IshqBaaz FF – A Love Story Of Rivals… CH–6

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Scene starts in Oberoi Mansion–
All had there food. Elders have already left for there rooms. All the youngster were in hall.
Rudra- Ok so now lets have party.
Mallika- Yaa that’s a great idea.
Shivaaye – Have u both seen the time & btw tommorrow morning i have a important meeting so i am out of it. He does his signature step & goes from there.
Om- Haa yaar its quite late. Lets postpone it for tommorrow.
Soumya- Haa lambey baal waale bhaiya is saying right. I am too sleepy.
Rudra- Haa Sumo, tumharra to kaam he yahi hai, khaana aur sonna.
Soumya- Oh hello Mr Dumb Oberoi… Iss waqt normal insaan ko neend hii aati hai.
Rudra- Toh tumhara matlab kya hai, main normal nahi hu.
Soumya smiles & says- Woh tum jaano…
Rudra begin thinking. Others tries to stop there laughter.
Om- Rudra tu soch hum sab apne kamre mein jaa rahe hai …. Ok…
Rudra- Haa O…..

He shakes his head as “Yeh dumb ka dumb rahe gaa”. He leaves while Mallika, Soumya, Priyanka , Anika & Sahil leaves to there rooms.
Scene shifts to Rana Mansion–
Sidhharth enter the Mansion. He was looking normal. He knew if his brothers see him weak or crying they will be broken. And after whatever happened 2 yrs back he & Anika were there everything. Vikram & Ketki were mainly living in Europe & looking at overseas business. And Sameer wld somehow control himself but Gautam he cant. He was baby bro for Anika & him.
Sid baba aap aa gaye. A servents voice brings him out of his thoughts.
Sid – Haa Kaka…
Servent- Khaana lagga du.
Sid- Haa, Sameer & Gautam kahan hai, unn ho ne bhi nahi khaaya ho gaa.
Servent goes from there. Sid goes to hall & sees both his brothers were sleeping on the table by keeping there head down.
He smiles & goes towards them. He keeps his hands on Sameer & tries to wake him up.
Sid- Sammy…… wake up… He shakes him softly.
He wakes.
Sameer- Bhai aap aa gaye.
Sid – Haa…
He then goes to Gautam.
Sid- Gautu…. wake up baccha, first eat & then go to room & sleep.
Gautam (still in sleep)- Sonne doo na bhai…
Sid- Gautu…. baccha kucch khaa toh lo….
He lovingly keeps his hands on his hairs.
Sameer- Bhai.. Aap aggar isse aise uttao gey na toh yeh nahi utthane waala. Main battata hu kaise utthe gaa.
Sid- Sammy tu kya karr raha hai.
Sameer- Arrey bhai, dekhte jaao.

Sameer takes a jug full of water & throws it on Gautam.
Gautam (shouting)- Run…. run… flood has come…
Sameer starts laughing while Sid holds his laughter.
Sameer- Dekha bhai …. Utth gaya naa.
Gautam seeing sameer laughing realises what has happened.
Gautam – Sameer bhai … i will not leave u.
He begins running . Sameer seeing this to runs. They were running around the hall.
Sid- Sameer dont run . Gautam u will fall baccha.
Scene shifts to Oberoi Mansion–
Everybody went to there rooms & only Rudra was standing there.
Rudra after thinking alot and running his brain got what soumya meant. He gets angry on her.
Rudra- Iss sumo ki bacchi ko toh main kal dekhu gaa. And he too goes to his room.

Screen freezes on his face……..

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  1. Shivika

    Ot was awesome but make it bit longer

    1. Ck1234

      thank u… If ur are on IF & wanna read further go there… I have updated 23rd episode today onlyh…. And ya dont forget to comment….

  2. add some romance …….it was gud

  3. I am eagerly waiting for shivika romance to start.

  4. Sat_9492

    Nice episode…. Waiting for next episode…..

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