Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik comes to the store room where Nandini is waiting for him. Manik walks up to her and says what’s up as after many days you have surprised me. Manik says that if I knew that stick would do the trick then I would have… Nandini cuts his words and says that I came for the band aid. She says that in my room there were Navya and Rishab while in your there was Harshad.
Manik keeps on taunting her and says that are you sure that this is the reason as band aid could be applied outside a room. He asks if there is any other reason for calling him here and says that think twice again. While applying Nandini says that I wish I had another band aid so that I can put it on your face. Manik asks of why she is doing this for such a small bruise.
Manik says that stop pretending as aren’t

you thankful that I came all the way just for you. Nandini acts on says that here I am helping you and are accusing me. Suddenly a waiter comes and Nandini throws Manik and puts a towel on the both on them. Manik asks of why they are hiding and Nandini says that this is a room for staff only. Manik says that if you read it than why did you call me over here.
Nandini tells him to keep quiet and the waiter hears something. He looks around doesn’t sees anything so collects the towels and leaves. Nandini peaks through and says that he is gone while Manik stares at her. She is about to kiss him when gets a call from Navya. Navya says that Aliya has planned a party and I don’t have anything to wear. Nandini says that I will come and leaves saying to Manik that I have to go as I only came to apply the band aid.
Aryaman asks Cabir if he would mind asking him something and Cabir says that he would. Arya sits down and Cabir says that are you always this nice and says that ask what you want. Arya asks of why do they want him to stay away from Harshad. He asks if there is any history between the Fab5 and Harshad. Cabir says that why would I tell you anything about that.
The conversation goes on between them and Cabir wins it in the end. Cabir is impressed and says that no one did this good in conversation ever before. He tells Arya about him being gay and Harshad finding about it before anyone else and what he did to him. Muktii is getting ready for a swim and Aliya asks of what she is doing as it is hot outside. When she leaves Aliya says that Muktii hates swimming under the sun so why the sudden change.
Cabir asks Arya of why he is so surprised and says that if he doesn’t wants to share the room then it’s Okay. Arya says that it’s fine and Cabir goes to sleep passing the bottle to him.
Nandini comes to her room and sees Navya dressed up like crazy for the pool party. Manik in his room and asks for his guitar and the voice on the other end says a person has taken it and it will arrive soon.
Nandini is standing at the door talking to Navya when she sees Manik’s guitar and takes it from the person saying that she’ll deliver it to him. Manik is also coming and sees her with her guitar. Nandini walks the other way with the guitar.
Harshad comes to the pool and Muktii is swimming there. He takes her sheet while takes it back from him. The heated conversation between them started and Muktii says that I left you because of cheated on me and it would have continued if Manik wouldn’t have found about it. Harshad says that you should have believed me on that day. Harshad says that if you loved me as much as you love your friends than it would never have ended. He walks up to her and says that this is still not over and leaves while Muktii eyes get filled up with tears.
Nandini is playing the guitar and Manik watches her from a distance behind her and smiles. Suddenly smoke comes again and she throws the guitar and starts to panic. Manik comes over and says that what happened as I am with you. Nandini apologizes for the guitar while he takes her away.
Harshad standing at a distance says that poor Nandini has become very weak and that’s a story I would love to know more about. Later Nandini is fixing Manik’s guitar and Cabir says to him that you found my room in all the hotel. Cabir says that before you kick me out I’ll go to Arya so that he won’t disturb you.
Nandini says that she’ll leave as she is disturbing them. Cabir says that just relax it’s something between me and Manik so don’t get sentimental. The waiter comes and gives them coffee. Manik mocks Nandini again saying that somewhere you get filtered coffee easily. He points at Cabir and he soon leaves. He stops Nandin from fixing the guitar and says that what matter is that you are trying and tells her to relax about the guitar. Nanidni says that she is not feeling better and is feeling even worse.

