Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dhruv asks of what happened while Manik says Nandini and stands up. Dhruv tries to tell him that Nandini was not here while he asks for a phone. Dhruv gives him his phone but then Manik stops dialing when Dhruv asks. Nandini is thinking about Manik while sitting with her brother. The nurse comes and tells her to get a medicine from the pharmacy. Manik wakes up from sleep and tells Dhruv to go and sleep at home. Dhruv declines and goes to get coffee.
Nandini is struggling to walk on as the pharmacy has to be reached by only crossing Manik’s room. She comes in and sits with Manik and this time he holds her hand with his. He asks Nandini that you can’t stay away from me. She agrees and he says that I can’t as well and asks that why are we away from each other and why can’t we stay

together. Nandini kisses his forehead and then cheek while he makes a smile on her lips. Manik then wakes up and it was just a hallucination as Nandini never entered the room.
Muktii is walking when she bumps into a girl who tells her to not go in as he is very dangerous. She goes inside and someone wearing a mask scares her. Muktii pushes him down and then the lights turn on and kids start to clap. Muktii asks who he is and what this was, he replies saying that beauty and beast. Muktii tells him to stop this and leaves while he tells everyone to relax and that he will be back.
He goes outside and stops Muktii and apologizes as he had no intention to scare her. Muktii tells him to get lost and leaves. He calls her by name and says that I am Abhymanyu. Muktii asks of how he knows her name and if he is stalking her. He says that you are worth stalking and I read your name on the prescription. He says that I never wanted to hurt you but you couldn’t have made a better entry. Muktii asks of what skid and he says that the one I was doing for the cancer patients.
He says that my opinion is now changed while Muktii says that can I leave now. When she is about to go he stops her and gives her a flower. Muktii doesn’t accept it and he says that you can at least smile. She sits in the car and he leaves after putting the flower on the hood. Muktii finally takes the flower and puts it in, Abhymanyu comes back and says that didn’t throw the rose.
Navya comes with her baggage to meet Nandini and says that I went to your home and your aunt told me. Navya says that I am tired of the people and am going home. Nandini says that you came to be a singer while Navya says that don’t stop me as I have hurt you already. Navya says that what happened to me will never happen to you. Nandini says that it’s not Dhruv and Navya figures out that it’s Manik. She tells him to not to worry and leaves after giving a hug.
Neunika is with a doctor and she tells him to do the treatment so that Manik’s hand may survive. Manik is brought and Nandini asks Dhruv of what happened. He tells her that Neunika has brought a special surgeon from London and says that we have wasted a lot of time. Everyone goes to pick up things from the floor as they fall while Nandini kisses Mani’s hand and says all the best. Manik slightly wakes up and says her name and asks if it is her. The things are collected from the floor and Manik is taken away.
Aliya goes to meet Harshad and asks he called her. Harshad says that you are my little sister and so I called you. Harshad says that I sit here and regret for the things I have done and only become happy when I think about you. He says that you are my famlily and yet you fight me all the time. He says that you left me and went to the Fab5. Aliya says that it also hurts me and tells him about Manik and his condition.
Dhruv and Neunika are waiting outside the surgery room while Nandini is waiting from a distance. The surgeon comes out and Neunika asks him if Manik still has his arm. He says that he will be fine He is brought out and DHruv texts everyone about Manik’s condition. Nandini goes and asks DHruv about Manik and then hugs him. She then leaves saying that Rishab would be alone. She goes and thanks the lord for saving Manik’s hand and his music. Dhruv hears her.

Precap: Dhruv goes into RIshab’s room and gets an attack. He wonders as to what the reason may be.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. soundarya

    OMG!!!!! Manik’s is well, fine ,,,not not super super fine…. thank GOD….. *”’*’8 I’m now flying in air”***………………****MANAN Rockzzzzz…..**** FOREVER…..

  2. megha

    o sorry suhash i waited for ur reply but as u were not here so i want to some other site…
    yes today episode was nice.hope dhruv will make everything fine between manan..

