahi hai kya????

  104. afra

    so teens……. 🙂
    i think am disturbing u guys;) 😉 😉
    achha am going aap log lage raho….. 😛
    byeeeee n take care……:) 🙂
    but thoda privacy ekhtiyaar karo 😉 😉
    hope u understsnd 🙂 🙂

  105. {☾♛☽}

    Hey heartbeat!! Maine bola na tat u luv him!!! Ha Queen kabhi galat ho hi nahi sakti!! I tld sry na and im taking it back!!!

  106. {[(♥)]}

    So rahi thi phir thodi padhai ki mere family se baat ki mere frnds se baat ki… bas aur ha tumhe miss bhi kiya
    tumne kya kiya

  107. {[(♥)]}

    Chup kya
    tumhe bhi pata hain meine tumhe hurt kiya hain
    tum aise songs likh sakte ho
    Ye song likho
    mera dil jis dil pe fida hain
    ek bewafa hain ek bewafa hain
    ha mohabbat ki ye saza hain
    ek bewafa hain…

  108. {[(♥)]}

    Mein bhi bol rahi hu bhool jau mujhe
    mein sach mein feb se aana band kar deti hu
    waise bhi mujhe time nahin milega
    feb mein mere cousin ki shaadi hain

  109. Tumse pyar krta hu
    Bhot pyar krta hu
    Main jata hu ab lunch krne
    Bt agr tum b mujse pyar krti ho to tum yaha s nhi jaogi jb tk SH khtm nhi hota

  110. {[(♥)]}

    Thanks meri baat maan ne ke liye
    Ab mein ja rahi hu mujhe kaam hain
    8:00 ko milte hain yahi par
    till then bye
    take care!! I love you!!

  111. {[(♥)]}

    Bairi piya badaa bedardi ishhhh…
    Bairi piya bada bedardi
    dil ka kehna na maane
    saudai harjai zulmi
    Raam duhai
    kaise kahu kase kahu
    haaye raaaam
    dil ka dard na jaane
    na jaane na jaane najaane jaane na….

  112. savy

    I have a doubt on Lucifer and Daksh
    Beware girls
    @ heartbeat and roshnicool
    I have been a silent reader of the comments since very long so be cautious

  113. Kabhi chup chup rahe
    Kabhi gaaya yeh kare
    Bin poochhe teri taarife sunaya yeh kare
    Hai koi Haqiqat tu ya koi fasana hai
    Kuch jaane agar tto itna ke
    Yeh tera deewana hai re
    Mann mera, maane na mann mera

  114. {[(♥)]}

    Lucifer ek baar puri honety ke saath tum jiski sabse zyaada respect karte ho uska promise leke bolo ki tum daksh ho ya nahin

  115. {[(♥)]}