Ishqbaaz 19th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 19th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye, Om and Rudra dance on Aaj ki party song. Tia asks Anika to take money. Anika asks why. Tia says Shivaye wants to give you tip, he wants you take this money and leave him. Anika asks Shivaye did you give this money to me. He says yes. She asks why did you give. He says Tia would have told you. She says but I want to hear it from you. He says you want me to say it again. She gets shocked. Sometime before, Shivaye sees Anika coming and asks are you fine Anika, security just told me that you were attacked again last night, why did you not tell me, what are you thinking, are you okay, did he harm you. Daksh says he has such intention, but thankfully I reached there on time. Shivaye says why did you do there, how.

Daksh says heart is connected to heart, my heart said Anika maybe in some problem,

so i went there to see if stalker is troubling her or not, unfortunately I could not find him. Shivaye says Anika don’t worry, we will catch him, I will call commissioner, if you have any clue, lets share it with police, you may have call log, just check. Daksh says Shivaye, its your sangeet today, concentrate on your sangeet and lovely bride, I will handle this, trust me. Shivaye stops Anika holding her hand. Daksh looks on.

Nazdeek hai dil ke……plays………… Shivaye asks are you fine. Anika says I m fine. She frees her hand and goes. Daksh asks Shivaye not to worry about Anika, I m there to look after her, concentrate on your wedding. He goes. Tia looks at Shivaye and smiles.

Anika asks servants to get guest room checked and finish the work. Dadi says Anika, they will manage, you take some rest, you are hurt and still working. Anika says I will be hurt if I stumble, no one leaves walking by fear of wound, don’t take tension Dadi, I m fine and I will manage. Pinky comes and says i forgot to tell you, do dining table arrangements, check dishes, guests should not complain. Anika says I will see, don’t worry. Pinky goes to see jeweler. Jhanvi comes and says Anika, will you give brief to DJ for sangeet, and songs list. Anika says I will do that. Jhanvi thanks her and asks Anika did you get dhol. Dadi says not dhol, dholki, songs are sung by playing it, you don’t know it, how will you take culture ahead. Jhanvi says don’t worry, I will learn it soon. Anika says I got dholki and send it, I will see arrangements.

Tia says Shivaye there is a problem, mum said she invited friends of social welfare society, problem is there will be 40-50 guests more, caterers will not be able to arrange everything, we have to arrange everything. He says whatever, get it done. He gives money and asks is that enough. She says I think so, I will tell Anika, she will see all arrangements. He says I will just tell her. Tia says you don’t need to take stress for every small thing, I will tell her, I have to discuss about bridal dress. He says cool. She goes.

Tia goes to Anika and asks her to take money. Anika asks for what. Tia says its from Shivaye’s side, whatever you do for this family, its compensation for that. Anika says that’s my work and I get salary for it. Tia says its for that work which is not your work, even then you do it. Anika asks her to say clearly. Tia says you linked your name with Shivaye and told everyone that you were in a room with Shivaye all night, such defamation for Shivaye’s sake, so he wants to give you a tip, tip is given when service giver’s service ends, so Shivaye wants you to take this money and leave him, as he is going to get married, so here…. She throws money on Anika and says take it, its tip. She goes.

Shivaye turns and sees Anika. She asks did you give this money to me. He says yes. She asks why did you give this to Tia to give me. Shivaye says yes why. Om asks Shivaye are you not ready, come fast, Rudra messaged he is getting dance. Shivaye says coming, wait a min. He says Tia would have told you. She says but I want to hear it from you. He says you want me to say it again. Om comes and says Shivaye, everyone is waiting, I will forget steps, Anika get ready and come, hurry up. Shivaye sees her and goes. She gets shocked and recalls Tia and Shivaye’s words. She throws the money and cries. Nazdeek hai dil ke…..plays………

Anika says the man who thinks such about me, how can I love him, no I can’t love such man. O jaana……plays……. She sits crying. Tej, Shakti, Jhanvi, Dadi talk to guests. Dadi dances.Jhanvi takes her. Pinky comes and dances with Tia’s mom. Rudra dances and goes to Robin. Robin looks at Tia. He says I know you are upset, I know its your sister’s and my brother’s sangeet, atleast say something, smile. Om calls for everyone’s attention.

Om says its Shivaye’s sangeet, my brother’s sangeet, he is my brother, if you ask my heart, he is much more than a brother. Everyone smile. Om says I m a small artist, a poet, its my work and likes to play with words, I have no words to tell about Shivaye, if Rudra duffer is my heart and Shivaye is my heartbeat. Everyone smile. Shivaye asks will you make me cry now. Om says not more emotional talks today, Shivaye is special for you all, for me, Shivaye is most special, I can do anything for you, I don’t know dance, I can do even donkey dance for you, I love you Bhai, this is for you. Everyone clap.

Om, Shivaye and Rudra dance on Aaj ki party song. Anika walks in. Shivaye hugs Om and Rudra. He stops on sighting Anika. Music plays…………. Nazdeek hai dil ke……plays……..Anika looks at him. Daksh comes to Anika and says Anika, I m waiting for your reply, please don’t say no. Anika recalls his proposal. Daksh says I promise you, I will keep you very happy, please just marry me. Shivaye walks to her.

