raglak- that nyt change my life (Epi-2) ( hatred to love)

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Rag’s pov

Its early in d mng.i slowly opend my eyes.i was laying on his chest.i felt pain all over d body.i didn’t have much energy to get up.but sm hw I managed to get up . When I was trying to get dwn he dragged me to him

He whispered to me: hw was d nyt dr.i enjoyed a lot.he asked me that I want it more.
I nodded in no.but I agreed to him in d next moment becoz I gaved me a strong look nd I understood d meaning
He smirked @ met nd began to make love with me.he enterd in to me many tym.but I didn’t restricted for a single tym becoz I don’t have any energy to fight with him. Hrs r passed like hell.aftr aa long tym and he pushed me away nd get down frm d bed nd went to wash room.i was laying down like lifeless body.tears r following frm my eyes.why god qhy mw.first I lost my parents.now I lost my love too.i loved him more than my lyf.but he betrayed me.he cm back frm washroom .he just wear a towel on his waist.he agin cm close to me nd smirked @me
Laksh: is it paining dr

He lughed and said: u r paying for ur deeds only.oh my god I can’t control myself.u r heaven beauty.so
He again leaned over me.my body trembled in shiver.
Ragsin my mind (oh god no)
I [email protected] him with pleading eyes.my eyes are filled with tears.
For my surprise he got up nd went near d mirror.laksh: get ready fast.we have to reach hm soon
I nooded in yes.i tried to get up.but I can’t. But sm hw I managed to get up.i wrapped me with bedsheet nd walked towards d wash room.
I was felt pin in body.my legs are not moving . I stumbled nd suddenly two masculine hands holded me tight.lakah took my his arm nd took me to washroom. Nd placed me in d bath tub
Lakah: fresh up fast I was waiting outside.
He went frm there.
I got ready in blue anarkali. Cm out.he was sitting on d bed.i looked [email protected] mirror.
I felt my inner soul is laughing at my fate.i can’t belive this my lakah can’t do this to me.my inner soul said to me no he never loved u dr.we is taking his revenge.u have to accept truth.my thoughts were disturbed while he hugged me

Lakah: don’t dare be beautiful like this.
He kissed on my shoulders nd he filled my mang with sindoor nd made me wear mangalsuthra

We both got ready nd he went to his him.we reached hm aftr 1 hr
We got down frm d car.
Lakah: welcm to d hell princess.u have to behave normal infront of my bhai nd sis
I nodded in yes

We enterd together.he is holding my waist.utts ran towards us
Utts: bhayya bhabhi welcm
U look sooooo much tym to cm back
She teased ua.he smirked @ me.
We suddenly heard sound of smone.
It was swara (lakah twin brother sanskar’s wife.she have a cute bump on her belly yupp ahe is 5 mnth pregnant)
She cm to us with aarathi thal
She does our arathi.nd hugged me

We all sit down for lunch.they all wait for us.sanky cm there and greet me
We started our lunch.lakah nd utts was busy with their talks.sansakar helped swara to sit dwn.he feeded her with his hand.i qas happy to c their love.a tear skipped out frm my eyes.
Lakah saw this nd smiled evily @ me .he asked me to have my lunch.i had a small bite . suddenly I felt breathing difficulty. I fallen down . everybody got up nd looked at me shocked. Laksh took me in his arm and shouted to call doctor.

Aftrsm tym in lakah room.we is sitting in d room I was resting my head in hia cheat.a lady doctor cm and examined me
Doc: what u had in lunch
Swara: roti nd sabji
Doc: did u add muahroom in subji
Swara: ham
Doc: I think she is allergic to mushroom that’s why she got breathlessness.
I will give her injection.i got scared by d name of injection.i buried my face in his chest .he hugged me tight to assure me that he is there is for me.
I saw a layer of tears in his eyes.why my pain is making him restless.he us d one who wanted me to suffer
Screen freezes on raglak faces

Precap: laksh’pov

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