~Destiny……Sad?~ Title changed to “Healing Her With Love…”

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Dedicated to Indu and Anu!!!!

Om wants to laugh, but he says, “Shivaay, elaborate what you feel for her to me.”

Shivaay looks at him and then says, “When she comes near me, my heartbeat increases. I couldn’t bear someone hurt her. During school times, when Daksh tries to rape her, I just couldn’t control my anger. How could that bastard lay his eyes on her. When she was dating Rohan, I want to push Rohan and tell her to date me and not him. When she thought me to date Tia, I want to tell her that lady was just blackmailing me, with a blo*dy deal. Then when we got married, I want to tell her that something in me is making me to get mad around her. When I saw her there in the lift today, some sort of pain was going inside me. I panicked when she called me before. I just don’t know what is it.”

Om looks at him, trying to make a serious, even thought he couldn’t, “Did you remember once I told you this that one day your life will be someone’s else, she will get wound and you will get hurt, she will be glad and you will smile, that day no one can stop you from falling in love, you will believe in love after falling in love, that day you will come crying to me.”

Shivaay gets the connection and hideous smile appears in his face. Om smiles, “Now, what happened?”

Shivaay says, “So, you are saying I am in love with her?”

Om says, “No, I am not saying. It’s the truth.”

Shivaay smiles and said slowly, “I am in love.” He whispers it repeatedly and goes from there. He didn’t even hear, when Om asked for treat when he was going.

He goes and sleeps on his bed. The next morning, he wakes up to see her sitting on the bed wearing her spectacles and reading a book. Suddenly, he gets a naughty idea. He pulls the book from her hand and runs from her. She runs back of him and calls, “You are an attention seeker.”

He replies, “I don’t care if you call me anything today. I am really happy today.” She pulls him to her and asks, “Why are you happy today?”

He looks and then turns his head, saying, “I won’t tell.”

She pouts and says, “You won’t tell me, your friend.”

He looks at her and smiles, “You look cute like this.” She blushes hearing it and says,  “You look cute when you say this, but brush your teeth.”

He goes to the bathroom and brushes his teeth. She then tries to read the book, but couldn’t as she was thinking what was that great news making him happy. He comes out of the bathroom and sat beside her. He looks at her,  kisses her on the cheek, by saying, “Sorry, I can’t control myself.” and runs off.

She felt a heating up sensation, in the place where he kissed. She touches her cheek in surprise and blushes. Closing her eyes, she started jumping on the bed.

 Shivaay, who came back was surprised seeing her jumping like a monkey. He was like, “Is she mad or acting like one?”

She noticed him starring at her and stopped jumping. She got up from the bed and was about to go, when he caught her hand.

He asks, “I want to talk something.”

She nods and says, “Okay, you can talk.”

He then looks down and says, “YesterdayIunderstoodthatIloveyou.SoIloveyou.”

Annika couldn’t digest what he was saying and said, “What are you saying?”

He looks at her and says slowly, “In short, I…love….you…”

She smiles and says, “Even, I love you.”

He says, “I used to feel it, since I saw you. But after yesterday’s incident, I understood that I am getting affected by you. Something in me was drawing towards you. I hated you! I hated you, because you have taken up a place in me after Omru and family, before itself. I hated you because you were able to make feelings for you in me. I hated you because you influenced me a lot. I hate you because only after our cat-fights, I feel a sense of satisfaction. I don’t like anyone coming between me and Omru but when you came, it is like I don’t care, I feel like you’re my family. I didn’t know why you’re some one important to me..! But now, I understood that it wasn’t hatred, it is love!

Annika felt so happy. She never thought she was fortunate to get him in her life. She hugged him tightly. He too reciprocates, but their hug was broken by his mobile. He takes the phone and moves out of the room. She waves bye to him.

Shivaay waves at her and goes. Today his day is filled with all the love he had for her. Today he knew that what he felt for her is love and not some weird feeling. He is happy that he is able to recognize his feelings for her.

She is also happy today, after a long time, the person she loves has recognized his feelings towards her. She wish she is happy like this.

She remembers the day when he got angry on the school picnic day, when she was about to get raped by senior boy named Daksh who was in his class. That day, she and Om somehow pulled him away. The next day on wards, she never saw that boy. Also, this news never reached her parents. Had it reached, she wouldn’t go to school!

She also remembered when he used to angry glares at Rohan when she used to date him. She then understood he wasn’t made for her and by the time, she was already in her depression peak.

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Love is in the air ???.. Loved their straight yet lovely confession.. Will be eagerly waiting for the next.. Till then take care.. Love you??.. Happy new year??????

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      Thank you so much, di! Happy New Year to you too!!!

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    It is nice one dear

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