  3. Auhona

    Sry guys, Am late to come…was busy with a cousins B-day party…anyways, awsm ep..finally Manik is fine..!! …I am dancing just as manik did when he came to knw that dhruv as moved on!!!…I just love u Manan..u guys r da best!!..

  4. Auhona

    Dont wory athira, Manan will be together soon:-)…but I am confused about Cabir, Navya and Harshad’s life…jst hope whatever happens is the best:-)…

  5. Gud mrng all of guys finally manik’s hand in safe zone, navya char ended in ky2 & mukti has got a good boyfriend? Manan has always rocks **

  6. sharmin

    good morni…i think ders gonna b 1 more love triangle…mukti n abhi will start liking each other n harshad will come bck fr his love…n soon i feel harshads character will change….n harshad will later bring navya bck or shell come on her own…

  7. kuhu

    hey guys I m back. I m at my cousin’s house jst feel like hell. But guys what d director is doing. The new character(abhi) is not fit 4 mukti. mukti n harshad r d best. but wt about navya n cabir. I like every characters of kyy n if 1 also get missed. I will not c kyy. navya n cabir plz come back. I also 1 raghab back

  8. sharmin

    mukti is gnna fall fr abhimanyu….he will change her life…n harshads love fr mukti is true bt hes played with many pples feelings n life…harshad n navya will b together end mein i feel

  9. kuhu

    ya u r right fairy. I like harshad very much but also manik. Akhir villan hi to show me twists dete ha. I like hansum villans like harshad.

  10. sharmin

    waise wat manik says is rite to some extent…raghav doesnt have the guts to face his love…no use of running away

  11. sharmin

    ive jus joined fb so im nt too active der bt is it poss to form a grp or sumtin of ky2 fans…so dat we can comment der instead of searching fr diff pages

  12. fairy

    Hi kuhu, yes, cabir’s acting is very gud. He is so funny. Bt I don’t know why, I don’t like raghav..

  13. sharmin

    dat way ive never been dhruv n aliyas fan…i dnt find it cute either…dhruv is too confused…n aliya toh wanted manik bck naa dats y she sent dhruv to propose to nandini…n den dhruv n aliya kiss…matlab dono pagal hai

  14. sharmin

    raghav will b bck…i feel manan will solve that…bt raghav ko aate time lag jayega…hw do u guys find abhimanyu?

  15. fairy

    Dhruv is so………. He own don’t know his feelings. Dhruv & Alya r not perfect couple. Bt 4 manan their pair is ok.

  16. sharmin

    dhruv ka mast hai yaar…propse kiya ek ladki ko kiss kiya doosri ko…n hw can sum1 b so blind or dumb…cant he see hw much manik n nandu care bout each other…

  17. sharmin

    abhi track thoda slow chal rha hai…pehle i used to see the repeats den on youtube also ab pak rha hak thode dino se…bt finally i think track pe aa rha hai…manik ka hand is theek thank god

  18. sharmin

    im waitin to see wat happened between neonika n harshad…n manik nandini mein se who will propose first

  19. well wisher from shq w/u

    hello ppl!
    no one must b knowing me…….I m noopur
    n yeah I m frm shq w/u
    don’t worry im not here 2 start a fight, but im here 2 end one that has been started by ur fellow commentor……
    I thought v had all agreed to b frndz….but there is one girl, @Riya…she says she is frm kyy w/u(don’t even know if thts d truth) Who is coming 2 shq w/u n taunting the ppl who r commenting there…..
    don’t get it twisted, I or any1 in the w/u don’t mind u ppl coming to shq w/u, but plz don’t taunt the ppl commenting na? So wht if one /u has more comments thn others?
    so plz guyz, plz refrain frm starting up fights….
    lots of friendship and in anticipation

  20. well wisher from shq w/u

    And @kuhu, @sara, plz come 2 shq 16th dec w/u and check out the comments made in ur false usernames there…..