Precap: Everyone is enjoying the pool party and swimming. Nandin is hesitant to enter the water and starts to remember again

Update Credit to: Sona


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    Or id asli hai mene ye Kisi spcl kam ke lye bnya ta wau kam shyd aaj ve krna padega kal bht praublem hui raat KO…
    Hmm yup lol hehe I was reli confused aftr da jrk coment tou mjhe ve bhol bdalna pda

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    Spl kaam??? Hmmm
    konsi prblm?? Sns????
    Mera ghussa pata nhi jaldi kaise chala gaya warna ab tak to me pagal ho jati ghusse k wakh se acha h…

  42. ammy

    Hm Mei ne kha ta na if situation demands tabhi sns mei jati hun kal pta nhi kya ho gya sab kch ulta fulta
    Solver mei tmko pehchanti hun?
    Y do u think tom z Sara …woh nauc nhi dkhti 😉

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    Pata h ammy kya hua tha ricky pehle se jane wala tha… usne bola kuch ki sara mujhe samjhti h to mene galti se bol diya ki ek wo thi nw she is thinking mene ricky ko uske bare me bola bt mene kuch nhi kaha ricky se mail tumne bhi read kiya tha… or sorry bola use bt usse humesha galat hi lagta h.. janedo mujhe baat nhi karna uske bare me

    tum bolo ghussa ho kya??

  47. Solver

    Oh u too know me ammy!sara told her age nd class to me.nothing else is required 2 identify tom.hehe

  48. gio

    Ricky ne TU nhi choda tha ammy… mene bat ki tji usse mails par… aadhi aadhi baat pata h sabko or sab ekdusre ko blane kar rhe h… mene ricky ko bola tha bday h mera ek din ruk jao fir bola gift mang rhi hu ruk jao lol seriously wo pura din tha active mails pe….

  49. ammy

    Mei q gussa hongi ….par Sara woh ve bht taqleef mei hai ….lyk Ricky ne kha use meri ” so called bhen” mjhe pe itna ve trust nhi Kr skti ti tm….ainda mail mat krna…ho sake tou Id delete Kr dunga….is sab ke baad tou Sara ka ve gussa krne ja haq hai pta hai mjhe bht badi misunderstanding hui hai pr baat ve bht hd tk bar gyi hai…

  50. ammy

    Haa pr usne Sara ko bola hai mjhe mail mat kro nd so on tou agr woh mail Mei hai bhi tab bhi koi fark nhi padta qki Sara se interact krna tou usne 2 din pehle hi band Kr dya aab Mei toh usse mail nhi Kr Sakti jitna ve samjhao woh ulta hi sochega …..lyk Sara Ki baat ve soch lo …woh bechari kya kregi

  51. gio

    Misundrstndng mere bare me?? Mene kya kiya?? Or yaar mene galti se bola agr mjhe intentionally bolna hota to me ussi din bol deti jab ue strt hua tha… uske liye mjhe bht bura bhi laga ki mene Q kaha bt jab sara ka mail read kiya to ghussa aaya ki she is blaming me u cant deny usne whtspp pe bhi bht kuch bola hoga… fr my mistake m ready to say sorry fr 100 tyms bt ysne jo kaha mjhebti waise bhi ghussa jaldi aata h…. or ek baat bolu ricky ne kaha ki mujhe pehle se pata tha ki wo dono ammy or sara thi isliye mene sara ko mail nhi kiya ki mene galti se bata diya ki wo tum thi warna me sorry bolne wali thi…

  52. gio

    Seriously i din hv any idea abt tht… ki ricky usse baat nhi kar rha h… mujhe nhi pata tha 🙁 m feeling sorry fr her…
    M so stupid Q bola yaar… wait let me ask him y he did tht…

  53. gio

    Ha karungi… pata h do din se mail kar rha h mjhe pata nhi tha ye hua warna ab tak to khtm ho jta yaar… tabhi kal sara bol rhi tji ki jhagda karwa diya… mujhe laga ye kya bol rhi h… mujhe kisine nhi bataya ki ye sab hua…

  54. ananya

    solver are you joking???
    Cant you see half of the people are interested here in the problems and fights…….not in talking with each other like a family
    plumpy di pls come here…..i m feeling alone
    i m missing you

  55. ananya

    plumpy di, riya, pradishma, nutz di, fairy di where are you all???
    this site is damn boring without u all

  56. gio

    Mene kiya mail ki tum sa se bast Q nhi kar rhe or mujhe bataya bataya bhi nhi… sara ki koi galti nhi thi…or ab ye sab clear karo…

  57. ananya

    ammy di…but the way you all are talking….it seems like you will kill each other the next moment…lol…..pls solve this as soon as possible…..i dnt think fights likebthis happen in other pages….still they r able to make more comments than us….bcause they prefer peace….somethingbhas happened to our family

  58. ammy

    Mail Kr Diya….hmm…mene bhi mail kya tou hai pr khud ke Id se nhi..
    Dkho use mat btana ye sab..woh phr Sara pay hi gussa hoga Ki usne sab Ko ye sab bola nd I m not liking pta tou hai Ricky har cheez mur mur ke dkhta hai ….
    Bas Jo krna hai soch smjhke karo

