Sadda Haq 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

episode starts with parth, kaustuki and sahil meeting in the morning before attending class discussing about the whereabouts of sandhir. parth asks kaustuki if sanyu returned to room or not, she replies in negative. Sahil asks parth is randhir returned, he says he didn’t. PKC comes there, without his specs. He asks them if he told the lecture is to be conducted in corridor and hushes them to class. he then catches a random guy thinking him to be peon and asks him to bring his specs.

Vidhushi wakes up with heavy head in her dorm and runs to get ready for lecture.PKC is taking attendence in lecture, as his vision is near to nothing. parth and kaustuki give proxy for sandhir. PKC starts teaching when kaustuki finds sanyukta and randhir under bench, sleeping.

maya was approaching her cabin

when rushing vidhushi collides with her and her files drop. Vidhushi apologises and says she didnt see her coming. maya scolds her for being so ignorant and blind that she cant even track the dream team working properly. she says parth, sahil and kaustuki returned to dorm late while sandhir didn’t come back where are they? vidhushi says they must have been in the lecture and not working anywhere. maya threatens her to suspend her if she remains this way. vidhushi pleads and says they are attending lectures and she is sure they are not working. maya storms away.

pkc is teaching in class and kaustuki and parth put in full effort to wake sandhir up from down the table, but in vain. Kaustuki was leaning down and waking her up whne pkc shouts at them for looking under the table. they make an excuse for looking for their dropped pen. they make full efforts to wake them up but sandhir dont move a bit. Maya comes to class with vidhushi and asks about sandhir, pkc sees the attendence and says they are in the lecture. maya scolds him saying that he should be careful as they are not even here and he has marked them present. he makes excuse of missing his specs today but maya scolds them and declares that she will suspend them; is about to leave when randhir gets up from under the bench and says “good morning” minutes later sanyukta gets up and wishes maya as well. maya leaves in disgust saying she just needs an excuse. peon comes there and asks her to come to her cabin as an issue awaits her.

yoyo and his friends and a group of students are outside maya’s cabin looking at the wall where “we hate you maya” is painted. yoyo does a shayari praising that generally people shout i love you and someone courageous has gathered enough courage to hate maya. maya arrives there and scolds them, asking who did that. no one agrees, she gets angry and shouts that she will suspend everyone. vardhan comes there and scolds everyone for doing this. vardhan then asks a guy if he did that, but he denies. then he dismissing them all saying you wont be suspended. maya asks vardhan to not give orders on her behalf and stay in his limits, vardhan says she could have found the culprit but she got them removed as well. maya says she is the dean and she can find it herself, plus she says call her dean rather than maya. vardhan says ok and then with a pause calls her maya again and goes away with a smirk.

kaustuki was taking sanyukta to hostel when she asks her about last night, sanyukt remembers whole scenes again but not those spend in classroom. she then makes an excuse that they were hiding from vidhushi and got locked in class. on the other hand randhir is in canteen with sahil and parth inquiring him about last night when he gives the same excuse and remembers their moments together and smiles, sahil and parth wonder whether he is ok. Sanyukta while drying up her hair in her room wonder whether what they did after entering class, she then asks kaustuki about the progress, both then head for the lab.

all 5 of them come secretly in lab and start working when sandhir exchange looks and smiles at each other. they both work together and exchange some words as friends. randhir asks her how her engagement was broken, she denies saying that why are we remembering past. he says he is her friend and as a friend he is asking her.

Monday Precap – Sanyukta’s phone rings. It’s Samir. Randhir asks her why he was calling. He says, “mai kuch puch raha hoon” ( I am asking something ). She looks on.

Update Credit to: Gunseerat


  1. Rizwan

    hiii rojinaaa…….
    i lovd 2days epi…..they r eaget 2 tlk abt past…i realllly lvd it….nd i hope randhir and sanyu sees the video they hv recordeddd……………… u sandhirrr.

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  3. Meera

    What if there is a spl Raksha Bandhan festival sequence just as we were shown Holi…. will kaustuki tie or not tie rakhee on yoyo’s wrist???? wht wl Jiggys reaction be???

  4. Parineeti

    Nyc epi…..i lyk the part where sandhir were remembryng their last nyt nd smiling…..:-)

  5. Nahi yaar…maine sh rox ko pataane ki bohooot koshish ki par woh toh manne ke liye tayyaar hi nahi hai….still, i m doing my best.

