Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini hides away and comes to a hall watching Cabir playing drums. He turns to her, make her sit on the bench and says she can use the drums. Nandini doesn’t take his sticks, he tells Nandini he felt awkward here because he was a gay. When he couldn’t find anything good, music held him and gave him Fab5 which is his life. Nandini says thanks for sharing so much with her, but he is very brave. Cabir says so is she, she is just hanging there. Nandini leaves the hall. She walks through the corridor to find Mukti playing guitar. She tells Nandini that she learned love from his parents, they fought, cry, and be happy. They were together because they thought marriage is all about compromise. Nandini gets it she wants to tell her this about friendship. Mukti suggests to make fantastic music together.

Nandini hugs Mukti crying. She says this means a lot to her, Mukti says she means a lot for them; give music a chance. Nandini smiles and moves forward. She comes ahead to come across Aaliya with a piano. Aaliya says she loved her brother, she knew he was wrong and was always torn to side him or what is right. It wasn’t easy. Music and friendship helped her make her decision, that is when she realized that music can give you the strenght to face anything in life, as music has magic in it. Nandini looks behind at Cabir and Mukti, she tells Aaliya she never knew so many people will care for her taking her music. She cries that they are all very special to her, but moves on. Manik stood downstairs and says it seems she is a tough girl to please, he says there are other instruments in music library as well. He asks her to stay, he will be back here. She tries to speak, he keeps hand on her mouth and says music will and will have to come back to her life. He leaves for library.
Aryaman asks for Jambay, African drums in library. Harshid comes there in a hurry. Aryaman asks him to stand behind him in queue. Harshid says in SPACE, seniors are given priority. Aryaman shows him a notices that read ‘first come first serve’. Harshid asks if he knows whose good books he is coming into? Aryaman asks if he is the cool Fab5? The librarian asks Aryaman to go to the third row. Harshid runs back to Aryaman, they both have a confrontation then laughs vigorously. He asks Aryaman that how his New York friend changed so much and made friends with Fab5 so easily. Aryaman says it was by God’s grace. Harshid says it is important to take them to the end as well, because it isnt easy to fool Fab5.
Cabir stops Nandini, telling her Manik can’t leave her alone anytime. He tells Nandini that he has seen Manik hurt many times, but this time he is really hurt deep down.
Harshid says to Aryaman that this is the only time and then Manik will be broken. Manik was in the library. Aryaman was lost, he says that they both have searched a lot about breaking Manik from his gang, but when he met him he feels as one of them. Harshid gets offensive that now he is having second thoughts, he will forget his childhood friend for the new ones. Aryaman gets louder that he never forgets his older friends while making new ones, friends are a family but he doesn’t know. Manik speaks that he does Aryaman, she he suggests not to waste time for him, it is easy for Harshid to forget his family and friends. Harshid says he never forgets his enemies. They have a confrotation, Aryaman interferes and asks them to keep calm. Manik asks him not to worry, he was keeping check on Harshid. Harshid tells Aryaman he knows where to come if he wants safety from Fab5. Aryaman says he will back off as they are here to learn music.
Manik brings Nandini near a staircase, he says he called her here because this is the way they climbed their steps of relationship. Different instruments lay on differnet steps, Manik asks her to try them. Nandini takes it and says it must be very difficult what he is doing, Mukti, Aaliya, Cabir shared their life’s secrets with her; it must not be that easy. Manik says it isnt that difficult, they all know how important she is for him. Nandini says even then she knows he is hurt because of him. Manik says it doesn’t matter if it hurts him. Nandini says she is, she can see it isnt easy. Manik says she needs time to think, alright. Nandini says alone, to gather herself. She tells him she is going to Goa, she needs to go. Manik gets angry and says he can’t let her go, it is decided. Nandini holds her from her back and whispers in her ear that he can’t let her go. Both share intimate moment together, Manik looks at Nandini then says he can’t let her go. She turns to him, then looks away. Manik asks if she is ok? Nandini says I need to go Manik, he stops her and asks her to look into his eyes and say this. Nandini shuts hers, then turns to him and says Manik, you have to let me go, she won’t follow her. Manik denies. He says he was so busy concentrating on going away, she didn’t think about Pandit once when he came close to her. He says somewhere down the line, she also know that she needs him, always. Nandini turns to look at him, says bye to him and leaves.

PRECAP: Neonika asks Manik what is on her mind. Manik says she knows it is always Nandini. He tells Neonika this workshop is being conducted by her grandma, Ambs.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. greesh

    poor manik…he cant go on without nandini…manik’s idea of ambs conductin d wrkshp is coooool

  2. indian shows suck!

