Zaroori Tha |I’ll snatch you from sky too|shot 21

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Hey everyone this is the 21st shot of Zaroori tha i hope you guys gonna like it.

Ignore all error and continue reading and supporting.


@ Rajput office

Anika realise a deep moan in his mouth and lazily open her eyes filling warmth on lips and squeeze on b***. Her back got arched in response rising up to him and eyes got shut feeling the proximity.

Haan bahon mein teri
Aake jahan do
Yu simatne lagey
Sailaab jaise koi
Behne lage

Sh…ivaayyyy !!! Anika moans in his name

Hearing his name he mentally curses himself for taking advantage of his sleepy wifey. He quickly parted his lips from her and gets hell embarrassment for his naughty needs.

Shameless Singh Oberoi ! Hath kon bahir nikhale ga ” She said blushing heavily ”

Shivaay curses himself to core and immediately hipped up avoiding more

Muhhh!!!? ” Anika fakely cries rubbing her bum”

I’ve work ” He said running from his tigress ”

I’ll kill you know you Nattku ” She shouts pulling herself up”

@ RM

Bhabhi ji ap k……. Aarohi cuts

Hahahaaa look at your face bhabhi ji. ” Aarohi aaid marching to her

This means, you were… ” Jhanvi said shockingly ”

I was just pulling your leg and you took it ” serious” Aarohi said with cheeky smile

But i…. Aarohi interrupted

You thought, i was serious? “She asked”

Jhanvi nods positively

Oh!! Jhanvi you are so cute.
“Aarohi said hugging ”

I’m so dumb !!! ” Jhanvi complement herself while reciprocating the hug”

Yup!! You are as Jhanvi but don’t you dare to call my friend Jhanvi dumb ” She commands parting from her”

This means you accept my friendship ” Jhanvi asked with shock”

Off course i do!! And didn’t you hear me, i called you just Jhanvi not bhabhi ji ” She said ”

And why you are shocked? Am i looking like alien?

No, no i didn’t mean that ” Jhanvi said”

Then what you mean huh?
” Aarohi asked”

Hosently, you are real Princess. Though we are in relation but trust me for the first time i’m scared of someone, not because you are Princess but….. Aarohi cuts

Then what? ” Aarohi asked composing both to couch”

Your anger ” Jhanvi confessed”

Aarohi eyes grew big listening Jhanvi confession

@ office

No more work. Did you hear me, you Kadu Singh Oberoi ” She commands him shutting laptop screen”

Anika are you mad. ” He shouts”

Yes, i’m mad and it’s all because of your company ” She blames him”

Excuse me !! What you mean? That SSO is mad and turned you mad” He asked playing with fingers ”

Indeed!! ” She replies pushing him on chair”

An….before he could rebuke her

Anika jumped in his lap and softly peck his nose tip ” No more tadi ”

You took my Chumma without my permission now it’s your punishment ok. Now give me your wallet ” She demands extending her hand”

For what ” He asked”
Kyun ke aaj mein ap ke sarey ke sarey paise khaane wali hoon. Is liya check kar rahe hoon ke ap mera kharcha utha sakhte hai ke nahe ” She replied swinging in his arms”
( because today i’m gonna eat all your money. So before that i want to check are u able to bear my expense nor not)

For the first time she asked not asked but demand her right from me. How cute she’s looking? Just like a baby.
My baby !! Throwing her tantrums on me just what i always want from her and to see.
Her smile and her rights on me.
Aaahhh !!! ” He screamed coming out of thoughts”
Why you pinched me ” He asked rubbing his chest”
Bhookar kahi ke. Paise nikhale apni Calculator baad main chaalu karna ” She said taking wallet out from his pocket”

( Greedy. Give me the money and do all the calculation afterwards )

Shivaay smiles on her antics and surrenders pocket to her not just pocket but life too.

