Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The fab5 are ready to leave, Nandini observes everyone leaving. Aaliya comes checking all her necessities. Manas asks them to leave as Soha is worried and calling them again and again.
Nandini tries to get into the back of car but fell down, Druv holds Aaliya’s hand while she hides their hands with her scarf. Manik stops the car and asks Druv why the diggi has been left open. Nandini jumps besides the luggage, and hide herself. Druv informs everyone that they need to adjust the luggage, Aaliya is pissed off in it, they close the diggi.
Manik watches Aaliya and Druv in the back mirror, he gives the car a jerk and asks them all why so quiet. Cabir asks a question from them, what if I get a job at a bar shop. Mukti says he is going to get a lot, he is the coolest guy, she asks him

never to depend on anyone on life. Cabir says Mukti has grown up a lot. She says its not her line, its that peon’s who has left. He used to say a lot right. Aaliya hugs Mukti, Mukti says she is fine. Manik says in our lives, people come and go, some stay and some leave; the only things that remain in our lives is Us, Fab5, we will remain together. Everything else, the family and friends, is irrelevant. Manik watches Nandini in the back mirror and stops the car with a strong jerk. Cabir asks him to drive carefully, Manik says he was looking at Mukti’s enlightened face. Aaliya asks to change the topic, Mukti says they must b*t*h about Nandini as she isn’t here. Manik defends her, Mukti asks what kind of friends are they, does he want her to be a part of fab5.
Naviya was sitting on the bench in a park. She was worried and wonders where she will go. She counts the money in her purse. Someone places hand on her shoulder.

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Manik asks Druv why isn’t he speaking anything. Druv says he is listening. Manik asks him to speak something. Druv says he want to tell them all that he and Aaliya, Aaliya pinches on him. He says he wants to tell them all, Aaliya coughs and they all asks her to have some water. The water was in the diggi. Aaliya points at Druv not to disclose about them, Druv puts hand to take the water and gives it to Aaliya. Nandini helps him reach the bottle.
Naviya asks her room mate why she brought her back. She asks how her heart changed. The room mate says she isn’t bad at heart, she was jealous from her. A girl like her had got Harshid. Naviya says she got into wrong here, in whatever Harshid said. She tells her that she is going to mess. Naviya prays to the mata raani, what she will do to herself and this child.
Nandini comes out of the diggin and runs to the garden. The boys ask why is it opened, may be the lock isn’t working well. Manik goes to look for Nandini, he removes the leaf that pinched Nandini’s face. Soha comes from behind, and asks them to leave the luggage here as the boys will pick it up. Manic comes there, she hugs Manik and welcomes them all inside. She takes Manik inside holding his hand. They come inside, Aaliya and the group discuss about a new promo.
Soha brings Vodka for Manik, as he likes it. He spills it in a pot, and says sorry. He says Miss Khurana, if she has forgotten they are here to practice. Soha says they can eat something at atleast, she had prepared alot for dinner. Mukti and Cabir discuss that this all is Cabir’s favourite. Something is cooking, Manik denies having anything. Soha says she thought they were all hungry. Druv just take an apple, and asks the maid to show them all their rooms.
Soha gets a call, the man tells her not to get mad. She says she made so much efforts but he wants to have expensive times with her. She is happy and says she will just come in two minutes. Nandini was outside, and watches Soha prepare drinks for two. She mixes something in the drink, and says that tonight is going to be the best of your life Manik. Nandini wonders what she is doing.
Nandini puts a cushion in Soha’s way in the corridor and wishes she drop the glasses but Soha passes them. Soha comes to Manik’s room, he doesn’t allow her inside by blocking her way. Nandini watches them. Soha is successful in getting into the room, and closes the door.