    I mean srsly!!!! The most unrealistic show to say d least!!!!!!!!!!! DUMB! DUMB! DUMB! Nothing more to say… Nobody can relate to this show except in their dreams! Over the top storyline! I mean where on earth are mukti, aliya+ harshad’s parents?? Where is manik’s dad? Even mukesh ambani has d time to at least show his face to kids but manik’s dad!! I guess he’s a trillionare(we’ve got someone to give competition to d ambani man!) I mean do they have some divine blessing of nature that their mom dad are nowhere to be seen and still have so much money! Plus I mean are mukti’s parents so busy in minting money that they forgot to drop even a msg when their girl was humiliated on national TV!!! I mean Sunny Leonne had time but her parents didn’t!!!!! So cool na! Guess they are still earning money to find their daughters drugs! Cabir’s dad- exists in some outer universe who visits her wife just to beat her!! And then again disappears!!!! His twin bro was just a prop who also has disappeared to Mars! I mean people disappear so easily!! And that abhimanyu thing!!!!!! Does anyone in the TV industry know what cancer does to a patient!!! Forget happily walking to college as a peon u can’t even walk or talk properly after a chemo session… And his dad is d most weird dad leaving his son to die in an unknown place after giving him a debit card! Will power is appreciated but fr those who have personally been with cancer patients, they feel insulted becoz they wonder if their family member had any less will power because unfortunately they didn’t have the strength to tell their kids about their illness forget spreading happiness!!!!!!!!! Plus Nandini murthy is a dumb!!!! Nothing more than that!!!

  3. ananya

    if u cant respect other shows pls dnt insult them so openly
    thanku for the update …..episode is good but not awesome
    jst hoping for best

  4. daisy

    omg omg!!!!! @ indian…. y r u desperately after all serials????? though u hav a point yet ur style is very offensive…… u just cant offend nything so openly!!!! :/

  5. indian shows suck!

    @daisy I know I might be offensive but plz consider d fact that lyf is far more than the kind of lyf these people are trying to show! I mean u being a girl or fr that matter any kid in college or school might know that no Indian parent would accept their kids in almost inebriated condition and being out of ur home fr frnds night out fr days together!! And even if its a music college I never see them attending classes…. They are sent on a world mission to earth to solve every other persons problems!!! I mean even in d weirdest of luv stories something should be relatable to real lyf!!!!

    • daisy

      oh indian…..u sound so cute while saying all dese…… no m serious…… i mean i neva thought any1 wud think abt all dese apart frm me too…. I AM TOTALLY SPEECHLESS!!!! even i hav dese xact opinions but u cant just tell dem openly….. n tell me do u findANY serial sticking to reality????? it cant be!!! else story wud juz get over in few overs…… so its all acceptable as its FICTION! So b happy wid it 🙂 🙂

    • daisy

      i dnt kno if u marked it or nt but i agreed wid u in ss n kyy BUT it has a limit…… i may sound as a hippocrite to sum but truth z even i HAD SAME thinking to few days back…. but den u just cant change nything by fighting here….. dey ll do wats in dere content….. so its better na if we dint fyt… wat say????? u r vry much free to voice ur opinions no matter wat but its juz a piece of suggestion fr ur own good…. arre yaar kya milega…. leave it na…. y not make frnds n share a healthy relation wid all in a world where people dnt hv tym even fr own people 🙂 m sry if i HURT NYBODY Z EMOTIONZ THRU MY COMMENT…. 🙂 🙂

  6. fairy

    Indian, yes ofcrse we respect ur opinion..bt evry1’s view is dffrnt frm othrs….yes may b sm mystry they dint shw clearly..sm were cnfusng….u may dnt like it..bt may b othrs like it to watch.. .hp they ll clear all ths thngs bfr endng kyy…..

  7. indian shows suck!

    @pradishma I wrote this because what you see and like on tv is what impacts ur brain d most!! And sometimes this creates false expectations… Life is not always a bed of roses…. And I will say what I feel like!!! Just because manan is cute doesn’t make the story good! Some people even imagine them to be a pair in real life!!!! Srsly this is d kind of impact it has on people! That is why I say d concept should be executed in a realistic manner!!!!!

  8. indian shows suck!

    @daisy I didn’t want to hurt anyone here!! I know maybe you might have feelings attached to d show so I am extremely srry again every1 but I just kept my view! Srry to hurt u people!!!!

    • daisy

      itz OKAY…. u dnt need to apologize….. m welcum to all opinions…. cz its india n evry1 z born free …. so chill 🙂

  9. fairy

    No indian shw….it’s ok…u cn share ur view wd us..bt plz say it softly so tht othrs dnt gt hurt…evry1 hs d r8 to gv their opinion…..bt if u say any1’s favrte thngs bad, thn she/ he ll b hurt….