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    Ab batao,mai kya karun???

  8. nid

    Hey rose dear bhut dino bad aayi ho,
    btw it ws superb epi,mene abhi repeat dekha,rd bar bar sanyu ko dekhe ja rha tha,lab me concntrate bhi nhi tha,hwww cute randhir ;-)…n sanyu she ws all smiling,wow!!luv sandhir u rocks

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    Dont forget to watch Harshita’s interview tomorrw on V day trippin from 6pm to 7pm only on Channel V

    this was noopurs reaction. Btw i have the same reaction…

    • AN

      u r right sameer hamesha beech mein aajatha hai….
      i wish rd sanyu ke madath kare is engagement wali situation se …

  15. AN

    Really harshitha interview !!! pehle PSB ka interview phir harshita wowww !!!
    i’m going crazy πŸ˜› I TOO HOPE IT IS TRUE ….

  16. Meera


  17. AN

    meera didi i too saw the retelecast for sm time cz i almost frgt about it!!!
    in prof. vardhan’s cabin vardhan yells at ankith !!!

  18. Meera

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  19. Guyz,u should all read the fanfic-along came she… has all characters of shq,byt in a different form
    It is based in a med. college
    Randhir is the son of dr renuka and dr harsh shekhawat. Who are the founders of FMC(foundders medical college). His parents were murdered when he was 10in front of him on his bday. he has a grp of snobby stuck up friends
    Sanyukta is from a poor family. Dr. Renuka saved her fathers life when sanyu was 8…same age as rd.That made her wanna become a doc. She got admission in FMC by a scholarship. She is in luv with rd, who doesnt give a damn about her.
    parth is one of rd friends,and in luv with sanyu.
    rd has a gf called ishita.
    The fact that rd parents were murdered,not killed in a car crash,is hidden frm every1. Sanyu finds out the truth. Will she be able to uncover his parents mirderers and make rd fall in luv with her????
    If u want,i will copy pazte the chaps here or the link. If 5 ppl say yes, i shall do that.

  20. Hello!
    I am new here…may i join your group?
    By the way the story that @sandhir fan has written sounds quite interesting….please go on with it!
    Ok,to introduce myself, i am samidha,and i am 7 years old. I am a biiiiiig fan of this show,sadda haq. I especially love the romantic moments between Randhir and Sanyukta. I love sanyukta but i love randhir more because he is such a hottie. I want to join you people.

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    Koi hai kya??????? Kahhaaan gaye sab??!!!!!!! I dont believe this….hum pehle toh roj atleast 100 karte they. Aur aaj,saturday night par fir bhi bas 63? Its that bad

  22. Meera


    FRIENDSHIP isn’t how U forGet but how U forGive,
    Not how U liSten but how U UnderStand,
    Not what U see but how U feel,
    and not how U Let Go but how U hold oN!!!

    :):):) HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!! :):):)

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    • anamika

      Friendship vs. Love

      Friendship is a quiet walk in the park with the one you trust
      Love is when you feel like you are the only two around

      Friendship is when they gaze into your eyes and you know they care
      Love is when they gaze into your eyes and it warms your heart

      Friendship is being close even when you are far apart
      Love is when you can still feel their hand on your heart when they are not near

      Friendship is hoping that they experience the very best
      Love is when you bring them the very best

      Friendship occupies your mind
      Love occupies your soul

      Friendship is knowing that you will always try to be there when in need
      Love is when you will give up everything to be at their side

      Friendship is a warm smile in the winter
      Love is a warming touch that sends a pulse through your heart

      Love is a beautiful smile to which nothing compares
      A tender laugh, which opens your heart
      A single touch that melts away your fears
      A smell that reminds you of the tenderness of heaven
      A voice that reminds you of the innocence of youth

      Friendship can survive without love
      Love cannot live without friendship

  29. AN

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  31. AN

    @sandhir fan can u post more about that story of FMC collage cuz it sound really intresting i men really really intresting !!! hungry 4 more !!!!!!!!!!

  32. This is the story of a guy who was always meant to become a doctor and a girl who fought against all odds to get admission into a medical college.

    Randhir Shekhawat, 18, son of the richest and most reputed surgeons in the country and Sanyukta Agarwal, 18, only daughter of her parents, who barely make both ends meet.

    Come meet these two total opposites and be a part of their incredible journey.

