Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 2nd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishnakant shares his decision with Apa

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The Episode starts with Pritam coming to Amrita and asking her to treat the guy. He beats the guy and says I have beaten him this way, check him. He shouts on the guy and hurts him more. Amrita closes eyes. Pritam asks where are you lost, check him, else he will die, then this hospital and you will lose your name, check him now. Doctor comes and asks what’s happening. The man says this lady doesn’t know anything. Doctor says she isn’t a doctor, you are mistaken. Pritam asks then why is she doing a drama, get out of here. Doctor says don’t shout on her. He asks Amrita to sit outside. Amrita goes out. Doctor says its a police case. Pritam says call the police, check him first. The guy says I was going, I got hit by a car, I didn’t note the number. Doctor says I don’t think so. Pritam says I have beaten him, but he will say this. Amrita hears this. Doctor says fine, wait here, I will get the nurse. Amrita sees Pritam and his friend scolding the guy and torturing him. She gets back. Doctor gets the nurse. Pritam asks what’s your blood group. The guy says O positive. Pritam says liar, you aren’t positive. He asks his friend to arrange blood for the guy, he will get saved. He leaves and collides with Amrita. She gets hurt. He sees her baby bump and says sorry, are you fine. She turns away. He leaves.

Kabir and Meera see Amrita. They come to call her. Kabir says this was Karan’s cabin. Meera says don’t be sad, you are strong. Meera asks Amrita to go for sonography. Kabir gets sad seeing Karan’s cabin. Meera takes him. Dadi’s drama gets recorded by Soni. Soni compliments her acting. Dadi says post my pics before your parents come. Soni says done. Guneet, Nimmo and Dada ji come home. Dadi asks what happened. Soni asks why are you upset. Guneet says your mum always keep a sad face. Nimmo asks really, Meera’s dad doesn’t want to fix the alliance, he fed us imported sweets and told about his costly chandelier, that’s it. Dada ji says his nature is such. She says we are not keeping this marriage for money, I think he doesn’t want to get this marriage done. Guneet says Meera and Apa were so happy, don’t drag it, I will go to the shop and come. Amrita sees the baby on the screen. Kabir and Meera also get happy. Doctor says baby’s growth is fine, baby is healthy. Meera says I will take the baby in lap first. Kabir says my turn first. They argue. Amrita says I want your and Angad’s marriage date to get fixed first. Kabir says once Angad gives me pocket money, I will praise him. Amrita smiles seeing the baby and says his nose will be just like Karan.

Krishnakant comes home. He says I feel fresh to see you and children’s face, I have to freshen up and go for online meeting. Apa says I need to talk something imp, what’s going on in your mind, your behavior with Meera’s Sasural wasn’t good. He asks what did I do, I treated them well. She says you didn’t invite them in grahpravesh, you are trying to make Meera away, what do you want, tell me at least, I m your sister, I m Meera’s mum even if I didn’t give her birth.

He says you are more imp than my own sister, I think I hurried to decide Meera’s marriage in that house, I want to rectify my mistake. She asks why suddenly. He says life changes suddenly. She asks about Angad and his family. He says they are stagnant, I have moved on, we have money, I can give a good life to Meera by finding a better alliance, I have seen a new world, I want Meera to get the best things, so Meera won’t marry in Sakhuja family. She gets shocked.
Amrita sees the sonography reports. She thinks of their past. She imagines Karan. She says you left me alone. He says I m always with you, you are forgetting something. She asks what. He shows the calender. She says its Kabir’s….

Amrita sees Pritam and gets scared. Kabir celebrates his birthday. Amrita asks Guneet not to get angry. Guneet says I miss Karan. Kabir wears Karan’s coat and asks Guneet to have the cake by Karan’s hand.

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  1. The series is realistic and going slow but good. It’s such a fresh concept and even the pairing is new. I hope audience give the show a chance. Waiting for more interactions between Amritha and Pritam.

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