  59. ananya

    i dnt give it a damn ammy di and sana di
    i jst hope ricky bhai and sara are fine and happy

  60. gio

    Seriously yahi prblm h… har chiz me emotional ho jata h… bt ab kar diya ki ye sab khatam karo jaldi…

  61. ananya

    guys there is the smallest member of our family NITYA….she is in sixth and she is new….she joined ystrday itself

  62. gio

    U knw ana 3 log h ricky alag soch rha tha me alag soch rhi thi sara alag soch rhi thi… kisiki galti nhi h sabko aadha aadha pata h jaise abhi mujhe pata chala.. hmmm ye end hojaye jaldi se… meri hi galti thi mene Q kaha yaar

  63. ammy

    Agar phr ve Ricky nhi mana tou Mei Sara ko bolungi uske liye fazool Mei q tension le rhe ho…Jo bhai bhen ke rishte ko lihaaz nhi krta uske liye thora kam fikar karogi tabhi chale ga

  64. ananya

    sana di…the prblm is u all never talk with each other….u all jst start countering the opponent…..a conversqtion is always necessary during a confusion….if not it can lead to a big problmem or fights

  65. gio

    Sahi h yaar she is thinking so mch n he is bhvng lyk… mene kaha tha na tumhe kitna natak kar rha h… wo salman wali baat se hi shuru h ye sab..

  66. ananya

    now i get it why watsapp is so silent….anyways i hav left the groups….bhai is going day after tomorrow

  67. ammy

    Ricky bht emotional hai lyk us din Salman khan ko leke itna react kya Mano Salman khan uska jigari dost nhi nhi rishtedr…
    Pta nhi hmko tou darr lagta hai kch ulta sidha na Kr baithe
    Like Mei har Roz Islamabad Ki news chck krti hun

  68. gio

    Ese kaise nhi manega yaar bolenge sara itna soch rhi h…usko dikhayi nhi deta kya… usko to sidha bol bhi nhisakte emotional…. hmmm dekhte hbkya hota h…

  69. gio

    Exactly mene bhi yahi ba boli… bt mene usko sanne bhi kaha mails pe ki tumhe tmhra salman zyada acha lagta h hum logo se… or wo to karta hi rehta h ulta sidja tabhi to aaramnse baat karni pdti h yaar…

  70. gio

    Ana chuppppp u dnt knw whts hppng abhi tmhre piche bhi shuru hojayenge lol chodo… ye sab…

  71. ammy

    Sara Isi liye itna tension krti hai woh bht bht sensitive emotional eek bar khud haan bujh ke siriyon se girne Ki baat Kr rha ta taki mom dad ke sath do paal bita sake…lik haqikat Mei shyad hum uske emotion ehsaas nhi kar skte pr baat krne Ki tym uske uljhan ko na Bara ke suljhane Ki koshis kare tou hi akalmandi dkhayenge….ye hum sab pe kayam hoti hai

  72. ananya

    wow….i didnt know you all are so pessimistic
    superb guys!!!
    continue with your negative thoughts
    i cant be here any more
    i m going bye!!!
    enjoy your talks!!

  73. gio

    Ha usne bola tha wo khud hoke gira yske papa k sath rehne k liye.. party me jane wale the bt usne ye kiya to… bht zyada emotional ho jata h use bola bhi h ki ese khud ko hurt karne se kuch nhi hoga… bt..

  74. Sara

    woah I m iffath sara ws nt intrstd to put stickrs… ammy can u plz tlk to me in private chst lyk mails fb or watsapp… y d hell u wanna reveal evrythng in public? d blame vl agn cm on me.. I dnt want any issue agn did u get dat?

  75. ananya

    new sara!!!..hmm interesting
    riya di bye i need to go
    this place is not meant for a normal talk
    plumpy di!!!…i m missing u soo much…..if you are reading this pls reply me in the scraps of IF….i already replied you
    i will come here later

  76. gio

    Sleeping pills bhi leta h… usko bola ki na le… pata nhi kya karta h khud k prblms me itni lyf h…

  77. Sara

    tum unki pbs aur badha rahi ho… ye sab public me bolkar sana.. plz zara gour se dekho ye tu hai

  78. gio

    Ok i hv sm wrk… bye evryone…
    ammy i mailed him will be waiting fr his mail… mana k hi chodungi… dekhte h kya hota h…