    “When a trip to a resort for their son’s birthday dinner turns fatal for Harsh & Renuka Shekhawat, everyone is baffled as to who could have murdered them. They leave behind a son of 10 and a huge fortune. But what if there was more to their murder than what meets the eye? What if his childhood disaster comes to haunt Randhir in his youth? And what if a poor innocent girl with big dreams falls in love with this rich guy and in turn gets caught in his mess?

    Would Sanyukta ever come to know of Randhir’s deep dark secret?

    Would they ever escape the web of lies and mystery? Would their love story survive? Or would they end up like Romeo and Juliet? ”

    To know more, stay tuned!!!!

  33. Chapter 1: The damsel meets the delinquent

    “Life changes in a ‘heartbeat’. Friends turn foes, families shatter, life gives way to death…What remains is ‘you’, your ‘faith’, your ‘soul’ and your ‘will’ to face life head-on!”



    It was Randhir Shekhawat’s 10th birthday. His parents Dr. Harsh Shekhawat and Dr. Renuka Sanyal Shekhawat had taken him out for dinner that evening. The Drs. Shekhawats were the most famous and influencial surgeons in the country. Harsh was a neuro surgeon, while Renuka was into cardiacs. They were the founders of the “HOPE GROUP OF HOSPITALS” and had several advanced researches in the field of medicine and surgery to their credits.

    The time was 11:30 pm when the family of 3 were making their way back to their residance. The resort they had gone to was located on the outskirts of the city of Delhi and the way to it was exotic and a bit deserted at night.

    Harsh drove their Porsche as Renuka sat on the front seat reading a magazine. Randhir sat at the back playing with the new video game his parents had gifted him for his birthday.

    “Aaah, damn it…road block…” cursed Harsh. They wanted to reach home ASAP as both of them had vital surgeries scheduled the next day.

    Renuka lifted her eyes off the ‘zine and said, “But it was all fine while we were going…What happened suddenly?”

    As the couple took a closer look, they realized that the road was being blocked by a group of about 6 to 7 men, dressed in black, their faces covered.

    “I sense something weird Renuka…Who are these people? They don’t look like PWD labourers…”

    Renuka nodded in agreement.

    “Randhir beta, put ur head down..” she adviced her son.

    Randhir oblidged quite oblivious to the whole situation.

    That was when Harsh noticed that the men seemed armed.

    “Renuka shut the windows, quick…I am taking an u-turn…NOW..” he said urgently.

    By now the couple had panicked and so had randhir.

    “Mama what’s wrong?”

    “Shhh..beta just keep your head down..”

    Harsh brought the car to a screeching halt and was about to make a turn when he saw one of the men lift his gun, point it straight at the doctor and fire.



    The bullet hit his chest and it started to bleed profusely.

    A second shot was fired. Then a third, which hit Renuka straight on the temple.


    Randhir’s scream echoed in the night. He was still ducked under the backseat, not daring to bring up his head. But when the bullet hit his mom, who went still in a instant, Randhir pulled himself up and climbed towards the front seat. Fear gripping him, he could see the men who pulled the trigger get into a jeep and drive off.

    “S-p-ee-d d-i-al 1…ph-o-ne..” Harsh managed to mumble while his breathing shallowed.

    Randhir was sobbing by then, his whole body shaking at the scene unfolding before him.

    “M-o-m…D-a-d…Please hold on…please…” he kept reiterating as he fished out the phone from his dad’s pocket and the hit the ‘Speed dial 1’.

    “Hope centre trauma department. How may I help u?”

    The number was of their own foundation hospital’s trauma centre and Randhir choked as he tried to explain the situation to the attendant who had picked up the call, “This is Randhir…Son of Dr. Shekhawat…I am reporting an emergency from DefCol…My parents have been shot…”

    That much info was enough for the hospital to realize the gravity of the situation and Randhir was asked to stay calm as help would be sent ASAP.

    “Mom…Please open ur eyes…Mom…say something…MOOOM..” a frantic Randhir kept pleading while holding onto his mother.

    “B-et-a…D-on’t be sc-ared…U w-ill b-e f-in-e..” his dad tried to calm him down.

    “Dad…Why isn’t mom responding??”

    But harsh didn’t reply and instead started breathing deeply.


    Randhir realized that his father was bleeding out. He kept praying for the ambulence to get there as fast as possible while he applied pressure onto his father’s chest wound in order to reduce the bleeding.

