Zindaan – The Golden Cage Chapter 30 (The Bonds of Love & Revenge – II)

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Anika tried to search her sketchbook in her bag but then she remembers that she left in the hospital. She patted her head while cursing herself. She can go to the hospital again but she was waiting for her sister. She gets to know from the staff that she didn’t come home the last night. “Ishu….Where were you?” She asked looking at her entrance. “There was a complicated surgery. It took more time than I expected” She lied while sitting on the sofa. “Did you cried? Your eyes look swollen” She asked worriedly. “No, I guess it’s just lack of sleep” She lied. “Ani, I am going to my room. Go and eat.” She said moving upstairs. She wants to tell her about last night incident but she is tired. She maybe gets more worried if she gets to know about this, so, she decided to keep this to herself. She moves toward the dining table for her breakfast. It feels haunting to do it alone. She was missing Ishu terribly.

Anika was sketching again on another sketchbook as she knows that her previous designs get wet. There is no use of getting them back. Suddenly her phone start ringing and she see an unknown number flashing on the screen. “Yes?” She asked after receiving the call. “It’s Shivay, whom you saved,” He told like that she won’t recognise if he tells his name. “You left your note here. If you can meet up for taking it back….” He tried to say but she interrupts him in between. “I don’t need it now. You can keep it or throw it away” She said. “I need to say thanks too,” He said. “Fine, you send the address. I will come but not today. My sister is not well, let’s meet tomorrow ” She said after cutting the call.

Next day, Anika was busy in completing her assignments. This is so unfair to sketch her design again after so much hard work. Though Shivay said to return her note today she knew it is of no use. These are not things which made her worried, she is worried over Ishu. She seems lost, she even doesn’t go on her duty today. She rarely missed hospital, but something was off. She neither chuckle on her antics neither scold her. Anika thinks to ask but it seems more difficult as she never going to tell. That’s how sometimes she ends up feeling terrible, her sister solves her all problems but never share about hers. She needs to understand that she was not a child anymore who needs to be pampered. She is grown up and can face her own problems. She is actually longing to face difficulties. These people made her so cautious that she can’t even look at her problems. She closed her eyes and start stamping pencil on the table. The sound gives her a weird type of sensation. She kept the pencil in between the pages of her and move toward Drishya’s room.

“Ishu…You okay?” She asked after knocking on the door. “Yes….you don’t need to be so worried” Drishya replied with a smile as soon she opens the door. The thing which Anika hate most about her sister is this fake smile, even a blind person call tell the difference between a genuine smile and fake ones. She is trying to make her fool here but she never interrupts her. Everyone has their own method of dealing, maybe she likes to be pretended to okay. Same like how she ends up crying and missing her mother whenever she feels sad.

Her mother was the only person which she longs for, this was the only flaw in her perfectly planned life. Little did she knew how many storms this perfect life going to bring inside her head in future. “Your eyes are still red…Do you need some ice?” She asked after coming out of her thoughts. “No, it is fine. It took little time to be normal” Drishya replied. “You want to go out…..We both have time today” Anika asked while she shook her head negatively. “Ani, I don’t have mood today. You can go ahead” She refused while she nods her head before walking out. Drishya closed the door and sighed in relief. She slides curtains and saw the remarks on board, the last night she was busy on this. This was not dedication neither concentration, it was the madness of revenge. She highlights two words on board who are necessary to take control of Maya in Shivay’s mind – intimidation and emotions. If she wants to take Maya’s place, she doesn’t have to be just pretending like her but has to feel emotions like her.

It was evening, Anika sees the sunset from her window and sighed. She felt alone, she gets to know that Drishya is someone really important to her. She just detached herself for one day and she ends up feeling this much miserable. She notices the time and starts getting ready. “Ani, Are you going somewhere?” Drishya stops her as she turned and saw her in the kitchen. “Yes, going to met a friend” She replied with a smile. Though she always feels irritating because of her involvement, today she felt happy about it. She always wants to nag on her that she needs to stop her interference but she starts missing it in just one day.

“Be careful and Take care” She said while Anika smile in response. “You need rest too. I prepared an ice bag for you. Just apply it under your eyes. You are looking like a Koala with those deep and swollen eyes” She said and they both giggled. Anika smile after coming outside, at last, she gets successful in making her sister smile. She was naive, pure and kind, she can’t bear sadness in anyone’s eyes. She often smiles and tries to make others too. This was one of the most charming qualities of her.

