Zaroori Tha |I’ll snatch you from sky too | shot 22

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Hey everyone this is the 22nd shot of Zaroori tha i hope you guys gonna like it.

Ignore all error and continue reading and supporting.

Bola kaafir haan tu

( You are infidel.)

Maine kaha waakif hoon
( I said i’m aware)

Kya naam hai tera rab ka ?

( what’s name of your God?)

MAA. Anu ki Maa !!
( mother. Anu’s Maa)

Shi…va..ay ap ” Anika stammers”


Why Shivaay, Why? You are doing this with me? It’s being week i’m trying each and possible way in each twenty four hours to earn your forgiveness, then why you are not melting why? ” She asked wwith tears ”

That’s all what you want from me. ” He replied clinging her face”
Me !!!” She said with confusingly”
Tadi !! You want Tadibaaz SSO and here i’m. “He said wiping her tears with his thumb”
Now, get on bed and sleep and sleep means sleep. If i found you awake and again playing formula one game then you know what SSO can do. ” He threats her”

No, i won’t sleep and whole night i’m gonna play and you can’t stop me. You know that too if you are SSO then i’m also Anika. ” She said pushing him back and approaching out”

Is there any guarantee Anika, that in future if again any storm pursue us than you won’t do that…… what you did and still doing. ” Shivaay shouts”

Anika give deaf ear to him and kept on marching out.
Shivaay pulled her in rage and threw her on bed hovering on top.

Is there any prove that tomorrow you won’t leave my hand. ” He said fixing her hands above her head. ”

Anika tries to protest but Shivaay give her dead glare to her not to utter a word before he’s not done with.

Remember !! Anika i told you that i want to be your compassionate partner not your pain.

Give me that promise, that you will make me your compassionate partner. Nor alone will seek for our pain and comfort.

Will you still remain Khirkitod Anika on whom SSO was gone crazy and became ISHQBAAZ.

That smile and that chuckles on yours will never get lost again. For which I can give my life to see them on your face.

Will you be able to return my Anika to me who’s crazy…. her happiness in achieving small things. Her cheers and glow when she sees Aloo puri infront of her eyes her hunger gets doubled.

If yes, than oath on that diya that’s simply reflection of yours.

Go and swear on that diya, to whom you lighten up but your existence gave light. That glow to this house not just house but to lifes.

And if i’m not wrong your then that existence is “Anu’s Maa” swear and promise me that you will became and remain what actual you are, what everyone wants you to me them for them.

Can you became :

Maa aur Aloo puri sirf Anu ki hai aur kisi ki nahe aur Maa ki kissy bhi. Aur kisi ko koi boblem nahe ho. Ok

Baba nahe “Anu ke baba”. Kyun ke sirf Anu baba ko baba bole sakti hai aur koi nahe. Koi bhi nahe na Golu aur na Bolu. Aur is mein bhi no boblem.

Can you give Devohi their Anu?

Devi Singh Rajput

Noor of her house, her nightingale Anika. Can you again chirp and shine.

Princess and Doll on Rajput’s

Can you give Gayu their, that Anika di who’s don’t have single knot with them but you are their cage who seeking every relation in you. Will you again fulfill the responsibility of elderly.

Can you their Aloo didu

Best Friend

Someone is missing his best friend. He’s dying to share his feelings , his problems and then union and adventurous solutions to those problems.

Is Anika ready to give that shoulder to her Omkara, that zufli who first became her friend and then BIL.

Crime Partner

Baby Oberoi who’s baby builder from outside but from inside he’s just baby who just loves to do fun and pranks.

He’s too missing someone and wants to share his protein bar with that person who was once his crime partner and in that partnership don’t know whom many times they did crime but non was able to catch them.

But today he, himself surrender because now he’s alone with his crime partner.

Shivaay the Isqbaaz

Shivaay who only wants his khirkitod Anika home made dictionary back. Can she give me that back.

