Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Devi maina gives birth to mata adishakti.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tarkasura and a demon in the court. Narad muni says he is an ordinary demon, what will he be able to do anything to devi adishakti? Narad goes and stands behind the demon. The demon says devrishi narad, I can see you from anywhere as I have eyes on my back too, nothing is hidden from my sight. Narad is amazed. Tarkasura says that is good, now go to the palace of raja himavan as devi maina is pregnant and if you see here, go and eat her and kill her. The demon says okay and goes.
In raja himavan’s palace, all goddesses are there. Devi sachi says we have to make a beautiful baby cradle for mata adishakti’s new birth. Laxmi says I will pray to vishwakarma and tell him to build and beautiful baby cradle. Laxmi calls vishwakarma.
There the demon comes with

4 soldiers near the palace of raja himavan. He sees the palace and says I can see something is going on in the palace, I will see with my sight. Suddenly vishwakarma ji comes on his chariot and he lands down, his servants take the baby cradle inside the palace.
The demon tries to see using his sight but fails as everyone cover his sight. Vishwakarma ji then goes. The demon sees and says so these people are preparing the baby cradle, I can also see devi maina on the bed pregnant, tarkasura had told me to kill her.
There as the baby cradle comes, vasant dev appears and he decorates the cradle with flowers beautifully. Vayu dev appears and he gives the cradle a swing using air. Suryadev and Chandra dev appear and they put some toys near the cradle. All goddesses are happy and they say this cradle is very beautiful they go.
There the demon sees devi maina and he turns into a dragon and starts flying towards the palace to kill devi maina. The sapt rishi’s appear near the palace and they pray and spray holy water on the palace, slowly a shield starts appearing around the palace to protect devi maina. As the shield is complete over the palace, the demon crashes into the shield and is killed by the spell protecting the shield.
Inside the palace, devi maina’s stomach pains and mata adishakti appears. Maina does pranam. adishakti says I am devi adishakti, I am Shakti of shiv and shiv is mine! Shiv- Shakti, we both are one, I have been here before nothing else was there, and my form shall also be the third devi of tridevi’s. devi laxmi and saraswati are the 2 devi’s of tridevi and now as I take birth from your stomach, my form shall be the third devi. Devi maina does pranam and adishakti goes.
In some time, devi maina’s stomach starts paining and all goddesses come. Outside raja himavan and some goddesses wait. After some time, mata adishakti takes birth in the form of a daughter. Raja himavan comes and he is very happy. All gods appear and narad muni comes. Narad looks at the daughter and says truly amazing, very divya! From today this form of mata adishakti shall be known as mata kali! Raja himavan takes kali in his hand and says my daughter kail, the form of adishakti! Me raja himavan being her father give her another name, Devi himavanti and she shall also be known as my daughter as devi shailputri and another name of Devi parvati. Everyone smile and are happy.

Precap: Shailputri grows up as tarkasura’s end comes near. Gunesh tells raja devodas, now only the time of tarkasura’s death was left.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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