She hires a cab and reaches the cafe. She looks around to find him. “Hello..” She said to him as he turned toward her. “Here is your sketchbook,” He said while giving her. She actually likes his straightforwardness. “Are you studying fashion too?” He asked while she interrupts. “Can we talk while walking? It’s little awkward to discuss things in between the park while standing ” She suggested while he nods his head. They both start walking together on the pavement. “Yes, I want to be a fashion designer,” She said when he didn’t ask again. “I guess so by your sketchbook” He replied.

“But it gets ruined after drenching,” She said. “Not that much, You are talented though” He replied while she looks at him. “It is nature’s blessing,” She said while sitting on the bench. “Huh?” He asked confusedly. “It’s peaceful nature which inspires me to design. Trees don’t laugh at you unlike people no matter how badly you sketch” She said while he stares her. She signs him to sit while he gets seated on another corner. She chuckled and rolled her eyes. “You know that day I was there because of greenery. I think you were lucky that I was there” She continues telling and he was only listening. “Thanks for saving me,” He said after a pause while she chuckled. “I was cursing you for not saying thanks. You are not that much mean” She said while he looks her cluelessly.

How can someone be so much informal and friendly? She was blunt but he like that bluntness. “I advice you to be in contact with nature. You will find more reasons to smile” She said after reading he don’t smile at all. “Wow….you completed them. Why didn’t you tell me before? I will never sketch design again” She complained. “Your book wasn’t that much drenched that’s why I fixed these designs ” He replied while she smiles. “Actually I want to submit this as an assignment because it is beautiful but it will be cheating on others,” She said with a pout.

“Why? You can submit it” He said while she smiles. “I want to keep it with myself” Shee replied as he shook his head. “I see that you do sign on every sketch,” He said while she turned toward him. “Yes, everyone does ” She replied. “Is there any reason behind the small moon in your sign?” He asked. “Why are you asking?” She asked while he gets tensed. “No, I know someone else who adds small moon with a sign. Normally,  people add hearts that’s why I am asking” He explained. “I don’t know, it was the habit from childhood” She replied while shrugging her shoulder. “I think I need to go,” He said looking at his watch. “Yes, your family must be waiting,” Anika said. “I don’t have a family just a friend” He replied. “Sorry, I don’t want to hurt. I also don’t have my mother” She said. “It’s alright, should I hire a cab for you?” He asked while she nods her head negatively. “No, you don’t need to be that informal. Let’s hope we met again. Goodbye.” She wished before moving while he stare at her.

Swayam look at the ring which is shining like his tears. He was not sad that she broke up with him, but she even didn’t give reason behind it. She should give him a chance to rectify his mistake if he did any. He very well known that his father was the reason but she was not someone who get controlled. When her mind is not allowing him to read her bit of memories, despite the fact that he is hypnotist. How come she will come in the control of anyone else?

Shivay smile while driving his Car unknown to the upcoming storm. Anika seems familiar to him, reminding him of someone. She is lively snd cheery opposite to him. How is it possible that she grew up cheery if he know her? Everyone near to him become depressed and gloomy. As soon he enter his house, he sit on the sofa while holding his head. His head were spinning without any reason. “Are you tensed on anything?” He heard a voice on which he check his surroundings. “Where are you looking?” Drishya snapped her fingers with a smile. He was taken aback as he looks on railing of stairs. “Who are you?” Shivay shout while she chuckled. “Ask from yourself. I am your creation” She said coming down to stairs.

“I am your Maya” She whisper coming close to him on which he hold her neck. “I told you not to make me fool.” He shout while she hold his hand. “You behaved same in childhood too. Do you want to kill your Maya?” She said as tears slipped from her eyes from the choking. His eyes become soft as he slowly remove his hold. She smile seeing him lost, her plan is working. Her intimidation is not working, that much emotions are controlling him. He looks on but she wasn’t there. “Are you looking for me?” She said while he turned and see her sitting on Sofa. “Are you amazed that how can I know about your childhood? I know everything Shivay because I was with you” She convinced him to make him believe. “Stay away from me. Leave me alone” He closed his ears with frustration. “You told me to leave in childhood too. You will become alone if I went from here” She said with alluring smile as she hit the nail on head . Knowing his weakness from before, giving her an advantage. “Just Go from here” He shout closing his eyes. Drishya know that she already created an impact on him which is enough. She hide behind the pillar before he open her eyes. He tries to find her in confusion.

Precap – Drishya accidentally met with Juhi….Shivay and Anika get more close. 


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