  21. Auhona

    Yes noopur, I agree wid u and I think everyone will…lets put a end to these fights,there are fans of the both shows..so it tells us that both the shows are good…:-)

  22. Auhona

    Guys shq is ‘sadda haq’…a serial of channel V..often the fans of KYY and SHQ start to fight regarding which one is the best show…so thats the matter…:-)

  23. Aisha

    Fairy shq means Sadda Haq …. And sharmin i m also from sadda haq telly updates … Actually the problem is that one girl named Riya from here *ky2 telly updates* came to our page * sadda haq telly updates* and started taunting us that ky2 is better than shq and shq people should cry because our comments r less ky2 comments !!

  24. fairy

    Oh! People fight with 1 another for such issues. I can’t believe it. Both the shows r gud 2 thir fan. We shouldn’t fight 2 one another for this.

  25. Auhona

    Yes Fairy…thats the point…isn’t all these just usless? As Our sayings are not going to make any of the show good or bad..

  26. gud news 4 kyy fns manik hand is safe don’t believing me go n check it on blogspot kyy 16 december written updates.
    all r happy nandini’s prayer worked.

    luvs u alot
    m a n a n

  27. sharmin

    arre but fighting over all dis is so kiddish…every1 has a different view…n i used to watch sadda haq its nt bad either…nd y fight…lol

  28. yaaa ur saying right sharmin
    can’t we all see both of the serial all together or written updates why dis fighting n all we r not like kids :):)B-)B-)

  29. sharmin

    nandu itne dino se ro hi rhi hai…operation manik ka hua ro nandu rhi hai…n she herself knws she cant stay away frm manik den y try…n woh kitna try karega ab…

  30. mera bhi test ho chuka h kuhu but i got 3rd rank in class instad of one n my mom is angry with me so she started tution becouse i m always busy in phone at d time test that’s why i have to take tution.

  31. sharmin

    yup m here…i think dey will b together only durin new year time…till den deyll drag it…all good things happen on good days…like diwali epi

  32. sharmin

    the abhimanyu guy doesnt luk good at all…he cant act also well…i may b judgin him too early bt still…usme woh baat nai hak jo other ky2 walon mein hai…n i feel harshads love fr mukti was real…bt i doubt deyll ever b together…bt harshad mukti chemistry is nyday better than the harshad navya or mukti abhimanyu 1

  33. sharmin

    ayaz tweeted abhi saying hes bck frm vacation n ky2 n nt to miss todays epi as hes gnna take a big deision

  34. sharmin

    guys finally tomm manan will b together…loved the precap…omggg m so happy n excited…cant wait fr tomm…

  35. fairy

    Yes, Sharmin. I have watched the epsd also . Nice . The precap was awsome. I think it will true. Not manik’s imagination

  36. sharmin

    aaj ke epi mein dey show dat harshad is sorry hearin bout manik n aliya is thinkin of givin him a second chance…maniks operatiom is done n is told nt to touch the guitar fr 1 mnth…

  37. sharmin

    dhruv goes to rishabhs room n realises dat wenever he mdets rishabh kuch hota hai…manik gets up n goes to the terrace to play the guitar utne mein nandu comes n says stop…n manik says enuf of hide n seek like i didnt knw u were der all thruout…n it dnds der

  38. fairy

    Hi varun. 2day’s epsd was not bad. Manik’s mom told Manik that he cannot play guiter 4 1 month. Manik was very angry 2 hear that. I don’t know bt Manik get furious 2 c nandini. The precap was superb. Nandini hugs Manik & she kisses him on his cheek. I think u can get d updt in detail.

  39. sharmin

    precap is damn good whr manik tells nandu dis time if u walk away i will never come behind u…so she cries n goes runnin to him n hugs him…i doubt its a dream…ek baar toh popat hua doubt deyll do it again

  40. sharmin

    i think hes trying to ‘play up with aliya coz ders no other hope fr him…confusing coz it sounded very convincing…hell get navya bck fr sure

  41. fairy

    Neha, the director has added so many twist. I think they will make any villain also …… ha ha …. just joking.

  42. sharmin

    waise the director is smart…he knws ki kuch bhi kare pple r mad behind manik n manan so fans r nt gnna leave watchin the show so koi bhi twist laa sakta hai

  43. sharmin

    few days back sum1 commented sayin that wen the precap is good tab epi will nt b as per expectation….i hope dat doesnt happen tomm…

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