Dadi, Tej, Shakti, Pinky, Jhanvi, Shivaye, Om and Rudra dance on Galla goodiyan……. Daksh says I m going to test my luck. He asks Anika will you marry me. Shivaye says stop it now. Daksh says she will tell if she has a problem. Shivaye says she said no, no means no…. and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. angel (ami)

    NYC episode….I don’t hav words …I was also crying with anika…poor shivay he it’s self doesn’t know what’s happening around him…shivay plzz always lsn to ur heart…
    2day 3 bros rockd… om plz be hapy lyk this..

  2. Shivika

    Can anyone clarify my doubt is ishqbaaz going to be aired tomorrow as in precap they showed it as kal but actually kabali is going to be telecasted tomorrow I think it may be a mistake that they showed it as kal plz anyone clarify my doubt

  3. Chandini

    For me today’s highlight was om’s speech…oh god he is too cute .actually my jaw drops naturally by seeing him😍kunal rocks as om 😘bring one cutie pie for this sweety soon😆and abt daksh I think he is playing as Cupid btwn shivika….one irritating character was romi…they throwed her out and next non -acceptable character was riddima…she too left and why this indigestible tia is still on the show…seriously universe is not liking this😬and guys I saw shwetlana in some other serial I don’t know the name of it but she was in a naagin costume and the lead is miskant varma (kabir of nisha aur uske cousins).I think she is not part of IB anymore.

    • shekhar

      Do not judge DAKSH as of now, may be he is not cupid. Don’t forget, SSO get mentally disturb only due to DAKSH, and in his own SANGIT PARTY, his 99 % attention was on ANIKA, which is at mid, and yet to party go ahead. Asper precap, he is going to create scene in his own sangit party for ANIKA due to DAKSH ! Whole oberoy family , his close ones, and TIA, HER MOTHER AND HER SO CALLED BROTHER, BUT now 99 % HIS HUSBAND ROBIN are going to be witness of this scene, and that is only due to DAKSH. Let go 2-3 epis and then decide whether DAKSH is cupid or not. ANIKA’s silence made him intolerable today, and will get shattered due to ANIKA with DAKSH. Each charecter is there to do some renarkable work, and in my POV, DAKSH is doing that work which can not be done either by OMRI or DADI! They all(OMRU+DADI) wish to see only ANIKA with SHIVAAY, and DAKSH, intentionally or unintentionally , is going to fullfill their wishes.
      One question never arised so far in this TU, that I am asking you, how DAKSH might have been came to know the ANIKA’s adress when he came first time to PROPOSE to whom he met first time just a or two day before?

      • Divya

        Yaah right Shekhar, now Shivay won’t be able to tolerate Anika’s ignorance.. and after Anika accepting Daksh’s proposal ..he will be scattered totally..then Shivay will have his eyes over Anika during his sangeet instead of Shivay will realize the importance of anika in his live and how it feels when his love(Anika) moves away from his life ..ignoring Shivay and spending time with Daksh..

      • Isha

        Hi all, i agree with shekhar comments. In fact there are so many unrealistic things in the show. When Tia is a from a renowned family and her wedding is fixed with big businesses tycooN sivayee and she is very active in social media how come her marriage picture missed to get in to notice of oberoi family and rest of public?? Donno.when it is shivay sangeeth, his sis priyanka missed.

      • Chandini

        Ya I too had that dbt shekhar…hw come daksh got to know anika’s address..but in IB many things are not explained like the one of Tia’s marriage photo

  4. Ashnoor

    Now I think anika will accept daksh proposal . So cheap Tia and your
    tricks . So Mr SSO has got some time for anika too . Wow what a great achievement .

  5. Tarini

    I have the same time coz i checked that there is no telecast tomm i thing its a mistake… but owsum episode luved it om no words tor him and shivays reaction on seeing Anika was gud and Anika will say yes to daksh thx to tia.. and one thing Is clear that robin is tias husband… rudy cool as always and somya luked really pretty but sad coz of that stupid reeyan.. just luv this serial…

  6. Tarini

    i checked that there is no telecast tomm i thing its a mistake… but owsum episode luved it om no words tor him and shivays reaction on seeing Anika was gud and Anika will say yes to daksh thx to tia.. and one thing Is clear that robin is tias husband… rudy cool as always and somya luked really pretty but sad coz of that stupid reeyan.. just luv this serial…

    • Bobbie

      Anyhow I believe Daksh and Tia are connected somehow . I hope they are both out soon. I feel for Annika and Shivaye.👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  7. kakku

    loved today’s episode, shivomru set the stage on fire . feeling really bad for Annika, today Robin’s expressions showed that he is Tia’s ‘D’.. waiting for mondayyy….

  8. kavs

    Serial is fun watching but they r opening so many stories and not finishing them….gayatri murder…tejs sister…om’s murder…acp…nothing is getting cleared…pinky didnt told to om abt tht lady…n wht abt her wedding…they have to show something related

    • Clincy

      I like the serial. Super visualization.

