raglak- that nyt change my life (hatred to love) (Epi-5)


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laksh’s pov
I cm hm late. I found her waiting for me near dinner table. I know she did not have her dinner. I placed my hand her shoulder
She got up with sudden jerk
Laksh: one min plz I will bring ur food
I hold her hand dragged towards me.she is shivering
Laksh: ur hands r burned na. I will take my food my own sit here
I went to kitchen and opened every bowl. All were my favorite dishes.i kept them in oven d brought them to table.i sat near her .i realized that my presence makes her shiver.i feded her with my hands.all d tym she was stairing at me
Rags: if u want to give me pain. Theny why cannot u tolerate my pain laksh.

Lakh: do not think that am doing this for u.utt were watching us frm upstairs.
U finished na.go to ur room.i will be back I few min
Aftr smtym when I cm back frm washroom. She was standing near the window.i hugged her frm back side. She was trembling in fear.i took her in my arm placed on bed nd applied medicine on her wound.i made her lay down nd I too lay down near her.i give her a strong look. She understood me.she cm close to me and placed her hed on my chest and hugged me tightly
Laksh: that’s like gud girl.
I hugged her back.i whispered in her eyers: do not worry.am too tired today. I will get want I want 2mmorrow nyt

I [email protected] closed eyes in fear
It was in d early mng. I woke up due to noise of bhajan. I got down frm my bed and went near to found that who is the one disturbed my sleep.i found ragini in the in house temple.everyone gathered there becoz it is not usual for our house.she gave aarathi to everyone. And at last its my turn
Laksh: I donot belive in this and donot dare to disturb my sllep in d early mng. If u do so then u have to be ready for the punishment.
I went agngrily frm there. Tears were falling down frm my eyes
When I came frm washroom aftr bath.she was in our room arranging my dress.
I dragged her and pined her to wall
Laksh: hw dare u to touch my cupboard. Do not behave like typical wife.

Suddenly utts sound came: bhabhiii sid is here to meet u
I freed her .she wiped her tears and went down.i got ready and went down.
She hugged her bro tightly
Sid: what happened my princess? Why r u crying?
He made her look into his eyes
Rags: I missed u bhayyaa
Sid: aren’t u happy here?
She [email protected] me and said: am very happy here bhayya
Both bro sis chit chatted for a long tym.so I got bored and went to my study
Rags: batho batho mein bhool gayi I will get u smthng

Aftr sm tym I hered knock on my study
Lk: yes com in
Sid: hai laksh sir hw r u?
Lk: am fine saale saab do not call me sir
Sid: meri bahan apko kush tho rakh rahi na laksh
Lk: yuppp

Sid: laksh .u r revenge got completed na
Lk(shocked): what r u saying I did not get it
Sid: do not wry laksh.rags did n’t tell me. I know it before ur marriage. I know that u r marry my sister in oder to take revenge for my sis.

I got to know on d day of my accident. I was going to tell her. When I saw u consoling her taking care of her. I got the fact that in d world no one can love my little as u loves her. But ur ego did not allowing u to show it. So I keep mum. I know one day u will realizes ur love for my sis.
I was in shock. He knows everything and he did not tell anything to rags. Becoz he saw love in my eyes for her. No I hate her I hate her. She insulted me in front of my employees, clients.

He turns to leave and again turn backi
Sid: do not wry laksh . it will not affect my and utts relationship,I will not give her any pain.i loves her. Why should give her punishment for ur deed.laksh my sis innocent girl.she loves u a lot. Do not give her so much pain that her love turns to hatred.

He went frm there leaving me shocked……………………………….

Credit to: raglak

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