Than Anika’s Shivaay , oath of these winds, this moon, stars, skys heights, earth dept that Shivaay forgives you but in return i want my life “A Khirkitod cullbuli Anika back” Shivaay said softly rubbing his rough lips against jawlines

“YES I’ll GIVE” She said against his ear hugging him tightly with uneven breaths “

flashback ends

So it was a drama? ” Shivaay asked twisting her wrist to back”

You were playing with our emotions? How can a person like you, who turned the example of SELFLESS can became SELFISH? How and When Anika? Answer me? ” He demand pulling her close”

I just want you back ” She replied straight looking in his eyes”

Want me, back !! Then what about Maa and this letter what about it? You Ruthless.

“Everything is dead !!”

Not dead but you are “MURDERING ” He said glare her”

What else a Murdered can do? ” She titled herself passing fake smile to him”

Anikaaaaa!!! ” He screamed”

Screams can never change the truth Shivaay. Anika hands are blooded with blood not with that Vanhi ( her eyes get bloodshot red with her name) but Anika did the Murder of Rajput happiness.

Stop blaming yourself Anika just stop blaming ” He said”

No, today you have have to put full stop of this that , forever .” She commands snatching letter from him”

No, today you have became Anu that, forever and ever. Then i won’t forgive you for entire life. Choice is all yours Anika.

You have only two minutes decide what you want to hear Shivaay Singh Oberoi or Late SSO? ” He warned taking letter back”

Fine if you want this.I’m ready to do and will do whatever you say me but i’ve a condition. ” She said ”

“What condition? ”

You have to give posion to Gauri and Bhavya.

Shivaay eyes grew big to hear that.

What happened now Shivaay? I said yes to you know go and give posion to Gauri and Bhavya and Anika do promise with you next I’ll be “presenting you Anu”

Go and kill them. This time like me you became villain of their lifes and snatch their mother and fill your beloved wife with mother love just to make your Anika happy, go snatch that love from Gayu for what those two innocent soul carved for years.

Late Gauri and Bhavya sound nice na isn’t it?

Ani……. She cuts

Two minutes are over Shivaay ” She said snatching letter from him and place it on fire”

It’s over ” She declare shutting her eyes to control her tears”

Kya maa se mohabat karna ghuna tha? ” He asked taking ash of letter in hand”

Mohabbat ghuna nahe thi.

Par Mohabbat mein bhehak jaana ghuna zaroor tha.
” She replied marching away from him”

Shivaay pulled her in rage and hugs her tightly. Anika reciprocate the hug.He picked her in same hugging position like baby and approaches upstairs. Anika close her eyes and rest her head on his shoulder.

Shivaay pov

Still i’m alive Anika nothing about you can turned into ash. You will became Anu this is my promise to you. I know how much you carved for Maa and still carving but your so called guilt is killing you.

Shivaay ” She frighteningly called him”

“Shivaay were are you taking me? ” She asked being sacred of going to where he’s taking her. She ties to come out of his hold but with each step his grip was getting tighter and tighter

Shivaay glances her and with mind link answered her question

Please No ” She cries pleading him”

Shivaay stopped seeing her crying. Her tears that are biggest weakness of great wall SSO. He can bear anything but not tears in his Anika eyes. But today her tears didn’t worked too.

The only things that he was witnessing in her orbs were those flashes were Anika as Anu cries for her Maa, her eyes searching for Anu Maa.

He all got deaf ears to call her pleads and sobs only her screams for calling her maa were echoing in his ears. Shivaay glare her and kept on marching upstairs, stairs and steps that leads to that room where Anu is locked, where memories those twelve years are buried that made turned Anu to Anika.

He reached infront of door and gazes Anika for seconds who was crying with hiccups and in tears begging him not to open the door.

Shi…va.a.y n…a..he ” She requests”

Shivaay peck her forehead and unbolt the room.

Hearing the unbolt noise Anika gets frighten to meet her past in her consciousness.She quickly like baby shut her eyes tightly and hides in his embrace.

