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Good Morning My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear jasmine sia anuva anu Shanya

Varshini thanks so good to know u were reading my ff


Thanks alot dear silent readers


Recap-zoya confronts Adi

Adi gets a call from Sakshi that pari is very unwell

Adi requests zoya to help him reach pari

Zoya refuses

Adi tells her to read the letter He gave her

In letter Zoya makes our that pooja passed away 4 years ago n pari is daughter of pooja n adi

N adi was clueless about it

Zoya is completely shattered
Tears fall from her eyes
Zoya’s pov- Pooja passed away 4 years ago
Pooja is no more
Pari is a child without mother
She is so small

While zoya is lost in thoughts
Yash comes running
Zoya’s phone rings
Zoya sees Dr Watson calling

Zoya picks up

Dr Watson -Hii Dr zoya in hurry I forgot to mention
Mr Aditya is in recovering phase
The bones are very delicate
He should avoid all sorts of exertion
Because sometimes opposite effect takes place
In such cases if some thing goes wrong a patient may never be able to walk again
As u are a Dr u understand right? ??

Zoya is lost

She manages to thank him

Zoya recollects Adi’s words that he would reach to pari anyhow

Zoya gets extremely worried

Yash questions her

Zoya says she urgently needs to leave for airport

Yash -zoya Iam not leaving u alone
I will come along

Adi is waiting in airport

He remembers how zoya asked him to leave her alone


Adi is leaving a house with suitcase
Sakshi feeds him dahi sugar
N wishes him safe journey
Pari is sitting in corner
She seems upset
Adi goes to her n kisses on her cheeks
Pari turns her face away
Adi-pari papa’s princess beta papa needs to go how will he go without seeing you smile beta Pls smile for papa once Dadi Dada chachu are waiting for papa
Pari(kiddish sweet tone)-Why cannot they stay with me with us
Why they never come to see him
Why only Arjun chachu comes
Adi-pari beta I have told u na we are playing a beautiful game
Your dadi dada chachu papa all love u
But only chachu n papa can meet pari
Its hide n seek
Then once bhagwaan jii decides we won this game we all can stay together
You want to win na
So smile let papa go Pls
Give me one kissiee princess
Pari (teareyed )-papa I love u i miss u very much pls come soon otherwise I will get very sick

Adi keeps his hand on her mouth
Pari -Sowiee papa
Adi-papa will come soon promise pinky promise
Pari smiles
Adi hugs her

Sakshi looks on

Flashback ends

Tears fall from Adi’s eyes

Adi-sorry princess papa broke his promise pls get well soon

Driver comes to adi

Driver-sir how will u manage  to go alone in this condition let me inform madam

Adi-I need to go urgently madam knows Dnt worry Iam fine u pls Leave n Dnt inform papa n ma pls

Zoya tries calling Adi

His phone is switched off

Zoya calls driver

Driver informs her that Adi is at airport n his flight will depart in 1 hr

Yash is driving car

Zoya is seated next to him

Zoya-i was right yash He has planned to travel alone We need to stop him Its not good for him

Yash-Zoya  am speechless u still care for him so much

Zoya -yash my pain is emotional Adi n pari are suffering As a Doctor n on humanitarian grounds I should n I will help

Yash nods

Adi moves his wheelchair for checkin

Airport authorities look at him

Officer (puzzled )-sir are u travelling alone


Officer -sir we cannot  allow u to travel alone in this condition

Adi-I have all documents n tickets  why are u stopping me there is an emergency my Daughter needs me

Officer -sir we will allow but not alone somebody should be with u U are not capable. …….

Adi (interrupts )-nobody can stop me from going to my daughter Iam very much capable

Officer -sorry sir rules are rules

Adi (begging tone)-pls understand pls

Zoya n yash reach

Zoya-excuse me officer He is not travelling alone Iam travelling  with him We will travel by next flight  after half an hour

Actually there were some ticket issues

Adi is shocked to see her there

His eyes are guilt ridden

Zoya holds wheelchair

Check in procedure is done.

Yash wishes them safe journey

Adi is speechless

Zoya moves his wheelchair

Soon a flight is shown taking off


Adiya reach usa

Zoya gives medicines to Adi

He looks at her

Adi-Zoya actually zoya Zoya

I mean thanks thanks alot Iam sorry

Zoya-Aditya whatever Iam doing  Iam doing as a doctor n I feel pari is very innocent there is no fault of hers

Adi nods

Adiya sit in cab

Both are looking outside window

Zoya notices Adi is upset

Tears are falling from his eyes

Zoya softly keeps her hand over his knees

Zoya-Dnt wry she will be fine


Adi cries seeing unconscious pari

He tries to wake her up

Zoya holds his hand

Zoya -She will not wake up this way

I will give her injection

Her fever is very high

Zoya calmly gives her injection adi cannot see

He holds zoya’s hand in fear

Zoya n adi are shown keeping cloth strips on pari’s face

Sakshi looks on

We recommend
  1. Anuva

    I like that zoya understand adi’s situation… But still there is a distance between them… Pari should recover and accept zoya soon…

  2. Too good yaar…….
    Idk when adi is going to realize zoyas bepannah love

  3. Awesome , so I think now adi will accept zoya , she is helping him so much ?

  4. Jasminerahul

    oh too much of exertion can make adi bedridden 4ever.shocking.fb of adi pari was lovely,so i guess adi wanted to shift to US for pari n not 4 his job.loved zoya surprising adi in the airport informing others that she is also travelling with adi.adiya scene was very emotional.zoya consoling adi was emotional.

  5. Fantastic dear waiting for the next.

  6. It’s amazing yaar.but there is still a space between adi and zoya.hope adi will accept zoya as she helps him so much.

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