      And Yeah they are opening so many stories nd not finishing it like Gayatri’s murder, Om nd priyanka’s secret, Tia’s secret, stalker, Duksh’s intension to enter in Anika’s life and one important thing which I couldn’t understand that, what ishana wants to say and why did she tried for a relation with Om. What was her intension. In her last meeting with Om, she said Om will understand the truth and what was that?. Everything is incomplete.

      • iamsofianeak

        @clincy @kavs Yes they start the track and don’t finish it , they make us excited but in the same time unhappy because it’s too much ! at least they reveal one secret

  9. Lalli

    Wow om was such a cutie the way he told about his brothers was too good and as usual dil bole obros I think the upcoming track were getting too bore and I’m hating the Tias character and really missing priveer as well
    The misterious parts are left to show and really excited to watch the new comer in Om’s life and roumya what will happened is all by the makers
    I think nowadays the show is very lagging so many untold stories uffff very frustrating yaar and hoping no bride swap
    Guyss I think that D is may be Robin but its upto makers and Daksh entry were may brings jealousy Singh oberoi(Shivay) and hoping to see roumya scenes and priveer

    • Razna


      |Registered Member

      yssss srutiii…welcome to our ishquiee family….and u dont want to ask permission to commenting and joining ussss

  10. Chhaya

    Such a lovely episode… Lovely performance on Aj ki party. Can’t wait t see shivika till next episode.
    Eagerly waiting fr Monday’s episode.

  11. serial watcher

    i think daksh is tia’s bf
    anika found a ring from tia’s purse written t&d t for tia and d for daksh and i thnk daksh has attacked on anika

  12. lilly..

    i think daksh is tia’s bf…..coz t&d wala matter was same as there first letter…nd om luv u….anika did nycc acting…

  13. Gayathri.visu

    Hi, guys. Nice episode and loves Om’s speech….. One thing is clear, D means not Daksh. Waiting for monday. Have a sweet dreams…….

  14. Vineet

    hi thanks for the comment. If anika says yes to Daksh. Who will marry Shivayee? Shivayee will not marry Tia? Incase if she marries Shivayee. Daksh and Tia has some plan against shivayee.

  15. Samaira20


    |Registered Member

    It’s clear that d is not daksh but Robin coz the way Robin was feeling jealous or angry on tia….it’s different…….and as per what I saw was that daksh was just making shivaay jealous and testing or making their love realise or why would he tell anika or shivaay about his plans or instead he would make shivaay look bad by back biching…but he asked anika about her love for shivaay… I m totally confused now…..🙄🙄🙄

  16. Sindhu

    Even I’m so confused with Daksh character… Even I felt D fa Daksh Frm Tias pendent when she supported for Dakh abt the party…. Dis show is different may b bec of Daksh Anika and Shivay maybcome together… Pls stop Tia drama

  17. Mrunal


    |Registered Member

    i just hate shivay bcoz now a days he is behaving like a dumb even rudy is better than him.
    om just rocked today’s epi….
    annika’s acting was fabulous as usual….
    hate tia to the core but loved the acting of navina bole she is totally opposite of her character in real life..

    waiting for next epi eagerly bcoz they r gonna show some shivika moments their dance & shivay being jealous….

    guys just read my shivika ff and give ur reviews

    i have posted the 2nd part also it will be published just comment on my ff plzzzz.

  18. mouni

    nice ep , hope SSO will be crazy jealous and posessive with anika and did you see the look in robin’s face OMG l think he is not her real bro and he is her lover

  19. Soniya

    Anika and shivay are going to marry… As the brides wl b exchnged on da wedding day.. I read smwere dat anika wl b for shivay nd tia wl marry daksh mistakenly.. I really dnt lyk diz exchng drama… It shudnt b lyk diz.. I wanted anika and shivay to confess their love nd den marraige shud hppn.. Its really sad news

    • Ashna

      I also think like that soniya ….ishqbaaz is always different if shivaay marry anika mistakingly it will be a similar way of marriage like other daily soaps

  20. Fefe

    I’m starting to not like this show, why must bad happen 99% and good happen just 1% of the time. Irritating. When will tia get exposed cos I’m getting frustrated with her always being a step ahead of anika and anika not learning from her mistakes

  21. vijji

    I think Anika will say yes to Daksh’s proposal. Shivaay will be heart broken. He is so possessive about Anika. He cares so much about her these days. Probably Anika saying Yes to Daksh’s proposal is better as he will be able to decide now that he really likes her and needs her. I was feeling so sad for Shivaay in the precap when he was arguing with Daksh that Anika’s decision is no.

  22. vijji

    Another thing, bad people are more clever and cunning that is why they can come up with different ideas just like Tia who is trying to separate Anika and Shivaay.

  23. Tinni


    |Registered Member

    This Tia is such a crap !!!The makers r making it too long to expose her…and shoeing Anika as a fool…poor shivaye he even dosnt know what is tia doing with him….
    Can anyone tell what will going to happen in upcoming epi???