    And as he desparately tried to keep his father alive, he could feel the latter’s breathing slow down. After a few moments, at the tender age of 10 and on his birthday ironically, Randhir Shekhawat felt his father’s heart stop beating.

    The sirens of the ambulances arriving fell on deaf ears. Randhir was slumped onto the back seat, his tiny hands blood stained, his eyes swollen and red from crying, his face showing signs of a 10 year old who had just left behind his fairytail childhood and stepped onto the harsh realities of this cruel world.

    His 10th birthday marked the day when Randhir Shekhawat became an orphan.



    A young girl of 18 stood near the gates of the “Founders Medical College, Delhi” with hope in her eyes and a huge smile on her lips. She was flanked by her parents on either side. Sanyukta Agarwal was Kishore and Anju Agarwal’s only daughter. Kishore was the owner of a small grocery store in Dehradun while Anju was a tailor. Their meagre income had never been enough to provide their daughter with a lavish lifestyle. Just like many other small-town folks, the Agarwals were also humble and hard-working. Sanyukta had, at a very early age, taken it upon herself to stand in her own feet and support her family.

    When Sanyukta was 8 years old, her father had suffered a massive ‘stroke’ which also resulted in cardiac failure and sent him in coma. A family that could hardly make both ends meet was faced with a matter of life & death. Anju took her husband to the only hospital in their locality – “The Hope Centre”.

    She was at first denied admission as she had no money. Sanyukta still vividly remembered how she had clung onto her mother’s saree and wailed in misery at her father’s depleting condition. That was when she had seen a doctor of exquisite beauty, who had been passing by at that moment and noticed the wailing child and halted. The doctor asked the receptionist if everything was ok and on learning about the situation, had asked the authorities to grant Kishore Agarwal admission.

    20 days later, after 2 craniotomies and a by-pass surgery, all performed completely free of cost, Kishore Agarwal was ensured that his health would be fine. An 8 year old Sanyukta met the doctors who had performed the surgeries. It was the kind surgeon who had allowed them admission and his compassionate wife – Dr Harsh Shekhawat and Dr Renuka Sanyal Shekhawat.

    “The Hope Centre” was part of their foundation. They had chains of hospitals and clinics across the country. Their main centre was in Delhi, but luckily for the Agarwals, they had been in the Dehradun branch when Kishore was brought in after his stroke.

    It was that day that Sanyukta Agarwal had decided that she would become a doctor just like Mr & Mr Shekhawat. She had cut out a photo of the couple from a newspaper clip and had kept it with her ever since as a source of inspiration.

    And 10 years later, Sanyukta stood outside FMC with her parents, a proud medical aspirant and now a part of this reputed institution. It was the first time that the Agarwal’s had travelled outside of dehradun. It was Sanyukta’s first experience of city-life. And her joy knew no bounds.


    -Medical College Day 1-

    Sanyukta was not at all used to life at ‘hostel’. Her room-mate was still alien to her. The girl had arrived the night before, but by then Sanyukta was already asleep. And she had woken up just now and on seeing time, realized that it was 8 AM and she had classes from 8:30. Her room-mate apparently was more punctual than her and had already disappeared for her classes.

    “Shit!!! Late on my first day. I can’t believe this…Aur yeh ladki…pta nhi kaun hain…Mujhe bina bulaye chali gayi…Arey bula toh sakti thi…Ajeeb insaan hain…”

    She brushed her teeth vigorously and showered with lightening speed. She then gobbled some bread and dressed up in a hurry, not bothering to dry her hair. She wore a blue kurti and white patiala, a dress that her father had gifted her on securing a place in FMC.

    She then took a quick look through her time-table and saw the following classes scheduled for the day:

    Introduction to Anatomy (Prof : Dr. DS) – Room 101(Hall)

    Pathology (Prof : Dr. PD) – Room 305 (New gallery)

    Biochem (Prof : Dr. AM) – Room 201 (Junior gallery)

    *BREAK* (1 HOUR)

    Lab (Anatomy) (Prof : Dr. VS) – Room (Dissection Hall)

    Sanyukta grabbed her books, not bothering to stuff them in her bag as the time showed 8:29 by her watch. And she dashed towards her first class.

    She scurried past scores of students, down the corridor and towards the hall.

    She spotted a sign that pointed to the right and said “HALL”.