  10. fairy

    Hi krittika…leave it yarr…dnt drag the matter…indian hd said srry…
    Indian…no need to say tnx…u r welcm to kyy family..act smtm we watch shw to refresh our mnd…l thnk no1 follow it in their real life..
    Krittika…hw r u ?

  11. indian shows suck!

    @krittika why does it cone down to eng vs Indian shows! They too have their share of trash!!! And I really do not owe u any explanation!!! I might be rude to the show but u appear rude to me!!! So plz…. I have my opinion and that too a kind of suggestion to d director so dat d show becomes more realistic!!! Since found by my comments u would realise I have watched this show from day 1 even without a single show missing! So i n a way I wish good fr d show… Improvements should always be welcomed!!!!

  12. fairy

    Yup greesh…l m fn too…all is ok….u ll undrstnd aftr readng tday’s cmnts….bt nw it is fn…

  13. greesh

    ya nw i jst cmpltd readin it…..keep faith in our shw n we’ll definitly find it rewardin us wit d bst episodes n story….

  14. ananya

    hey guys….i m so unhappy abt our kyy page…..it has so less comments….this sucks….where is our kyy family???…..we cant lose frm other shows

  15. Indian……how dare u to insult my manan pair wat do u think of ur self
    …..i guess u need to go to mental hospital…..i never comment……bt today seeing my manan insult i could not stop my self….u cn suggest for serial bt not for manan pair

    • indian shows suck!

      Array Maine wahi toh bola manan pair is nyc…. Had hai yaar!!! Now I wont clarify!! Plz understand my comment clearly…

  16. ananya

    its a humble request frm my side to all kyy fans and kyy members….atleast contribut few comments thanking sona for the update….kyy was a family and it is a family….pls dnt let it down….be a family plsssss

  17. ananya

    gud night to all…pls fulfill my wish as its not only my wish…its the wish of all members of these page….hav a gud sleep and manan drmz

  18. Liks

    ??? I seriously feel u people are big FOOLS!!! I mean creating all these stupid so called KYY FAMILY. Do u even know wat family means. It means being able to stand by someone even in ur toughest times and u guys even don’t know each others’ faces!!! C’mon ppl get some life. I really have a gala time reading ur comments ??? I seriously laugh like hell reading them. These ppl hav created a page to read the episode and here u are u created a family ???? . GOD SAVE THEM??????

  19. Kyy rockzz family

    We know the meaning of family….evn better than anyone else miss/mr…it is our mutual trust and self belief which makes our kyy family …. It is our bond of relationship that makes its strong….nd yes we r not any exception….. Like any other family we protect our loved ones …stamd beside thm in the toughest hours of need….nd that makes our family great…it doesn’t matter whether we hv seec each othr or not..bcoz what we hv is a heart to heart relationship…so man! Get a life… If u wanna join us we r free ti welcm you but u cant sit on the edge….lol….kyy rockzz family is the best

  20. Max

    If you want something you never had,
    Do something you have never done!
    Dont go the way life take you,
    Take the life the way you go!
    And remember we are born to live,
    Not living because we are born!!!
    GM guyz. hve a wonderful day

  21. kyy

    Stupid liks. U own dont know the meaning of family. If you want to be friend after seeing their face, you will never get the true friend. You have to look their behaviour, their caring nature. Who says they dont stand by each other in their toughest time. REad their past comments. Means u didnot read their comments properly. And laughter is very good medicine. Laugh as much as you want.
    And a free advice never choose anyone in your life by judging their face. Dont think that people will come here and will support you, because you are wrong. Keep laughing. Atleast in this busy modern life kyy family can make anyone laugh like HELL.

  22. Max

    kyy Its waste 2 explain sch guyz. Dey think blood relation is only a family. heart realtion is more powerful than blood relation nd its nt possible 2 explain these guyz. leave it. forgive their unawareness!

  23. kyy

    Yes, max . God just made this fellow to take test the good ones that how much patience they have after seeing them.

  24. kyy

    Comments hv got more number for this types of people. Do come here, we are ready to tackle these people.

  25. Max

    @kyy liks himself tld standing wit each other in toughest times is considered as family and I feel kyy family is exactly doing tat 4 d frnds who r in need. 4 dis I dont think so we hve see our each others faces right??? heights of stupidity liks

  26. kyy

    And liks ,god is always there to help evryone. You dont need to plead to god to help them specially. Stupid immature fellow.

  27. kyy

    Ofcourse max. Very few pg’s ppl stand by each other in their toughest time and help their friend like kyy. What will we do after seeing each others face? Will we help only the beautiful? Wont we help who are not? Stupid liks, beauty doesnot lie in anyone’s face. It lies in people’s passion, nature, behaviour and works.