  24. shahabana

    Todays episodes stars shivomru they just nailed it .
    And anika poor baby she is just shattering day buy day bit im feeling bad for shivaye also he himself doesnt know whats happening and precape anika will accept dakshs proposal now worth to watch sso
    And daksh doesnt loves anika he just want to get her at any cost and he is the stalker only .
    And i think robin is tias secret d

  25. SHELIN

    Hlo guys
    I agree with mouni and kritika too. May be Robin is the mysterious D person. Hope to unweil the mystery behind Tia and D

  26. SenuThilini

    If my rudra, duffer is my heart then shivay , you r my heart beat. I love that phase. Actualy i read it in one of the ishqbaaz fan fiction.

  27. Shimon

    I think daksh might be tia’ s husband..remember that T&D locket …tia’s present than D guy might be Daksh. So far daksh is playing the role of that river which never let the two shores meet. I think definitely he is tia’s hubby

  28. Lids


    |Registered Member

    I just hope when the time comes about Tia’s deception that the family along with Shivaye don’t make light of it n don’t punish her. They all should realize everything she did to them and Anika from the beginning.

  29. Archiya

    Everyone comments show tat thy hate tia.. bt I like her,its only bcoz of her anika will say s to daksh, n only then shivay will realise his love.
    I did nt feel the show ia dragging, anika is a very strong gal, so they r just showing tat it takes a lot of time, pressure an tension for anika to say s to daksh, I felt it was very well portrayed. Anika was scared coz of stalker, confused coz of her feelings an finally angry an hurt an brok9en coz of shivay, which will finally make her accept daksh proposal.
    Loved om today, ur the sweetest. An the ombro dance terific.waitin eagerly fr monday to cme.
    Precap m lovin it wen shivay is so angry tryin to say no to daksh, an wen anika wil say s he will b heartbroken

  30. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Mukta I am here itself dear….just did not feel commenting because no one is here…like we r alone…..

    Plzzz come bakk all ishkess….


    • Renimarenju


      |Registered Member

      Richu ishqie………10000000000000000000000000000 times sorry………sorrry………sorry…… dear…. right now am working on another branch of our company which i already informed twice here…..seems you didn’t read that…..actually i got transfer to kalburgi of north karnataka and right now including sunday i have to work 13 hrs per day……mrng 8 am to 9.30 pm night….. and the hostel which i got for staying is bit longand when i will reach there it will almost 11pm….. and mrng 6 am i have to wake up and by 6.30- 7 am ….i have to catch train…..evng vice versa……ishqie……this has become the schedule ……that’s why am not commenting here…….and am facing much work pressure…..and facing both official and personal issues also….. am not getting time to comment yaar…..but i said that i will try to comment @ weekends……and so as today is sun ….am commenting ishqie……. but still not able to comment frequently as even today i have work……and don’t say
      you are alone…….ishqies are always one for all and all for one…..mmmmm…….and shahabana, mukta, priya,shaza,saku,liya and disha know that i got transfer……they didn’t tell you ??????

      And priya 15 is busy with her exams …..which will end @ next week only….that’s why she is not commenting here………Fatarajo’s semesters have started and right now she is not following ishqbaaz as her favourite show Ek Duje Ke Vaaste ended so soon which was telecasted @ 10 pm…..that’s why fatarajo is not commenting….. And shivani is busy with work

    • Renimarenju


      |Registered Member

      Others i don’t know….but still many old ishqies felt that with this tia,’s negativism ishqbaaz is bit dragging the plot…..earlier when roop, gayatri who ever come up with a plan to destroy oberois…..the cv’s didn’t dragged much…….and seriously all are fed up with tia’s role………
      And every one including me want to see Anika’s smart action which will expose tia in such a way that sso himself just kick out tia from oberoi mansion……And Anika could say “Raita phaila diya”…….Waiting for that moment

      • Mukta


        |Registered Member

        Renima di we all know about ur situation & we totally understand that but what about other ishqies?? They are also missing na that’s why I’m loosing interest in commenting!!!!

      • Richu


        |Registered Member

        Reni di I’m presently at Sedam yaar!!!!!just45mins from kalburgi…actually I’m here with my cousins…soon happy we r soon close to each other..

    • shahabana

      Hiiii richu
      Yes dr most of all our old sweet ishquees are missing thats why comments are so less
      And in yesterdays page i mentioned that in mukthas reply box that some are buzy in their works and studies so they where not commenting and some of the ishquees are not liking the current track thats why they where not commenting
      Anyways gd evng and tc dr
      And im too eaherly waiting for our all sweet ishquees comments and upcoming ib tracks

      • Mukta


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        Yes di we know that everyone is having work, some are having exams & some are not liking the current track but at least they can show their presence na!!!!! We’re not only commentators na, we’re also friends here, so they can at least leave a comment for their friends na!!!!! Sorry if I hurt anyone but I’m just speaking my heart out, that’s it!!!!!! Anyways how are you???

    • Razna


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    • Saku

      Hii richu di…
      I m so sorryyy for not commenting…
      I was busy in my studies nd also not getting dat intrest in story so that’s it…
      U r not alone so don’t say like this…
      I promise I will comment regularly but after some days bcoz of my exams nd storyline I will surely join back…
      Till then take care….

      • Mukta


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        We can totally understand dear!!!!!! Anyways all the very best for your exams!!!!!! I know you’ll rock them!!!!

