IshqBaaz FF – A Love Story Of Rivals (CH-4)

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Scene starts with Anika entering her room. She smiles at Sahil who acts like saluting her. She dials Sid to tell him abt her going to Oberoi mansion , but he did not pick it up.
Anika (self thought)- Why is Sid not picking up the call? He may be busy in meeting… I will talk to him later.
After few minutes Anika packed her & Sahil clothes. They go out where Shivaaye was waiting.
Shivaaye – Chale…..
Anika Nods. They sit in car. Anika in front & Sahil on back. Shivaaye drives.
Sahil- Wow Mr.SSO… Aapki gaadi toh bahut badi hai….. Kittne mein lii……
Anika- Sahil….
Sahil- Sorry Didi…….

Shivaaye smiles & says — 25 lacs…..
The whole way Sahil kept on doing his antics…
Scene shifts to Oberoi Mansion–
Om, Rudy , Soumya, Priyanka & Dadi were waiting for them. Mallika was watching them with amazed expressions.
Mallika- God… Aap logg bhi naa, Ittne desperate kuy ho rahe ho.. Aa jaye gey naa….
Rudy- Mallika dii…. main kittna khush hu aap ko patta hai….
Mallika- I know…. Ur happiness can be seen on ur face… Btw till now whatever u guys have told me abt her…. I am sure she is a rockstar…..
Rudy- Haa Dii…. u are right…..
All smile…

Scene shifts to big Building–
Its Rana Empire. Siddharth finished the meeting & comes to his chamber. He checked his mobile & finds 3 mis calls of Anika.
Sid (Self thought)– Ani ke miss calls…
He dials her number.
Scene shifts to car–
As shivaaye was driving , just then Anika ‘s mobile rings. “Siddhu” flashes on it. She gets shocked, since shivaaye was next to her. She cuts the call. It again rings & she cuts it. She gets tensed. Shivaaye looks at her.
Shivaaye- Anika, is there any problem.
Anika- Nahi koi problem nahi hai.

Shivaaye – Call kuy cut karr rahi ho …
Anika- Woh wrong no hai .. billu ji ….
Shivaaye – Sure….
Anika- Haa…
She looks towards Sahil & signals him something. He understands it & blings his eyes.
He types something frm his mobile.
Scene in Sid’s chamber–
Sid- Yaar… yeh Ani merra call kuy cut karr rahi hai. Kahi koi problem toh nahi.
Just then his phone beeps & he sees a message frm Sahil.
He opens it..
“Sid bhaiya, Main aur Ani dii oberoi mansion jaa rahe hai. Mr SSO hamme lenne aaye hai. Will call u later.”

Sid smiles reading the letter.
He thinks- “Tum jaante nahi ho Shivaaye Singh Oberoi, tum apne saath apni aur apne parivaar ki barbaadi le jaa rahe ho…. Ur count down starts.”
He leaves for Rana Mansion.
Scene shifts to Oberoi Mansion—
Shivaaye Car enter the mansion. Sahil & Anika get down.
Anika thinks- Aaj se shurru ho gi iss oberois ka burra waqt. Abb jalegi innki yeh Lanka. She looks determined…..
Shivaaye- Anddar chale….
His words brings her out of the thoughts. She Nods………

Screen freezes on her face……

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  2. Anjaly

    nice episode

  3. It’s quite interesting dear…plz continue

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    Great episode. Waiting for the next

  5. Nice….

  6. First off all heads offf to you I mean what a concept lovestory of rivals its little similar to ramleela I guess
    But very nice and one small request plz show some shivika scenes

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