PRECAP: Aaliya and Druv were together in the room. Soha makes Manik drunk, Nandini watches this.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Nutz

    Can anyone please explain about the conversation soha made on the phone. I didn’t quite understand it.who was it n what was soha talkng about?
    Can sum1 plz help me out..plz

  2. Nutz

    Hi aisha! I hv no idea wd whom soha was talkng. But can u please tell me about what was soha talkng on da phone, plz

  3. Aisha

    Nutz soha just said i made so much efforts for u ,do u know how much time it took to arrange all this …n the other one said don’t get mad n all and after that she said that i m coming in just 2 minuter … Thats all nutz

  4. Nutz

    I’m very sleepy today so i won’t be here fr long.
    N i may drop out any moment without tellng, so sorry in adv

  5. Nutz

    Bro why r u talkng like this? Please cum back to normal na just da way i knew my swt bro. Please bro these kind of talks frm u are scaring me, i’m kinda getting afraid of losing my ladoo bro

  6. Nutz

    Fairy is dat quotation made by u?u hv rightly said da truth…it’s really hard but not impossible n u da prove of it. U’re da swtest person we’ve seen:-)

  7. Nutz

    Vaishu wat crap things did manik say to nandu?
    Wat r u talkng abut?
    Anu di it’s a long story, n just forget it, i don’t wana talk abut it

  8. fairy

    Hi deeevvviiillll….n sssuuuhhhaaassshhhh, ssaaannnaappii, annuuuuu, vaishuuuuuuu, nutzzzzzzz…….
    Srrryyyy…shiivveerrrnngg nwwww

  9. Nutz

    Ya fairy, plz share. I really like quotations, i hv a collectn of them. N want to collect more, so share them

  10. aish

    hi n bye my dear sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet frndz.missed all of u a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot.i think dere r so many new comers here.welcom guyz

  11. Nutz

    Glad to hear it coz even i want to see hw much disturbance u can give me bro…i’m waiting eagerly fr it:-):-):-)

    But be warned..i won’t be disturbed by u dat easily..u’ll hv to wrk real hard bro

  12. fairy

    Why do u clse our eyes whn we pray? Why do we clse our eyes whn we cry? Whn we dream? Or whn any ppl kiss?Bcz we knw tht d mst beautiful thngs are nt seen bt felt by heart……..
    It was nt so nc ..may b….

  13. Nutz

    Well then keep on practicing bro…coz i won’t be disturbd by u dat easily bro.:-)
    practice more n more:-D:-D:-D

  14. vaishu

    sam,,except u n chinese no one like to eat human,,,i heard chinese eat placenta n late new born babies,,,i think u eat anything moving under the sun rite?

  15. fairy

    1 mr fav quote of mine….
    Mst touchng line said by a bst frnd—–
    Whn l ll die, dnt cm near my body, bcz my hand may nt b able 2 wipe your tears anymr…..

  16. sanaya

    soha gets a call frm sm1 n said she has made lots of effort to impress him n askd him to wait fr few min…i hv nt seen d ep bt i thnk she mst b hallucinatng of gettng a call frm manik

  17. Nutz

    Fairy yaar, no1’s gona kill u until we’re here, ur quotes r really gud plz do continue.
    Hii carru!!! Hw r u lil sis?

  18. vaishu

    fairy my fav quote is….always put ur self in other’s shoes,if u feel, it hurts u,,it probably hurts the other person too,,,!

  19. Nutz

    Carru nw seeing every1 here i’m better then fine,i was missing u car, glad u finally came, was waiting fr u. Hw was ur day carron?

  20. carron

    Ohhh nutz di !!! i am very gud di but was buzy 2day ..soo buzy !!! There is lots to study didu 🙁
    hi samosa !!
    I missed u all a lot 2day !!

  21. fairy

    It is fr sam n carruu….
    No matter wht othr ppl thnk abt u..
    God made ud way u r 4 a reson..
    Besides sn original is always wrth mr thn cpy..
    So lead or life in ur way…4get d rest..do ur best….

  22. sanaya

    vaishu she always keep halucinatng as if manik is physically present dere..smtyms i get confused is it real or hr drm

  23. carron

    Hi San !! n thnx a loot Angel 🙂
    Sammy let’s,4get it , Rihan is gud yaar, he told all of us sry n the most important thing “he was soo r8 ” !!!!