    • Mukta


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      True di even I’m not commenting coz of this only!!!!! I know this is the place to discuss the show but thoda entertainment toh zaruri hai na!!!!!! All ishqies are missing so I’m also not feeling like to comment!!!!! Anyways how are u???



    |Registered Member

    Sooooo much confusion…..
    But where is priyanka on his brother’s wedding??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
    Anika will say yes on monday after thinking what Shivaye said to Om and Tia said to Her by taking Shivaye name….😭😭😭😭😭😭
    And she should say yes as Shivaye is not ready to listen to his heart than why should Anika wait for him or listen to her heart after all she is Human and need to be happy

  32. sri

    hi every one after a long time i am commenting here so guys i could not comment on ff
    as i was very busy if u all don’t mind plz send me the links of all ur ff

    coming to the episode it was good

    plz send me links guys

  33. MP

    guys look at this spolier . shivaye get to know the real face of daksh. I think this spoiler is not fake .I am sour daksh is Cupid. The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show that Anika had been again attacked by the mystery man.This time Daksh turns Anika’s savior and calms her down, not only this Daksh also proposes Anika for marriage.Anika is hurt with Shivaay’s words and thinks about Daksh’s proposal, Shivaay is worried seeing Anika tensed.Daksh now shows his true face and tells Shivaay that he likes Anika and will never marry her.Shivaay is shocked hearing this, Daksh says that Anika is now a challenge for himas she refused him once.Shivaay shocked seeing Daksh’s real face Daksh takes up the challenge that he will spend a night with Anika and she will get trapped in his plan like another girl’s.Shivaay is tensed for Anika and tries to send her home to save her from Daksh’s evil plan


    So atlast, after showing her talent by her speaking style, she poured her all talent in her silence, and this her silence is pinching SSO more intensely. He can bear with her any vocal insult, he can withstand against her any missbehaviour, he can have been scolded by her in any way, even he can bear with slap, but to withstand against her silence is just to beyond his bearing capacity. He know, her silence has power to kill him mentally for which he is proud of, her silence having numerous edges is pinching his ironic heart for which he is used to be proud of. GUILT for his stamping TIA ‘s belief, MIDDLE CLASS GAL USED TO GO ANY LIMIT TO TRAP A RICH MAN, sucked his all strength, retaining ability and paralysed his whole being, and in a attempt to over come this paralytic effect when he make himself to ask that same gal ‘ ARE YOU FINE, ANIKA?” and there and then he realised how much he is obsessed with her? and when he attempted to search his answer in her eyes, he feeled there is lying nothing ! There is only a dark and dense VACCUME! His belief, I CAN UNDERSTAND HER SAYING & HER SILENCE AS WELL , was laughing his at him! Getting know DAKSH saved him, he jsut can not believe, how he can snatch his right to save her, care her like in this way?, and how she might have allowed DAKSH to such snatching? when he found her looking at him, he found nothing upto the infinite depth. He just could not bear with that emptiness in his eyes and his heart forced him to hold her hand, and forced him to ask again’ R U fine?” and what answer he got is simple words ” I AM FINE” having nothing around for him. Her attempt to skip her hand from his strong grip, just made him to feel, what he was seeking in and around her has been lost for ever. He was left behind starring at ANIKA only to feel accute pain. Caring talks of ANIKA from DAKSH mouth were hammering his being and intensifing his guilt! All of sudden, all warm, all sympathy, all good feeling lying between him and ANIKA was being sucked out leaving him in a VACCUMED BOX !

    • Lijince


      |Registered Member

      Shekhar…you have observed Shivay so close….it looks as if you were the one who has characterised Shivay….

      As you said, Shivay is not able to bear with Anika’s silence and Daksh’s care for Anika!! Can’t wait to see Shivay’s expression if Anika says whether I say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to Daksh is none of your business!! Shivay is completely empty now, not knowing what is going in Anika’s mind…what is her attitude towards Daksh….and above all, why is he bothering about her so much??

      And one more thing….didn’t Daksh come to Anika’s house before?? I remember seeing him earlier in Anika’s house and Anika telling him that she is not so famous that everyone will know her address…and after that Daksh proposed to Anika with that balloons and all…remember??

      • shekhar

        I think, what ever we found so far, she is a simple having no complexity either in her act or thoughts. She do what ever she find ok with, but simply she will not do anything only to hurt SSO , not bcz she has feeling, but bcz of her soft and kind nature. No, she will not utter anything with the intention to hurt anyone including SSO. She will not say YES to DAKSH to make SSO jealous. Eventhough she say YES, then believe me, that YES will be the part of the PLAN of
        framed by someone from OF for sure.

      • shekhar

        In this TU, I raised the question on very his(DAKSH) first visiting ANIKA’s house when he proposed her. But how he came to know her adress when it was his very first visit and only after 2-3 days of his first met with ANIKA?
        Film makers are taking, using such conveniencies, but in this case , I do not see that such special conveniency!