  28. Max

    @kyy so now we will pray God to save liks k. come letz pray togethr for hm

  29. ananya

    gud morning dearies
    i m happy that u all fought against that LIKS….but anyways we r lacking comments….never mind we will cope up soon

  30. ananya

    thanks max bro and kyy….thanku for keeping up our sweet family….and anyways we should not mind if anyone is saying something abt our family….listen frm one yr and take out frm another….and its clear that he whosoever he was doesnt knw what family is

  31. ananya

    but didi not all of them….and anyways we r always praying for them…atleast some members must be free….they should come here

  32. ananya

    yeah di i m here……pls its a request frm my and laura di dnt let our kyy family lose…….our family is breaking down…..we cant let the words of LIKS be true

  33. kyy

    Thanks sara,aish and ananya.
    Ananya, why are you saying like this tht we should ashamed of ourselves? We dont know what other’s members are going through. We cant say like this before knowing their situation and problem. May be evryone is busy. And who are free may be they like to spend this time in some other way. In every family, there are ups and downs. If you loose all your hope in your family’s down time, then wht will happen. We donot need to be ashamed of ourselves. We just need to understand their situation and have to wait for the perfect time.

  34. Aisha malya

    Are no need to thank me anaya afterall we r friends ya … And u can call me aisha /aishu dear cuz i guess our age is nearly same …

  35. Aisha malya

    Hi kyy … Chill dear … Its just that everybody is concerned that there r less comments ..

  36. Laura

    Hey sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana dear how r u
    I missed u sana
    I m fine aisha

  37. sana

    Yaar i hv to delete my id sm girl named pooja was sending mails agn n agn two three days back she ate my head fr half hour… so i deleted my id

  38. Laura

    Sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana sana where r u dear

  39. Aisha malya

    Maine haara main tera saara main meetha meetha tu khaara khaara main tera saara main saara main … I just love this song

  40. fairy

    Laura laura laura…missed u a looooooooooot…
    aishaaaa……my swt sis…missed u tooooo
    Sanaaaaaaaaaaaa…u hv bcm dissapeared all of a sudden…..mk new id plzzzz…
    Anan…my cute sis…..hw r u ?

  41. fairy

    Sanappiii was bg wd her exm….
    I hd talked wd auho bfr mny days…she said she was bg wd some functn…nutz is also bg wd exm prepartn…ammy cm here bt jst missng frm smdays….

  42. sana

    Yes i made new id
    hw r u dairy milk missed u soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
    yaar i ws upset so thoda sa brk frm kyy
    Nutz sam aadhya sab kaise h fairy??? Missed evryone

  43. Laura

    Yes fairy i m fine
    I had 91%for icse
    I was stuck with results admission And other stuff but now i m free

  44. ananya

    ammy di got her results today….she is in school busy…she said she will come at night

  45. fairy

    Thn mail ……sana…
    Sam isnt in mail…he had said tht he own dsnt knw whn he ll cm to online…
    Aadhs nd nutz is fn….

  46. Aisha malya

    No problem ananya i just said cuz u must 11 or 12 year old n m also 12 so i just said we can call each other by name … K guys gotta go otherwise bhai will kill me for sure … See ya bye guys

  47. fairy

    Congrats laura…mny mny best wshes fr ur future….gv us treat…
    Yup anan…l m jst too bg wd my exm preprtn…tday was my holiday..so gt smtm….thn againnnnn

  48. fairy

    Wow..nice…cnvey my cngratltn to ammy…
    Bye aishu…plz cm again nd soon…tk care…

  49. sana

    Wht mail i dnt hv anyones id…
    u mail me nw… my id is same jst no. is chmgd instead of 38 its 99
    common mail me

  50. fairy

    Ok tnx sana…l ll..
    Hahaha…laura….its just an official holiday…bt fr me it was hectic….l was bg frm 7.00 to 1.00…
    Tomrw l hv exms too..??

  51. ananya

    awww…all the best fairy di…u will do well
    my brother he is so annoying..took my mobile

  52. fairy

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  53. ananya

    not 2000 sara 5000….anyways hiii
    our kyy is the best..best of all
    director ji pls improve the script
    show something good

  54. Laura

    I dont know dhruv And alia maybe they will come
    I think maybe abhimanyu will make a surprise entry back to kyy cured from cancer because not much about his death was known

  55. sana

    U all din heard my song right one fr u all 😉

    Uff mere dil me thodi khali si jagh thi
    uff tune aake bin kiraye ye jagh li
    kuch keh bhi na saki ye kaisi bebasi
    u chupke chupke aaya bin bulaya mehman
    uff mere dil me thodi khali si jagh thi
    humko na khabr kab kaise aaya wo
    dil se khusphus kya farmaya wo
    uff mere dil me ….