  24. carron

    Important notice 2 nutz di n sammy – when am I gonna get both of ur pics n also pie’s samosa !!! N nutz di wht abt ur mail Id !!! I need it …

  25. Vampire.

    Vaishu, have u heard the name scrap bandage. I will paste it in ur mouth. Thanks 4 informg me. Nw i will be alert wid my swt bandage.

  26. hii guys n disss soha is toooo much she mixed a pill in manik’s drink but nandu see’s her…..manik k hote hue nandu ko khatra nahi or nandu k hote hue manik ko khatra nahi ….

  27. sanaya

    if it was nt hr hallucinatn den she mst b upto smthng..n is helpng sumone to trap manik..,manik is in big trouble..,.bt no worries nandu z dere to protect him

  28. fairy

    Guyz..last quote 4 tday…..
    bcs l knw my weakness…..
    I M WISE…
    bcs l knw l hv been foolish..
    I LAUGH….
    bcz l knw my sadness….

  29. vaishu

    yea sana,,,but dat phonecall bit confusing,,,coz hallucination is false perception,,,but v all heard the ringing tone,,,v all becoming pshyco watching her every day 🙂

  30. Nutz

    Carru mr.rihan was r8 on parts but not fully correct.we were chattng more n da new comer part was r8(i think) but da rest wasn’t….just forget it

  31. fairy

    Guyz..c l m talkng like a invisible quote master…no1 is talking wid me……..sam,carruu,annuu,vaishu,sana no1…..guyz bye bye…….

  32. vaishu

    no fairy,,u were busy typing quotes,,so dun feel like disturbing u,,,plz change back to normal fairy,,coz writing quotes doesn’t suit u

  33. Nutz

    Carron dear, to tell da truth wen i saw rihan’s comment at first i wasn’t angry coz it was expected frm him. Remember da first tym he came, he was like ‘i’m not interestd in chattng wd u’ n ‘u guys r wastng ur tym here’ , ‘don’t u ppl hv to study’…blah blah, yaad aya carru?

  34. Vampire.

    Kela, nw i am afraid becz i am nt getng my battery nd i will take sanyas at end of this month. Then i will cm after march or april. More chances is that i will cm after april.

  35. Nutz

    Guys i’m tellng u guys to forget it but in reality dat rihan isn’t getting out of my head!! gos! m..so feelng irritated..

  36. sanaya

    i knw anu aftr she ll get a tight slap frm manik n another one frm nandu..she ll cm out of hr so called hallucination…..hahaha

  37. vaishu

    annu,,,i dun think v shudn’t even mention his name here, he might think v r giving much attention to him,,,ignore it!

  38. vaishu

    no carron,,he was way out of his line,,i don’t mind if he had said those things when all our frenz were here,,lots of diff btwn complaining n explaining !

  39. Nutz

    Vaishu to tell da truth, at first i hadn’t given dat much importance to rihan’s comments coz he’s always been like dat.so it was expectd frm him but sm parts of his comments caught my attention,like da chattng more n new cumers part n felt they were true n correct; n as fr da rest he had already said those b4 but he had pointed fingers dis tym n dat’s da difference.

  40. carron

    Monkey sammy !! Ha ha u really saved the page !!??? Oh my god !! Ha ha ..nsamosa I have to have ur pic it is an emergency do one thing take ur pic now Wid the mobile n pls don’t say Nw tht the mob is not having a camera !!!

  41. carron

    Really angel !!! Angel deserves the best !! if the kyy team calls u u should only accept the offer if it is alya’s or mukti’s part cuz Nandu’s part is already booked by me !!!:)

  42. Vaishu u wish tooo meet dat rihan n i wish ki vo mere saamne kabhi naaa aaye quki uski vajah se meri choti se pyari si carru ek baar k liye grp cho k gai thi …….

