Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini walks in and so does Cabir singing a song. Nandini asks if Manik has sent him to chew her on the chord thing. Cabir says that he is here to talk about the invisible chord. Nandini says that you are talking about Manik and I don’t want to. Cabir says that he is talking about him and Raghav, Nandini apologizes and Cabir says that don’t be sorry. Cabir says that Raghav always used to tell me that we weren’t meant to be together but I always held on. Cabir adds on saying that one day he did and I realized that saying isn’t enough and you have to let it go.
Nandin says that you are saying that right thing and Cabir says that he is always right. Nandini is about to leave when he stops her and says that don’t think about that Monster tonight. He says that if you do than

you can’t let him go, you know who I am talking about right. Nandini says that I’ll do it and leaves. Cabir leaves and then says that she will think. Neunika is thinking about Manik and wants to figure out of what to do with Manik. She is wondering of who can control him and then remember Nandini.

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Cabir is with Manik and says that for how long I will stay like this as I have to find a home or myself. Manik says that why are you saying that, as I thought that this is a fight for a few days. Manik says that he can’t imagine of aunty being not around. Cabir says that mom is ashamed of me as she thinks that the way I am… he says that I can’t bow my head for her happiness. Manik says aunty always says that life is not worth living if you can’t keep your head high, than how can you go home. Cabir says that our deal is broken and asks of what is the scene behind all this.
Manik says that he asked her to stay but she didn’t, she just walked away though I told her again and again…. Manik stops and tells him to forget it. Cabir says that you can’t and she can’t, Manik replies saying that it’s toxic while Cabir says that it’s not. Cabir says that when there is a problem there is a solution to it.
Abhymanu is standing outside the college when Nandini comes and he asks of what she is doing here. She replies saying that it’s my college while Abhymanu says that I used your line otherwise you would have asked me. Nandini says that you are crazy and asks of what he is doing here. He says that I am here on a secret mission and if he told her that he would have to kill her and that would her love story with Manik incomplete. Nandini says that he is not his while Abhymanu gives her something and says that eat it and give him some. Nandini says that you are mad and he leaves smiling. Manik comes from behind and says to Nandin that you are definitely not good for me as you know exactly how to ruin my mood. Nandini says that you only know how to ruin things.

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Mr.Khurana gets a call from Neunika who thanks him for the Q label. They talk about the Fab5 while Neunika talks bad about them. Mr.Khurana is surprised as he thought that she would protect them. Neunika says that it’s not how I work and a good deal only comes when you know all the loop holes. Mr.Khurana asks if there is anyone who can manage them and Neunika says that it is the very reason she has called him.
The Fab5 comes in the music room when Muktii says that how can someone force us to make three songs in two weeks. She blames Soha while Cabir protects her and says that why are you blaming her as she protected us. Muktii taunts Cabir while he says that why are you getting jealous of her as you will always be my famous. Manik asks them to start on the music when Nandini walks in with Soha.
She is introduced as the new manager who will monitor them. Cabir prays to the lord of why it is so difficult to keep the two of them apart. Manik says to Soha that are you crazy as why would we want anyone to manage us. Muktii also backs Manik up and Manik asks Soha to take Nandini away. Nandini is about to walk out when Soha says that it’s Dad’s decision and you have to follow us. Manik disagrees with Soha while Cabir calls for a time out.
Outside Soha talks about Manik while Nandini disagrees with her. Soha asks Nandin if she could get her close to Manik and then asks if she is worried about being the manager. Nandini says that you don’t know Manik and he would not agree while Soha says that you don’t know me and no one can ever refuse me. Cabir says that we need to be organized and if Khurana is putting so much money on us then he has the right to keep us in check. He tries to convince the Fab5 and says that Nandini is not unreasonable. Muktii says that what is going on up there, Cabir says that I need to work and ask if I am saying the wrong thing.
Dhruv agrees with and so does ALiya. Manik then agrees with him and Muktii has no choice and joins as well. Soha has the made the deal with Nandini and if she wins than Nandini would help her spend some quality time with Manik. Soha looks at the photo of Manik and Nandini asks if she is her fan. Soha says that she is the craziest fan while Nandini tries to take her off path by saying that Manik and ALiya were dating. Soha says that the key thing is that it was all in the past and then Cabir calls the girls inside.
They come inside and Cabir tells them that the game is on. Soha calls for Manik and Cabir says that he is also in. Soha wants to start now while Manik says that the shop is shut for today. Nandini stops him and says that what did we do today other than talk. She says that we have 14 days and if we remove a day and does some maths work. Manik says that we don’t need your mathematics here and we either start from tomorrow or we don’t start at all. Soha tells them all to chill and says that we will start from tomorrow. She proposes for a party and Cabir agrees with her. Nandini says that she doesn’t wants to come and Soha talks to Nandini about Manik and her and finding quality time for them.

