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Veera 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera talking to Ratan about Baldev. She asks how will I explain him. Ratan says about Akbar and Birbal stories, Ranvi used to tell her, Birbal used to explain Akbar by new ways and stories. Veera says I understood, we made school for kids benefit, they can still do something and stop this loss to the pind. Ranvi asks Arora to hear the song in duet and he has a new voice, he is not asking to sign her, but hear her once, I know you give chance to new talent, like we met, if you like her, maybe this can be good for our song. Arora says fine, just because you are saying, I will hear her. Ranvi says thanks, I will call her.

Geet says she is very tensed. Gunjan says Veera said you sing well, she is innocent and feels everyone is like her, I want you to sing well as its about my husband’s career, his name will be spoiled if you don’t sing well. Ranvi comes and asks Geet to come. He explains her about singing. Geet gets nervous and Arora looks on. Ranvi signs her to sing. Gunjan sits watching her.

Baldve tells the pind that he will get jobs for everyone, he came to tell them. Veera explains some kids what to do and sends them. The school kids ask Baldev to see his presentation, and explain a model. The boy tells about the land drying by bthe factories and pollutions. Baldev understands the demerit of factories. He asks does this really happen. The boy says yes, you can ask science teacher or check on internet. Baldev sees it and says fine, you made it very well. They thank him. Veera looks on.

The people ask Baldev about his news. Baldev says I got an offer to open factory in pind, but I decided that I will not let it open in our pind, Pritampura should not become bad. They clap for him and call him a good sarpanch. The kids tell Veera that they did the work. She thanks him and gives them the chocolates. Baldev hears her and goes to see.

He catches her. Kohli asks Baldv what did he do, he canceled the project by hearing the kids, the boss will be angry. Baldev says I will talk to him. They ask him to come now itself and talk. Veera tells Baldev that pind would have been ruined, she told him the truth, did the kids say wrong, he can find out, we have saved the pind by ruling our factory. Baldev leaves.

Ranvi asks Geet not to take tension and sing well. Arora says how can Ranvi get such people, his time is wasting up. Geet removes the headphone. Ranvi asks her where is she going. Ranvi asks what happened. The man says she heard everything. Ranvi asks Arora to give some time, she will sing well. Arora says fine, we will take lunch break, then she has to sing or leave. Ranvi goes to Geet and pacifies her. Geet says she regrets to let down Ranvi and Veera.

She says Gunjan says right. Ranvi says when he came here, he could not sing. She says she does not have talent. He says Veera never lies and does not give wrong hope, if she said you sing well, you can sing well, you can sing the lullaby, think its Deepu. He convinces her. Gunjan comes and talks to her. She says Arora will scold Ranvi which she can’t bear. Geet says she knows she dislikes her for what she did, btu she did not wish to break Veera and Baldev. Gunjan asks her to sing well.

Ratan sees a kid holding a big bag and takes the burden on her. She asks why is she not coming to school. The girl says mum told me to work. Ratan asks why. The girl says I don’t know. Ratan drops the girl to home and thinks they are in some problem. She takes Deepu and leaves. Geet says she will sing without music and she has always sung without any music. She recalls Ranvi’s words and sings a bhajan. Arora likes the song, and Gunjan is shocked as she sings. They all clap for her.

Bansuri argues with Balwant. Balwant defends Veera. Baldev says nothing will be made in pind now, builder cancelled the deal, no mall and no factory, I will lose my respect in everyone’s eyes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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