  79. ananya

    wat woah sara???
    RAGHAV RETURNS in the show
    i m worried about cavya…hope he is positive
    final byeeeee

  80. ammy

    Sara not lyk gttng issue first to last tmhari koi galati nhi ti tou tm q itna soch rhe Ho?
    Ricky ko tou smjh na hi hai….q Ki usne ve bht galat kya r8? Wat was da need of leaving?? Aisa kya Ho gya…bhen ko bhen nhi keh sakta woh

  81. ammy

    Phr ve site kyy hai jiska grah thik nhi chal rha pichl 4 mahino se Kisi Ki ve shauk nhi pdi coments padne Ki lyk eek tum Mei eek Sana 3 stupids hi coments pad rhe hai…

  82. Sara

    I knw sana tum akeli nahi bol rahi.. bt tum to ricky bhai se close ho phir tum bhi public me lyk really… ammy I dnt wanna knw anythg jst stop dis bakwas in public

  83. Sara

    I knw tum donon meri help karne ki koshish kar rahe ho thnk u so much fr dat.. bt aise public me karna hai meri help aur kisi ki personal lyf share karni hai… to mujhe nahi chahiye help tumhari… I dnt need yr help damn it

  84. gio

    Usko bola h esa na kare agr ye sab karega to esa hi hoga… wo har baat bht zyada seriously leta h uske hi ache k liye bol rhe h… he talks lyk pata nhi kya karega zyada ghussa aaya to

  85. ammy

    Lyk agar Ricky nhi aya tou hum kya endless jhagra chalu rkhenge…lyk har Roz koi eek dusre koi blame karega….

  86. Sara

    pb public me share karke tum pb solve nahi pb badha rahi ho… ricky bhai vl tel y did u say to ammy… dats y she z talkng all dis in public.. plz stop it

  87. Sara

    dats y I m telng plz stop it maine kaha tha sana ko kal raat sara gussa nikal dene ke liye bt nahi maani wo abhi bhi keh rahi hun maine nikal diya apna gussa plz tum bhi nikal do.. 1 more thing I knw u r helpng me u dnt need to clarify

  88. gio

    Ppl who dnt trst me i dnt hlp thm alright i ws nt hlpng u… i ws thinking y d hell i m stucked in all ths…

  89. Plumpyyy

    Hi ppl! Wats goin on here??
    Awww anu..evn am missin u sissy…n ya i’ve replied to ur scrap…..

  90. Sara

    vry gud plz if dnt wanna help me den its fyn bt plz dnt reveal sm1’s persnl luf in public pg plz

  91. Sara

    so so extremely sry fr being rude bt plz try & undrstnd v cant reveal any1’s prsnl lyf in a public forum.. I m sry agn bt plz dnt do dis plz atleast fr me.. if u 2 consider me as frnd I dnt need to say anythng else.. ab tum donon ki marzi jo chahe karsakti ho dat much I can say I dnt want any furthr pbs or issues

  92. ananya

    plumpy di….are you there???
    if you are not here….then i m allso going
    i can’t waste my time here listening to their fights

  93. ananya

    sara thats what i m saying if u all wanna fight then fight in mails…..you all are fighting so openly and that too where are family was made….lik really!!!

  94. Sara

    hell… dey strtd not me.. & b4 sayng to me dat its a family blah blah point out urself u left dis family bcz of dat jerk.. disgusting haan? & wat do u think abt urself?

  95. ananya

    if you wanna blame each others then this is not the right place……this place is meant for ppl to talk to each other friendly and politely and that too not about people’s personal life in which we mention their fights and frustation

  96. ammy

    We r not fighting we r too old to fight like slapping kicking eek dusre ko pinch karna lyk bal khchna hum aisa tou nhi Kr rhe hai so chill

  97. Sara

    ys ammy v dnt need her intervening & lectures wich she cant obey herself neithr dis all is required

  98. ananya

    sara i knw you didnt start but you also joined them right….sorry if my words hurt you but i think this family really needs a volunteer who is mature enough to take decisions…someone who is really cool and calm…and pls atleast left tu i didnt started a drama here when that jerk abused me

  99. ananya

    and sara pls if this family is only abt minding your own business then let me tell you this is not a family

  100. Sara

    ys u left ur so cald family fr urself hw can u be so selfish haan? & nw v r tryng to solve pbs u dnt put oil to d flames did u get dat miss. ananya choudhury

  101. ananya

    wat i knw abt a family is sharing prblms not minding your business and wat u all r doing….this is really not defining a family

