Swim Team 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Deepum tells Pixy that her father is getting married..Pixy tells yes..Kanika comes..Umang comes.Pixy gives the invitation card.Umang tells that she want to tell something..Rewa tells that Umang’s mother want to check the locker’s..Pixy tells that Umang dont trust them..Rewa tells that its Umang’s mother idea..Pixy gets angry..Pixy tells to check cars and all..Deepum tells its fine..Kanika tells How dare they..Kanika tells that she “kanika jamwal” ,,Umang tells she know no one can do..Umang tells its a small thing..Kanika tells no one will check her locker..Pixy tells no,,,Deepum tells to peon to check,,Kanika tells to check Rewa’s locker also..Rewa tells its obvious..Peon checks Rewa’s locker but finds nothing..Peon checks pixy locker and finds Banana peelings,,and CD..Peon tells there is nothing..Deepum tells to check her locker..Peon finds nothing..Peon checks Kanika locker..Peon gets a envelope,,Peon gets the silver medal..Peon tells this is the medal..Jugnu tells everyone to come for training…Jugnu goes..Umang sees angrily kanika..Pixy,,Deepum and Rewa excercise..Rewa tells sorry to Pixy and Deepum..Pixy tells its okay..Kanika tells that HOw dare Rewa..Kanika tells why she need to take the medal???Pixy tells the point is Kanika is a thief…Deepum tells that Kanika should have waited for next year..Rewa tells that her parent’s kept her name kanika which means GOLD..and she is spoiling the name..
Kanika cries and tells that she didnt took the medal..Rewa tells she have the proof..Rewa shows the medal..Kanika tells what’s wrong with them..Pixy tells it was in Kanika’s hand..Deepum tells its disgusting..Kanika sits and cries..Rewa comes it feels bad when someone trap them..Kanika tells it means???Rewa laughs..Kanika tells why Rewa did all???Rewa tells it was Umang and her plan because Kanika crossed all the boundries,,Kanika tells what she did???Rew tells not to act smart..Umang tells to trust her Deepum and Rewa will take their side..Umang tell to think before doing this..Rewa tells she want swim suit back…Rewa tells she will take by her own..Kanika tells how dare they,,Kanika tells that Rewa will pay for this..Rewa goes and bumps into Bhagat..Rewa tells that where Bhagat is going??Bhagat tells that he is leaving the academey..Rewa is shocked….Bhagat tells that TK refused to train..Rewa asks why??Bhagat tells that TK said he has many problems,Bhagat tells thats why he is going..Rewa tells there will sought out some solution will come out..Rewa tells to talk to Jugnu..Bhagat tells that Jugnu will never train as he dont like him..Rewa tells just to try..Rewa tells he will not let Bhagat go,,Rewa tells she will try…Bhagat tell nothing will happen..

Precap::Bhagat calls and thanks Rewa..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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