Satrangi Sasural 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny, harpreet and geeta, anxiously watch as arushi does a practise of the runway. They hope that she succeeds, while geeta comments on their skinny bodies. They go to the temple, and granny prays that she is scared for vatsala, and asks the lord to support them in these testing times, and help vatsala sail through this immense challenge. Arushi finds them praying, and p[rays to the lrod for strength to be able to stand upto her expectations. when harpreet and geeta ask for food, the modelas refuse, and they are boggled. arushi smiles at their naivety.

Meanwhile, mini comes and tries to convince priyanka, that arushi’s theme is edfinitely better and that right now, vatsala needs them, and not arushi, and that this is mother’s company, who selflessly devoted her life to raise this company, losing out on everything else, and the only person who is doing that right now is arushi. she asks priyanka to become selfless and participate in it, for Vatsal and the family’s sake.

The next morning, arushi takes geeta’s blessings and ios asked to have breakfast before leaving. Vihaan comes with the newspaper, and finds priyanka’s ideas thoroughly critiicised. He is tensed as priyanka comes asking for the newspaper and lies that it didnt come, while hiding it. Arushi is boggled, but plays along. Then after she goes, vihaan tells arushi about the matter. They both leave for the show.

Scene 2:
Location: Fashion week
Arushi arrives but still isnt able to contact the model co-ordinator, and when vihaan comes in, he immediately rushes to find out why the models havent come, and asks arushi to remain calm. when she tries through the call, one of the model co-ordinator comes in, and tells arushi, shocking her, that she stole all of the models of Vatsala, and the only option left for her right now, is to pack and go home, and salvage the little respect that they have left. She is tensed. She wonders what to do. Her stylist asks her to calm down, and she immediately gets an idea.

outside, in the gallery, Granny asks mini where’s priyanka, and is told that she wont come. Granny is angry that she should have been here due to the post of Joint MD, but she takes things too seriously. she dials up her number, and doesnt get a response, whereas Priyanka is standding right behind, who thinks that maybe she didnt win, but she desperately still wants vatsala to win. Arushi’s stylist comes and tells them all that arushi wants them backstage. They get tensed, and leave immediately. Granny hears their idea, and says that this is impossible, and asks where’s arushi, and gets to know that she is waiting for them in the dressing room. She is outraged.

As the second participant is presenting, its with Vatsala’s models. Priyanka is shocked. Priyanka is shocked to find the models representing someone else’s creations. She is utterly shocked and boggled. She gets up and collides into vihaan, and they are shocked to see the models. they are tensed of the family’s reaction, while vihaan is boggled as to how this happened. priyanka asks vihaan if arushi decided anything. Priyanka and vihaan, are shocked to hear the announcement of the final presentation. They are shocked to know that two companies have backed out. they think and assume that one of them is definitely arushi, but get a shock, when the Mc announces vatsala with its theme. they are boggled and outrightly shocked. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Priyanka and vihaan are shell shocked that granny and his mothers are on the stage, dressed as models, for arushi’s theme. They are nervous, but excited too. Meanwhile, priyanka is embarassed as she thinks that once again arushi managed to insult and embarass them in public.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Proud of Arushi…Granny doing a good job..priyanKa mom should stop being so selfish…

  2. you know what I could understand arushi not wanting to be rude or disrespectful to prianika and mini mom but vihann on the other hand what is wrong with him prianka and mini mon is insulting and abusing arushi and he Vihaan as a husband is just standing around and letting them do it that is not right what kind of one sided marriage is that come on vihan you do not have to be rude or disrespectful to your mothers but you can damn well stand up for your wife and support her in her endeavours and let your mothers especially prianka and mini know what time of the day it is let them know that their bad behavior is going on way tooooooooooo long and you demand to know why they hate her so and give the reason why be a MAN Vihaan stand up and take your rightful place as a husband whether they are annoyed or not

  3. this so called behavior of prianka mon is definitely out of timing I told you vihan take your wife arushi and get out of that house before your mothers destroy your marriage

  4. Awesome.

  5. priyanka is just a jealous and bitter person. forget about her.

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