Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Chavan Family’s Warm Welcome For Sai

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashwini offers tea to Chavan seniors. Pakhi walks in and greets them good morning. Bhavani says she had sent tea to her room but found it closed. Pakhi says she doesn’t need tea, was filling her resumes and speaking to her father and hold him that she is coming to stay with him in a few days. Shivani taunts if she is going to her parent’s house before Sai returns home to avoid her. Pakhi gets angry. Shivani asks why is she getting irritated with truth. Bhavani stops Shivani. Mansi returns home from temple. Bhavani asks why she had gone to temple alone. Mansi says what else she can do than going to temple and pray. Pakhi asks if she went to temple to pray for Sai as she is getting discharged from hospital and returning home today. Mansi says she went to temple as its her son Samrat and Pakhi’s wedding anniversary today. Everyone look surprised Pakhi (with one expression for all reactions) thinks how can she forget the day of her destroyal and touches Mansi’s feet. Mansi gives her prasad and asks if she forgot her wedding anniversary. Karishma says Pakhi obviously would forget her anniversary busy in other things. Ashwini sensing Mansi’s pain says let us all pray for Samrat’s return soon.

Bhavani consoles Mansi and assures that Samrat will return soon. Pakhi comments that its already an year since he left and there is no open of his return now. Mansi asks not to say that. Ashwini says Pakhi should have searched Samarat at least. Shivani says Pakhi didn’t and in fact when Virat wanted to take her to search Samrat, she tore flight tickets as Sai was accompanying them. Pakhi tries to confront Shiv ani. Mansi says Pakhi can even search Samrat. Pakhi says she doesn’t want to interfere in this issue. Ashwini says she shouldn’t interfere between Sai and Virat also, let them fight and or do whatever they want to. Pakhi shouts why everyone is still blaming her, did she ask Virat to fight with Virat and Sai to meet with an accident. Sai with Virat returns home. Ashwini hopes Sai didn’t hear their conversation.

Ninad asks Sai how is she. Sai says she is still alive. Ninad asks her to behave as he is asking about her health. She says seeing the silence, she thought she is attending a mourning meet/shok sabha and hence said this; she asks Pakhi what was she telling Ashwini. Everyone’s face is focused. Sai asks Ashwini if she is not happy seeing her back home. Ashwini hugs her and says she knows nothing will happen to her brave daughter, she gets tensed always, but she is so happy seeing her daughter back that she is unable to speak. She asks Karishma to bring aarti thali. Shivani says welcome home rockstar. Sai thanks her. Omkar asks if she is fine and able to walk now. Sai says yes. Virat thinks they don’t know about Sai’s decision. Bhavani takes aarti thali and asks Virat to stand next to Sai as he is her husband and must have relaxed bringing her back home. She performs their aarti. Sai tightly hugs her and says she surprised her. Bhavani smilingly says she is elder of this house and worries for everyone, she was tensed that people would taunt that Chavan family killed their bahu. Virat asks not to say that. Ashwini says when Bhavani performed Sai’s aarti, she thought she accepted her as bahu, but was she thinking this while performing aarti. Bhavani says yes, she is head of the family and has to think of everyone and spoke openly.

Sai says even Bhavani is becoming a straight talker like her. Ninad if the whole family becomes like her, they will spend their life surprising each other. Sai smiles hearing that. Ninad says she shocked them this time instead and asks why she left home angrily. Mansi prays that like Sai returned home, Samrat should return home wherever he is and offers her prasad saying its Samrat and Pakhi’s wedding anniversary. Pakhi says she never met Samrat but heard his stories from Virat. Ashwini says if god wishes, Samrat will return soon and then she can hear stories from him. Sai prays same and says she is very hungry and was craving for her food in hospital. Ashwini asks her to go to her room while she brings food for her.

