Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 12th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi worrying and says Yug and Ishaan haven’t returned till now. She hopes everything is fine. Yadav also worries. Radha asks him to say postive. Ishaan comes home and shows his powers. He says he got his soul back. Suraj says now you can come with us. Dadi says we will be together in that world too. She says what will happen after mukti. Radha says I am worried about Yug? What he might be doing? Ishaan looks on. Yug calls the goons and asks them for their help, and tells something. Sophia comes to Yug and hugs him cryingly. She says sorry and says I was wrong. You said right. She says police is with keith. She tells everything that keith damaged the proof and Veronica burnt the file. Yug hugs her and says he knows this. He says Keith had bought the law. Sophia says Keith had murdered my mom also, but we can’t do anything as we don’t have any proofs. Yug promises her that Keith will be punished today itself. Sophia asks how? She says how he will come to Palekar Mansion. Yug says he will come to our house by himself. Yug and Sophia come home. Radha says she is relieved seeing him. Dadi argues with Radha. Suraj says Yug is habituated to your arguments, but not Sophia.

Radha says everything happens because of her. Suraj signs Dadi to smile. Dadi smiles and says if elder shows some intelligence then there will be no arguments in house. Yadav and others say good. Dadi sends flying kiss to Radha and signs no fights. Radha also sends back the same thing. Ishaan says we have to bring Keith here, and it is the last work. Suraj says let him come here. I will kill him with my hands. Dadi says I will decide. Ria says why he will come here. Radha asks Yug if he has decided something. Yug says he will come here within 1 hour, and you will get mukti. He says I have less time to spend with you all. He cries and says I want to spend 1 hour with you all, with my family. Everyone smiles. The goons come to Keith. Keith asks how dare you to come here? The goon say that they came to do his work. He says he was in need of money and took more money from book. Other goon says we would have complained with police. Keith agrees to give him last chance. The goon asks him to come along with them. Keith refuses. They ask if you are afraid of ghost. Keith refuses. The goon asks him to come to bank with them and give them some money. Keith agrees and asks them to come. Dadi tells Sophia that Yug comes home and keeps hand on food without washing, and asks her to correct his bad habit. Yadav tells Yug to find a family in the world. Yug says he will take care of himself. The goons bring Keith to palekar mansion and asks him to see the family. Keith asks them to leave him.

Later the good goons bring Keith to Palekar Mansion after blind folding him. Keith says Suraj, how can you be alive. You was dead. Radha, Ria, Dadi and others appear infront of him. Keith asks the goons to leave him. Yug asks him to see ghost with his eyes. Sophia says what did you say that nobody can do anything to you. Yadav asks Keith what wrong did he do? He says he is trapped in the house after death since 25 years and slap him. Keith is shocked and scared. Dadi ties him to chair with her powers. Keith asks them to free him. Suraj says they have powers. Ria says we can do much more. Keith asks them to free him. Dadi asks weak heart people to leave from there. Ishaan says no one will fall weak seeing him dying. Radha says time has come. Keith asks what time? He says you don’t know who am I? Suraj asks will you kill us again. He burns keith with his powers. Keith shouts as his body burns.

Everyone looks on as he dies. He is burnt into ashes. Ria says we are still here. Suddenly light comes from heaven. Dadi and others smile. She says time has come for our mukti. She asks Sophia to take care of her Yug. Sophia nods yes with teary eyes. Dadi says I will come again as Dadi saas. Radha asks Yug to take care of her bahu. Yug says yes, and says I will miss your ear pulling. Ishaan says Sophia is with him now. Yug cries badly and hugs Radha. He hugs Suraj, Ria and others. Sophia also hugs Palekar family. Yug hugs Ishaan, Yadav etc. Yadav blesses Yug and Sophia. The Palekars’ look at Yug and Sophia before leaving, and sign bye. Yug bids bye with tearyful eyes along with Sophia. They are gone. Yug and Sophia hug each other with teary eyes and smile.

The show ends on Yug and Sophia’s union and Palekar family’s freedom.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Why should end the serial it is good

  2. i will miss this show ;9 IT WAS REALLY NICE AND DIFFERENT )

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Sooooooooo much emtional ending…. ??? vaise to ending acchi thi.. but mujge lga tha ki ghost will turn into real family… koi baat nhi… main to sach me rone lgi thi??????
    Main to show to bhut misss krungi, iss tym mere pass words nhi hai apni baat express krne ke liye…..????

  4. It’s not fair. Zabhmg should have extended the story line… Glad that everything ended in happy note…

  5. shruti rohida

    I’ll miss this show

  6. Me too.I think they can make much more better as they could have shown palekars to be lived with yug nd Sofia as they died before time.but I m really going to miss it badly..

  7. I vil b happy if zabhmg sequal is made i m truely missing it

  8. What about vironica?she is also a murderer

  9. I miss this Tv Serial

  10. Fatarajo(Joyee)

    Yesterday’s episode was so emotional and heart-touching. I will miss Zindagi Abhi Baki hain Mera Ghost a lot, this was the only show in current times me and all my cousins used to watch together, we all were sad that ZABHMG ended way too soon why life ok love to off-air their good shows 🙁 i know other channels off-air them earlier but still , ZABHMG is not even popular online seriously :/
    I will miss Dhruv Raj Sharma as Yug, Kanika Kotnala as Sophia, Shweta Vyas as Riya and Smita Bansal as Radha and also Aji the most.

  11. Fatarajo(Joyee)

    One of The most underatted show I have seen was so good but went unnoticed 🙁 and the ending was a lot like Koi Mil Gaya

    I used to like it so damn much

  13. Gonna miss the show soo much

  14. I will really miss this show ! This was one of my favorite show!!☺☺
    Sad that this show ended??

  15. The show could have been much better had it been backed by the channel and also with better scripting and characterization,but nevertheless it was better than the some of the shows being telecasted on TV which starts with novel concept but then drift into unknown zone.This show stuck with its concept right till the end.I will miss this show.

  16. Though the show was good, but my biggest qualm with the show has been the the depiction of ghosts,It was not upto the mark.

  17. I miss this serial very much completely different concept

    I miss sofug n parlekar family ….

    Atleast it was different from others ghost … comedy n suspense .. Ghost family too good…

    Miss u zabhmg…

  18. Shraddha Sharma

    I missed the show…. aaj samjg hi nhi aaya ki 7:30 pm pr kya dekhun; kyu ki Zindagi Abhi Baki Hai Mere Ghost katam ho gya…..

  19. I thought the ending was rushed up…Veronica doesnt face consequences for her actions and other little loopholes were needed to be fixed like the magical book which yug found , what happened to the tantrik who wanted to get even with the ghosts so as i said there wer a lot of loopholes which they forgot about and could have taken the story forward and made it more interesting..Well ,the concept was good , it didnt turn into a long boring melodrama..Every episode took the story forward..And one more thing i felt was that after Peter’s death, The show felt too rushed..There were so many ways this story might have been told but they took the easy way out..Anyways was a good show and i enjoyed while it lasted..

  20. Shraddha Sharma

    I missed the show very much… aaj samjg hi nhi aaya ki 7:30 pm pr kya dekhun tv pr…

  21. Of ho ye drama khtm na krte na

  22. I miss this show very much.loved it


      ME TOO


    show khatam hone se pahle sophia or yug ki saadi to hone dete

  24. this is to bad why r u end this show,I loved this very much with my family ,such so many serial s still on progress y y y….. u end the serial

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