Zaroori tha|I’ll snatch you from sky too|shot 14

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@ 7:20 am

A beautiful day took a rise in RM after ages. Whole mansion shining with glory. Why not it will shine after all the noor of Rajput has vacant all the darkness with her presences.

But wait why birds are humming? With whom flow they are rhythmizing resting near window? Whose voice made them go with the flow and participated with them.

Aarohi face was show who was doing arthi with her soul made

Aarohi was doing aarthi with her better half Dev Singh Rajput. Soon one by one all senior came out from their respective rooms and stood behind them.

Jai Shiv Omkaara, Om Jai Shiva Omkara, Bramha, Vishnu, Sadashiv, Ardhangi Dhaara. Om Jai Shiv Omkara Ekaanan Chaturaanan Panchaanan Raje, Hansaanan Garudaasan Vrishvaahan Saaje. Om Jai Shiv Omkara

Rikara room

Maa started Aathi. ” Om said pinning Gauri dauppta ”

Yes, Omkara ji maa began. So please now hurry she will sold me. It’s just because of you we got late. ” Gauri spoke moisturizing her hand”

Aww!! My barali ki barfi what i’ve done ” Om smirked”

Acha you did nothing? Then who didn’t let me sleep whole night “Gauri said glaring him through mirror ”

What Gauri what are you saying? What happened with you that you couldn’t sleep whole night and who did it? ” He winked”

Omkara ji !! ” Gauri blushes and pushes him aside”

Om smiles and pull her in hug. Come Gauri lets go to your shankar ji. ” He said approaching out”

Rudra room

Wow!! Aaj he yamraj ki behan Bhavya ( Bhadra) ki jaga mata saraswati ki awaj kaha say aa rahi hai. ” Rudra said in sheepish tone”

Shivaay bhaiyaaaa!!! Rudra screamed

Haan ab yaad karo apne Shivaay bhaiya ko. ” Bhavya said standing on Rudra back”

Uthro meri kamar se bhans. Kya kar rahe ho meri choti se kamar tod jaye gayi moti..” Rudra cries”

Acha choti se kamar tod jaye gayi. Lambi se zuban nahe cut jati. Aur tum ne mujhe moti kaha . Protein ki dukan….. aaj to tumhara sara protein shake mera. ” Bhavya kicks on his ass ”

Bandriya don’t you touch my protein shake ” He shouts cupping his ass”

It’s already in my touch. Bhavya shows him protein shake and runs out. Come cry baby all are waiting ” Bhavya said throwing protein on him” This for calling me yamraj sister.

Bandriyaaaa !! Rudra shouts

Shivika room

Anika please try to forget. And you know na your Shivaay always standing beside you as you are always beside me and when we are beside eachother then every emotion of pain and happiness of mine and yours is ours my jaan.

And this i’m not saying as i’ve read from any book but this i’ve learned from my Anika.

Anika today before taking steps towards new journey with you i won’t do any promises but Anika’s Shivaay oaths on his life head…..

” From today my all happiness are yours and your all pains are mine. And why your all pains are mine than Shivaay won’t let pains to pin you ever again.

Anika is not Shivaay Singh Oberoi responsibility but Anika is duty.

Insaan apni zimmedaaree nibhane mein to chuk sakta hai par apna kartavy pura aur nibhane mein nahe.

(Human beings may fail to fulfill their responbilities but not in fulfill their duty.)

Aur jis din Shivaay ney apna kartavy pura karne mein bhi nakaam ho gaya.

Us din mein apna naam khud tumhare n……..

Anika cup his mouth tightly and stopped him for futher saying.

Shivaay Singh Oberoi never failed nor he can fail in fulfilling his responsibilities and duties.

Nor you will fail nor your name can be removed from mine.

“Anika” He called her gazing her from head to toe

What happened? Why you are looking at me like this i’m not looking good?” She asked

No you are looking good Anika but not…. Anika cut him

” but not ,what?” She asked

Shivaay holds sindoor in hand and gazes Anika”

Both get lost in eachother orbs

Shivaay without breaking the eyelock fill Anika hairline and ties nuptial around Anika neck.

Lakshmi Va Saavitri Paarvati Sangaa, Paarvati Ardhaangi, Shivalahari Gangaa. Om Jai Shiv Omkaara.

Now my Panika is looking perfect. And from today I’ll make you ready like this. It’s Anika’s Shivaay promise.

“Shivaay extend his hand towards her. ”

Shivaay i ca…… ” Shivaay cuts Anika”

Anika tum ney is ghar ki khushi ke liya apno ka sath chhodra tha aaj ek bar phir se apno ki khushiyon ke liya yeh sath humesha ke liya jor lo.

“Sirf Apno ke liya ” Shivaay said

Hmm sirf apno ke liya ” Anika poke

Parvat Sohe Parvati, Shankar Kailasa, Bhang Dhatur Ka Bhojan, Bhasmi Mein Vaasa. Om Jai Shiv Omkaara

Anika gently place her hand in Shivaay hand. Shivaay smiles widely and peck her hand.

@ Temple

Jataa Me Gang Bahat Hai, Gal Mundan Maala, Shesh Naag Lipataavat, Odhat Mrugachaala. Om Jai Shiv Omkaara

Aarohi was doing aarthi with close eyes but eventually smiles got carpeted on her lips when her Anu came and stood behind her. She ends her arthi and turns her face towards Anika.

Trigunasvamiji Ki Aarti Jo Koi Nar Gave,
Kahat Shivanand Svami Sukh Sampati Pave. Om Jai Shiv Omkaara

She slowly open her eyes and gazes her.

Kashi Me Viraaje Vishvanaath, Nandi Bramhchaari, Nit Uthh Darshan Paavat, Mahimaa Ati Bhaari. Om Jai Shiv Omkaara

Anika gets scared of Aarohi and tightly press Shivaay’s hand.