  43. Nutz

    N more importantly last time sam had askd rihan to relax n carru aplozd n eventually he talked wd us a lil,so i thought dat sam n caru wudn’t take da matter seriously.,i didn’t give da matter dat much imprtance n dat’s y vaishu i was askng u to relax n calm down.
    But i was stuck by thunder wen i saw caru’s comment yestrdy eve n literally i felt like cryng.n 2dy sam’s coments in da eve scared me a lot, i had never imagined dat they wud take dis matter so seriously

  44. Vampire.

    Kela i told na my mob camera was damaged when it fell in water nd other camera have worst quality.
    U can my older cmnts.
    I can do 1 thing, i.e will give u the worst quality pic nw nd then later when i will get battery i will give better 1 or wt 4 few days let me ask my frnd 4 battery.

  45. Guys one thng rihan he doesnt knw abt ny of u…nythng……he cant judge r point u……wat he said cannot b true…I dnt knw wat he said,but stil wanted to tel u dis

  46. Nutz

    Sorry guys i’m still talkng abut rihan but dat one incident has really shaken me up. N i’m feelng guilty as i was supportng rihan dat day bcoz of whom my ones i care fr got hurt.to tell da truth dis guilt is killng me inside, bcoz of which i hv been in a terrible mood since yesterday.sorry

  47. sanaya

    soha knws dat manan love each othr..despite dat she z tryng hard to take back manik frm nandu..is he a toy..hw cm she cn evn thnk of manik

  48. Vampire.

    Vaishu, i didn’t wrote, just pasted for tm pass.
    Becz he doesn’t want chattng late n8 na. Bt nw let my exam get over, i will chat whole n8.

  49. carron

    Guys I take back all the nice things I told abt Rihan !! He is a monkey !!!! Monkey is not a bad word r8 !!! But u deserve more but hate abusing ppl so monkey will be enough !!
    The meaning of the monkey ( this meaning is specially 2 this ) -a very bad monkey , this is the monkey I call ppl when I am really angry on them !!!

  50. vaishu

    reli glad to c u feeling dat way nutz,,coz i reli felt bad for our frenz,,i reli felt bad for no one defending our frenz,,,,finally u realized it!!

  51. fairy

    Guyz..jst 4get tht rihan..,feeling bore 2 hear ur cmnts abt tht boy…..talk smthng else…l m waitng…..

  52. bhaiii why r u saying him swts u know naaa hw much i hated himm soo why……aapne usse swtes bol k sweetness ki insert ki h….

  53. carron

    See samosa I read the cmnts he wrote again n my anger went up till my brain n I was ashamed of myself that I called him gud !!! I mean just luk at the things he wrote abt all of us !!!!
    I don’t wanna abuse him so I just called him a monkey !!

  54. Vampire.

    Jitna baar auska pyara cmnt parunga, autna baar bechare ko yaad rakhunga ki dunia mein aaise phaltu, bekar loog bhi hote hai.. Haha

  55. Vampire.

    Rihan ka cmnt wala page.
    I was just gng 2 talk abt laura only. My partner. How dare he 2 say anything 2 my partner.

  56. carron

    Thts the part Where I felt sooo angry !!! Hw could he even say anything like tht !! N y did he involve bhai in it !!!

  57. fairy

    U knw guyz..d magic of kyy family hs lost smwhr..whn l cm here..tht tm l felt l was so hppy….bt nw happiness missed…..

  58. carron

    Guys Let’s Sing To Cheer Our Mood UP !!!
    Sing with me –
    Saturday Saturday kar deere deere tuhi Saturday Saturday …

  59. carron

    Offo!! Dil ke dhimagh se jhagda lagaya kise ..piche ki darwasee see dhabe ___(ssry idk) aave kise..tthodi sa kamina thodi bichara hai Ishq boot Sahi par hai boot bad a hi pyaara Haiiii…

  60. fairy

    Guyz..u knw in my english hmwrk l m writng shrt form lol cnt cntrl it…..
    Like…… you have no right to do it…..nd l m writng ….u hv no r8 2 do it…ha ha

