That Kind of Love (OS)

What comes in your mind when you hear the word ‘Failure’? There is no definition for this but mostly described as a ‘lack of success’. This is the word which made you realise how our society can be a hypocrite? If you ever ask from someone, they will say that failure will make you stronger and you will learn a lesson for success. But when reality comes, they treated ‘failure’ as a sin. All those things which we often see as a quote that Failure is a teacher who leads way to success look good in books. When you face this failure in reality, no one gets ready to give you a second chance. Failure is like a web where you get trapped and it looks almost impossible to get free. You keep getting down and down not because you are not good enough but the people around find you useless. There is a time come when you give up to this tag of failure given by society. Yes, the irony is that you should successful for writing about failure too.

Shivay Singh Oberoi was one of them. The things he wants to do from start, he is not getting enough for it. He wants to become scriptwriter, but every day he gets rejected.  His works are commendable but experience and lack of success come in the way every time. He is still not giving up, he is chasing his dream with the same passion as before. When he didn’t give back then, why would he give up now? Let’s say for a second that he will give up but Is this going to make things better? Is this going to return all the time he keeps chasing his goal?

Working as a part-time in the convenience store, he is stubborn about securing his dream and goal. Being stuck in between dream and reality is tiring but you shouldn’t give up. People keep telling you to try other careers but Are there any guarantee that you get successful? You don’t want to do struggle over that thing which you don’t like. It’s absurd to start a race from starting point when you know that you are in the middle and somehow can reach your goal. He recently shifted to this small apartment where he has to adjust many things. Taking out all the necessary things, he starts adjusting in that room of one bed and a closet. There is a table with a small lamp in a corner. He keeps clothes in the cupboard and adjusts his note on the table. 

It was a small room but he found it peaceful in that dim light. It was perfect for writing scripts. Before he proceeds, he heard a loud thud from the room next to him because the wall was joined. He ignores it and sat in a table for writing script. He looks toward the sky from a small window, Most night skies are the darkest of greys but this one was pure black. It was like someone shut off the stars and moon. He took out a pen and start writing words in a flow on white paper under the yellow light of the the illuminating lamp. He was concentrating but again get disturbed by the voices next to his room. 

“Sahil, You are dead today” Anika shout while running behind him. “Anika di, I swear I didn’t spend money profusely,” Sahil said dodging from her sister’s ultimate weapon that is ‘Chameli’. “I earn money with hard work for that you can spend on your friends, ” She asked keeping both of hands on her waist. “Anika di, It was etiquette to pay for a girl,” He said shyly on which she widens her eyes. “What? Is this any age of making a girlfriend. You get spoiled so much” Anika said holding his ears. “It’s paining…” Sahil cried while looking at her.

“I didn’t even date anyone in my whole life and here you are making girlfriends at this young age,” She asked twisting his ears more. “Why didn’t you date? I was waiting for you to bring Jiju so you both can pamper me. I think I should search Jiju by own” Sahil said smiling cheekily on which she patted his head. “Stop showing me your teeth,” Anika said rolling her eyes. Shivay leans his head on the chair as all sound was clearly heard from the next room. He chuckled listening to their childish argument. It had been years when he last smile. As the sound stop, he starts working on his script. 

Shivay opens his eyes hearing some sound. He opens the door of his room and found everyone gathered near to his door. “What happen?” Shivay asked one of them. “Someone gets fainted at the room next to you” He replied. Shivay immediately moves and shocked to see a boy lying on the floor. “Where is his sister?” Shivay heard one of them as he looks around to find her. “Sahil….” Anika shout while running past to him. “What happen to you suddenly?” She patted his cheek slowly.

The groceries on her hand fall down at entrance only. She tried to keep his head in her lap. Shivay looked around but no one was helping her. He just heard her voice last night but he didn’t expect to meet her like this. “Let’s go to the hospital,” Shivay said to her while  picking up Sahil. She looked toward unfamiliar face standing in front. She immediately nods her head and locked the door. She glared everyone who was gathered there for entertainment. They didn’t even have any idea about her situation. 

