Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vivan sees Pari cooking and says she did not know even to fill water glass, now she is cooking food. Pari asks him to go out, else if Kokila sees them, she will doubt. He says he needs to talk to her. She burns his hand with hot tawa and he shouts in pain. Pari runs from window and hides. Kokila and Gopi come there hearing his sound and ask what is he doing in kitchen and call Pari. Pari comes from main door. Kokila scolds her for not taking care of guest that he had to come to kitchen and asks her to bring first-aid box. Vivan says it is okay, he did not burn much and will be alright soon.

Pari walks on the road remembering Vivan’s pestering. Vivan come behind her running. A car is about to hit her and Vivan shout. Car stops and Jigar comes out of it, asks Pari why is she out of house. Pari cries and hugs him. Jigar asks if Kokila scolded him again. She nods no. Vivan gets annoyed seeing her hugging Jigar. Jigar asks Vivan why is he out. He says just came out seeing Pari. Jigar asks him to get in.

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Pari calls her papa who asks her to meet him now at a hotel. Vivan enters Pari’s room and does not find her. He sees she getting into car and leaving.

Pari hugs her papa and cries. He consoles her and says he will come to Modi bhavan with her and sort out problem. She says Modi’s will not allow him inside. He says he will stay in hotel until problem is solved and asks her to call hotel number if his number is not reachable. Pari takes out her car, but another car stops in front of her car. She gets out to scold driver, but sees Vivan inside who comes out and asks why is she not taking to him since yesterday night and says before coming here, he researched everything and knows how she tricked and married Jigar and Radha also married Jigar. She says whatever it is, she does not want to talk to him. He says he will marry her at any cost. She says not to dare think of it. He says it is good her papa came here for kanyadaan and gives her ring saying it is their engagement ring which she left in Delhi. She gives it back and says she does not want any of her gifts. Ahem comes to the same hotel to meet client and is shocked to see them together.

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Gopi asks Jigar if Pari came to his office as she is not at home and she is worried about Pari now. He says she did not come there. Pari comes home and Jigar asks if everything is alright. She says yes and says Gopi that she went to temple to take god’s blessings for her new project. Ahem comes there and asks why is she taking god’s name in telling lie and says he saw her in hotel with Vivan just now. Kokila says telling lie is in her blood. Jigar asks her to speak out truth. Vivan comes and says Pari is telling lie because of him. He says certain talks are not to be spoken to everyone. Pari signals him to stop. Kokila asks what does he mean. He says for Pari’s service, he wanted to gift Pari something which she could remember forever. He takes out engagement ring box and opens it, but god’s idol is inside instead of ring. He says Pari was helping him in selecting this gift. Hetal says this is the best gift for her family. Kokila sees Pari’s tensed face and thinks something is fishy. Gopi thanks Vivan for god’s idol. vivan asks everyone to accompany them in keeping this idol in temple. He walks towards temple when Gopi stops him and says he cannot enter temple wearing leather belt, so she will keep god’s idol in. He gives it to her and Gopi keeps it in temple. While everyone is busy praying closing their eyes, Vivan winks at Pari and she gets afraid. Radha sees that. Vivan then says he will go and rest and goes back to his room. Hetal says Kokila that Vivan is a very good boy and brought such a good gift for us.

Gopi asks Kokila that always she used to be calm in temple, but today is tensed thinking Pari is playing some dirty game again, she is thinking wrong as Pari has changed now and cannot do anything wrong now. Kokila signals her to stop.

Precap: Gopi says Kokila that standing in front of god’s idol she can surely say that Pari is not wrong. Kokila says soon her trust towards Pari will be broken.

Update Credit to: MA

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