Yeh Vaada Raha 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Dargah
Kartik rushes to survi, who still lies unconscious, after the snake leaves off. the men say that they dont know whether the snake sucked the poison out or not, but right now, she needs to be rushed to the hospital, to be given an antidote. He with his injured feet, rushes out, with survi in his arms.

Scene 2:
Location: Holiday hotel
As survi lies on the bed, and kartik stands by her side, the doctor administers the antidote, and then says that he took out the entire poison, and now she shall recover. kartik thanks him. he says that he did his duty as a doctor, and now its his turn to be a dutiful husband. he leaves. kartik then attends to survi, and holds out her hand, and is extremely apologetic for his behaviour. he says that he realises her importance today, and that when she went unconscious, he felt for an instant, that he was losing his life, and that it became unbearable for him to lose her, and he never felt so helpless and weak ever earlier. he then kisses her hand, while she lies asleep. he says that he knows whatever happened was because of him, and swears that from this day forth he wouldnt ever let such circumstances arise and then apologises. he cries, and then she opens her eyes, and asks if he promises. he is pleasantly shocked to see her alive and up. He is relieved to find her awake and in senses. she eyes him tensedly. he asks if she was listening to him, and still kept her eyes closed. she says that ahd she opened her eyes, she wouldnt have heard his heart’s voice, and maybe that took away the entire poison. he gets sullen and then takes his hand away, while she asks him not to get angry this time around, as she doesnt have the strength to impree him right now. he smiels and caresses her cheeks. she asks whats his response to her question, and asks him to promise that he wont leave her at all. he complies and promises. later, he caters to every need of hers, just like she used to do earlier, giving her meds, and proper food, to help her recover faster. She eyes him adoringly. She then eyes the watch, and remembers their deadline.

Scene 3:
Location: Tai’s residence
Kishore paces around nervously, as shanti finally wakes up, and is shocked to find him standing there. he asks her not to worry, as he shall set everything okay, and then with determination, says that it has to be. She doses off yet again, tired from the exhaustive trauma.

As pyare outside, paces nervously and anxiously at being caught by the police who has been waiting for kartik, he and tai are shocked as they find kishore coming out into the drawing room. they are tensed of his response. he comes and says that he was right, as shanti is inside studying, and he didnt think it right to be disturbing her right now. they are shocked, while tai is outright boggled. the police then tells them to inform when kartik comes back, so that they can finish the formalities of taking back the case. tai complies. the police leaves. kishore eyes them amused, while they are boggled.

Later, as kishore intentionally relaxes away on the sofa, tai comes to him hurriedly, and he asks her to be patient, as she doesnt want to alarm the police, taunting her. She gets furthermore enraged, and lunges at his throat, and pyare somehow manages to get her off and away from him, asking her to calm down. tai says that had she not been helpless, she would have killed him right now. He says that he isnt helpess but scared as the police is tagging on their heels. he says that he too is helpless as survi made him promise to preserve the integrity and respect of their family. She is shocked to know that kishore is aligned with survi. he clarifies that it was survi who explained to him that if he gets tai arrested that would just earn them disrespect in the society, and hence he refrained. he says that he is by survi’s side, and now her days are counted, as she doesnt have any clue where her dear kartik is. tai is boggled. he says that survi is in kartik’s breath, and despite her efforts, they wouldnt be separated and that the countdown has begun for her. when tai tries kartik’s number, and it doesnt get through, she remembers survi’s threat and is frustrated. to add insult to infamy, kishore comes and taunts her, that only 24 hours remain and she still couldnt trace kartik. he leaves. she vents out her anger and breaks the clock itself.

Scene 4:
Location: Holiday Hotel and tai’s residence
The next morning, when survi wakes up, she finds kartik asleep by the side of her bed, on her palm. She somehow shifts her palm, but then he grabs hold of her pallu in sleep, and in trying to retrieve it, he wakes up. not finding her on the bed, he gets up hurriedly and hassled, and collides into survi, who disbalances, and he dives in to catch her in his arms, and a romantic eyelock follows. she then composes herself awkwardlky, while he too looks away. she leaves to freshen up. he smiles innocently. As she comes out, she finds kartik’s phone on charging, and decides to switch it off, before tai tries his number. But before she can do that, kartik comes and then tells her that he has ordered breakfast for them here only. Finding her lost, as her eyes are fixated on the mobile, as its starts vibrating with an incoming call, he asks if everything iks okay. she complies. he leaves. Meanwhile, continuously trying him number, tai is enraged that noone is pikcing up, and swears to teach her a lesson. finally, when she finds the call being received, tai continues on her charade as to how she is concerned that her kids are out, and she has no clue of their whereabouts. she is shocked and then gets in a rage, when she knows that its survi at the other end, telling her that both are fine. survi asks her if she knows whats the differnec betwene her true and tai’s fake love, as she is sitting at home, sullenly, waiting for her defeat, and she is revelling in their love, as kartik got her back from the clutches of death, that removed all separation between them. she screams if she shall challenge tai, and asks if she has the stature to threaten her, and asks her not to celebrate her victory prior to getting it. survi says that this time she wont win, as this time her true love shall win, and she can do whatever she wishes to, but this time, truth shall win. tai fumes. just then, kartik comes with the butler, and asks survi to make him talk to tai too. tai is relieved. he says that they are fine, and then cancels the call. She is enraged, as pyare takes the phone. survi too takes his phone. she says that he talked to family, but before office people call, they should switch if off. he complies. tai is frustrated that the phone went off. As she gets up and dresses, and confronts kartik, he says that she is incomplete. She is boggled. He says that he shall finish today whats remaining and dons her head with the vermillion, marked on his name. she is overwhlmed as tears flow down her cheeks. He asks her to rest after breakfast, as he has a surprise party planned for her. she asks what but he doesnt relent. he then asks her to relax and enjoy the day. He says that he wishes to make her his wife today, in all senses. he says that he shall finish whats missing on their relationship tonight, and shall clear all misunderstandings, and make a fresh start into their new lives, and that they shall never look back in the grey past. he caresses her cheeks and says that he has pained her enough and now nomore. He says that tonight whatever was remaining in their relationship, he shall fulfill it, and that she shall never be able to forget this valentine ever. she eyes him adoringly, overwhelmed with emotions. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Survi steps in, and is amazed to see the beautiful arrangement, and then a kaleidoscope of their moments on the projector, with kartik’s voiceover, of a promise for eternity as he finally steps up, and confronts her. they both are engaged in a romantic eyelock, as they smile overwhelmingly at each other. In the romantic setting, kartik gets down on one knee, and then proposes to her, giving her a red rose, confessing his love for her. He carries her in the arms, and then dances and twirls her around. He then makes her lie on the bed, while she watches in anticipation for his next move. Then they finally get to consummating their relationship.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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