  102. ammy

    Kabhi Kisi family dkhi hai Ananya jha Khusi hai pr ghum nhi hoti….mohalaat mile tou sochna…..tmhara tabeer kch thik nhi hai 😐

  103. ananya

    wow sara!!! superb…really you are going perfect….right i m selfish no?????
    ok so let me be……i m one
    but i dnt knw sara wat has happened to u

  104. Sara

    really? wat u did ws defining a family? leaving d family in its most difficult tym is worst dan wat v r dng

  105. ananya

    fine superb…..i did the biggest mistake of rejoining tu……its lik hell here…..you all are like my frnds only…..jst i did a big mistake in knwing abt u….ammy di i hav seen lots of family and seriously this is not a family

  106. fairy

    Tnxxxx sona fr d late updt…
    Epsd was nt bad….nand is tryng to frgt evrythng…..gud…
    Bt precap was nt so gud fr nand…

  107. ananya

    i dnt give a damn to ur words sara
    oh wow!!!! so let me tell you when that jerk was abusing me no one supported me as no one read the comments…..that time it wasnt a family because the jerks had overcame our family

  108. Sara

    woah so u think wat u did can b done in a family? fyn… evn I vl leave tu den u can get peace ryt

  109. Sara

    oh really? were u sleeping anna he abused both of us v supported each othr dnt forget… dan v r tryng to solve fyts dr bt sm ppl r mkng it worser

  110. ammy

    Dkho bas jhagra bandh kro dosti Mei shigaf par rhe hai
    Hii Daniela di…..
    Sweet girl how us euphie ???

  111. Sweet Girl

    ammy di i have came to my grandmothers house so i cant tell u about euphie right now so byeeeeeeeeeee

  112. ok i dont know abt ur prblm… bt let us b together and fight against any prbs…. but we are united here so we should not hurt each othr feeling…

  113. Sara

    woah ammy ??.. 1 more thing I m nt responsible.. fr wat u & sana did 2gether so I dnt wanna be blamed

  114. gio

    Ana koi fight nhi kar rha tha solve kar rhe the.. i askd u to leave tht topic… right… if u dnt want to make d issue worse thn stp… i think we r elder thn u we knw wht to do we knw r mistakes so trying to sort them…

  115. ammy

    Yup guys c me and Sana too hvnt said anything which is against spirit of our family
    Like we were discussing a serious matter and we hvnt bothered anyone In it
    Ys Daniela di its a family we r meant to b together like everyone knws true spirit of a family
    That’s y after so much things kyy rockzz family still exists
    And credit goes to everyone who hv hold it up in right place
    Like no one can b blamed and no one can b credited in a family

  116. ananya

    sara this is my last comment regarding our fight…..i jst wanna say to not only but ammy di and sana di too….that if u three wanna keep this family then share all your problems with everyone bcajuse thats what a family does and if u think its prsnl then go and solve it in mails not here….cause its not a fighting place….and above all my friends have cheated on me many times so i knw what it is to be abused and hide secrets…they both are equally painful….i will not fight anymore but you all need to behave like a family

  117. Sara

    wat d hell u r gvng speech on family?.. btw thnk u omg fr sayng I m lyk dis frm my nature.. I knw who r u.. I am sayng u vl nvr get to see my nature yet agn..

  118. so nw evry1 speaks thats gonna in ur thoughts, wr did this go before u all started fighting??
    so stop this all and tke a brk guyss…. any prbs contact eachothr in mail…

  119. ananya

    whosoever you are omg….it will be better if you shut up your mouth….and if you cant come in your real name and speak to ys it will be better for you to zip up your mouth….we knw our true colours…and let me tell you our family is very colourful and bright……not lik your dark and frightened mouth lol

  120. ammy

    If we were lyk nuts and selfish
    After gio / ray/ ?
    We should hv fallen into pieces
    We hv fought the greatest of al calamities togethr
    We hv overcome al sorts of catastrophe
    Aab kyy ke liye humare mohabbat ko shak krna jurm ke manind hogi..
    Sorry dun get hurt by my coments its reality

  121. gio

    Seriously yaar nw stp plzz
    hogaya sabka… ammy sara or me bhi ab band karo ana we knw wht we r doing nfamily we knw wht it means… plz nw drp ths topic….

  122. coolllllllllllll buddies…………….. im here aftr so many days…………….
    comon hw r u all???
    im grt…..
    hws ur vacations gonna??
    and plzzzz do reply to me…..