  35. Lax

    Hello all.. I too feel Daksh has a hidden agenda of bringing Shivika together. Donno anything can happen in serials. But even if his character is positive or negative it is a blessing in disguise , making Shivika realize their feelings for each other. Annika should say yes to Daksh n Daksh should put the ring on her finger right in front of Shivay. That ll be a sweet revenge. Remember how Shivay proposed Tia in Annikas presence. Now let Shivay also go thru what Annika went thru. Whatever, can’t stand Annikas insult anymore also can’t wait to see Shivika together.

    • shekhar

      You are near to the truth! TIA with backing of someone planned conspirancy against SHIVAAY , and DAKSH with backing of some one planned conspirancy against TIA!

      OF may have many enimies, but few are good wisher too, and due to entry of ANIKA, few more added to good wishers!

  36. Nidha

    Good episode..i couldn’t comment bcz I was busy with my college works…i think daksh is the one who tried to harm anika..i hate him infinite times..the way he talks to anika is quite irritating me..i want more rumya part ..poor sso..vamp tia..cvs ..plss throw that tia and daksh from shivika’s life

  37. Archiya

    I liked the colour coordination of all the family members. . Anika looks mesmerising. Nt doubt shivay cant tke his eyes off her.
    Today’s beautiful shots
    1.wen anika was crying in shivay room
    Wit all the lights glowing behind her
    2. The way lights focussed
    Wen anika entered dressed beautifully

    Oberoi members hve become so dependent on anika, she will b an ideal bahu fr them

    Robin exp said tat he is so unhappy wit the wedding. . Looks lik he is tia D


    What is the main problem in materialising the SHIVIKA UNISON?

    (1) for the reason ,that his ego, his fear of denial, guilty for base of refusing DEV as grrom for PRIYANKA, or what ever may be, SSO just can’t admitt himself to confess his love to anybody including ANIKA.

    (2) Looking back at SSO thoughts over BLOOD, FAMILY & LINEAGE during refusal for DEV as PRIYANKA ‘s GROOM , ANIKA step back her self for ever not to accept her any feeling in anyway

    whole story has been tangled between such types of both mindsets , and it just coud not have been cracked down till today.

  39. shahabana

    Im not understanding why u guyz are feel that daksh is tias secret ‘d’
    Plsss stop this guyz d is not daksh its comfirmed by gk mam.
    But maybe robin can be tias secret d bcz u can see robins ear sted is same as tias hubbys ear stead in her marriage picture which anika found in social site if u want u can check the pictures on insta.
    And once again im saying daksh is not tias d

  40. shahabana

    Shivaye wanted to marry tia because she fits in his idiology well planned program for life but his plannings all failing because now he fallen for a girl who is opposite of his idiology .thats life it doesnt happens by our wish but it happens by our destiny.our destiny makes our life we cnt make our destiny but yes we have to fight with our destiny thats life

    • Sumi.SS


      |Registered Member

      Yeah well said shahabana..I am completly agree to you..not only in ishqbaaz it’s happeng in evryone lyf also..that’s the reality..

  41. Lalli

    Guys I saw some where that surbhi and nakul were having some compatibility issues in off screen while shooting they not much to be friends bit they justifying the characters of Anika and shivay…….is that wierd I too think same yaar
    That too nakul were married man so that he keep avoiding the coseness of surbhi ……..Is that truee……..? I dnt think sooo
    Whatever I just love shivika ❤

    • iamsofianeak

      They become friends after Ishqbaaz but it’s not only Nakul bc he’s married but i noticed that surbhi chanda dooesn’t want to take an iv with him !

  42. sri

    hi guys i am sorry for not commenting in any ff’s as i was busy hope u all understand my situation
    if u all don’t mine plz send me the links of all u r ff’s

    coming to epi it is awsome plz send me the links guys

  43. Neema

    Gul mam has revealed the truth that OM’s pair will enter after shivika’s marriage. But lead actress has not been found. But she said that thd characters name will be AISHA who born and brought up in Europe in a highclass and rich muslim family who loves arts and who prefer short hair and who doesn’t speak hindi much. Gul mam also said that there is a lot of speciality to AISHA. she will be different from all other female leads especially in her looks. okay…let’s see what will happen. i am eagerly waiting what about u guyzzz

    • navz

      Is it true wow waiting for oms pair soo cute om. He should get d best girl.😍😘😘😘😘😘😇😇😇.but when will shivika get married and when will dat AISHA enter.hoping dat it occurs soon. And I’m also waiting for more scenes of rumya.😍😍😘

    • Chandini

      Oh god really😮???loves short hair….hahaha then surely it’s gonna be tough time for rudy’s long hair creature😂

  44. Vijji

    Even I think Robin is Tia’s D. The way he was looking at Tia. I am still not sure about Daksh’s character.

  45. Vijji

    I don’t think serial is going slowly. The only problem is they are not resolving the mysteries and adding more.

  46. Sumi.SS


    |Registered Member

    Hii guyzz..yes epi was nice..shivomru rocked it..Om looks soooo cute…felng vry bad fr anika..
    what a chnge in stry yaar wthin 2 days..shivay fully turns to caring, helping mind and saviour of anika..Anika turns to opp opinion on shivay..not wl be vry intrstng aftr shivika mrge..
    Fnaly this week end shivika mrge may happen..guyzz prinku back to set looking gorgeous in shivika wedng..then All idea abt shivika wed.. how its gng to happen..but BOTH lovely Anika and tia have same bridal costume…
    Gul mam said that there is no bridal may be groom swap or accidental mrge lyk RUMYA or force mrge..

