IshqBaaz FF – A Love Story Of Rivals (CH-3)

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Chapter 2

After lots of pressurization from Dadi, Om, Rudy, Mallika & others shivaaye decided to go & say sorry to Anika. He leaves for her house. In the car he was thinking what & how will he say sorry to Anika.
Scene in Anika’s house–
Anika came after freshening up & sits beside Sahil who was watching Tv. She was in deep thought. Sahil notices this.
Sahil- Dii…. (He shakes her a little)
Anika – Haa…. (coming out of her thoughts)

Sahil- What are u thinking??
Anika- Nothing Sahil…. Just how to re-enter Oberoi mansion again.
Sahil- hmmmm… He thinks for sometime & then acts as he got an idea.
Sahil- Didi… wo…….
He was abt to say when the door bell rings.
Anika- Who will be now, at this time??
She opens the door & finds Shivaaye infront of her. She is shocked.
But then she got on to her Anika mode.
Anika- Billu ji aap yahan…….
Shivaaye looks at her.
Shivaaye- Andar bulao gii yaa…..
Anika moves from door. Shivaaye enters. Sahil sees him. Anika signals him to go in the room.
Anika- Aap yahan kuy aaye hai…. Aur maine aap se kaha na maine dev ko nahi bulaya thha.. Aap ko vishwaas hii nahi hai mujh parr. She keeps on blabbering.
Shivaaye was listening & listening, he suddenly keeps his hands on her mouth & pins her on the wall.

Anika was shocked.
Shivaaye- Ssssshhhhh…. Bahut bolti ho tum, abb merri baat sunno. Main yaha tumhe sorry kahene aaya thha, priyanka ne mujhe sab kucch bata diya hai, I am sorry.
He looks in her eyes, still keeping his hands over her mouth.
Shivaaye- Abb kucch kaho…
Anika signals him to remove his hands on her mouth.
Shivaaye realises what he was doing & backs out.
Shivaaye- Wo main…. But he was cut off by Anika.
Anika- Thhik hai billu ji maine aap ko maaf kiya.

Shivaaye felt happy, he says- So tum chhalo merre saath….
Anika- Nahi…
Shivaaye – Kya???
Anika- Maaf kijiye ga Mr Shivaaye Singh Oberoi abb main aap ke liye kaam nahi karr sakti. Yeh roz roz ki chikk chikk abb mujhse nahi hogga.. Kabhi chhori ka blame toh kabhi kissi aur cheez ka …. (She said with tears in her eyes)
Shivaaye looks at her & he could see tears.
Anika- Abb aap jaa sakte hai…..

She turns her face to other side, Smiles & smriks evilly.She shows Thumps up to Sahil who was hidding behind the door.
Shivaaye- Dekho Anika … main… woh I am sorry … He said coming infront of Anika.
She again makes a sad face with fake tears.
Shivaaye – I promise i will not blame u for anything… Plz forgive me & come to oberoi mansion.
Anika (removing her fake tears)- Ok… i will come …..
Shivaaye- Okk lets go then….
Anika- Now, but what abt Sahil…

Shivaaye-Dont worry abt him, take him too… U both will live in oberoi mention only…
Anika- Okk…. I will pack my & sahil clothes. U plz sit.
Shivaaye Nods … While Anika walks towards her room with a shrewd smile……..

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  1. Anjaly

    awesome episode. but y no precap ?can u make it some more lengthy pls pls

  2. Awesome. ..yaar plz continue

  3. Shivika

    Awwwwww……..sooooo goooddd

  4. Akshaya

    Awesome episode. Dear but I didn’t get full links in India forums

  5. Jazz1

    So gooddd

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