  123. ananya

    hey guys….i need to go
    sorry sara if u felt bad but i m really irritated with u all keeping secrets…..my fault….lol
    my mamma and bhai is going away from varanasi….mamma for a week
    i need to do all the household work….i m really irritated but i m sad too….a week without mamma

  124. Laura

    Me coming soon now little work left
    Guys dont fight
    I mean in a family people fight but it shouldnt weaken our relations.. Do understand
    I m not aware of the problem but whatever it is there is a key for every problem dont worry i will find it if i can for u guys

  125. ananya

    ammy di if i speah truth i dont knw about ray….wat he did??? wat not???
    abt goi bhai….i hav a slight idea…anyways so i cant say anything

  126. ananya

    hehe…right laura di….gio bhai cant miss anyone of us
    laura di wats going on in watsapp???
    everything is fine??
    i m really missing it

  127. Laura

    Hey ananya nothing special gng on
    And fake Gio kindly note that u r really different from real Gio poor acting fake Gio

  128. ananya

    i m going in fb guys…..bye….its boring out here…..when the atmosphere will be normal i will return….i m really sad….ok bye now

  129. gio

    Y she blckd u all??? Ab kya hua yaar….plz bht hi bekar baat pe hum log tym waste kar rhe h plz bhul jao sab… plzzz lets strt a frsh… plzzz

  130. ananya

    ammy di sara has told you t not say her a kid in this public site
    and she is 12 not 13

  131. shab e firaq

    taqdeer ke chehare kii shikan dekh rahaa hooN
    aa_iinaa-e-haalaat hai duniyaa terii kyaa hai

  132. Netaji Suhash Chandra Bose

    oh no I forgot to put “b” now the dialogue should change to “tum mujhe rose do mai tumhe love dunga” LOL

  133. Plumpyyy

    Meri [email protected]

  134. Sara

    dnt say sry sandy dats cmpltly fyn… u can blurt out ur anger on me.. lyk I did last nyt sry fr dat too.. bt I cant keep it inside me so last nyt I did it anyways extremely sry

  135. Ricky

    sana apne bola tha larna mat sara se nd mail par baat krna TU par nai.
    ab jab ammy aur sara ne meri persnl life yahan discuss ki hai sab ki nazar main mujhe bura banaya hai emotional hai ricky…apni behn ko nai samjhta…bth ko mur mur kar etc…
    tou miss sana ab kya hukam hai apka?

  136. Sara

    pata tha mujhe yahi hoga thnx to ammy & sana tlk to u all latr mujhe apne baal banane hain

  137. Ricky

    main samjhta hun behan bhai ke reltn ko isiliye sara ko behan banaya kabhi apne aur sara ke beech kisi ko anay nahi diya ke wo hamare baaton main baat kare mgr sara madam ne apko har baat main ahmiyat di har baat apko batayi.aray agar maine usey so called behan bola bhi tou usay apko batane ki kya zarurat ti….

  138. Ricky

    Main yahan sabzi baichne nai aya sara baat krne aya hun aur ap bol rai hun main jaa rahi hun

  139. sana

    To cmmnt mere the sara ne kuch nhi kaha… me or ammy bat kar rhe the tum use Q bol rhe ho… mujhe bolo

  140. Ricky

    mujhe aaj abhi sab clear krna hai jisne meri ghair mojudgi main mere bare main baat ki wo abhi mujhse puch le main jawab dunga aik aik sawal ka

  141. Ricky

    maine sara ke cmnts bhi parh liye hai sana main sara ko isliye bol raha hun kyunki usne mere mana karne ke baad bi ammy se meri baat ki hai

  142. Ricky

    waow sana apni prblms main tmhen har baat ka answer chaiye hota hai aur mujhe bol rai ho bss khtm karo sorry.wah tek hai maine maaf kiya sabko maine tou kabka khtm krdiya ta sab subah apne mail kiya ta na maine thori kiya ta apko.
    chalo sabko maaf kiya ab jau main koi mujhe mail nai karega na?

  143. Ricky

    aur meri id pata nai kis kis ko di ammy ya sara ne mujhe blkul bhi acha nai laga ke bahar wale meri pbs main bole

  144. Ricky

    mere pbs ammy se share krne ki zarurt kya ti?
    meri id kyun dusron ko di jinhain main janta bi nahi?
    hamari larai ka ammy ko kaise pata chal jata hai.
    maine jo bola mujhse gila krne ki bajaey ammy se kyun kaha sab.
    sana se larne ki kya zarurat ti.
    itne dino agar maine mail nai kiya tou apne bhi nai kiya kyun?