  47. Rekha

    Hello all. I guess Dhaksh is trying to make Shivaay understand his love because he is the one who is observing Shivika’s feelings for each other. He also might have known about Tia and trying to make Shivaay understand how Anika is struggling to bring the truth out because there are spoilers where we can see that dhaksh shows his real face to Shivay. He might be acting. The way how Anika knows the truth of Tia and trying to help Shivaay, Shivaay also tries to help Anika knowing about Dhaksh. I think Dhaksh is trying to put Shivaay in the shoes of Anika so that shivaay can understand Anika’s intentions.


    Now I am sure, in first attack on ANIKA , there were a gang of two person, mostly on being a lady, and another is a man.This attack was to mut her life in danger, only to scare her to create a particular situation which they both wanted to create.
    In this attack, I blv it is framed by DAKSH, let it be a good or bad reason , put aside bcz he intended to make SSO away from his phone right from the home to the gate of DISCO upto some time limit. This his act was totally a unusual while he himself has his own mobile.

    2nd attack was framed by TIA herself finding her secret at high level of danger, and she just wanted to kill her in anyway. and thats why she when found ANIKA calling SSO, he just cut it and delet log because she only know for what ANIKA was calling SSO.

    So in both attack, only both attacker were found busy with making SSO unaware of ANIKA’s calling for help .
    It is easy to jump on the conclusion that both TIA and DAKSH are together, but simply it can not be so, because reason, motives effect and output of both attack are totally contrasting to each other, and so why both TIA and DAKSH can not be with each other.

  49. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    Hello my pretty ishqies……Mukta,aqua,nadiya,disha,priya,luna,enasanjida,shaza,haya,aliya,kiki,
    ridhima,ishika,shivika,naagin forever, aiswarya, ooshi, maahiswit, aditya, monique. admin, MP,
    kushagra, shakaib, archiya, akshaya, mariya, mary, priyali, Ishqum, nivedha,athiraappu, meena,
    razna, hency, harshan, aahana, abiha, pragya, tharu, himagiri ,shraddha…….and other ishqies……. how are you all…..Hope all are fine…..






    • shahabana

      Hellooo renima im also fn dr
      Ohhhh how much work pressureyar take care of ur health dr
      And u gave perfect name for all 4 couples
      Loved anjaan ishq its really anjaan ishq of oms love story

    • Sumi.SS


      |Registered Member

      Hii renima sis..fne..hw r u??how was ur wrk??lovely name for our cutest 4 coupless..😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘..
      Take care..

    • Razna


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      hiii renimaa diii…how are u?????…iam fine…how is ur new job….i know its overload…take care….and try to commrnt here when u get time….i miss uu very much….and the names were supprrrr

    • Saku

      Hello reni di….i m fine hw r u???….hw much will u work….take break for ur self also…lookafter ur health nd hw is new city n place??? U got familiar there??…new frndzz bane honge na i mean hw r ur colleagues r they helping by nature..??…
      Take care…..bye😘

    • Mukta


      |Registered Member

      Hii di howz u????
      Ya I’m enjoying the different shades of love @Ishqbaaaz!!!!! Kuch bhi I’m loving the track very much!!!!!!

  50. Lalli

    Guys anyone please clarify about the news that there is going any compatibility issues for surbhi and nakul off screen I hope not soooooo Even till now shivika together dnt gave any interviews for show

    • shahabana

      Lalli why u are thinking much about actors real life
      Its their choice if they where not best of the frnds its not a big issue
      U said right nakul is married man so may be he is maintainting distance btwn his costar afterall its good otherwise some peaple makes rumours about actors closeness
      And not only shivika there are so much couples who are popular in onscreen as a couple but they doesnt shares a good bond in offscreen
      And about shivika they where frnds in real life but not best buddies

      • Lalli

        Yes shahabana ur absolutely right I just want to know that’s it after all I’m a great fan of ishqbaaz and shivika

    • Sumi.SS


      |Registered Member’s their choice..but u dnt wry abt that..In ishqbaaz all stars maintaining wndrful frndshp bond..I saw nakul and surbhi intrvew in hot star..that’s my fav..they r good frnds yaaarrr..
      one intrvw surbhi said that while discussng abt fans comments..some times we(ourself) scolded shivay more when he mistreat nakul tells to surbi,,fans r bashing me lot becz of u..vry funny ryt.
      In last sangeet intrvw also surbi kidding dnt wry abt rumors..they r good frnds in off screen..

  51. Samyukta

    Guys according to latest spoiler anika and shivaye will get married and tia and daksh there will a bride swapping track.and hii all friends hi richu di Renima di mukta shabana ahiba sat and all how r u all??