    Fairy i got ur mail
    laura u too mail me

  56. fairy

    No zain imam aka abhimanyu’s part is over….may b they ll nt shw his prt anymr…l hd read abt it…

    • Laura

      Really fairy i wish abhimanyu is back but i think there is no hope if his part is over

  57. ananya

    max bhai thanku for speaking against that LIKS
    nice song sana di…hehe
    no laura di nandini shd be more strong…everytime manik proves his love

  58. fairy

    Tnx sana…
    Hi max..
    I dnt knw why still l like manan’s sweet f8s nd hw they bcm clse to each othr…l mean kyy’s frst prt…

  59. ??Sara??

    hii sandy… evn I lyk abhimanyu yaar… bt I dnt thnk if abhimanyu cms bck also mukti vl accept him… as he left her…

  60. ??Sara??

    hii oreo… I dnt lyk dumbo nandu yaar… I lyl fyter nandu who oce punchd manik hard

  61. ??Sara??

    hii oreo… I dnt lyk dumbo nandu yaar… I lyk fyter nandu who once punchd manik hard

  62. ananya


  63. ananya

    sana di u shld go to previous pages…liks was there…I too dnt hav sana di and max bhai’s id

  64. ananya

    yeah she will be fine soon…aryaman is villain…my gosh harshad, nyonika and he ….uff

  65. Laura

    Hey guys going now will come at night pleaseeeeeeee tell nutz sam carru qwert And Every1 else to come to kyy site at night i want to see them

  66. sana

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  67. sana

    Arre yaar i talkd wid u tht day i think on same day sm grl named pooja mailed me n said whr is my frnd hw is she etc etc i said who r u i dnt knw who is ur frnd she ate my head fr half hr still kept mailing thts y i deletd id
    mene shenaz ko bhi bola tha me itni confused hogayi thi tht i deleted accnt

  68. ananya

    fairy di I read ur mail….I replied u
    u said he right thing abt strong and weak person and TIME…I m so happy you wrote…u did a fantastic job

  69. Aisha malya

    Actually i used to watch jodha akbar n meri aashiqui tumse hi but now don’t get time to watch the both … I even hardly get time to watch ky2 …

  70. Aisha malya

    Ya me there ananya … Ananya i wanted to ask that do u have any nickname cuz it will be easy for me to call u …

  71. Aisha malya

    Sara n Anna tell something about urself so that i’ll get to know u both better …

  72. Aisha malya

    Ya i m an old member … Actually at first i joined jodha akbar tu , then ye hai mohabbatein , then big boss, then meri aashqui tumse hi , then sadda haq tu and then ky2 tu … Its a long journey …

  73. ammy

    Hii Ricky ananya sara aishaaa….missdd u alllll…
    Air Ricky aap abhi gussa toh nhi ho na?? Asking…

  74. Aisha malya

    Hi ammyyy !!!!! Missed u very much dear !!!! Good to see u after a long time dear !!

  75. ammy

    Humare yha pe medical mein MBBS phir MD karne mai atleast 26 saal lag jaye hai…phir aaj kal toh MD se bhi kam nhi chalta…pakistan mai ye sab bht fast hota hai na…achhi baat kam umar mein hi padhai khatam karsakte ho…

  76. Ricky Baig

    no dear main blkul bhi ghussa nai hu kehte haina raat gai baat gai isliye bhul jao jo hua ok.nd again am really sorry main thora over react kar gaya.

  77. Aisha malya

    Oh u wanna become a doctor bhai ! All the very best for that ! I to wanna become an IAS officer ..

  78. Ricky Baig

    26 saal itna time.yahan tou 5 saal lagte hai zyada se zyada 6 tak but is se zyada nahi.

  79. ammy

    Aisha aaj boards ka result aya….achha hua hai….98% in best 5 ? kuch din se achhe se neend nhi aarhi thi due to tension…lol…mein toh kal raat soch rhe thi neend ki goliyan khalu….lol haha

  80. ??Sara??

    ys I heard it… its vry nyc bt d dance dnt suit acc to d sng… bhai thnx bola naa to mai baat mahi karungi…

  81. ??Sara??

    ys I heard it… its vry nyc bt d dance dnt suit acc to d sng… bhai thnx bola naa to mai baat nahi karungi…

  82. Aisha malya

    Its great ammy … I must say u r an intelligent student … Yaar awesome dear n all the best for ur future also …

  83. ammy

    Yup amanya….its great…bt recently humari adhuri kahani rocking charts…
    Ricky 26 saal mai ve kuch nhi hota…thn u hv to go abroad….phir MECP karo…. Matlab 28 saal…phir eek saal house staff ship…toh aap 30 saal ke pehle practice nhi shuru kar sakte…agar achha doc banna chaho to…

  84. ananya

    yeah Aisha di…ammy di is an intelligent student…I would never score that much marks in eleventh class