  145. Sara

    beta mails hosh nahi ude sirf interrogation ka invitation aaya hai ricky bhai se.. any othr mails?

  146. sana

    Ricky abhi mjhe bich me mat lao…
    mujhe ab koi prblm nhi h… kal bht hogaya ab or nhi karna h… plz yaar…

  147. Ricky

    kal SNS par discuss kiya mujhe aur aaj subah kyy par meri waja se behas horahi ti tum log normal baat nai kr saktay jaise pehle krte te

  148. sana

    Ricky plzz stp… mene wo bht pehle kaha tha mujhe koi jawab nhi chahiye… menw tmhe baat khtam krne bulaya bt yaha ulta ho rha h

  149. Ricky

    yes but abhi mujhe us baray main koi baat nai krni infact kisi bhi topic par flhl.aap baad main puchna plz

  150. Sara

    mujhe laga aap ko ek aur frnd miljayegi
    maine kisi ko nahi di id
    apne ek mail me ammy ko bhi add kiya tha to pata chalgaya use
    ammy se sab nahi kuch hi baten share ki
    sana se mai apki wajah se nahi hum donon ki dusri pbs ke wajah se lafi thi
    oh apne mail nahi kiya kyunke apka ego hurt hoga maine isiliye nahi kiya kyunke mera promise tut jayega aur maine promise is liye kiya tha kyunke mai nahi chahti thi aap phirse apne aap ko hurt karen
    is dat clear? ya aur kuch?

  151. sana

    Ana me baad me baat karungi tumse or ab tum pehle k trh shuru mat hona plzz
    ammy sara ricky???

  152. ananya

    okkkk guys continue
    i m going or you all will counter me agn….lol
    i will not interfere

  153. Ricky

    maine bola bhi ta mujhe aur frnds nai chaiye kyy par ammy frnd hai na meri pehle se but main apne prblms kisi aik se share krna chahta ta jinse mera man ho unse magar yahan aaj public ko pata chal gaya hai ke ricky ke prsnl lyf main kya prblms hai.thanks for this

  154. Ricky

    sara maine apne ego ki waja se mail nai kiya ye kabhi sochna bhi mat ego nai hai mujh main aur hoga bhi kis baat ka mujhe bas thora sa tym chaiye ta isliye nai kiya mail main apne pbs khtm krne ki kshish kr raha ta aur har baat par soch raha ta aur mujhe aakhir apko mail krna hi ta na.

  155. Riddle.. Riddle..

    Solve this, ..?

    1. I am a 11 letter Indian city.
    2. Last 6 letters is fruit name.
    3. 7,8,3 letters is a bird name..
    4. 6,7,5,3 is an part of the face.
    5. 1,8,3 is used by student
    6. 9,5,3 is a soap name
    ?101% brain work.?

  156. Ricky

    kitni baar sorry karogi sana aik kaam karo ap kuch aisa karo jis se meri prsnl lyf discuss krne se sab ko pata chala meri pbs ka wo sb khtm hojaye.karsakti ho?

  157. Ricky

    main bhi kin baaton par kis se baat kar raha hun sry guys for distrbng u all.am sorry.
    ananya samridh plumpyy…..
    u guys carry on.
    am lvng bye.

  158. ananya

    ricky bhai please wait
    atleast for us
    you dnt need to say sorry
    pls ricky bhai stay here
    you are not disturbing us
    so pls jst be here

  159. ananya

    ricky bhai if you dnt wanna talk abt your pls dnt talk….no one is forcing you
    but pls atleast talk to us
    it will help you
    dont go bhai…..its a request….pls

  160. ananya

    i cant sara …..i m in my mobile
    either i can be here or there
    but i will try….wait

  161. Ricky

    sara hum baad main baat krte hai mail par btw ananya main yaha baat khtm krne aya ta par nai kar paya aur han TU yani kyy ko main kab ka chor chuka hun dear aj sana ne mail kiya tou baat krne aya ta.
    @samridh am nt new thora time huwa hai aye huwe.