Shivay passed the water bottle to her while sitting beside. He didn’t had any idea why he is doing all these? He was not attracted to her, maybe he finds her relatable to his condition. “Who are you? I didn’t see you before in building” She asked staring at the emergency ward. “I am Shivay. I got shifted yesterday only” Shivay replied on which she slightly nods her head. “Was your brother sick?” He asked while she glances him. “No, He has a problem in his leg only” She replied while waiting. “What happen to my brother?” Anika asked without wasting a second when doctor come outside. “He takes overdose because of pain. He needs surgery or else his one leg get damaged” He replied making her worried. “Yes, but how is he now?” She asked. “He is alright for now” He replied moving from there. “Thank you for helping today. You can go now ” Anika said to Shivay and walked inside the ward while he keeps standing there. 

Her life was full of troubles.  Taking responsibility of a child when she herself was not an adult is not easy. Paying for his medical bills and rent is the most worrying thing for her. The company where she works as an employee is in loan and bankrupt, they didn’t give a full salary from the past few months. But she doesn’t want to leave it as there is no chance that she will get another job. She calculates her savings while caressing his hairs. 

On next day, she went to a convenience store near to the building. “Pack these things,” She said while keeping noodles packets on the counter. She gets shocked as she looks upward. “You…here” She said surprisingly. “Yes, I work here. I need to join from yesterday but I missed it” Shivay replied. “Wait….” He said as she starts leaving after paying. “This is for Sahil,” He said giving her chocolate on which she raises her eyebrow. “Why? I can afford that” She sounds offended. “I didn’t mean that. He made me smile with his childish argument, it’s a return gift” He said with a smile. “He doesn’t need it” She refused and leave while he keeps staring her. 

Anika sees him coming as she returned from her job. Shivay smiles and moves toward his room. She knocked the door while Sahil opens it. “Why did you took so much time for opening it? ” Anika asked while keeping her bag on the table. “I was eating” He replied. “I went preparing for lunch only. Didn’t you eat it at time?” She asked turning toward him and see a chocolate wrapper in his hand. “Who brought you this?” She asked sternly. “Mr SSO who recently shift to the room next to us” He replied cheekily. “I told you not to take things from strangers. You should tell me if you want it” She said while he pouts. “He told me that he accompany to hospital, so he is no stranger,” He said while she sighed. 

“How dare you to give chocolate to my brother when I told you not to do? Are we looking beggars to you?” Anika shout stamping her hand on the counter of the store while he gets shocked. “Are you here to pick up a fight with me?” He asked slowly looking toward other customers. “Yes,” She said bluntly. “It’s not right place though” He replied while she glared him. He followed her till outside while she looks him irritatingly. “What was that?” She asked him. “It’s a matter between me and Sahil. How is he doing?” He asked while she rolled her eyes. “He is good,” She said moving toward the building while he sighed.

This become daily routine to see her brother and Shivay talking with each other when she comes back in the evening. She often finds Sahil on his store where they both are giggling. She didn’t know but she was happy that Sahil found a friend in him. He feels lonely as she is away for the whole time. “Anika di” Sahil shout while showing his hand from the glass window of the store. Anika immediately covers up her smile with an expressionless face as she finds them both coming outside.

“We are going to the nearby fair. Come with us” Sahil request with shining eyes which she never resists. Shivay notices her from the past month, she doesn’t get involved much despite the fact that he is interested in her. There is nothing much to say how he got feelings for her, maybe because she was practical. From the start, all the people around him keep involving and messing with his life, but she doesn’t like to interfere.

“You are coming…” Shivay asked while she turns toward her and nods her head. As they reached, they witness a huge crowd of people itself at the entry. It was all colourful decorated with lights. There are different type of ride and stalls in each corner. Sahil joined one of a ride and enjoy. Anika stares at colourful lights shining around. Shivay looks toward her, her face was glowing and skin start illuminating under the lights. Her eyes were shining and that charming smile which he rarely sees on her face. When he notices her from this much close, she looks ethereal. She was enough charismatic to make anyone’s heart skip a beat. Anika turned toward him on realising his gaze. She looks in his eyes which shows admiration for her. She lowered her gaze and move toward Sahil. 