Now wrap your arms around my waist and today i’ll show you pune. She grasped his arms and tied them around her waist.
Hold me tight billu ji it’s not rolling chair but it’s khirkitod Anika “CHAMPA”. You know my champa na it’s roller coaster. ” She winks him”
Anika noooooooo !!!!
Billu ji yooooooo !!
Zummmmmmmm ” She chuckles loudly and rolled chair towards elevator.
Soon both love birds were on Pune roads. People of both mentality were staring and adoring them.

Anika from the corner of eye glances him and smiles widely. Billu ji pune ki sarkho par ishqbaazi karne ke liya baitcoat baand li jiya ” She announces and turned to left ”
( Billu ji to to romance of Pune roads tie belt )
Anika kya kar rahe ho? ” Shivaay shouts scarily”
Billu ji it’s my line na. From cat you became copy cat ” Anika giggles ”

Secondly !! You don’t need to be scare. As you are with your Anika, khirkitod Anika ” She said gazing him”

Yes when i’m with my lady then what to fear? ” He confess to himself deep looking in her orbs”
Both get lost in each other orbs. Whole world got jammed for them.
After 5 minutes
Shivaay is the first to break the eyelock hearing the whistle sound. He sign Anika to look at front
“What? ” Anika asked rising her eyebrow

He clutches her head in between his hands and routes her face to front

Anika eyes got popped to the police warden staring
What’s going on? ” police warden asked stomping his foot”
Ask him ” Anika points towards Shivaay passing devilish smirk to him ?
Shivaay gape Anika ?
OMM whole play was hers and now she’s pointing at me. She’s so chantomai ” He pov”
Yes, tell me Mr what’s going on? “He asked ”
Aa oo ee oo ? ” Shivaay replied using his business mind”
Anika who was standing behind them her eyes got popped so see her hubby clever attempt. She cupped her mouth to control her laughters and stood beside enjoying their conversation

Police warden was hell frustrated with Shivaay.

Shivaay was too enjoying teasing the PW with his new language.

Aarey pagal haan tu kya? Dekhta nahe ke sunayi nahe deta. Yeh bichra goonaa hai is liya aa oye aa ee kar rarha hai”one of the roadie shouts”

( Are you mad? Can’t u see and hear that this poor fellow is dumb that’s why he’s doing aa oye aa ee)
Anika and Shivaay gazes each other with shock
Police warden gets pissed
Hey tu ney googa kis ko bola ,jaante nahe mein hoon? SSO
( hey to whom so said dumb, don’t u know me?)
“Shivaay rebuked with hipping up”
Police Warden , Roadie and Anika exchanged a dramatically look. Seeing police warden face red Anika gulped down
Phail gaya raita ” Anika shouts”
She grasped him from wrist and ran away snatching whistle from warden
PW runs behind them holding rod in hand


Jhanvi you tell, you are also mother of daughter. If your daughter , i don’t wish it happens with your Priyanka but still being a mother of daughter i want to know. What else you would have done?

A child who in her child suffered this them. She in her maturity again making herself suffered more by her own will.

Seeing her in pain, which mother will stay calm and smile?

You don’t need to be ashamed bhabhi ji. And trust me not only me but every mother in this world would have done. What you did and doing for you Anu
“Jhanvi said cupping Aarohi hand ”

I never in my wildest dream thought that my aggressive side will come infront of my kids specially Anu.

I’m trying me level best to control my aggression on Anu. But I don’t know what is happening to me.” Aarohi shared her dilemma with Jhanvi”

If you don’t mind can i say something? ” Jhanvi request”

Feel free Jhanvi ” Aarohi said ”

@XYZ beach
Anika enough now come lets go home it’s getting late ” Shivaay said ”
Na ” She denies munching corn”
What na? it’s getting cold and late too. ” He said coldly paying vendor”
Anika glare him and runs ahead
Anika stop running ” He commands running behind her”
Billu ji catch me ” She chuckles”
This girl will get sick. She knows she catches cold in seconds and still never listen to me.” He mumbled ”
Someone was falling them and was clicking Anika pictures
Anika i said stop otherwise i’ll call maa know ” He threats pulling her close”
Anika made grumpy face ” last Ice cream”
Are you mad? Ice cream, no never. You will fall sick ” He dines dragging her”
Mein ap ki jesy chuimui nahe hoon. Chod mujhe, mujhe ice cream khani hai to khani hai ” She fakely cries gazing ice cream stall”
Enough !!Subha se kabhi yaha bhaag rahe ho kabhi waha.
( since morning running here and there)
It’s not summer Anika it’s winter, month of December and your body is changed now. Did you hear me? Now you need to be extra care full about your health . Did you get that? “He scold her”
“Anika pouts sadly ” gandey bachey kutti. ” She pushes him and ran towards ice cream stall”
Near ice cream stall kids where dancing soon Anika too joined them and being dancing with them.