  162. ananya

    ricky bhai pls dnt go pls
    atleast u can talk to me, plumpy di, and sam bhai and many more
    and we will solve your problem so just be here
    its a request frm ur sister….plssss

  163. ananya

    ohoo ranvir bhai….maine apko yaad kiya….hi there
    how r u???
    really missed u a lotz bhai

  164. ananya

    nothing bhai…something happened in mails…..lol….i dont know….and i am fine bhai

  165. ananya

    right ranvir bhai
    now ricky bhai if you will stop talking i will start cheering….lolz
    ricky we will talk about something else….come here
    thanks rv bhai for giving the idea

  166. ananya

    ranvir bhai start a talk pls….i m really confused what to talk abt
    abt songs and films???

  167. ananya

    arre bhai atleast answer the question
    anyways bye….i m left out to be bored here
    so bad

  168. ananya

    bhai dnt do this….ok fine you dont respect my words…thats why you are doing it….if you respect my word them dont do this

  169. Who r u nhnh to talk lyk dat?? ? She is saying to her bhai. If u r a kyy member then cum wid ur real.. Why every1 always cum wid another name nd simply say bad things about some1.. Its shameful dat u cant say it wid ur real name

  170. ananya

    thanks rv bhai for supporting
    anyways ignore the jerks…hi sara
    say rv bhai u hav a gf???

  171. Mmmm…Mmmm….mmmm..
    Dehaleazphe….. mere dilki..
    Churahkehe….. tune katam……
    tere naamphe…meri zindagi
    likdhi……mere ham dham
    na sikha mene jina… jina…
    kaise jina
    naa sikha mene jina….
    mere ham dham…
    naa sikha kabhi jina jina
    kaise jina jina naa sikha jina tere bhina ham dham…….
    This is song is 4 manik nd nandhini

  172. ananya

    sorry for talking abt your girlfriend bhai…….hmmm nice song….but its manik’s song

  173. ananya

    oh then i must say you are a cool bro….thats good…..you are optimist….wow…i lik it….superb

  174. Yeah i love it.. Specially when its nyt time.. I love to study.. Sara tum sara nahi lag rahi.. R u real 1 nly naa?? Coz u wer a lil rude to me 2day.. Otherwise u nly joke.. R u d real 1??

  175. Sara

    I knw u r kidding rv bro.. apne bhi to kal crowns gayab kar diye the ryt? to maine bhi gayab kar diye

  176. B funny.. Thats it!! Nd i nly say PJs.. ryt guys?? I know.. But if we dont know to b funny then also we shud try to b funny.. Its bttr than to b serious nd sit like a hippo.. Filled wid anger nd all

  177. ananya

    nice thought rv bro….u need to teach this to sara, sana, ammy di and ricky bhai….pls teach themm

  178. ananya

    yeah bhai you can call ne that..my birthday is on 9th august….thanks for the new name….me and my papa’s birthday are on the same date 🙂

  179. hello

    ………………█▓▒▒▓█░░░░ ░░░░░░░█▓▓█

  180. ananya

    mona di….aw we hanvt forgot u
    come join us…tell whens ur birthday???
    and wbu your birthday rv bhai???

  181. εїз ƸӜƷ richa εїз ƸӜƷ

    another 1 here

  182. ananya

    and sorry for the late reply i was making milk tea for papa and my lazy bro…..mamma has left me alone for one week with these two monkeys….now i need to do all their work….uff

  183. ananya

    oh thanks sara i m one….but atleast i m fulfilling my responsiblities…..frm morning……serving them food….masajing them…making tea and more

  184. Sara

    oh God y u ppl tkng me serious? I knw frm mrng I m behavng rude.. bt nt nw anyways I vl cm latr c ya

  185. ananya

    guys!!!!!!! we completed 745
    awesome guys..credit goes to u all
    wow….kyy is back
    love u guys for this

  186. kyy

    No, ananya. Please dun say to continue like this. We will be happy by having less comments but we dont want more comments with full of arguing and fighting.

  187. Sara

    luks lyk evry1 forgot me.. I unblockd evry1 bt no msgs on fb or watsapp & no mails too… is evrythng alryt?

  188. Sara

    oh God.. wat d hell did I do? oh gudness can sm1 plz xpln me wat z d hell bound mistake dat I do

  189. virat kohli

    abe bakwaas thori kar raha hun.. sach keh raha hun.. teri anu bhabi saccha pyaar karti hai mujhse chahe to bata bhi sakta hun..

  190. virat kohli

    abe wo mujhe sirf ek run banate hue dekhne ke liye australia tak aagayi ye saccha pyaar nahi to aur kya hai? ??

  191. #ViratvsAnushka

    q: what did anushka tell to virat before he went for battong in sydney ground?
    a: “virat I want you here in 5 mins”