Precap: Soha comes and says to Manik that I don’t have a library card and asks if she can check him out. Manik is surprised while Nandini is shocked to see her.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. soundarya

    good episode…. i think this is the jealousy part of MANAN…. its so cute to look them jealous … ***MANAN Rockzzzzz***

  2. rimi

    Hey stupid ammy wht is ur pb, whn fairy is gud? Bell is r8 ammy and suhash is on the top of the list n fairy is the last. The list of worst ppl.

  3. ammy

    hii rimi…actually as bells said I am 2 bad nd u should have known it …be gud wid us u will see dat we r the bst people u have ever met

  4. ammy

    they want 2 destroy the nascent beauty of show…i read in previous cmnts dat sm of them even wants 2 eat suhashda!!!!! arent they dangerous???

  5. aai ke epi ta khub bhalo chiloo kal ke aaro bhalo hobe nandu jealous part bhalo chiloo guys. nandu becomes a manager of fab5 interesting…………..

  6. sharmin

    guys m here…i wanna sort out dis mess…so all da pple who ive been chattin with lately plss b cool…i read the earlier msgs n think dat ders no topic on which the fights r based…jingke bells n rimi r ull here? I wanna talk

  7. Nutz

    Hi every1. Did u guys lyk 2day’s episode?
    I just luved the part that neunika wants nandu to babysit manik.

  8. Nutz

    I agree wd u sanaya.
    Soha is just like jae-kyung’s character frm bbf.i can’t stand that soha,wonder when she’ll leave.

  9. ammy

    jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way
    o what fun it is 2 ride on a one horse open sleigh…merry xmas guys

  10. sharmin

    first of all…jingle bells n rimi r ull here the first time? Coz i havent seen ull bfre…secondly jingle bells u said nt to believe amjy n suhash coz u know thdm very well…so plss explain hw u know dem so well…thirdly der is no need to get abusive coz these comments can b read by any1 n every1…fourthly do ull even watch kyy coz if ull dnt ull r on the wrong page…i dnt think der is ny topic to fight on or abuse…so pls sgop instigating…

  11. soundarya

    But guys i think that soha can bring them back,,, bcoz before her entry manan were fighting , but after her entry they r showing some jealousy…

  12. Nutz

    No sound akka.i don’t lyk that soha.nw it’s only jealousy but later when she finds out manan,she’ll try create pbs betwn them i bet(i’m sure)

  13. carron1112

    Guys !! What exactly is the prob of some ppl ?? They r seriously getting into my nerves !! I read the past comments n I thought how can sme ppl get soo irritating n how dare they abuse my friends !!

  14. soundarya

    ya i agree with u nutz baby,,, but than that prob ,,, there is a big prob here….in this site… i don’t know when it will end….