Virat asks Sai if she doesn’t want to pack her books and clothes. Ashwini asks where is she going. Mohit says if she is going back to Gadchiroli, they will not send her. Sai says she is not in a hurry, but Virat wants to send her. Virat says she wanted to stay at Pulkit’s house. Pakhi gets happy hearing that and thanks god that family will not blame her if Sai leaves this house. Ninad says he will not let her bahu go. Bhavani says Sai doesn’t have to go anywhere. Virat says he is responsible for Sai’s condition and doesn’t want her to go, but he is unfit to stop her; Pulkit is coming in the evening to pick up Sai. Ashwini says she will not send her. Sai says she will not. Virat thinks doesn’t want to hurt anyone but will go for sure and walks to his room. Ashwini asks what is the issue. Sai says she will but will speak to Virat first.

Precap: Sai while packing her bag sees Virat crying.
Virat says something fell in his eyes and pleads her not to go and punish him insead.
She stops him. He says does wrong sometimes and feels like hilling himself. He shuts her mouth.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. At least some of them has behaved with Sai would be a nice show to watch today if Pakhi2as not there in the show..

    1. Pakhi was* sorry writing mistake

    2. if Pakhi wont be there then the show wont be there 😀

  2. Virat is such a drama king whose spine is in Pakhi’s back. He never learns from his previous mistakes and he is only an emotional fool after he has done wrong. At this rate, Pakhi can get away with murder literally. She orchestrated all this and all she got from ACP sir was a simple reprimand. He can shout at Sai but cannot strongly reprimand Pakhi. Totally pathetic to say the lest. It makes one wonder how much of their real life affects the reel life 🤨😒

    1. Replace Pakhi actress

      I completely agree with you. They need to replace either Neil or his real life fiancé. I prefer replacing the fiancé because she can’t act and just seeing her makes my blood boil. Show woukd be so much better if Pakhi actress is replaced by someone else.

  3. I am waiting for tomorrow’s episode…honestly first time I felt sorry for Virat..his emotions pour out…and I just hope they reconcile…Men learn from their mistakes and Virat has understood his mistake…of course his behaviour was not at all acceptable but regretting it from the moment he saw Sai injured. I can’t believe Pakhi forget her anniversary and telling it to herself that she written her own destiny of spoiling her life…and then blaming Virat…such a double dholki she is….and she can argue with everyone in the house…and blame Sai for her badtameezi….hate her character…just hoping Samrat comes soon and show her mirror..

    1. Exactly..regretting from the moment she got injured..if Sai wont hv gotten into an accident, then he wouldnt hv realize..coz even when she was running on the road, he didnt have any regret and was shouting at her..Virat is more like guilty than being regretful..he cant express his feeling to Sai but cn shout at her and tbh, I toh feel he shud apologize to Ajinkya as ki bhi kya glti thi? just because Ajinkya uska apna nhi doesnt mean voh usse maafi nhi mangega, usne dono ke sath glt kiya h, and if voh Ajinkya se bhi maafi mangega tbhi prove hoga that he is actually feeling sorry.

    2. Aaj ajinkiya se maafi mangega.

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Infront of Shivani taunts everyone becomes quite😜😜
    2. Mansi finally indirectly taunted and asked Pakhi, if she forgot about anniversary👌🏻👌🏻
    Pakhi ki fir se bezzajati ho gayi😆😆
    3. For the first time Bhavani was surprised on Pakhi words😨😨when she tells that Smarat might not return.
    4. Aaj toh mazza aa gaya, Pakhi ki balti bhar bhar kar bezzajati ho gayi😅😅
    5. Ninand and Bhavani smiled seeing Sai Back☺️🙂and was happy, though reasons were different🤦🏻‍♀️
    6. Pakhi is so selfish that even for a day she doesn’t want to remember Samarat even for fake😡😠😏😡😠😏
    7. Virat had tears when Mansi mentioned that today is Smarat and Pakhi anniversary😢😢
    He still has feelings for her🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    Than why doing drama for Sai??😠😡😠😡

    8. Ninand called Sai as his DIL👍🏻👍🏻
    9. Slowly Sai is letting her self-respect go😏😏, for which she was known..
    10. Virat is so dramatic😏😏
    He will say sorry and will repeat again..