Music lagaaye
Mehfil jamaaye
Duniya ki aisi ki taisi
No zimmedaari
Woh o o…
Kya chhora… o o
Kya chhori… o o
Say everybody..
Say woh o…
Hai hum bhi.. o o
Ho tum bhi.. o o
Toh chaalu ho pajama party

Shivaay playfully slam his forehead and runs to her

Anika grins loudly seeing Shivaay. She licks ice creams and dances fully teasing Shivaay

A for Aao re aao
B for Bhaao na khaao
C se Chilla ke gaao
D se Daaru peete jaao (x2)

O o…

Shivaay pulled Anika closed and throws her back on shoulder. ” masti period khatam and now basti period begins
@ Rajput mansion
A round table scolding held in Rajput living area. Anika like criminal was sitting on couch with puppy face and rest Rajput’s and Oberoi’s were taking her class except Aarohi.
Dev who got her pride back after ages. He was always and is much concerned and protective when it’s matter about her Anu health and after her medical history, he turned over protective for his Anu.
Anu tell me why you went to beach and munched ice creams? Why? Don’t you know u are not allowed to eat ice cream in winters “He asked with concern”
Shivaay who was saliently enjoying Anika scolding period by all elders and youngsters too. He soon felt Michmich…….
Why this Devil is so quite? ” He questioned himself stretching his head”

Arrey mere Bolay Sanam. Yeh he soch rahy ho na ke mein peechaly bees minutes say itni chup kyun hoon.
( My innocent lover. You are thinking that, why I am so silent for the last twenty minutes.)

To sunie ” maine apney pyaare pyaare only two kaano may phonethruu lagye hua hai” ?????
( then listen. I’ve put earsphone in my lovely ears)

Lage raho waha tum sab ki tape chaaloo aur yeha mera Hungaam chaaloo.
( keep going on. There your tape is on and here hungaam is on)
But wait what they all are saying??
Paka baba scolding me. Devi ji i mean my dadi ji is saying beta beta. My other dadi ji is saying puttar puttar and Khotya to Shivomru.
Mummy ji as usual doing “OMM agar police tum dono ko pakar leti toh kya hota hayee mera heera beta aur babu ??”

Jhanvi mummy ji doing ” you know Anika beta it’s not good”
And look at these two always on duty public servants ?? one side dandey wali and other side kaaley coat wali.
And look there free advice denaye main is ney Phd ki hui hai. Is ko artist nahe gayani baba ji hona chahiye tha ” Jai ho Om baba ki”

Aww mera chala meri crime partner Rudy the big head with empty skull hahaaa ” kaali may Om baba se baaj raha hai. Ayeee aur yeh ek aur thapki” Shut up Rudy !!! ??
Shivaay was about to investigate by going close to her when Aarohi sign her.
Shivaay smiles and nods
Anika was busy in making pappu of all. When Aarohi with baby foot stood behind Anika and slowly removed earphones from her ears.
Feeling presences of Aarohi, Anika quickly rotates her neck and get shocked to see Aarohi with ears phone.
Anu/ Anika/ di / bhabhi ” All shouted in union. As all came to know about Anika devil attempt”
Phail gaya raitaaa !!! She mumbled
Anika give cheeky smiles to all and runs from all saving her life.
You are gone Anu ” Dev shouted”
All chuckles loudly
Leave her Dev. She fooled you . Thanks me that i knew her attempt and safed your energies otherwise you all would have kept on scolding her and she kept on listening songs
” Aarohi said with giggles”
@ MidNight

Anika standing infront of temple gazing “DIYA” that diya which is, she herself for all ” Noor” of Rajput Empire. In whose glow everyone shines, everyone get their way by flowing her rays.

