Mahakumbh 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with announcements made for missing kids. The caretaker/saint brings Rudra to that man and asks for Pandey. He goes to meet Pandey. Rudra says his name and his dad’s name Shivanand. Pandey is shocked. He asks is there any sign on your body. Rudra shows his back sign. Pandey is shocked seeing it and smiles. He says this is the kids, and thanks Lord. He signs his staff to inform Swami ji. Pandey says this boy was lost in the Kumbh Mela, I tried finding him a lot, where did you hide him Maharaj ji. The saint says I m sorry to trouble you. Pandey says anyways thanks, you can leave all worried and him here. The saint asks Pandey to take care of Rudra. Pandey says ask anyone about me, this office is to take care of such kids. Rudra looks at saint and gets emotional seeing him leave, as he has a 12 year old bond with him. Pandey stares at Rudra. Rudra walks after the saint. The saint stops and turns to see him.

Rudra comes outside and sees him leaving. The saint leaves with a heavy heart. Rudra gets upset. A man from Karyalaya comes and holds him. Rudra runs away and the men follow him. Rudra comes to the saint and saint senses his arrival as he holds his hand. He asks why did you come back, go son, don’t test us more, our togetherness was till here, even a bird leaves the nest after growing up. He says I m about your age and I had learnt SurDas padh – mero mann anat kahan sukh pave…. Jaise ude jahaaz ke piche, phir jahaaz pea aye…. , I understand its meaning today. He asks him to go. He leaves in the boat. Rudra looks on. He breaks down and sits. The men come there and catch Rudra, by tying with ropes. He is tied to big chains. The man says his dad will also get caught and Swami won’t leave him and his dad. Rudra tries to pull the chains. The men laugh on him. Rudra pulls the chains along with the big cement slaps. He runs over with those big stones attached to chains. The man lowers the grill. Rudra goes out and breaks the chains. He runs away. A man tries catching him and runs after him.

Pandey asks his men to close all the doors and sees Rudra’s extra ordinary skills. Pandey asks his men to catch him. A long chase and run scene is shown. Rudra jumps into the river. The men stop and report to Swami ji. Swami ji says fine, bring him to me, I will show the way ahead. The saint is going back and says says SurDas lines—jaise ude jahaaz ke piche, Rudra catches his hand and completes the lines… phir jahaaz pe aaye. He is shocked seeing him back. Rudra gets on the boat. The saint thanks Lord and smiles. Rudra smiles too. Maai Mui goes to buy vegs and asks the vendor to give on right price. She asks for Lady’s finger and then says brinjal. She recalls Rudra’s likes Lady’s finger dish.The vendor gives Lady’s finger. She asks did he have bhang in morning, Rudra has gone to his real mum. He says see there, he has come back. She sees Rudra coming back in the boat and smiles.

She runs to him and can’t believe her eyes. Rudra walks to her. She hugs him and kisses his forehead. She cleans his wet face and holds him. She sees chains in his hands and is shocked. She looks at the saint and he bows down being ashamed of his mistake to take Rudra to wrong people. Swami ji does some puja and aarti. His goons being Pandey there. Pandey comes to him and says give me once chance, just 24 hours, he will equal his bad and good deeds. Swami ji says if there is no sin, there is no importance of goodness, we exist because of sin, we come to Mahakumbh to wash our sins, of there is no sin, where is the Kumbh. He gives him the aarti. He makes him have the metal structure of diyas and says you don’t get heaven without drying. Pandey’s hands burn and Swami ji puts water on him. He says he knows his blood has much hotness, so he is putting water on it.

Swami ji looks at the diya and says you will be away from him till 12 years, when his time comes, I will get time here myself. Pandey looks at his hands. Maai Mui asks Rudra who did this to you. She brings him to break his chains. She scolds the saint for writing the letter and says I will not let him to his mum. The saint says I did not know this will happen. She gets angry and takes a hammer. She hits the chains and breaks it. She frees Rudra’s hands and says nothing will happen, I m with you. She hugs him with assuring love. (NO Gautam even today!!)

Maai Mui asks who were they and why did they do this. Rudra says because of this sign, dad used to say no one should see this sign. A car knocks down Shivanand and he sees little Rudra. Rudra tries erasing the sign and his back bleeds. Maai stops him.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. awww soo sad 4 d pain 2 rudra

  2. Great n interesting story… looking foward to see the next episode 🙂

  3. wow its really nice.per show us humara saras ka gautam rode fast.iam just looking eagar to c gautum rode.after his show iam it will hit rock.waiting for saras ka humara gautum rode ka young rudra.thanks for update yaar.

  4. This serial looks quite interesting…. What an amazing opening…. They have gone all the way to Poland and Europe for shooting a never like before television serial. LOVED from the start.Ofcourse it is a fictional story hence need not worry always about the factual data.

  5. Good starting

  6. Awesome episode.looking toward to the next episode.

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