Tum Saath Ho Jab 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nasima asks Mariam why she went to the clinic with Imran. mariam is taken aback while Nasima continues talking. I am sure it was you only. The same walking style, the same burqa! Tell me it was you right? Rehmat Bi interrupts Nasima. Why would Mariam go with Imran? she was with me that day. Nasima says you are lying. The mother daughter duo weren’t at home that day when we had gone to the clinic. Rehmat bi clears it that they had returned just when she had left from home. You doubt your own family members because of that drunkard? You can spy on outsiders. Nasima goes quiet. That mystery woman has ruined my head. Nasima leaves from there. Mariam asks Rehmat Bi why she lied. Rehmat Bi is sure Mariam can never be wrong. Mariam accepts it that she only had taken Imran to the clinic the other day. He was coughing blood and I had no option. Rehmat Bi appreciates her for her good will. Mariam hugs Rehmat Bi thankfully. Mariam calls out for Najma and they both leave for practise.

Ayaan tells Saba that the makeup artist has agreed to come for her. She gets happy and thanks him. He asks for a treat which in fact he will give and she will have to come there. Saba gets thinking. Naima comes there once again. She sends Ayaan away as she wants to talk to Saba in private. He leaves. Naima tells Saba of her meeting with Imran in his school today. Saba warns her to be a little careful. My Ammi and Abbu wont spare you if they get to know about it. Naima isn’t bothered. We will see when such time comes. Imran had to meet the principal so he left or we could have talked for a little longer. Saba looks at her in shock. Naima wants to take Imran out for a coffee date. I want your help in writing a love letter for me. Ayaan offers to do it for her. Naima and Ayaan go aside to complete the task.

Imran questions Altaf about Mariam Bi daring to add tea in his liquor bottles. Altaf points out that he only went quiet hearing it. imran says I was just giving her respect. Altaf supports Mariam as she was right. Imran tells him to be quiet. You are taking their side. whose Mamu are you after all? Altaf replies that he has become Mamu of the world. Everyone has started calling me Mamu nowadays. No one knows me by my name Altaf anymore. Imran begins to reply but goes quiet when he notices Mariam and Najma walking inside the garage. Najma points out the same to her Ammi. Imran begins to tell Mariam to not interfere in his matters but she makes it clear to him that she wont let him drink again. take care of Najma as I have to go to mosque. Altaf too has some work so he too offers to go with her. Imran again tells Mariam to keep away from his things. Najma tells him to let it be but Mariam suggests her not to give him any importance (in this regard). Focus on your practise and don’t trouble your coach sir. Najma asks her about who troubles whom. Imran gives an irked statement. Mariam tells both the kids (Najma and Imran) to behave nicely. Altaf too calls Imran a kid. Mariam turns to Altaf and calls him Mamu but then corrects herself. Lets go! They both leave. Imran asks Najma what is her mother up to. Najma stares at him so he sends her to do warm up. She goes away muttering to herself.

Imran receives Asad’s call but he disconnects it. Najma asks him to pick it up but he tells her to be quiet. He disconnects it second time as well. Najma tells him to switch it off then but he again tells her to be quiet a little firmly. Imran picks up Asad’s call third time and shouts at Asad. Najma is surprised that he talks to everyone angrily only. He shouts at her again and goes outside to talk to Asad. Asad tells him not to prolong this thing. you have anyways agreed to sell this land then come over for a day. Imran repeats that he will come when he will have time. Asad doesn’t want to lose his client but Imran is not interested in any of it. I am only bothered about my time and life. Asad warns him that he will drag him to the court then. just giving you a friendly advice. Imran tells him not to call him his friend. Asad points out to him that he has become this (isolated and lonely) because of himself. Zeenat loves me today instead of you as you dint give her the love that she deserved. She got all that from me when it should actually have been you. Imran tells him not to talk on this topic. I don’t want to either talk to you or come to Allahabad. Asad calls him a coward as he could neither save his wife nor his daughter. Zeenat is so happy with me today. think why she wasn’t happy with you? You are a loser. Zeenat only wanted your love which you dint give to her. mehak drowned in front of your own eyes yet you couldn’t do anything to save her. you are not just a failed husband but a failure as a father too. Its good that Zeenat left you. It is all the more good that Allah took Mehak away from you as you deserve this only. Imran is breathing heavily by the time he ends the call.

Rehmat Bi thinks of Mariam’s words. She is in deep thoughts when Abbajaan and Jamaal walk inside the room discussing about Imran’s pain because of which he has taken to drinking. Abbajaan suggests Jamaal to talk to Imran and Altaf. Maybe they will listen to you. They notice Rehmat BI lost in some thoughts and ask her about it. Rehmat Bi tells them that she was thinking about Mariam. Find a good groom for her and get her married. Both the men are surprised to hear it from her but in the end agree with her as she is right. Rehmat BI reasons that Najma is still a kid. She hasn’t got fatherly love which she actually needs at this stage. You and I have almost lived our life. Who will take care of them afterwards? Abbajaan nods. I too want her to get married before I leave this world. But Younis is too busy in finding a groom for Naima. Rehmat BI suggests him to find someone for Mariam on his own.

Najma wonders why new neighbour isn’t back yet. He dint think about me till now? I should go out and check who is so important for him that he forgot me. she looks outside but cannot see him anywhere.

Imran is sitting at some place as Asad’s words continue to haunt him. He drinks alcohol as he thinks of his past and how he started hating love and every memory / memento that reminded him of his past. He recalls how he couldn’t save his daughter Mehak.

Najma waits for Imran at the garage anxiously. Someone knocks at the door. she thinks that it is him and decides to teach him a lesson by hiding behind the drums. Some drunk guys come there. They are surprised to see the garage all tidy. Najma tells them to go out of here as it is her practise area. They lock the door from inside. Najma tells them to open the door but they start walking towards her. her repeated pleas are ignored by them. she calls out for Imran but in vain. Imran falls asleep under the effect of alcohol. Najma panics and calls out for Imran and her Ammi in fear.

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