Yuvraaj gets jealous by Suhani’s best friend Ankit

Ankit holds Suhani’s hand infront of Yuvraaj, which irks him a lot. Ankit is also Soumya’s friend. Looks like he can make or break Suhani’s future. Ankit wins hearts by his talk and Suhani likes his company as a friend. Soumya starts filling Yuvraaj’s ears.

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  1. this story is probably gonna make suhani and yuvraj get closer and yuvraj only feels jealous because he likes her
    the story will become him getting closer and protective to suhani
    it will not be torture for them it will be cute and interesting

  2. plz dont make it like any of those ekta kapoors serial cuz its going really good

  3. Yuvraj is such a baby lol cnt wait to watvh ankit in the show

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