    Sanyukta abruptly made a right turn and bumped into a strong figure.

    “What the…” swore the guy in shock as the impact of the hit made Sanyukta land bottom-first onto the floor, the books in her hand flying in every direction.

    The first thing that clicked in her mind as she hit the ground with a loud ‘ouch’ was the guy’s shoes…They were branded ‘Nike’ sneakers.

    “Oh my god…How pathetic…Don’t u even know how to walk properly?” taunted a girl standing next to the guy.

    Sanyukta snapped out of her ‘shoe-admiring’ mode and glanced up as she made an attempt to apologize to the guy profusely.

    “I’m terribly sorry..I ha-..”

    She stopped as soon as she looked at his face…his eyes.

    A pair of ‘sea-blue’ eyes were peering down at her with a bored look.

    “My god” came her automatic reaction.

    His hair was a light shade of brown, his face flawlessly fair. He was wearing a deep blue pair of denims and a button-down white shirt. To sanyukta, he looked like the Greek God Adonis, whom she had read about in novels.

    “Oh hello? Are u waiting for us to give u a hand or what, Miss ‘Damsel-in-distress’?” the girl next to the guy spoke again.

    That was when Sanyukta noticed the other people standing there. She stood up and dusted her kurti and realized that ‘Adonis’, as she now called him in her mind, was accomapanied by 4 others, 2 guys and 2 girls.

    The girl who had spoken to Sanyukta was now glaring at her. Sanyukta noticed that she was a typical city- beauty, clad in black jeans and a sleeveless white top. The other 3 were all well-dressed and oozing in attitude and style.

    “I’m sorry…I was getting late for Anatomy and..”

    “U dumbass, Anatomy got cancelled…haven’t u heard the announcement?” asked the girl.

    “Cancelled?” she asked surprised.

    “Are u a first year?” This time it was one of the guys who asked. He looked a little kinder than the rest, but was definately a richie-rich from the looks of it.

    “Y-es” Sanyukta mumbled.

    She chanced a glance at ‘Adonis’ who was now fiddling with his cellphone – an ‘Xperia Z’. Sanyukta gawked at the gadget while remembering her own ‘Samsung Guru’.

    She then bent to pick up her books. As she was about to pick up the pathology text-book, one of the girls snatched it from her.

    “Oh my God!!!! ‘An introduction to Pathology’, Vikas publishers? Seriously? Who even reads such stuff these days? And please don’t tell me this is second-hand?”

    Sanyukta was feeling extremely embarrased. By now a crowd had formed around them and she was becoming an object of ridicule.

    “Please give it bacK”, she tried to reason politely.

    “Ooo…please and all haan? Manners…manners…Tell me something behenji, what does ur dad do?”

    Sanyukta ignored the jibe at her. She was aware of the ‘city’ people and their obnoxious ways. She replied politely yet again, “He owns a grocery store in Dehradun.”

    And to her utter shock and awkwardness, both the girls burst out laughing.

    “Grocery store? Seriously? No wonder u look like that..I mean u are actually wearing the i-card around your neck like it’s something to show off!!!”, taunted one of the girls and tweaked her i-card.

    Sanyukta couldn’t take the insult any longer. It was ok to insult her, but her father? She wouldn’t tolerate such cheap jokes.

    But before she could retort, ‘Adonis’ suddenly took one step towards her, blocking her view of the rest of the group and pierced her with an icy gaze that sent jitters down her spine.

    “You’re in our way, feather-brained”, he said before giving her a shove and walking away briskly, his ‘friends’ following him giggling at her all-the-while.

    Sanyukta’s retort was left caught on her throat as the after-effects of his husky voice still tingled in her senses. She stood there and stared after him in utter awe.


    Her first day in her dream institute had suddenly turned into a nightmare.

    “Let me help u” said a girl, speaking softly and held Sanyukta’s bag open for her to put the books in.

    “Thank u”, replied sanyukta, relieved that atleast someone was talking to her in a civilized manner, “I am Sanyukta by the way, Sanyukta Agarwal, first year. You?”

    “I am Kaustuki Sherpa, first year too…Nice to meet you Sanyukta. Please don’t mind those guys. They have been bahaving that way right since the morning. It’s like they own this place or something.”

    “Who are these guys? Seniors right?” enquired Sanyukta.

    Kaustuki shook her head and replied, “No they are in our class. They were in the hall to attend DS sir’s lecture. But came out as class got cancelled. I think one of the girls in called Ishita Mittal. I don’t know about the rest though.”