  85. Aisha malya

    Yeah i heard it yaar … But they have repeated their songs just little addition in the lyrics with music change .. Like bezubaan n sun saathiya .. These two songs were in abcd also

  86. ananya

    noo…sun saathiya is new song
    hehe ammy di…u both ran from ranchi mental hospital
    and I and laura di frm agra mental hospital

  87. ??Sara??

    woah I m bck… ammy yaar aaj kal bahut saafdhaan rehne ki zarurat hai… kal baal baal bach gayi… warna band baj jaati

  88. *Sonia*

    ohno that evil khanikar has made his entry hr as indian show. U wil get a punch khanikar

  89. ??Sara??

    oh y dnt u listen to sngs bhai?? mai jab bhi bore ho jati hun aur chat ke liye koi bhi nahi hota tab sngs hi sun ti hun dey wrk grt fr me

  90. jack

    Hi…. jack is back after i think mnth or so…
    anyone missed me??
    Kitne cmmnts ka target h???

  91. jack

    🙁 Ok byee thn sana to raat ko aayegi… agr koi aaya to
    yaar raat ko koi Q nhi aata yaha?? 11 k baad me 10:30 tak studies cmplt kar leti hu bt yaha koi bhi nhi hota bt sns pe bhi maza aata h…chat karte karte so jati hu…

  92. shenaz

    Oh OK dr but I can’t handle on 2 tu as 5000 in 1 n 1000 on other so u also have to promise u will work with me on both to achieve its target OK

  93. ??Sara??

    haan haan kajo lee v enjoy a lot did u cook ur bro bruce lee’s fav veggie – mu lee

  94. jack

    Sara here m only sana yaar
    ok nw bye bye hmwrk karna h
    bye bye gud evening 🙂

    Thodi thodi kathai si uski aakhein
    thodi surme bhari
    uske hoto pe muskuraye
    haaye duniya meri
    chakhna bhi chahu
    rakhna bhi chahu
    sabse chupa ke use
    rabba rabba mere rabba rabba
    bas ek jhalak tu dikha….

    gud eve bye bye….

  95. jack

    Shenaz i try hard tht i shd sleep bt my eyes nt ready to close… so nw i will study… bye bye

  96. ??Sara??

    nah nt much… smtyms I watch bt nt all.. mstly I watch gumrah it shws youngsters crimes

  97. ??Sara??

    spcly new season… season 5 blo*dy ishq… der r two reasons to watch dis season frst reason is dey shw luv stries + crime… secnd reason is my fav karan patel z d host..

  98. ??Sara??

    oh kk he z my fav host fav actor in yhm as raman he roxzz… my secnd fav host z rithvik dhanjani.. den shruti seth… & karan wahi

  99. ??Sara??

    me & shenaz r hr bhai… jst nw I thought to mail u.. wenever I think of u either I get ur mail or u cm on tu hihi

  100. ??Sara??

    hey greesh so u r gal I ws readng cmnts latr dat day… I thought u r boy… btw sry fr dissappearing dat day..

  101. shenaz

    Oh OK swthrt n yes v can complete ur target sweety
    Hi Ricky nyc to c u back
    Hi greesh nyc to meet u agn

  102. ??Sara??

    yaar wen ppl r fast I bcm slw… bt smtyms I bcm too fast… dis z nt done I want same speed as evry1…

  103. Ricky Baig

    waow kehte haina ke dil ko dil se raah hoti hai.haha zyada ho gaya btw sara mera fav bhi karan patel hai nd than Karan singh grover

  104. ??Sara??

    oh I see bhai ksg meta fav to nahi bt qh me uska character accha tha… I knw shenaz I cant get same speed evrytym hihi

  105. shenaz

    No Sara
    Sara dis is enough

  106. ??Sara??

    yaar wen I want to do 500 I cant do it wen I dnt wanna do it… it hapns automatically ugh yaar

  107. shenaz

    OK now bye Sara Ricky n greesh
    Hi n bye pragna by d way first dey were my fav couple but not know
    Guys v did more dan 500 Congo to all tc bye c u guys soon

  108. ??Sara??

    yaar greesh v did nly 500 b4 v usd to do 1000 or 2000 in 1 day & on weekends it usd to b 5000-7000 pata nahi kiski buri nazar lag gayi…

  109. ??Sara??

    waah bye bolne to sab automatically appear hojate hain 😛 anyways bye shenaz tc c u

  110. greesh

    i jst cmpltd 12th pragna
    so knw u knw wat 2 call me?u dnt need 2 call akka if u r small….

  111. Ricky Baig

    sry 4 disaprng behna.but i hv to go,lahore main hu aaj nd stadium jaa raha hu Pak ka T20 match daikhnay.
    raat ko baat krtay hai ok mail pe.bye t.c

  112. ??Sara??

