hiii guys this is mrunal here…..
I am new here so many of u may be don’t know me
I gonna start a new ff my clg friends r insisting me a lot for this. i am writing this ff for them. they say that I am a perfect storyteller. they says that i can talk on any topic or on a single word for hours also and unfortunately its true hence my friend had given me a nickname MISS. BOL BACCHAN (lol) but i never tried to write down my imagination or stories that’s why i am little nervous..

i have read every part of each and every ff written by u all dears i am a silent reader sorry for not commenting on them but trust me guys u r just awesome in ur writing I am @ lack of words to praise u guys and this is making me more nervous
now enough of my chanting i am gonna start with the ff plz review on it ur comments r most valuable for me
I am very positive person ur one good comment will motivate me to the core. so plz do comment guys bad comments or suggestions r also welcome

so starting with my ff this will be continuation of original episode of IB where anika misunderstands shivaay when he is talking with om about tia POV regarding anika after that stalking incident.

—————————————————- Epi 1 ————————————————————–

after listening to the shivay POV (which is actually POV of tia) annika left the place immediately to the garden. she was crying like hell. and as usual she started to talk herself

annika: this is not for the first time that billu ji has said something regarding me he always has his thinking about me like this only then why I am feeling so insulted OR I say miserable. i was mad to think that billu ji trust me but I was wrong. this is how he thinks about u always. why annika, why, why this stupid tears r not stopping ur not weak ur strong annika, U R STRONG (she scolds herself for this) your eyes r flowing like if anyone has opened the tap of water and forgot to close it…. YOU R STRONG, U R INDEPENDENT, U DON”T CARE ABOUT ANYONE’s POV (by saying this she determined something to herself she was speaking herself in a loud voice )

by composing herself she got up to go to back with her work. she turned around and was shocked…. one person was standing right behind her & it was clear that he has heard everything which she spoke to herself. now the person started to move toward her to get closer to talk with her and she was moving back with his each step toward her. finally the person stopped moving he understood that she has lots of fear in her eyes which r equally filled with pain & tears.

person: hey, don’t worry I am not gonna eat u. I was just passing by here i saw u from back & trust me i was not wanting to listen to ur self conversation but i got to listen it mistakenly, sorry for that, R u okay ?
annika : (she was speech less bcoz she didn’t expected this at all) …….Hmm
person : miss. annika I am asking u R U OKAY?
annika : (she was now composed) yeah I am okay.
( he excused from there for a minute and was back with a bottle of water)
person : here it is have some water u will fill better.(he held the bottle in front of her)
annika : no. it’s okay I am fine.
person: have it i won’t ask for money of the bottle (annika just gave him a plain look) , sorry for the joke i think it’s bad one.
annika: (she just took the bottle and started drinking the water slowly). thank u. she smiled weakly.
person: mention not, I am here to help it’s my duty.
annika: No, Mr. randhawa (yeah guys it’s ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa) but still thanks.
(ACP smiles at her.)

———————————————————————- END OF EPI 1——————————————————————————————–

why ACP was here and that also at this time. if he has some hidden motive or he is seriously genuine.
think guys,
sorry no precap. not finalised anything about next epi.
if there was any mistakes plz let me know ur suggestions r always welcomed
plz comment guys
only one positive comment & I’ll be back with a bang on new epi
that’s it for today
plzzzzzzzzz share your reviews

  1. Pinkyyy

    Nice update dear
    I am eagerly waiting for your next update
    I am curious to know what ACP is doing there

    1. Mrunal

      thank u so much dear for ur instant & lovely comment..
      yeah i am working on next epi
      I’ll surely update it ASAP.

  2. Lisaaa

    nice and interesting mrunal…. keep gng….

    1. Mrunal

      ty lisaaa for taking a time out for commenting on my ff.

  3. Nice..waiting for next part

    1. Mrunal

      ty so much dear

    2. Mrunal

      I’ll try my best to update soon

  4. Anjaly

    awesome episode

    1. Mrunal

      thank u anjaly for ur comment

  5. Saasha123

    Hi mrunal di. It was great. I am not giving negative comment but after anika talking to herself u should have started because half epi went in anika’s self conversation. So that’s my only review about this epi…. Other than that it was great…???

    1. Mrunal

      hey thank u so much dear for ur precious review but i was really nervous & first of all I am a very good storyteller but not a writer hence sorry for that.
      this ff is my first attempt hence plz bear with me for some days definitely i’ll try to improve it.
      this is happening becoz i didn’t planned i just typed it directly on website as just it came in my mind. as it came in my mind i just simply typed my thoughts or may i say my imagination on TU

      right now also i did not planned anything for next epi whenever my brain will run like a Ferrari then i’ll type it.

      don’t worry i have noted ur suggestion and i’ll try to improve it .

  6. interesting ,waiting for next one eagerly

    1. Mrunal

      hey anah thank u for commenting dear
      and I’ll may be post it tomorrow.

  7. Akansha

    its awesome waiting fr d nxt epi

    1. Mrunal

      ty akansha for ur lovely comment
      & i must say u will not in need to wait longer…

  8. Mrunal

    thank u so much guys for ur sweet and valuable comments. right now i am on cloud nine bcoz of ur sweet response. i did not expected this much appreciation for my not planned ff but u guys just made it memorable for me.

    now i’ll surely try to update regularly & will make it lengthier
    thank u once again to them who commented
    and thanks to the silent reader also….

  9. Hello mrunal….u r frnds r absolutely correct..u r a good writer….please update soon…..

    1. Mrunal

      Hey dear thank u for ur lovely comment. I am gonna update next epi today itself

  10. Aarya

    Mrunal……awesome??…. Such an amazing writer u r…..?????????miss bol bachan ….?kya kamal ki start thi yaar….muaahh?tooo good dear…..i loved it….so touching….. Sorry my bestie for such a late rply….but now onwards i vl b regular. Love u….nd ur pretty work.

    1. Mrunal

      Thank u, thank u, thank u soooooo much dear…?????
      I can’t even imagine how eagerly i was waiting for ur reply.. After all u r my only friend who is with me from my joining….?

      I am soooo happy by ur reply…
      Such sweet comments ????

    2. Aarya

      Yep dear….even i was eagerly waiting for ur ff….bt something came up…so that i couldn’t cme to tu daily…….?btw no thank u nd sorry….aftr all we r frnds….
      Dosthi ki ek hosool hein madam….no sorry no thank u??????

    3. Mrunal

      Okay madam….
      Fir dosti ka ye usool meri iss sweet friend ko bhi follow karana padega??

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