    Sanyukta smiled. Kaustuki definately seemed like a docile girl.

    “By the way Kaustuki, u can call me Sanyu. All my friends call me that. Do u know why the lecture got cancelled?”

    “Yes. The professor is out of Delhi and on leave. He will return next week.”

    Sanyukta nodded and checked her time-table again.

    “Dr. DS…what does DS stand for anyway? And what’s with these short forms?” she asked.

    Kaustuki took the time-table from her hand and replied, “DS stands for Dinesh Shekhawat, you know, Dr. Harsh Shekhawat’s brother who now runs the ‘Hope Foundation’…Short forms are i guess to make us remember easily all the names..”

    “Oh my God!!! So Dr. Dinesh will actually be taking our classes…Wow!!!!! The Drs. Shekhawats have been the greatest inspiraton of my life, u know. It’s because of them that I’m here today…I even carry their picture with me always to serve as a motivation…” Sanyukta explained to her new friend.

    “Oh wow! Sanyu that’s really nice!!! I hope we have lots of fun here..”

    “Of course we will…”

    And so the new buddies decided to go to the canteen and spend their free period getting to know each other better.


    As soon as Sanyukta entered the canteen, the first thing she spotted was ‘them’. The gang was huddled together in one corner, chatting away rapidly and joking about something.

    Kaustuki went up to the counter to order coffee and burger for both of them, while Sanyukta reserved a seat. From where she was seated, Sanyukta could see his face clearly. He was sipping his coffee and smiling at something the girl next to him uttered.

    “How can someone be this good-looking?” thought Sanyukta before she realized where her thoughts were leading her and chided herself.

    Suddenly the guy turned his face and their eyes met, or rather he caught her staring at him red-handed. Sanyukta flushed but didn’t look away. The guy however barely kept the gaze on her for a few seconds before turning away.

    “Coffee and burger for u sanyu” Kaustuki’s voice brought her out of her reverie and for the rest of her time in the canteen, Sanyukta concentrated on her food, or atleast tried to do so!!


    -ROOM 305 (NEW GALLERY)-

    It was their first class in med-school.


    Dr. Prasun Desai was their professor. His first dialog as soon as he entered the class was, “Welcome students officially to FMC. Let me make one thing very clear. Any student who ‘bunks’ theory classes will not be allowed in the ‘dissection hall’. Now shall we begin? Introduce yourselves please…”

    And the intros began.

    “Ishita Mittal, Delhi”, said the girl who was standing near ‘Adonis’ in the hallway.

    “Karan Vadra, Delhi”, said one of the guys in the group whom sanyukta hadn’t interacted with.

    “Smriti Sharma, Delhi” , said the girl who had snatched Sanyukta’s book.

    “Parth Kashyap, Delhi”, said the guy who had seemed the kindest in the gang.

    And that was when Sanyukta noticed that ‘Adonis’ was missing. In other words, ‘Adonis’ had done a ‘bunk’.

    Huh! Now his attitude would be brought to the ground, thought Sanyukta as she got up to give her intro.

    “Sanyukta Agarwal, Dehradun”

    The gang snickered.

    “Kaustuki Sherpa, Changmai, Arunachal Pradesh.”

    The gang snickered yet again. Sanyukta heard Ishita say, “Changmai? LOL! Is that some sorta sick joke?”

    “Jignesh Patel, Ahmedabad”, said a shy looking bespectacled boy.

    And so the intros continued. The rest of the class, the professor explained ‘rules of survival’ in the medical college before dismissing them.



    Biochem was the most boring subject ever according to Sanyukta. She nearly dozed off in class. The only thing that got her attention was that ‘Adonis’ was still missing.

    “Damn…I don’t even know his name yet…”

    The class ended 45 minutes later and the students made their way out of the gallery anticipating their first ever ‘Anatomy lab’ which was scheduled after an hour long break!!


    “Sanyukta, let’s go grab some lunch. We are gonna need our strength if we wanna survive our first lab”, said Kaustuki as they made their way to the canteen.

    “Say Kaustuki…Is anatomy really that scary?” Sanyukta piped up.

    “Sanyu, we have to deal with dead bodies…How can it not be scary?”

    “Ya I get ur point…But, i mean, i heard people black out and all…U think we will be ok?”

