IshqBaaz FF – A Love Story Of Rivals… CH–7

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Scene starts in Rana Mansion—
Sameer was running & Gautam was running behind him. Finally Sameer comes to Sid & says-
Sameer- Bhai save me..
He hides behind Sid. Gautam too comes there.
Gautam- Sammy bhai today i will not leave u, u cant hide behind Sid bhai.
Sid- Gautu calm down baccha.
Gautam- U saw na bhai, what he did.

Sameer- What i did bhai … i was waking him up…
Gautam- Yaa.. by throwing water on me..
They start there nok-jhok.
Meanwhile servent brings food. He keeps and goes from there.
Sid- Stopp!!!!
Sameer & Gautam stop & looks at Sid who was watching them with fake anger. They make a baby face. Seeing it Sid bursts in laughter. Sameer & Gautam hugs him. Sid breaks the hug.

Sid – Ho gaya tum donno ka… Tum donno ko dekh karr koi nahi kah sakta ki ek doctor hai & dusara MBA 2nd yr.
Gautam- Kya bhai… Aap ke & Ani dii ke liye toh hum bacche hi hai na…
Sid- Huh…… They again hug him. Okk now lets eat, its too late & i am too hungry.
They three sit & starts having food.
Scene shifts to Oberois Mansion–
Anika was standing on the window of her room , while Sahil was sleeping .
Anika- Bahut Khush hai na yeh logg, hamari khushiyaa barbaad karke, lekin abb nahi, Kal ka Suraj oberois ke barbaadi ki shuruwat le karr aaye gaa.
She calls a person. (He is there staff)

Anika- Haa, maine tumhe kucch mails kiye thhe.
Person- Yes Mam, woh hai merre paas.
Anika- Woh sab media mein leak karr doo. Aur haa mails fake account se kar ke apne account ko dlt kar denna, taaki koi bhi tum tak pahuch na sake. Samjhe.. Aur haa, yeh sab kucch kal ke harr newspaper ke front page parr honna chahiye.
Person- Jii Mam…. Aur paise….
Anika- Woh tumahre bank account mein transffer ho jaye gey.
Person- Thank u mam….
Anika cuts the call.

Anika- Abb kal ek aisa dhamaka hogga kii iss Oberoi mansion ki emaarat hill jaye gii.
She smriks. She thinks to call Sid & tell him.
Scene shifts to Rana Mansion—
They were having dinner. Gautam was eating slowly. Sid & Sameer looks at each other.
Sid- Gautu what happened baccha… why are u not eating.
Gautam- Bhai i am missing Anika dii & Sahil.
Sid remembers abt Sahil’s message.
Sid- Yaa, i forgot to tell u both that Anika & Sahil have entered the oberoi mansion.
Sameer- Really bhai….

Sid Nods.
Gautam- That’s really a good news bhai…..
Just then Sid ‘s mobile rings. Ani flashes on it.
He keeps the call on speaker.
Anika- Sid….
Sid- Congrats Ani…. u are in the oberoi mansion. First step cleared.
Sameer & Gautam- Congrats dii….

Anika smiles & says– Thanks….. btw did u guys had food.
Sameer- Just having it… Diii….
Anika- So late….
Gautam- Yaa dii Sid bhai came let today na that.s why…
Sid closes his eyes… He knew Anika wld understand were was he.
Anika understood .
Anika- ooo…. Ya he had a imp meeting today….. She lied to Gautam & Sameer. Btw i have called to inform u guys that i have done my first attack.
Sid- That’s great Ani….
Anika- Okk Sameer & Gautam , i am sleepy talk to u guys later.
She cuts the call. Sid understood that Ani was angry on him. They finish there food. Sameer & Gautam said Good night to Sid & goes to there rooms. Sid to walks towards his room.

In room–
Sid calls Ani but she cuts the call. He again tries. After few rings Anika picked his call.
Sid- Ani woh……
Ani- No Sid…. No excuse….. U again went to that place naa….. Haa.. Why do u do this?? Dont torture ur self so much. U are bearing so much pain Sid… Plz dont do this to urself.
Sid- I cant forget Ani….. as much as i try i cant…. He cries. Anika too had tears in her eyes.

Ani- Sid its time to give oberois the pain … haa…. We have to be strong…
Sid – I know… So u forgive me…
Ani- Huh but on one condition…
Sid- What…..
Ani- I wanna my favourite choclate box, she said with puppy face…
Sid laughs & says- Yep pakka….
Ani– Okk good night
Sid- Good night……
Screen freezes on there faces…….

Precap– Media outside the Oberoi Mansion………….

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