But with her blow out everything and everyone get into dust. These were the words written in Rajput’s Annals not only Rajput’s but know Oberoi’s too added in their annals written in golden words.

These were not words of Devi Singh Rajput but her ” BELIEVE” that Anika Singh Rajput the first Ansh of her only son and daughter in law is Noor of Rajput’s

Till she will glow no evil eye can burn their Heaven and the day it will stop glowing whole Rajput Empire will be turn Hell.

That what, happened the day she stop glowing Rajput Mansion from symbol of Heaven on Earth became Perdition.

PERDITION? That what today became the believe of one who was Noor herself.

She believed the reason behind “Extermination” of Rajput’s specially of Aarohi. She curses herself from the core for became the only cause of Aarohi sufferings and this only thought never let her to forgive herself.

She dies in each breath seeing Gauri and Bhavya lost their childhood just because of her.

I just waited till yes. To earn Shivaay back and today I earned both “HIM AND HIS FORGIVENESS” and with that

Anu humesha , humesha ke liya maar gayi.
( today Anu died forever and ever)

Anika placed letter on diya. But before it catches fire someone held her wrist in rage

“Not so soon Anu.” voice said sternly and begin saying those words that are in letter.

Kisi ney poochha woh kon sa phool hai jisi ki khushbo ab bhi mujh mein mehakti hai.

(Someone asked what is the flower, whose fragrance still remains in me.)

Maine ek naam pukara .

(I called a name.)

Woh kehta yeh naam kya hai?

( what is this name?)

Mere wajood ka hona hai.

(My existence)

Usaye khona?

( lose her)

Mera raakh hona

( me into ask)

Meri muskaan?

( your smile?)

Kisi ka sakoon

( someone peace)

Kon hai woh jis ney tujhe banaya hai?
(Who is the one who made you?)

Woh jisi nay duniya ko pyaar seekhaya hai.
(One who taught love to the world .)

Pyaar to rab ney seekhaya hai
(Love is taught by God)

Maine kaha tu ney rab ko dekha hai?

(I asked have you seen God? )

Woh bola ab tak to nahe dekha. Kya tuney dekha hai?

( Not yet. But have u seen?)

Haan dekh bhi aur roj puja bhi
( yes and worshiped daily)

Bola kaafir haan tu
( You are infidel.)

Maine kaha waakif hoon
( I said i’m aware)

Kya naam hai tera rab ka ?

( what’s name of your God?)

MAA. Anu ki Maa !!
( mother. Anu’s Mother)



Shah and Anika face off

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  1. You stole my heart. Is there something else left to praise ur talent and skills? Keep rocking Ms Shivika writer

    1. Nati

      Oh really. And thanks for u compliment but as i always say i’m nothing and all i’m learning

  2. Aniriya

    You are outstanding writer words are less to express your skills. This was one of the best epi of zaroori tha.
    ??? excellent performance nati excellent. I couldn’t stop laughing till the end and in the end my eyes were full of tears. Keep writing keep smiling and update asap.
    Bye love you loads

    1. Nati

      Hey frnd thanks for ur support and i’m really happy that my thoughts brought smile on ur face nd i’ll keep on trying to keep u smiling and laughing

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    Hello nati.. How are you?.. Amazing chappy.. Hahahah.. Cheapda billu was caught red handed by Anu di.. Loved aarohi and jhanvi’s convo.. And enjoyed shivika’s outing.. That’s really awesome?✊?.. And anudi’s naughty prank by putting earphones while getting scolded is so cute?????.. And that last poetry is commendable ??.. Will be waiting for the next.. Till then take care.. Love you?..

    1. Nati

      I’m good dear. Wht about u? And thank u so much dear for ur lovely comments i’m so blessed to hv u. U too keep smiling and i’ll try by best to became reason of ur smile. Love u too?

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