  61. vam

    Pehla ta kudi ne Ludhiana vi ni
    tappeya si
    Tappeya si..
    Pehla ta kudi ne Ludhiana vi ni
    Puchhe bina gharo baahr per vi
    ni rakheya
    Jado di madam ji shehar vich
    Bas party diya galla kar di
    rehndi eh
    Kudi Saturday Saturday kardi
    rendi eh
    Kudi Saturday Saturday kardi
    rendi eh
    Saturday Saturday
    Kudi Saturday Saturday
    Kudi Saturday Saturday
    Kudi Saturday Saturday
    Kudi Saturday Saturday
    (Badshah Rap)
    Hanji fir ek baar dekho aaya
    Party karne ke liye baby ji ho
    gayi taiyyar
    Sarojni ke kapde pehen ke jaati
    madam disco
    VIP me complimentary shots bhi
    de do isko
    Isko gaadi chahiye lambi
    Usme music chahiye LOUD
    Ye jaati mehenge club me
    Jahaan hota dhang ka CROWD
    Ludhiyane se aai ladki university
    padhti hai
    Kehti to hai student hai, But I
    Mundeya de palle vi tu chadeya
    ni kakh
    Jado Sunday Monday kare tera
    jhutte khanda lakk
    Aati Honda mein, Audi mein jati
    tu khisak
    Suck.. suck.. Baby What the F***
    (Akriti Kakkar)
    24’vi ghante fever tenu chadiya
    club da..
    da da da da….
    Roz raati soni soni kudiyan nu
    labh da
    da da aa aa….
    Haan 24’vi ghante tenu fever
    chadiya club da
    Roz raati soni soni kudiyan nu
    labh da
    Lakhhan ni affair tere monge
    waali hai savere
    Shaami mere utte kundi ad’di
    rehndi eh
    (Indeep – Akriti)
    Kudi Saturday Saturday kardi
    rehndi eh
    Kudi Saturday Saturday kardi
    rehndi eh
    Kudi Saturday Saturday kardi
    rehndi eh
    Kudi Saturday Saturday kardi
    rehndi eh
    Saturday Saturday
    Kudi Saturday Saturday
    Kudi Saturday Saturday
    Kudi Saturday Saturday
    Mundeya nu apna BB pin vand
    di di di di di..
    Mundeya nu apna BB pin vand
    Mini skirt paave bhora fikar na
    thand di
    Pind vich babe babe kardi hundi
    Ni tu sheher aa ke baby baby
    kardi rehndi eh
    Kudi saturday saturday kardi
    rehndi eh
    Kudi saturday saturday kardi
    rehndi eh
    Saturday Saturday
    Kudi Saturday Saturday
    Kudi Saturday Saturday
    Kudi Saturday Saturday

  62. Nutz

    Yap fairy it happnd to me as well, so dat day i decided dat i’m gona write everything in full form here,but dat didn’t work well

  63. carron

    Aakhon ki aankhon ki chabi se this a bhetabi se couple se khole dhol on ke tale ..
    Jaan dete usko jahaAn dete apna hi imaan dete jiddi bhi bahia he gale me dale..

  64. fairy

    U knw nutz…kal k ami pagol hoye jabo 6 am e amke uthe math krte hobe thn 8 theke 12.30 prjonto nstp tution…uff…..

  65. my best frends names r nikita niharika Neha n my fav.diii’s name is Neha ….wht a combo……hahahaha ……

    …note-both Neha r 2 different gls

  66. fairy

    Guyz..heaven’s vehical is waitng 4 me…they r calling bye…l ll cm all of ur house in d mid n8 if u hv no pb….nd any wish?

  67. carron

    Even I am going guys ,…. bye gud n8 samosa , angel , anu , nutz di n nikku !!
    I have a long list of duties tmrw !!!
    See u ppl tmrW !! Sammy pls tell Laura my bye !!

  68. Nutz

    N anu di i hv to wake up early in da mrng everyday n go out in dat shiverng cold as i hv tutions strtng frm 7am.
    Wen is dis cold gna end!