Shivaay who understood Anika fear. He with eyes language made her understand not to fear.

This all was got notice by Aarohi and other too and all get upset.

Maa we are also hear please if you are done with showering love to your Anu please can you see us also ” Gauri spoke taking the control of situation”

Aarohi starts giving aarthi to all. But in this whole period her eyes were just on Anika who was hiding from her.

@ Breakfast table

Maa if you don’t mind can Anika sit with me” Shivaay request Aarohi”

Yeah sure Anu can sit with you Shivaay but Anu will sit first and then you. As i want my daughter to sit close to her baba” Dev permits him”

“Aarohi glances Dev and gave her how it’s possible”

“Dev sign her it’s ok”

Gf if you don’t mind can i sit next to you” Rudra asked”

You again call her gf you monkey. No, you can’t sit. Doll you come her and sit next to your Maa ” Dev said ”

Bhavya gazes Gauri and gave her what to do now look. She sign Bhavya to go.

“Aarohi give up and took her chair ”

Bhavya was about to sit when Rudra pull the chair back and made her fall on the floor.

All got surprised plus shocked

Rudra ke bache ” Bhavya shouts”

Rudra ke koi bache nahe abhi kela bohat kachcha ha

kele kachcha

Shut up Rudra ” Shivom said in union”

Not shut up but i what my protein shake back. Which this bandriya stole ” Rudra demanded”

I don’t have your protein shake now give my chair back” Bhavya said trying to chase her chair”

No, not before you give my shake back ” Rudra said ”

Why you both are fighting? Rudra when Bhavya is saying she don’t have your shake, then why you troubling her and us? “Jhanvi said”

I’m not troubling her but she troubles me ” Rudra complains”

We all have seen who troubled whom you donkey ” Dadi said”

Both Bhavya and Rudra were fighting when Dev shouts

Stop you both and tell whats the matter ” Dev shouted”

All uncover their ears and took the breath on peace.

Yes, tell why you both started cold war ?” Devi ji asked”

Now both again started fight on me first and me first.

Shut up !!” Pinky screamed”

Me first , me first no one first i first see i finished my breakfast first. See this Tej bhai sahab my plate all empty now wining Taj on Pinky’s head.” Pinky screamed showing tongue to Tej”

All gazes Pinky with shock.

Hahahaah !!! Mumny ji it’s not who finishes the breakfast first but Rudra and Bhavya are fighting with eachother that they will tell who troubled the other first.And you eating and eating
” Anika said giggling”

All eyes gets watery seeing Anika laughing like kids. All were gazing her and smiling to see Anika giggling whole hearted after ages.

Anika was giggling when her eyes fell on Aarohi and immediately lower her gaze.

She tries to run away from there when Shivaay squeeze her hand and sign her to relax.

So shall we begin our a complete happy and healthy family breakfast ” Dadi ji spoke”

Yes” All shouted expect Anu and Aarohi”

Pinky you are still hungry? “Shakti asked shockingly ”

Pinky smiles and begin with another round without replying shakti ji.

All started enjoying their breakfast not just enjoying their first meal but enjoying in pulling eachother legs and opening stupid secrets of one an other.

“Anika smiles little seeing Bhavya and Gauri sitting beside Aarohi.

Anika pov

Whatever i snatched from you both Gayu. From today I’ll gave it back to you by all means as they both ( maa and baba) are only yours and only you two have right on their love and care. And from today I’ll make sure no one snatch them from you not even Anika.

Sirf apno ke liya

After few hours
@ Rajput ind

Anika cabin

Shivaay please na i want to go Oberoi Mansion ” Anika request him”

Anika i told you before too no more discussion on this chapter. Stay calm and focus on project” Shivaay spoke”

I’m calm and i’m not getting angry Shivaay. But girl real house is her husband house. Then why we are staying in Rajput Mansion i want to go OM. ” Anika pleads”

Anika we can’t. Look Shivaay i know your love is unconditional for me but Shivaay you too have responsibilities and duties towards your family too.

And it’s doesn’t seem nice and above that what dadi ji , mummý ji , papa and baadi maa and papa will be thinking.

Shivaay i can understand your perspective why you took such an impossible step i respect your decision but Shivaay situations are told changed ” Anika said trying to making Shivaay understand”

And you know well once a decision made my Shivaay it can’t be changed ” Shivaay spoke”

Secondly dadi, mom , dad and baadi maa and papa don’t have issue with that and infact all decision taken by knowing their point of view ” He futher added”

Because you made them to accept it Shivaay. Shivaay look it doesn’t seem nice in laws permanent living in their DIL house. ” She spoke cupping his face”

You are SSO and it doesn’t go with your image that a tadibaaz billa falling for a girl that today you have forgotten your on ideologies.

You are my husband Shivaay and for me your respect matters a lot and above that your Tadi Shivaay please for me don’t fall it.

You are not that Shivaay i met years back. Who are you?

I’m your Shivaay ” He replied pecking her forehead”

Shivaay will you answer my one simple question ” She asked”

Yes ” He permits”

Do you have any doubt that you are not mine?

Why you all the time beat this drumb ” Shivaay’s Anika and ? Why? She shouts

Anika cool your temper if Maa saw you like this shouting, she will be very angry.

And rest the left matters on your question then listen

I don’t have doubt that you are Shivaay’s but i feel proud to be call yours and call you mine.

You are my respect my panika.

Then where is The Shivaay Singh Oberoi? Who felt honour of being SSO?” She demanded ”

Shivaay please for me don’t buried that man who was one man army don’t ash your identity

“The great wall Shivaay Singh Oberoi”

To be continue…….


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