    1. Shradha when you said pakhi ki to ajj balti bhar bhar ki baizati ho gayi that time I cannot stop my laughter I laughed so hard that my younger sister asked me what are you seeing that u laughed batao I love to read your comment you write all the POV of my or the viewers … seriously now I have started to follow to wherever you comment and which serial you watch I keep searching that .. You are amazing emoji girl 😘😘😘


    2. SaiRat adorable

      1)Nahi pakhi ke liye nahi virat ko samrat ke liye rona aa raha tha.
      2)Yehi virat ki akheri galti hai.Woh aaj ke baad kabhi aisa galti dubara nahi karega,I am sure.And virat ke aasu fake nahi hai aur nahi sai ne apni self respect khoya hai.Sai iss ghar mei sirf samaan lene aur gharwalo se(shivani,mohit,aai)akheri baar milne ayi hai.Aur virat ko itna rote hue dekhne ke baad mei agar usne virat ko maaf kardia to kya galat hai.

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      So sweet @fanlove..
      Thanks for liking my comment😌😌😌
      @sairat adorable
      1. If that was the case why he only looked at Pakhi, he could have seen mansi or anyother family member..
      2. I hope it never happen in anyone life:
      But if someone will raise question on your character will you forgive just by seeing tears??
      Atleast he should feel sorry from deep heart and genuinely his/ her actions should show..
      If i would have in place of Sai, i wouldn’t forgive..
      3. Yes, i feel sai is losing her self respect, as she melt always when ever Virat shed tear and virat repeat mistake and she decide to leave and this repeats

    4. SaiRat adorable

      Samrat ke baat sun kar pakhi ka expression keisa hai shayad yahi dekh raha tha.Chaliye bhi itni choti si baat pe uske galti maat dhoondiye.Aur apko kya lagta hai ki virat ko kya karna chahiye,khudko maarna chahiye.Virat ko dekhkar lag raha tha woh andar se guilt mei maar raha hai.Aur kya kare virat maafi ke liye😔Aur iss incident ke baad woh kabhi bhi sai ko dubara mistrust nahi kar sakta.Aur karega bhi nahi.☺️

  5. @ shraddha dharma, Virat had tears in his eyes,because he is missing his dear brother, Samrat for a long time

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Your words and his way looking at Pakhi with tears doesn’t match..
      If this would have been matter, he would have looked at Mansi or anyother member but not at Pakhi only

  6. It will be so disappointing if Sai stay at Chavans, I hope she has stronger willpower, while she and Virat are the leads in serial, I think she should still move out for awhile until Virat really appreciates and changes his attitude towards her by not listening and agreeing with everything Pakhi says. In the meantime, can Pakhi get some punishment for her crimes?
    She does not remember her anniversary but she always remembers the promise Virat made to her and when he did. That’s strange!!.
    Anyways I don’t think the elders have changed, it’s only till comes back from her room then they will start insulting g again, they have not gotten the chance yet to taunt her for having Ajinkya in her room and for the accident. More insults to come I’m sure as Pakhi will not let it go

  7. T.H

    One Pakhi here, and one in Anupamaa. Both of them are horrible and disgusting. I feel bad for Virat now. He is repenting sincerely. He should be forgiven now. As per Kusum Dola, they will go to a vacation where Sai would find Samrat. Hoping for the best 🤞🏻

  8. i honestly feel they need to change the track….

    maybe do something like virat and sai moving out of the chavans and living in their own apartment??

    i mean obviously this won’t be permanent, showmakers will always be like: joint family mentally torturing the mc>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> mental health of the mc, its disheartening but…anyway….

    this would be a wave of freshness for the audience too….instead of the daily ghatiya tamasha, they can ACTUALLY enjoy sairat

    PS: MC means main character xp

  9. Why did Sai that virat is eager for her to leave?’ She is acting like a baby. Virat just reminded her that she needed to pack to go to pulkits house. Does she want virat to beg her in front of everyone? I am sorry but Sai sometimes can be pathetic. But I do think she wanted bhavani to stop her. She does not want to leave but feels confused as to where she truly belongs.

  10. Even i feel that when virat looked at pakhi it was not because of any feelings for that cheap woman. It was like she doesnt even remember that today is her 1st wedding anniversary. Also he was missing his brother Samrat very badly. I dont know but i feel it was like a silent hatred towards pakhi. Absolutely it didnt look like he has any feelings for the Damsel in Distress.

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