  69. remix queen

    Promo showed mukti n zbhi separating scene of dat day den navyas todays scene of sittin in garden n manik with soha at the guesthouse with nandu lukin…n said how will these 3 pples life change

  70. Nutz

    Sharmin even i’m wondering da same. I was so confusd wen i watchd da epi, dat’s why i was searchng fr ppl who hv seen 2dy’s epi. But aftr givng da update,u disappeard too,i was lukng fr u shar

  71. Vampire.

    No. Just read swt cmnt na thats y.
    Niku tum gayab kyu ho jati ho?? Mein wo tumhe bulawa dene k liya likha tha.

  72. Nutz

    First i thought maybe soha is wrkng wd sum1 n tryng to harm manik, but nt sure. Den i thought maybe she was hallucinating it talkng wd manik like always.

  73. remix queen

    I was tryin to recognise the voice but cudnt… ohh 1 imp qs…ny1 on instagram?? I got awesome updates…bt der r 3 diff 1s so dnt know which is true

  74. Nutz

    Guys al soha said was dat she’s gona make it a memorable n8 fr manik but hw, wat is actually up to.does she want to hv manik or to harm him?which one?

  75. remix queen

    I too think she was dreaming bcoz the voice sounded like maniks n den shes like m comin in 2 mins n goes to manik…so i thot she was dreamin bout him

  76. remix queen

    Pata hai m on instagram naa toh i have added parth n kyy ka ek followers ka page hai wahan the kyy team have given 2 comments…

  77. nutz i seen some part of 2days Epi n in dat soha is mixing ani pill in 1 drink n saying dat d Manik it’s ur best ni8 wid a uff smile….. n nandu see’s her dat much only i hav seen

  78. remix queen

    1st update says that the drink part whr soha says that i wanna connect with u is sohas dream…2nd update is very interesting

  79. remix queen

    2nd update mein dey said dat manik has doubts on the drink and exchanges the drink…soha drinks it n gets drunk n unconcious…utne mein nandu comes in the room to stop dem and sees soha on bed n msnan have their scenes in front of soha whr she is drunk n mumbling in her dleep

  80. remix queen

    Today on instagram pple were angry on maniks conversation in car…he cudnt accept near fab5 bout nandu…dey calld him coward n were angry dat ge cant tell his frnds bout his love

  81. remix queen

    Yup…n dey also said dat manik was being too despo fr 1 music contract due to which hes tolerating soha

  82. Nutz

    I think da 2nd one is true…well it’s already shwn in da precap dat manik takes sip, n accordng to da spoiler manik doesn’t drink da spikd drink n hv manan scenes ahead, so i think da 2nd one is true n i hope so too.

  83. Nutz

    But manik is dng dis album fr his frnds n he’s nt dat much desperate as he was ready to quit it wen khurana was firing nandu.dat’s nt true, manik’s nt desperate

  84. remix queen

    Yup as in hes acting to b drunk being suspicious bout the drink…bt i feel the precap is misleading nt true…its surely her dream…bcoz cant b dat she makes him drink n he drinks quietly…plus no reaction of manik wen she says i wanna connect

  85. remix queen

    Maybe the timing was wrong or maybe she wanted to first clear out sum stuff..have to sleep now guys…plss do come tomm mrnin…ill b here by 10

  86. Nutz

    I don’t think dat dis tym it’s soha’s dream.
    But guys let us nt forget our previous experiences,precaps don’t turn out to be as they’re shwn,r8? So i hv high hopes fr monday

  87. Nutz

    Bro ur comments in da evening,da way u were talkng seemd like rihan’s comment had affectd u.dat’s why, da way u were talkng, it really scared me a lot bro coz i don’t want to lose u

  88. Vampire.

    I will c that guy later. The reason of my partner 4 nt cmng 2 is becz of his cmnt . Then i am nt gng 2 leave him.