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    I am just not liking it anymore

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  21. ammy

    kajal dont ever feel guilty 4r wat u knw u have done r8…fairy is such a sweet girl dat she couldnot handle it….she will understand…we lovvvee her a lot…

  22. Nutz

    Hi every1.
    Hi neha di and sound akka it’s no1.i don’t lyk any of them.manik-nandini,arnab-khushi n arman-riddhima r my fav they r far better than bollywd actr-actrs

  23. ammy

    dont name them….its xmas …..let the darkness be removed by a beacon of light….let peace usher in tellyupdates…

  24. ammy

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    btw we havent discussed todays epi…hw was it guys?? Isnt cabir a sweetheart…fr once abhi the monkey acted okish…i like the jealousy part…

  31. fairy

    Tnx a lot 4 wishing me, rimi. U all r also gud.
    And sharmin l love 2 hear Bander frm ur cmnts…. so funny

  32. sharmin

    dhruv talks to manik bout harshad…n manik goes to meet him…wat a scene man!! N new year manan will b together…i can feel it

  33. sharmin

    every1 likes manan together…par….jealousy is the best way to make a girl realise her feelings fr a guy…nandu will realise…dey will come together very soon

  34. sanaya

    u r ryt nutz,.bt this part z also gud..atlst its bettr seeng dem fightng n makng each othr jealous rathr dan cryng scenes

  35. aish

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  36. qwert

    Hiii everyone!!! Btw rimi if u here i m sorry as i was very angry….n hats off guyz who responded so calmly to such comments also

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    Fairy don’t leave na plz.
    Wish a very very happy birthnight.
    Hope u get all the happiness as u truly deserve it

  38. sharmin

    pple do ull think aliya is doin the rite thing?? Will harshad get out?? Ab dhruvv buddy buddy karke manik ko patayega

  39. khushi

    Many many hpy bday, fairy. I hv seen ur past cmnts. U r bst in my eye.
    U r sooooo swt. I thnk ur parents r proud 2 hv a daughter like u. U r jst cooooool. Hpy new year n merry xmas.

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    n sanaya ur lucky ur frnds told u…my frnds watch bt didnt tell me…i was jus changin channels n saw this 1 week bfre xams…den started seein all epis…1 week bfre xams i saw 50 epis

  42. Nutz

    Hi khushi!
    Sharmin, I’m not so sure if aliya’s dng da rite thng,i mean she’s nt dng it intentionally. Harshad is manipulating her n poor aliya is cryng 4 him

  43. qwert

    Same here sharmin…my frndz also used to c but never told me…n sharmin n sanaya plzz dont feel bad but being sooo addicted isnt gud rite?? I know it happens but try n control next tym…….dis addiction made me lose my rank…so u can understand…plzz dont mind..juzz sharing

  44. sharmin

    manik will realise dat nandu left him coz of his anger n stubborness..n nandu will start gettin jealous with soha…days hw deyll b together…i can jus imagine monster manik turnin into a loverboy!!

  45. sanaya

    i knw u r ryt qwert..dat tym my my exams had ended and i hd nthng to do..so i used to watch dis serial jst fr tympass bt soon i strtd to like their chemstry

  46. qwert

    So me just sayin try n control…try to criticize it….jhooth mooth bhi chalega…but it might get u a little less addicted…plzz dont mind sharmin…..n frndz bye gn sd tc happy xmas to all n happy b’day fairy once again..c ya

  47. sharmin

    i like mukti n abhi 1 is always serious n other fun loving…n today i cud see some good acting frm abhi…bt still find him too jumpy jumpy types

  48. fairy

    Sharmin, ur jst too swt. I like the cmnts style abt abhi…. jumpy..jumpy…so funny… l knw u can’t bear abhi… ha ha ha

  49. Auhona

    The party was really gud my swt frnds…i missed u so so so so much! But now i’m feeling awsm talking wid u guys!

  50. sharmin

    arre fairy dekha nai wen he n nandu were talkin…itna jumpy jumpy ho gaya tha…wen he gives her the sweetener…

  51. sharmin

    u know wat guys…mere head mein i can imagine manan romancing chupke n den romancing near fab5 wen all come to know…n cabir teasing manikk…wen will those days come yaar

  52. Auhona

    A v.v.v.Happy birthday Fairy and wish all my frnds here a awsm and joyful Merry Christmas!!! God bless all of you and fulfil every desire of ur hearts my swt frndz:-)..<3

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    m glad den..u know guys i am usually very silent pple tell me to talk…even school mein teachers used to comment saying plss talk…n my frnds stop talkin to hear me talk…n here i go non stop jabber!!

