raglak- that nyt change my life (Epi-1)

its my simple attempt. I will not give any intro for characters .becoz u all know abt raglak naaaa

rag’s pov

I was sitting in a room which is beautifully decorated with candles nd red roses. u people may wonder why am not looking like a bride.becoz my laksh likes me in this modern attaire.i was wearing a white knee length dress.i had my sindoor and mangalsuthra which indicates my laksh’s love.i [email protected] self in d mirror.i felt that I am d beautiful bride in d world.i walked towards d bed nd sitted in d heart which made on d bed using rose petals we were in his farm house .there is no one to disturb us.I was eagerly waiting for my love . suddenly I heard the sound of d door.he entered d room.oh god he is looking damn hot and dashing in white shirt nd sky blue pants.his presence incresed my heart beat.he walked towards me .my boday began to shiver.he cm close and I body begins to shiver.he dragged me closer nd kissed on my lips .it was so passionate.i just feel like we both r craved it for a long tym. i breaked it due to lack of oxygen.aftrsm tym I felt a slap on my chubby cheeks.its burning in pain
I ask in shivering voice

rag: laksh what’s this? why r u behaving like this

he laughed like a devil I got scared.

laksh: oh babs what happened why r u looking shocked.

he again laughed.
rag: laksh
laksh: atlast my pray got trapped
rags: what u mean
lakah: I meant that I trapped my pray its u .I trapped u in my fake love.
rags: laksh plz stop this nonses.

I holded his hand but he jerked away

laksh: thumne kya socha.i laksh maheshwari one of the youngest nd richest bussiness tycoon will love a girl like u.oh rags u r such an innocent

he laughed again

laksh: oh my dr ragoo I pretended to love u .I never loved u.i did this to take revenge frm u for d insult of mine.i made d plan to trap u in my love nd make ur lyf hell

rags: u think I will stay here nd bear ur nonsese.
I walked about d room.but he dragged me and hugged me frm back
his fragrance is making me mad.but I controlled my self.

laksh: don’t dare to leave me.u have only option u have to stay here nd enjoy my torture.
he said bitting my shoulder. I fekt extreme pain. he enjoyed it

laksh: if u try to go frm here .I will make ur bhai’s lyf hell. don’t forget that he is my empolyee.u rembeer that he got attacked by goons 2 days before
he smirked @ me

I pushed him nd shouted @ him
rag: don’t dare to mess my bhai’s lyf

laksh: if u want him to be safe .so u have to bear me all lyf

I wasbroken fm inside nd falln on d floor.I remembered about our first meeting. hw we argued with each other.hw he saved me frm d goons.our frndship his grand praposal nd marrige.he betrayed me becoz I hurted his ego.i cried like mad.i can’t leave him.if I did so he will destroy my bro’s lyf.i can’t let this happend.becoz my lyf is my bro.i don’t have parents.my bhai never let me feel the absence ofmy parents.he is more than my parents.am his princesss

laksh: what happend babzz .so r u ready for d wedding nyt

I was shocked to hear that.he took me in his arm thrown me in d bed

he leaned over me .and abt to kiss
I pushed him

rags: laksh u can’t do this with me.u can’t force me

laksh: no babzz its my right.u r my legally wedded wife

he pushed me back.nd leaned over me.he kisses me harder on my lips he bited on my lower lips.its started bleeding.he started to romance with my body.i tried my best to resist but it was in vain.his every action made me feel pain all over d body
he made it more more hard to give me pain.
hrs passed and it was still same. he dragged me to his chest and huged me like hell like am going run frm here.he just wrapped a blanket over us nd slept.i thought in my mind devil hw can we sleep peacefully aftr giving me so much of pain.i don’t know when I dozen off on his chest.

laksh’s pov
its in d early mng.sunlight fallen on me.i slightly open my eyes nd saw her sleeping on my chest .she was fully naked. I took d bedsheet nd wrapped her with it.i looked her with smirking smile .I remembered hw I made love.not love lust with her.i don’t know hw many hrs I explored her.i was not that much easy to get in her.i realized that she is virgin. am the one who touched her first .I felt proud.
I thought so sorry ragini.u r suffering this u touched my ego.it was our first meeting
when I car crashed with her scooty.she shouted at me.i thrown bundles of mny @her nd left d place as I was in a hurry.afts sm tym I reached my office nd went for d meeting with my all clients .she came there and thrown that mny on my face.i was felt so insulted infront of my clients nd employes.that day I decided to take revenge frm her.i enquired abt her.she was sis of one of my employ sid.i followed gerfor days.then as per my plan I said sry. nd saved her frm my goons it was also a part of my plan.i made frndship with her.made her fall for me.then I proposed her.she was so blindly love with me that tym.so she agreed.

his thought is disturbed by her movement.she slowly opend her eyes.her eyes r red which shows that she cried alot in d last nyt.she got up nd is abt to get dwn frm d bed.

I dragged her closser nd whispered her ears
laksh: hw was d nyt dr.i enjoyed alot .u r such a heaven beauty.

I looked @ her with lust.then again whishpered

laksh: u want ut more.
she nodded in no but I gived her a stronglook.she agreed me all of sudden

I whispered again: that’s like my girl.i want it more.so u have to give .it doesn’t matter u have interest or not

I agains started d work.i made it more harder.this tym she didn’t resistricted for a single tym.she cooperated well.i had d necter untill my soul stopped me.i looked @ watch it’s shows 1:00 pm.

I pushed ger away .nd went to washroom leaving her like a toy which is crushed by d child.i looked back and smirked @her there was a drop tear in her eyes.she waslying lije a lifeless

screens freezes the smirked faces of laksh.

precap: rag’s pov

tell me guyys hw was it.plz do cmmnt nd give suggestions. may I countinue.fo u guyys want to know their hartness will again turn in to love

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