    “Sanyukta, let’s think positive please…I’m really scared of this anatomy part. Don’t talk about ‘black-out’ and all now..”

    Sanyukta gave Kaustuki an apologetic look before changing the discussion.

    “So…Arunachal huh? I hear it’s a beautiful place…”

    “Yeah”, replied Kaustuki smiling, “Very exotic…I didn’t like the way Ishita made fun of my hometown…”

    Sanyukta’s face turned hard.

    “Those show-offs need to check their attitude…But guess what Kaustuki? That guy whom I bumped into won’t be able to attend lab..”

    Kaustuki looked at her in surprise and asked, “Really? But why not?”

    “Haven’t u heard Prof PD? Anyone who bunks theory won’t be allowed in the lab…And he bunked both classes!!”

    Understanding dawned on Kaustuki’s face as the both the girls rejoiced at the prospect of ‘Adonis’ getting chucked outta lab!



    The scenario outside the dissection hall was one depicting melancholy. The students were all wearing the customary lab-coat, an honor for any med student, but their faces were grim. They were awaiting the professor’s call to go inside.

    A lot of faces already showed signs of panic. Some students, especially girls, looked like they could use the washroom. Kaustuki was looking stringent. Sanyukta herself wasn’t feeling confident at all. She suddenly wished she hadn’t eaten so much on lunch. Besides, the staunch smell of ‘formaldehyde’ and other preservatory chemicals was making it extremely hard to not feel unwell.

    Out of the corner of her eye Sanyukta noticed Ishita, Karan, Parth and Smriti talking to each other, unfazed by their surroundings. Sanyukta couldn’t help admire their confidence. It seemed like they were very familiar with this stuff.

    Just then the professor came out. The students instantly stopped whatever else they were doing and gave the Prof undivided attention.

    Sanyukta saw the doctor’s name on his ‘lab-coat’ – Dr. Vardhan Suryavanshi.

    He began speaking without preamble, “Since this is your first lab class and ur theory got cancelled, i will divide u into pairs alphabetically. For today we shall just inspect and get used to the atmosphere inside the lab. So about the pai-..”

    “May i come in sir?” a student interrupted him.

    All eyes turned towards the door.

    Sanyukta realized with a jolt that it was ‘Adonis’. Kaustuki gave Sanyukta a triumphant smile. But all Sanyukta could think was how ‘drop-dead gorgeous’ the guy looked in his ‘lab-coat’. He was the only one who wore a full-sleeves coat and had folded the sleeves.

    The professor gave him a searching gaze while sanyukta waited for the former to ask ‘Adonis’ to leave the lab.

    “Randhir…Punctuality is a rule, I hope to see u on time from the next lab..Come in.”

    Come in?? Seriously? What happened to one hour ago when bunking thoery meant no labs? Sanyukta frowned at the Prof.

    “This is injustice…And Randhir? So that’s his name…He is such a ‘deliquent’… But tell me, how did sir know his name? He doesn’t know our names, I bet you..” Sanyukta muttered furiously to Kaustuki.

    “Shhh…Sanyu, keep ur voice down…The pairings have started…”

    “Jignesh with Kaustuki” said Prof vardhan.
    Kaustuki glanced at Sanyukta before moving to stand with the guy named Jignesh.

    “Randhir with Sanyukta”

    Sanyukta gulped. She turned to look at her assigned partner and found him talking with Ishita. She dragged herself over to him and stood quietly by his side, all the while cursing her luck!

    Did ‘R’ and ‘S’ have to neighbours????

    Ishita spotted her and spoke in a disgusted manner, “Hasn’t anyone taught u that spying on people’s conversations is bad manners?”

    Sanyukta sighed and replied, “I have been assigned as Randhir’s partner.”

    “So?? Just because you are partners doesn’t mean you’ll be all clingy…”

    Sanyukta flushed and retorted heatedly, “Excuse me? I wasn’t being clingy. i was just standi-..”

    “Everything ok Miss Agarwal?” asked Prof Vardhan and Sanyukta fell silent immediately.

    “Follow me in everyone” spoke the Profesor again as he led the class to the lab.

    Sanyukta glanced sideways and found Randhir still talking with Ishita.

    And as she stepped inside the ‘dissection hall’, her breathe hitched and she felt numb.

    so thats it guyz…shall post new parts everyday @ 9 pm if possible…..ur cmmnts r welcum!

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