  55. Nutz

    A gift of love 4 u.
    It can’t be bought or sold
    It can’t be measured in silver or gold
    It’s b’day wish frm the bottom of my heart…
    “HPPY B’NIGHT” fairy.

  56. fairy

    Tnx, nutz 4 wishing me. In our cntry it’s 12. My cousins & frnds r giving me so many msgs.I hv 2 check it. I will go frm here vry soon.

  57. Nutz

    I’m glad that u’re back wd us auhona,missed u.
    Sharmin i like ur comments too.they seem funny(to me),actually i luv the way u comment

  58. vaishu

    i think nantini loves him more than she ever realized,,,all a girl really wants fr a guys is for him to prove to her that they r not all the same !!!!!

  59. sharmin

    waah vaishu well said…i wud say dat a girl also aants security…nandu is scared dat manik walked away once fr dhruv so wag if goin ahead he has to choose wat wkll happen to her…bt shes acting dumb nw…

  60. fairy

    Guyz, l had expected tht suhash bro, carron n niku will wish me. I knw carron n niku r bg wid their exm.. bt l will not spare suhash….. jst joking. Don’t mind.

  61. vaishu

    hi sharmin,,i wudn’t completely agree wif u,,,,manik\s attitude wasn\t da best since they met each other,,he kissed her n broke his promise within 24 hrs,,its not dat easy to digest,,,

  62. Nutz

    I agree wd u vaishu n sharmin.but’s a limit to everythng n nandini just doesn’t want to realize her feelngs and on the other manik can’t see his faults(anger,attitude,hasty decisions)

  63. sharmin

    its still 11 52 in my watch…ok den fairy since its past 12 der wish u a very very happy bday…have a blast…n a rockin yr

  64. sharmin

    i agree with u nutz n vaishu…wat manik did was fr his frnd…n secondly even nandini shud have trusted their love naa…plus i know manik was dumb to kiss her n let go…bt after she punches him n tells him wat bout her choice he understands n gries to rectify his mistake

  65. Nutz

    Guys i liked the part when cabir said,”God,why is it so difficult to keep manik n nandini aways frm each other”
    it proves that even destiny wants manan to be together.so why worry!

  66. Auhona

    Ok guys, i think i also have to go! Gud nite evry1 !have awsm drmz! C u all tomoro mrng!! Gud nite! Once agn happy b-day fairy! Hav a blast! Gud nite guyz! Bye, c..a..:-)..luv u all !

  67. vaishu

    yea fairy,,reli distrubed by those ppl,,,,,dun know y they r conflicting with us,,,i think they have to take chill pills

  68. sharmin

    usne kaafi sorry bola n tried to manao her..i know its nt so easy to forgive n forget bt wen she sees him gettin bck to the monster manik who had changed due to love its time she realises at she loves him too

  69. sharmin

    hello..yup nutz even i liked that dialogue..n the soha girl doesnt luk that bad…jus dat she didnt know hw to catch the guitar in the role yest or either it was too big fr her to hold…hehe

  70. Princess

    Guyzz i see a very huge growth in manan fan club.. that is our comment box. 1 day’s episode has 2000 comments or 1000.. This is amazing.. BTW i am new to ur fan club plzz welcome me.. 🙂

    • carron1112

      Happy birthday my dear fifty !! May God bless u n give u all happiness in the world !! May u live long !! Insha Allah !!

  71. Auhona

    Shar, ur remix are jst awsm…i haven’t read the early cmnts till now…once all r gn, i’ll read them…now i want to talk wid u guys!:-)

  72. carron1112

    Nutz I didn’t see it actually u know , lots 2 learn, had 2 go out n had 2 finish a book, anyway how was it nutz ?? Actually I enjoy talking 2 u ppl more !!!

  73. Auhona

    Shar, i think in the party, thr wil be dance, whr manan will dance together in a awsm song…ufff..i can imagine it’l be jst amazing..rite guyz??