    Jaan le ki kismat ne baante hairaahon mein kaanteAur main bhi hu ziddi aaun kismat ke aadeNaa roke rukun, tu gira main uthunPinjre todkar failaunga main parTujhme jitna hai zor tu laga le magarHans ke kat jaayega, na jhukega ye sarJaan le ki kismat ne baante haiRaahon mein kaante hai..Naa roke rukun tu gira, main uthun..Regzaaron mein, aag hai jitniHai lahu kholta mera inn ragon me phir bhiKhaaksaron ko, khaak hi kaafiRaas mujhko hai khamoshi meriBezubaan kab se main rahaBegunaah sehta main rahaBezubaan kab se main rahaBegunaah sehta main rahaJaan le ki kismat ne baante haiRaahon mein kaante hai..ki ki kismat ne baante haiRaahon mein kaante hai..Sau sawaal hainSau hai laanateMere taraano peLagi hai kaalikheYeh.. aag sapno kiRaakh haathon meinSooni aankhon mein chalti umeed haiNa mila mauka, na mili maafiKehdo kitni sazaa aur baakiBezubaan kab se main rahaBegunaah sehta main rahaBezubaan kab se main rahaBegunaah sehta main rahaJaan le ki kismat ne baante haiRaahon mein kaante hai..Main bhi hu ziddi aaun kismat ke aadeNaa roke rukun tu gira main uthunPinjre todkar failaunga main parTujhme jitna hai zor tu laga le magarHans ke kat jaayega, na jhukega ye sar

  113. ??Sara??

    Ho.. sun saathiya maahiyaBarsa de ishqa ki syahiyaanRang jaaun, rang rang jaaun ri, haari mainTujhpe main jhar jhar jhar jaaunHoon piya bas teri mainHo chhu le toh khari main(Toh khari main khari main…)Ho.. sun saathiya maahiyaBarsa de ishqa ki syahiyaanMain ret si, boond ka zariya tuPaa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun reMain ret si, boond ka zariya tuPaa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun riTar jaaun tar tar jaaunDariya ye tar jaaun jeeIshq ye paake main teraNikhar jaaun ri…Piya bas teri mainHo.. chhu le toh khari maintoh khari main khari main…Ho.. sun saathiya maahiyaBarsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

  114. Aisha malya

    Huh these mtv people na ! I can’t stand them ! Instead of giving a new episode they gave us babaji ka thullu with a boring sa story so far !!

  115. Aisha malya

    Na mila episode , na comedy ka dose ,kehdo kitni saza aur baaki !! Bezubaan kabse ham rahe , bezubaan sehte ham rahe…

    • Aisha malya

      I guess m missin fairy di that why i wrote fairy instead fairy … Wow its great

  116. Aisha malya

    Let it be but m going to watch the match yaar .. My 80% vote goes to csk because of ashwin , raina , jadeja , mohit , dhoni n nehra n 20% to rcb because of AB n chris gayle n chahal …

  117. ??Sara??

    ammy kitne paise mile in ad commercial karne ke mujhe bhi bata do aaj kal pocket money kaafi nahi hai make up items aur accessories kharidne ke liye 😛

  118. ??Sara??

    ye kal hi ka epi hai bhai… kal humne jitne cmnts kiye the… aaj sirf 100 hue hai uske alawa

  119. Boom boom BabA

    Altu faltu jhaltu gili gili jalatu !!! Aab yha pe coments ki barsat hogi…bom bom!!!

  120. shenaz

    Yup Sara its really very low so I have decided I will b here till 8:00 v will have fun Sara

  121. Fawad Afzal Khan

    Hmm nhi I mjhe zindagi Gulzar part 2 shooting ke liye jana hai……….TIME NEHI HAI LADKI

  122. Sadaf Afzal Khan

    tum ghar aao tumhe jharu aur jute se nahi mara naa to mera naam bhi sadaf nahi

  123. Ricky Baig

    i knw dear kal hi ka epi hai main yahi bolna chah raha tha ke sirf 100 aur huwe aur

  124. Fawad Afzal Khan

    Janu naraz hai…..ugh…kya karu maine toh makeup kharid ne ke paise diye the…phir kya ho gaya….

  125. sana

    Beta mera name Q use kiya?? Shenaz to mjhe koi mail bheja hi nhi abhi to mr esa Q bolungi…

  126. ammy

    Mai kisiki teacher wecher nhi hun…
    Sara tm din mai bhi Kapil ki khwaab dkhti ho first case recorded

  127. ??Sara??

    kapil?? huh mujhe sirf uski comedy pasand hai… huh tum fawad ke khwab dekhti ho wo kuch nahi??