Now see this room Anika and tell me ? ” He asked putting her down”

Agar mohabbat me bhehak jaana ghuna tha to phir yeh sab kya hai ” he said showing her whole room filled with pictures and music instruments ”

( if deeply falling in love was sin? Then what’s all this?)

Haan ghuna hai sirf aur sirf ghuna .Na mein woh yeh khata ki hoti aur na Rajkumari ji ko woh sab seena parhta. “Anika shouts throwing her childhood memories”

( Yes it’s a sin just sin. Nor i’ve committed that nor Princess suffered all that)

Maa hai yeh tumhari ” He shouts pulling her close”

( She is your mother)

Kon Maa, kon? ” She cries clutching his collar”

( who mother, who?)

Woh, jisi ki kokh mein nilam kar de..

( that , who’s womb i bid)

“Anika !!!”

Haan Shivaay haan mujh sab yaad aa gaya hai joh mein un ke sath kiya tha. ” She kneel down and cries vulnerable reminiscing all ”

( yes Shivaay yes i reminisced everything that i did with her)

Shivaay kneel down and hugs her tightly.

Anika wrap her arms around his neck and cries ” I bid her womb that womb that was my first home and you still ascept me to forgive myself Shivaay”

Anika can forgive everyone but not one who brought tears in her eyes.

And when Anika herself is the reason of her tears and pain you want be to forgive myself. ” she sobs badly resting her head on his shoulder in shame”

Stop crying Anika. You know na crying for you is not good nor i can’t see you in tears ” He request her rubbing her back”

I‘m not selfish Shivaay. Anika is not selfish, i’m just regretting for my deeds Shivaay i’m just regretting.

Regretting for making her crying. I never want to see her in tears i locked baba ones in storeroom for making her cry.

Shivaay hugs her more tightly and let her cry out her pain and grief.

“Par Anika khud ko kaha baand kar ley, kaha khud ko dafaan kar loon jis ney un ki puri zindagi he ansoo aur dard se bhaar de. Kaha karlu khud ko…… “

Anika arches back and shouts

(But you tell, where should Anika lock herself where should i buried myself who filled her whole life with tears and pain. Where should i…..)

Forgive yourself Anika you have suffered more than your strength ” He said supporting her head and back”

Kaise karu maaf khud ko kaise? ” She asked with hiccups”

( how to forgive myself how?)

Kyun diya tune Anika un ko itna dard kyun?
” She hides her face with her palms in shame”

( why u give this much pain to her)



You want this from me na that i give all my love and care to Gayu so from today onwards Aarohi have only two daughters Princess and Doll.

For me no Anu sorry i mean Anika never had born nor she exists in my life. It’s Aarohi Gayu’s only Gayu’s mother pinky promise to you Mrs Oberoi.

Thanks for your support keep giving us more and more.


Happy New Year In Advance To All.

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  1. you are blessed Nati ?? that’s it.

  2. ItsmePrabha

    Why is anudi doing this Yaar.. Khudko itna dard kyun de rhi hai.. Bichare billuji kitna try kar raha hai sab kuch teek karne ka.. Aur precap ???.. Aarohi bhi.. Oh no ab kya hoga.. Can’t wait to read the next.. Post it asap.. Till then take care.. And Happie new year???

  3. Aniriya

    Hi nati
    Happy new year may this year bring happiness success new opportunities and positive vibes in your life.
    Fantastic episode loved the ignite between shiv and ani but
    When anika will turn into anu and why can’t she forgive herself now its too much.
    I’m waiting for the moment when happiness will spread yrr
    Bye stay blessed

  4. Hey Nati Happy New.

    Shiv and Annika conversation it’s Fab dear no one can beat you in writing emotional scenes so beautifully that just with in a blind it get screened so real and touchy.

    Poor Anu i’m feeling bad for her and truly understand her guilt. And our great wall SSO trying so hard but he’s to get helpless infront of Anu.

    And precape ?? no Anu maa plz don’t do this with ur Anu. She’s just doing for u.

    Update the next one ASAP

  5. Nikita_jai29

    The confession is beautiful and emotional….. Happy new year dear…

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