  74. carron1112

    Ikr auhona , even I Was thinking abt the same , where is he ? I didn’t talk 2 him , fairy , Niku , sound , neha di , u , shar, nutz n no one properly 2 day I am seriously missing them now !!! Especially where is bhai he says he is 24/7 online

  75. Nutz

    Sharmin i think first jealousy,then soha wil get an idea about manan,next soha wil create probs btw them 2 get manik,after that she’ll realize manan’s made 4 each-other n lastly help 2 reunite them and finally leave.
    Wat do u think?

  76. Auhona

    Yes caron my day was gud…went to party ,but was mising u all so much..now feeling gr8 talking to u guyz…so i can say that my day was very gud:-)

  77. Nutz

    Not so sure manan will get the chance to dance together with that soha hanging around. But sure hope so,i just luv manan dancing topether.after the hug,manan’s dance together at raghav’s b’dy party is my fav

  78. sharmin

    oh god nutz…aur kitni doori..i doubt dat will happen…i have a very strong feeling deyll b together on new year..n nandini is jus testing our patience nw…either accept manik or move on…beech mein latak rhi hai

  79. Nutz

    Srry carron,was busy typing.forgive me yar.
    My day was good.
    Tell me What did u do all day?missed u the whole day

  80. Nutz

    No way,nandini won’t be able to move away.
    If that happens then wat wil happen to their love story,kyy wil lose its popularity.

  81. Nutz

    Hey guys weren’t we all hopeful manan will reunite on 100th episode(didn’t happen),then maybe on christmas(doesn’t seem so) n nw it’s new year.
    This kyy team is just breakng our hearts n hope..

  82. carron1112

    Guys,who agree with me that this abhi person is a monkey kind of person,his acting ugh he is getting in my nerves

  83. Nutz

    Hey guys weren’t we all hopeful manan will reunite on 100th episode(didn’t happen),then maybe on christmas(doesn’t seem so) n nw it’s new year(hope so) .
    This kyy team is just breakng our hearts n hope..

  84. sharmin

    the show runs on manan so the writer wnt dare to do dat…i want the tauntin cabir bck yaar..although nw hes doin damn good thing…pehle woh jab manik ki case leta tha it was fun…

  85. sharmin

    arre bt wen dey were together tabhi bhi dey used to fight naa…n tnhey have enuf stories remaining…n pple watch the show mainly fr their romance…tneir chemistry uff!!

  86. sharmin

    yes carron…bandar dat he is…uska face hi bandar jaisa lagta hai…i jus burst out laughin as soon as his part comes

  87. Auhona

    Ya caron, i also agree…abhi is the monkey of the show who keep jumping and when he gets a banana like mukti, he bcms double exited! Lol,;-)

  88. Nutz

    At first i didn’t quite get it.so when i saw u sharmin here i couldn’t control my cuiriosity to solve the mystery.
    Thanx nw i knw why.

  89. Auhona

    Guys, visit the parth samthaan and niti taylor fanpage…there is a story named-i am in love….read it…u’l love it!

  90. sharmin

    auhona the banana part came to my head bt dkdnt know hw to frame it..ur awesome!! Haha nutz fairy loves it wen i talk bout the monkey

  91. Auhona

    No guyz i’m here..n thnx that u liked my joke shar and nutz! Bt guys i am not able to give the link here..rly sry but evry time it says error…so pls go on a google search and ul get it..sry agn guyz!

  92. Auhona

    Ok, thn i’m also going! Gud nite guys! Sleep a peaceful sleep and wait for tomorows awsm day! Gud nite to all the sleeping frnds! Luv u all!have lovely drmz! Bye !

  93. Auhona

    Oh nutz, thers a story written on the whole kyy team…jst made, not real…and it says that all of them are enjoing togather and nandini goes to maniks room to luk for smthing wen he is in the washrum.,the nxt part is not revealed yet..:-)

  94. Santa claus..:-)

    Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the ways… Wish All the members of this awsm KYY ROCKS family a very enjoyous-‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’!!!adv. Gud mrng!