  89. Nutz

    Bro i’m talkng abut rihan’s comments n ur comments in 2dy’s eve lukd like sum devdas was talkng…

  90. Nutz

    Nope bro. I was here 2dy almost da whole apparently lukng fr u n carru, he didn’t come 2dy.
    Bro is laura really nt cumng bcoz of him?

  91. Nutz

    I hv no idea whether laura saw dos comments or nt.
    Maybe she hasn’t seen them,as we didn’t c any reactions frm her, guess she’s busy n dat’s cudn’t cum

  92. Vampire.

    May be she must have nt responded thinkng her classmate is here. So, we should nt create mess over here.

  93. Vampire.

    Sry nutz, its 2.00 i want 2 go becz there will be 5 unread mail 4 me which i have 2 respond nd i have 2 send a mail 2 my partner also. I will be here 4 few min more.

  94. Nutz

    Bro u didn’t say hi to fairy 2dy,u just said hi in general to every1.
    N u bid fairy gud-bye at 12:30am

  95. Nutz

    Bro whr had u gone?
    Did u check out my info? Was i r8 bro? Are fairy’s accusatns true? Did u forget to say hi n bye to her?wat did u find out?
    Wow…i’ve so many ques

  96. Nutz

    Gøød NïGHT sammy, sleep tight, bite da bed’s bug n hope u see vamps,devil n samosa in ur dreamzzz….

  97. Nutz

    Ok..bro. It’s almost 4am here n i hv to wake up after 1 n half hr later…haha n i’m still nt sleepy! Mera kya hoga!

  98. Vampire.

    Again hi rihan.
    Nw read this also.
    I told u say anything 2 me i don’t care.
    U wasted ur tm in giving lecture nd i am still here. Its gong 2 be 3.30am nw.
    Say anything 2 me i don’t care.
    Cm again na missng ur lecture. Hahaha.

  99. aswini achu


  100. sanaya

    guys saw d ep..soha recieves a call ryt..dat voice was none othr dan bt was of maniks…i hrd it 5 tyms..m sure eithr was hallucinatng or manik himslf has made dat call…n in precap nandini was nt watchng manik n soha bt actly she was standng outside of d rum whre she was hiding earlier…

  101. remix queen

    Hi sanaya i think the phone rang…will have to see it again…i also felt dat it was maniks voice…i feel hes upto sumtin…i think we have a rocking epi comin up

  102. ammy


  103. ammy

    yaad kiya……Aur tum chaliayi…………………………….missed u a lottt………..m cmng bck in 5 mins…..no no may be ten mins…………………stay here

  104. ammy

    hii ss……hw r u enjoying dis 2 days saraswati puja…………………….achhe se parna sab students……………………………………………

  105. ammy

    the best thng abt saraswati puja………………….u dont study for a cause…………………………..

  106. ammy

    i got an adrenaline rush seeing yesterdays epi………soha got manik drunk in the precap……………………………………………..nd the whole n8 i saw manik nandu nd sopha in my dreams

  107. Nutz

    Wow…i’m sittng infront of tv.dad sitng beside me.isn’t dat great??..i’m gona change da channel wen kyy starts,hw lucky m i!

  108. ammy

    guys i really lyk watching doraemon nd shinchan films………….last doraemon film i watched was smthng “bow bow”……………………i fogot the name

  109. fairy

    kyy team offered me 2 chse any chrcter instead of soha…guyz tell whch ll l chse..they ll gv me ths chrcter……

  110. Nutz

    But i want dat 2nd update to cum true. Manik had exchngd da drinks n actd as if he were drunk.soha drank it instead n fell on bed. By dat time nandu in da rum n manan scene startd…yipee..hope dis happns, wat say guys?