  52. Razna


    |Registered Member

    haaiiii ishquieeesss….good evening…how are uuuuu….srryy for late comments….iam little busy with my class works……
    about todays episode….its rocked….i mostly loved our oms speach….and their dance was awsome….after watching robins reaction it make me more confused…reallyy who is that D..
    i think its not dhaksh….any iam sure that today anika will accept dhakshs proposal…..i want to see sivsys reaction…bcoz few days befor he also proposed tia infront of anika…and now he will understand that pain…..and what will happend next???..there is no time left for shivikaa..its already shitias sangeet…with in this small period what proof will they findout….
    i think anika will accept dhakshs proposal with some intension.bcoz she had already doubt on dhaksh….anyway iam really missing priveer here….why she missing….
    uski bhayi ki sangeet hai naa……

  53. Saku

    Hello everyone!!!!….
    Shabu di,Reni di,richu di,Abiha di, mukta; aahana di ,sahana di, Shivani di,Sat,Roz,Rosu di,mukti di,disha di,bshama di,sumi ss,razna di,ishqum,mishri di,chetna di,luna di,Veda di,samyukta, piyali di,nithu di,Nikki di,ritika di,kiku di,Kaku,deep,archiya di,chandni di,shaza, chithra di,tridha,trisha,aqua di,nd all other members…
    Hw r u all???…
    Sorry if I forgot anyone’s name….

    Coming to story..then same thing repeating continuously…..same shivaye ka bakbak krna anika ka batein sunna phir rona nd misunderstanding…..many unfold mysteries….oms lead not confirmed yet..all same…..dragggggiinnnnggggggg…is this same IB where none of track was dragged more than 3 days???…nd now simply dragging…
    Anyways take care guys….

    If there r any new entry’s then all new comers welcome to our family…nd keep commenting

      • shahabana

        Muktha and saku im really fine guyz hope u guyz also fine
        Saku all the best for ur exams
        And when i see comments i really feels very bad missing all my ishquees very badly very less comments no one is commenting from our old ib family plsss come back all miss u all

    • Mukta


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      If somebody is working for us & we like his/her work then we can give him something (usually money) apart from his/her payment or salary to appreciate the work….. that’s what a tip called!!!!!!

  54. maya

    hai guyz…………….
    Tia is s oooooooo irritatingggg………..shiv ay try to understand ur love……….daksh is toooooo cuteeeeeeeee.mizing somu and rudras desi tashannnnnn

  55. Divya

    Ishqbaaz: Daksh-Tia’s mistake gets Shivaay and Anika married

    Tia (Navina Bole) and Daksh (Karan Khanna) create misunderstading between Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and Anika (Surbhi Chandna) in Ishqbaaz
    As per the current track, Tia has created misunderstanding in between both Shivaay and Anika as she feels that Anika can break her alliance with Shivaay.
    Tia also proves to Anika that Shivaay just understand her as servant so not try to come to him.
    Apart from this, Daksh has turned obsessed for Anika and also proposes her for marriage but Anika did not reply him.
    Daksh challenges to Shivaay that he will make Anika agree to get married with him while Shivaay tries to keep Anika away from Daksh.
    Daksh tells Shivaay that whether he can take Anika away from him but he will try again reaching to Anika.
    Furthermore, Daksh makes Anika believe that he will take care of forever and always love to her.
    Anika is confused seeing Daksh’s proposal but she hesitantly says yes.
    On the wedding day, both Daksh and Tia are happy as their plan is going to successful separating Shivaay and Anika.
    Shivaay and Anika get married accidently

    They once again did some drama in wedding mandap and their mistake makes Shivaay and Anika married accidently.
    What will happen when Shivaay and Anika find their marriage truth?
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  56. Br

    Hi dakshis helping shivaye in directly . Yes now watch every moment of shiva and daksh . Dadi also invove this idea bcz from the beginning onwards she doesn’t like tia. And she is appreciating. Anika in front of shiva. So this is daksh and dadi plan to avoid tia as wellas shiva realise his feelings about anika .. it mahy be wrong foolish but my opinion

  57. Br

    Hi dakshis helping shivaye in directly . Yes now watch every moment of shiva and daksh . Dadi also invove this idea bcz from the beginning onwards she doesn’t like tia. And she is appreciating. Anika in front of shiva. So this is daksh and dadi plan to avoid tia as wellas shiva realise his feelings about anika .. it mahy be wrong foolish but my opinion

  58. Br

    Daksh is acting as a catalyst. He is helping to unite shiva and anika sis is missing Dadi acting is very nature . Om yst speech was speech less. Dance was. Very nice

  59. Mini

    This show remaining ipkknd before marriage there will be big misunderstanding after that they come to know the truth by seeing the new segment it was confirmed shivay misunderstood anika and in anger he hurt himself and I think there will be more heartbreaking scenes😭😭😭😭😭

  60. Vijji

    I feel so sad for Shivaay. He has tears in his eyes when Anika said yes to Daksh. I know he did the same thing for Anika. But I could not see him sad. Even after proposing to Tia (mind), his heart was always with Anika. He always felt she belongs to him. He always feels for her. He always protects her.

  61. ritu

    plz update the episodes asap . i am not able to wait even till 11 pm …n keep checking site every minutes for updates … n thanks for updates .

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