Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini hides away and comes to a hall watching Cabir playing drums. He turns to her, make her sit on the bench and says she can use the drums. Nandini doesn’t take his sticks, he tells Nandini he felt awkward here because he was a gay. When he couldn’t find anything good, music held him and gave him Fab5 which is his life. Nandini says thanks for sharing so much with her, but he is very brave. Cabir says so is she, she is just hanging there. Nandini leaves the hall. She walks through the corridor to find Mukti playing guitar. She tells Nandini that she learned love from his parents, they fought, cry, and be happy. They were together because they thought marriage is all about compromise. Nandini gets it she wants to tell her this about friendship. Mukti suggests to make fantastic music together. Nandini hugs Mukti crying. She says this means a lot to her, Mukti says she means a lot for them; give music a chance. Nandini smiles and moves forward. She comes ahead to come across Aaliya with a piano. Aaliya says she loved her brother, she knew he was wrong and was always torn to side him or what is right. It wasn’t easy. Music and friendship helped her make her decision, that is when she realized that music can give you the strenght to face anything in life, as music has magic in it. Nandini looks behind at Cabir and Mukti, she tells Aaliya she never knew so many people will care for her taking her music. She cries that they are all very special to her, but moves on. Manik stood downstairs and says it seems she is a tough girl to please, he says there are other instruments in music library as well. He asks her to stay, he will be back here. She tries to speak, he keeps hand on her mouth and says music will and will have to come back to her life. He leaves for library.
Aryaman asks for Jambay, African drums in library. Harshid comes there in a hurry. Aryaman asks him to stand behind him in queue. Harshid says in SPACE, seniors are given priority. Aryaman shows him a notices that read ‘first come first serve’. Harshid asks if he knows whose good books he is coming into? Aryaman asks if he is the cool Fab5? The librarian asks Aryaman to go to the third row. Harshid runs back to Aryaman, they both have a confrontation then laughs vigorously. He asks Aryaman that how his New York friend changed so much and made friends with Fab5 so easily. Aryaman says it was by God’s grace. Harshid says it is important to take them to the end as well, because it isnt easy to fool Fab5.
Cabir stops Nandini, telling her Manik can’t leave her alone anytime. He tells Nandini that he has seen Manik hurt many times, but this time he is really hurt deep down.
Harshid says to Aryaman that this is the only time and then Manik will be broken. Manik was in the library. Aryaman was lost, he says that they both have searched a lot about breaking Manik from his gang, but when he met him he feels as one of them. Harshid gets offensive that now he is having second thoughts, he will forget his childhood friend for the new ones. Aryaman gets louder that he never forgets his older friends while making new ones, friends are a family but he doesn’t know. Manik speaks that he does Aryaman, she he suggests not to waste time for him, it is easy for Harshid to forget his family and friends. Harshid says he never forgets his enemies. They have a confrotation, Aryaman interferes and asks them to keep calm. Manik asks him not to worry, he was keeping check on Harshid. Harshid tells Aryaman he knows where to come if he wants safety from Fab5. Aryaman says he will back off as they are here to learn music.
Manik brings Nandini near a staircase, he says he called her here because this is the way they climbed their steps of relationship. Different instruments lay on differnet steps, Manik asks her to try them. Nandini takes it and says it must be very difficult what he is doing, Mukti, Aaliya, Cabir shared their life’s secrets with her; it must not be that easy. Manik says it isnt that difficult, they all know how important she is for him. Nandini says even then she knows he is hurt because of him. Manik says it doesn’t matter if it hurts him. Nandini says she is, she can see it isnt easy. Manik says she needs time to think, alright. Nandini says alone, to gather herself. She tells him she is going to Goa, she needs to go. Manik gets angry and says he can’t let her go, it is decided. Nandini holds her from her back and whispers in her ear that he can’t let her go. Both share intimate moment together, Manik looks at Nandini then says he can’t let her go. She turns to him, then looks away. Manik asks if she is ok? Nandini says I need to go Manik, he stops her and asks her to look into his eyes and say this. Nandini shuts hers, then turns to him and says Manik, you have to let me go, she won’t follow her. Manik denies. He says he was so busy concentrating on going away, she didn’t think about Pandit once when he came close to her. He says somewhere down the line, she also know that she needs him, always. Nandini turns to look at him, says bye to him and leaves.

PRECAP: Neonika asks Manik what is on her mind. Manik says she knows it is always Nandini. He tells Neonika this workshop is being conducted by her grandma, Ambs.

Update Credit to: Sona

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