  111. ammy

    bt hw could manik knw abt the glasses………..nandini ought to do smthng………..maybe she will smhw get soha out of room ………lock the door………………nd thn only manik nd nandini…………………………………………

  112. Nutz

    Sana di da new promo shwd abhi n mukti gng apart,u knw da previous scene in da garden wen abhi leavs. Navya sittng on bench at a lose,yestrdy’s epi n soha makng manik drunk..wat changes will hppn nw in their lives

  113. ammy

    bt 2mrw is nandus programme 4r dat pandit……………….dont want nandu 2 miss dis golden oppurtunity…………………………

  114. Nutz

    Sana di both da new promo n da 2nd update above was given by shar last n8, i just conveyd msg here nw, since u guys weren’t here last n8

  115. fairy

    Hmmm….vaishu…….u knw yest l hd gn 2 u n anu’s house in d midn8 bt u both were sleeping peacefully…..heaven hd sent me 2 c bth of u….,

  116. vaishu

    haha,,,fairy,,, one of my friend call me vaishi ,,n keep on calling like dat,,wat do u think ??is it sound betta than vaishu??

  117. vaishu

    c fairy,, cloud r shapeless rite,,,,but if they ever look down us,,will say ‘ hey look that one is hsaped like an idiot :),,,for clouds v r shapeless:)

  118. fairy

    Never 4get….
    3 types of ppl in ur life…
    1.who help u in ur difficult times.
    2.who left u in ur difficult tms.
    3.who put u in difficult tms…..

  119. fairy

    Hi ammy n nutz…..
    Vaish….l hv bt l ll tell thrgh mail..
    Nutz ..wait…l ll go n chck it in pic gallery….

  120. vaishu

    nutz ,,thr r 2 types of studies,,, 1 hard subject which can’t b studied 2easy subject dat doesn’t need to b studied:)

  121. ammy

    hi sanayadi………………………vaishu i was busy wid study nd exams……………………guys say a topic
    hw abt a debate???

  122. Nutz

    Yap,she’s a total pyshco alright n i think mr.khurana has idea but is still raising a spoilt brat,she shud admtd to mental hspital

  123. sanaya

    yeah vaishu bt manik z also vry carng towards hr…its jst dat he nvr shows…his whole world revolves around hr

  124. ammy

    i hate dhruv…………infact guys i was stunned 2 see dat when khurrana was saying those thngs 2 nandu they chose 2 keep quiet………………………………….

  125. fairy

    Yes, nutz…got it 4 u….
    1.problms r nt stp signs they r guidelines…
    2.any1 who hs never md a mstk hs never tried 2 do anythng new.- albert einstine…..
    3 .Thr is no elevator of success …u hv 2 chse d stairs…

  126. ammy

    pehele toh woh nandu ko protect kar ta tha…..m ur saviour………………etc etc……………..sab kuch bhul gaya na………………………i was soo angry 2 see dat fab5 didnt support manik nd smhw i felt dat they supported wat khurrana said……………………..

  127. Nutz

    Guys remember manbir’s conversation when they were playing pool? Cabir is just too good n absolutely r8.
    Remember he called nandu manik’s sunshine

  128. ammy

    cause Mr dhruv wat is dis……..werent u nandus savior…….y didnt u say anythng when khurrana was saying her such bad bad thngs………………………………..

  129. vaishu

    except manik ,,including us we all know dat nandu is his sunshine,,he was mocking at her height,,but her iq level is more betta than him

  130. ammy

    ohh god………..dnt start drama again……plzzzzzzzzzz…….nw I get……………………r u real dhruv………….utkarsh gupta?//

  131. fairy

    Ammy..dhruv hs bcm mad 4 alia…if nandu ll lost frm city evn thn he ll nt tell anythng..he ll tell..dw nandini ll cm back 1 day

  132. sanaya

    bt wen d tym cms no one cms frwd to support or defnd hr..except our manik., or we cn say dere z big gap btwn a frnd and a bf..cabir abhi n dhruv r smwat supportive bt only as a frnd

  133. fairy

    Sana..r u dhruv n alia??
    Nutz..u hv 2chse stairs coz success ll nt cm 2 u so easily ….u hv 2 wrk hard….

  134. ammy

    i meant when cabir said dat nandu doesnt want the album 2 be finished…..nd he was luking serious………………………….

  135. ammy