  128. amammammyy

    Dusro ko bolne ki kya zaroorat hai I m stupid sara….mjhe sharam ve toh aati hai…hum dono ki secret….okay….that I am stupid…..lol

  129. shenaz

    Congo swthrt finally u did it luv u for dis now no1 can copy ur name n u can freely chat with us

  130. ??Sara??

    hii neha… bhai she meant I strtd d drama lolzzz… btw u lyk fawad or imran more??

  131. shenaz

    See Sara Ricky is same as me for fb
    Tk u Ricky for mailing sana otherwise I took dat comment seriously really a big tk u

  132. ??Sara??

    fb bhai ki studies pe se concentration hata sakti hai.. shayad isiliye bhai hate fb

  133. §¤rïçh㤠(tît£í)§

    Sara vahan sirf chat box h update nhi dopahar se still updating a rha nd also r cmnts

  134. §¤rïçh㤠(tît£í)§

    Sara pura update pg drama h hvmre sath dhoka hua h dhoka..aur mazak bhi

  135. ??Sara??

    no no it ws more dan enuf ammy hihi… action romace thriller… comedy hatred luv etc lolzzz

  136. Ricky Baig

    sara behna kal main lahore qaddafi stadium main Pak ka match live daikha khud bht maza aya itne arsay baad Koi interntnl team ai ti Pak 6 saal baad

  137. ammy

    Lol phir toh ricky aap hum logo ko kya kehenge….truly fb karte toh hai par padhai ke liye bhi achha tym milta hai…….. ??? lol

  138. ??Sara??

    I lyk nly WC cricket… ye saal ind bahut buri tarah se hari semi final me.. virat first tym me hi out ho gaya 🙁

  139. ammy

    Haa tab mai Kashmir mai thi pta hai…… Dal lake pe ghum rhi thi….wha pe comentry suni virat duck out…..

  140. aish

    Sry 2my fb frndzzzzzzzzz I can’t send reply 2 any of ur messages bcoz I repaired my laptop I didn’t install messenger sry for not sending reply 2u guyz soon my papa will buy another laptop for me den I ll cum 2 fb chatting

  141. ammy

    Hmm mjhe bhi cricket bht pasand hai…lol mai eek bar gayi thi cricket coaching club me….

  142. ??Sara??

    hmmm okk aish…. haha ammy… kisi ne virat anushka ke jokes padhe net pe??… us din jab virat duck out hua tha us din ke…. d jokes were jst awesome hihi

  143. ammy

    Virat Kohli khelta toh bht achha hai par kitna over confident isi liye toh out hota hai
    Haan toh cricket coaching club mai mene 6 month ke liye practice ki toh thi…pr 6 mnth ke baad bhi pta nhi chala mai batsman hun ya bowler lol

  144. shenaz

    I’m crazy for making KKR lose as I want my bro to lose with dat
    N I luv watching WC India vs pak especially when any1 loses den I’m lyk aab in he apni country se tana sunne ko milega

  145. ammy

    Woh jo advertise hai na guyzz…” Virat tu ad shad na diya kar apne khel pe concentrate kar…” Its right fr him virat kohli

  146. Plumpyyy

    [email protected]

  147. Plumpyyy

    Hi sara..so VK is ur fav…i dnt lyk him bt i luv to c his xpression wen he’s out, or wen his team wins…its really vry funny..:-P:-P

  148. Plumpyyy

    Hi ammy di sana aish neha di..neha di yuvraj singh ka toh pata nai..bt i luv yuvraj thakur…

  149. shenaz

    Hi plumpyy he r u dr
    Yup Sara my bro I really irritate him for d KKR match n when I m dere he always loses for sure no doubt in it

  150. ammy

    Waise yaad aya news suni hai guyzz fawad khan wil b portraying virat Kohli in upcoming bolly fim ” ms dhoni a untold story”

  151. Plumpyyy

    Haha true [email protected]
    bye guyz wil surely cum in 20 mins

  152. ??Sara??

    so sry bhai…. maine aap ka cmnt nahi dekha…. ammy cm to fb ur fav bhai z der huh…

  153. ammy

    Huh sahi baat boli sara ne fawad ko mjhse shaadi karni thi….wat a stupidness!!! Aab mai kisse shaadi karu??

  154. sana

    Am also leaving bye bye
    btw kon h fb pe sara?? Suhash sam?? Jo bhi h tell my HI bye bye

  155. ??Sara??

    no no bhai… naraz mat ho…. huh tumse ammy lyk really?? wo bandariya se kabhi shadi nahi karega

  156. ammy

    Huh maine kab kha Kohli achha nhi khelta…bt itna show off karega toh jab captain banega toh indian team ko modelling team mai transform kardega sara…

  157. shenaz