raglak- that nyt change my life (hatred to love) (Epi-3)

Thank u guyys for cmmnds.i am overwhelmed with ur cmnts.

So sorry neha I didn’t copied any ff storyline.i just used d story line of iss pyaar ko kya naam doon.i just added sm my ideas.sry if u felt I copied. I couldn’t identify ff u mentioned will u plz able to give me its link.

Laksh’s pov

I can’t control myself whenever I saw her.aftr having a warm bath.i again tried to get intimate with her.she looked @ me with pleading eyes.i felt like my heart melted.i leaved her.she got down frm d bed.i was watching her through mirror.i had given her so much of pain so she was stumbled. She was abt to fall I took her in my arms nd placed her in bsth dub.
I got ready nd waited for her.i was again lost my control when I saw her blue anarkali.she gave me scared smile.i hugged her frm back.my touch made her shiver.i don’t know why I filled her maang with sindoor nd made her wear mangalsuthra
All d way to hm there was a deep silence in d car.i was thinking about d last nyt hw I foeced myself on her, her screaming, hw I got in her.i didn’t know for hw many hrs I explored her.that thought gave an evil smile on my lips.
As soon as we reached hm utt cm to me running nd hugged me.she teased me a lot for taking so much tym to return back.swara did our arathi.rag was silent all d tym.we then headed for lunch .sanky also joined us.the chemistry b/w swasan made her cry.her tears gave me happiness.she didn’t touched her food.i gave her a strong look.aftr having a small bite she coughed vigorously. Nd fall down .she was unable to breath.i was got scared to c her like this.i shouted at sanky to call d cotor.i took her in my arm nd placed her in my bed.she was struggling for breath.for a while I felt that am going to lose her.doctor neetha examined her nd said that she is allergic to her.doctor gave her injection.rags buried her face in my chest I don’t know why I hugged her tightly to assure her that am always there for her.
I scolded my self for thinking too much.its not ur love towsrds.if anyone in her place I must have showed same concern . that’s it.i hate her I hate her d most.am here to take my revenge .I once again repeated it

Rag’s pov
I think I must be a hallucination.he didn’t have any concern for u rags.he will do d same if it is anyone was on her place.he didn’t love u he doesn’t love u.why r u thinking to much dr.he is here to take his revenge.better u understand this.i was lost in thoughts and slept

Laksh’s pov

Next day when was getting ready for office utts cm to me
Utt: wgere r u going?
Lk: office
Utt: u can’t go like this.bhabhi’s mukhdikhai is going to start a few min
Lk: u know na I don’t like nd belive in these rituals
Utt: bhai bgabhi will feel bad .plz for my sake plzzz
Lk: okk but one condition I will wear formals only.u can’t bear that traditional clothes
Utts: itss okk bhayyaaa
She kissed me on cheek. Utt: u r world’s best brother

I got ready nd cm down.already ritual started.rag was in a red color sari
She is pretending to happy.i felt happy to c her helpless.
All ladies were praised her beauty nd wished happy nd long mrg lyf.
Next turn wad of my bua
She taunted rags
Bua: oyye middle clasd girl u r successful to trap my laksh. U know hw to use ur beauty to trap rich boys. Its nice ur parents are not alive.then they will surely feel ashamed becoz of u.rags eyes were filled with tears.last sentence made her tears fall dwn

I got angry nd I excused my self frm d man to
whom I was taking

I cm to her. I wrapped her in my arms.i shouted @ my so called bua
Laksh: she is mrs.laksh maheshwari.donot dare to say a word against her.if u opened ur mouth again I will not spare u.i married her
with myown wish.its my lyf better u don’t interfere.nw get out frm my house.

Screene freezes on face of angry young man laksh maheshwari.

Precap: rag’s pov

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    But I dont like the way ur writing ur ff
    I mean ”I explored her all night”
    Wat is this
    Seems more like a rape story than a love story
    When u hear swaragini it indicates love sisterly bond etc.
    But this is not wat I expected
    Im sory if I hurt u
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    But I have to say this
    Ur ff seems more like a rape story than a love story
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    When we hear the name swaragini it indicates love sister bond etc.
    I am sorry if I hurt but I had to say this

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