Sahil was very tired while running to stalls and riding rides. He was feeling sleepy and that’s why he falls on the bed as he reached the house. Anika remove his shoes and covered him with a blanket. Before she closes the door, Shivay stops her. “I want to talk about something,” He said on which she comes outside after locking the door. They both walked down the streets while she was waiting for him to start the conversation. “I like you,” He said making her steps freeze. “What did you say?” She asked in disbelief. “I have feelings for you” He replied but she interrupts. “Stop it already, I don’t feel same toward you,” She said cutting him. “You are lying, I can see in your eyes,” He said while holding her wrist. “Leave my hand, it is not possible to be together ” She shouts jerking his hand away.

“Anika, Please talk to me once. Let’s clear it” He said from behind. “What do you wanna hear? Let’s get married and live happily after. This is what you expected with me.” She said as he becomes numb. “Do you know how much I faced in just taking care of Sahil? How we will going to live in this poverty? Have you lost your mind?” She asked. “Love is enough” He replied while she shook her head. “No, Love is not the same for everyone. For people like us who struggle for daily needs, love is just like a hell” She replied while crying.

“People demand extra rent for a window room. Even the sun can’t share fairly for us” She shouted. “If we will be together, we can fight from it. This phase will get over soon. Things might not be working today but it didn’t mean I am a loser” He said holding from her shoulder. “Soon? How long this ‘soon’ will take? I thought that it will end in some years but it’s going for a while. Living in that suffocating room and then the thought that you are next to me is horrible. It’s terrible because I didn’t want you to lose yourself while taking my responsibility.” She said as he looks on.

“I am afraid that our love is going to suffer in between. I never wanted to fall for someone who has no idea of the future, who struggle the same as me every day. I wanted to be with a rich man so that my troubles get ended. This is me, a materialistic person. Do you think you could love me now?” She said as tears rolled down from her eyes. “Yes, because you are the only one I wished.  I don’t want to lose you. Do you know how hard it was for me to get this point where I can confess to you?” He said wiping her tears. “You are insane. You know we are useless like trash to this society. Aren’t we? Before we get more attached to each other, let’s end it here” She said and turned to go.

“I am also scared that it will take five years or more than that to make everything normal. But I am more scared of losing you. Why are we trash? I did write every day which I like, I keep dreaming of a woman I like. I am anxious that I will give up in between but I am holding it still. I have been doing it along for so long but now I want to do it together.” He said and move toward building leaving her there. 

Anika wipes her tears snd walked inside her room. This heartache is breaking her from inside. She stops sobbing as she saw Sahil sleeping peacefully. She moves toward the table and finds notes titled ‘The woman I like’. She picks up the small chit beside the note. “I think you are the strongest character I have ever imagined. Your fight with society inspires me to write this script about you. Sahil maybe doesn’t understand now, but when he will grow up, he will definitely going to be proud of you ” She read a small note and name of Shivay at last. Tears flow like a stream from her eyes as she starts the reading script. Does he describe everything which she had gone through? But how did he get to know all about this? Then she looks toward Sahil and sighed. 

Anika moves toward the wall and sits beside it after keeping script on the table. She slightly knocks on the wall. “Can you hear me?” She asked him. Shivay also sits there, leaning his head on the wall. “Are you listening to me? Sorry, I have no courage to tell you that I like you too. I want to be together with you.” She cried while Shivay sighed. “I don’t know when things become this much hard but I was scared that I will lose you, same like I lose everything which I love. I am tired, Will you struggle together with me?” She asked closing her eyes. It felt like they are near to each other. “Don’t cry. It hurts” He replied making her smile.  

“Being Materialistic is a natural part of you. If love is the definition of life then the money is a necessity of life”

This is originally written for a sad ending but I know that you guys will shoot me if I pulled this stunt again. Here is a not so open ending for you ???. Please don’t ask for continuation until I completed ‘The fake Snow White’.

Take care & Stay safe



Lots of love.

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    When I started reading I was expecting a sad ending only….But you made it different….I loved this simple story of Shivika….Beautifully explained….

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