    1/2y b’day…fairy..100 saal jiyo…mere umar tmhe lage…god kare tmhri chehere p aur bht saare nikhar laye…u r older today than yesterday but younger than tomorrow…


    Ami dukhito amai khoma korbe…ther r some personal pbms…BAD NEWS-my mom is admitted into hospital..GOOD NEWS-my aunty gave birth two baby(twins)…so i hv to go..


    May ur spcl day …surrounded wid happiness,filled with laughter,wrapped wid pleasure,brightend wid fun..blessed with luv,remembered with joy,enriched with hopes…again hppy b’day fairy..

  98. Santa claus..:-)

    Hi suhash bro! Gud mrng to all my frnds and a v.v.v. Happy birthday fairy…live ur life in colours..and bhai we also missed u…

  99. Santa claus..:-)

    Bhai, congrats to ur aunt…but sad to hear about ur mom..but dont wory, evrything wil be fine very soon…fairy wil also understand, so dont be tensed abt this matter..

  100. sharmin

    gm guys!! Happy bday fairy…guys aajke paper mein a article bout manan has come…bout their chemistry with a s*xy pic!!

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    And fairy, many mny happy returns of d day. U r d real fairy in kyy family. Donot mind l thnk u shld get noble 4 peace… jst joking

  103. sharmin

    the article is about best onscreen chemistry fr 2014… Deyve given various pics dst raman n ishita sadda haq ka d3 ka n other serials…bt sabse pehla pic is manan…n it says dat dis couple doesnt have to do nytin much…jus thd normal falli in arms etc n the viewers r glued to it n increases the viewership…

  104. fairy

    Hi, sanaya. Sry sanaya, don’t mind, whnevr l write ur name l jst remembered student of d year… sry.. jst joking

  105. fairy

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  106. Nutz

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  107. Euphie

    guys all of u chill nd just answer my question…ok… Question- it is said that practice makes a man perfect. Then wht about the women?

  108. Auhona

    Nutz, same here.,but till ur out u keep reading the updates on this site n talk wid us.,later u can watch the vedios online..:-)

  109. sharmin

    waah wat an ans…see the videos on ur phne..even i see it on phne only…n sunday dey show usually full week ka story this week…at 9 30 usually

  110. qwert

    Hiiiiii everyone.!!!!!!!a very very very happy b’day dear fairy..n suhash bro i pray ur mom soon recovers n congrats to ur aunt

  111. carron1112

    Happy birthday fairy !!!!!!! 😀 , may God bless u n give u all the happiness in the world !!! May u live long my dear angel !! Insha Allah !!!
    I want my piece of cake

  112. sharmin

    haha…dw nutz…we r der naa u see the dhinchak update here…u wnt need to see the video…word go word update well give

  113. vaishu

    hi euphie,act it’s “practice make Perfect”,,,,n v r indeed born perfect,,,,or atleast practice makes Man perfect 🙂

  114. sharmin

    parth is a total foodie…jus nw on fb uska ek pi c hai whr hes happy lukin at a salad n charlie is sayin his love fr food kuch bhi mil jaaye baccha khush…awwwwwww dats so sweet…his look is as if koi pizza ho waha

  115. Auhona

    Oh i found it on kyy fb page..thnx guys and srously parth is looking so cuteee:-)…and i am also like him..i also love food sooo much..;-)

  116. christmas tree

    guys i have brought a beautiful cake 4r u ….we will cut it when everybody is online….2 celebrate fairys birthday nd xmas 🙂

  117. Auhona

    Hi caron! U changed ur name? And suhash bhai’s mom was sick and admited in hospital, so he didn’t come dear,..and MERRY CHRISTMAS to u too!

  118. carol

    Auhona, u caught me , I didn’t know u would understand I was car on !! N really bhai ‘ s mom is in hospital , oh god , it’s okay she will be okay soon , I will pray 4 her n I changed my name 4 Christmas only

  119. carol

    My dear bells , pls mind ur language , here in this site we do not encourage abusing, this is a healthy site n 2day is a very good day pls pls do not spoil it

  120. Euphie