Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ahilya coming to Poornima and asking did she not freshen up. Poornima says I was doing work. Ahilya asks her to rest and does she have any problem here. Poornima says everything is perfect and this house is beautiful. Ahilya says great and asks about her further studies. Poornima says I told Bhaiya that I will stay here and study, but why was he looking worried. Ahilya says he is worried for kids’ admission and business. She says yes, now I understand, I will make the kids get admission, but did he agree for second marriage, I want a nice girl to come in his life and he gets set. Ahilya says no, he kept a PA by much difficulty, you know he does not trust anyone. She tells about Sapna and lets see the way she talks well, will she do work more well or not.

Renuka talks to Jyoti and is still annoyed. Jyoti requests her and asks her not to divide home, as its painful which she experienced. Sid comes and asks what are you saying and why is mum cooking food. He asks why two stoves. Renuka says Riya’s marriage got cancelled and cries. He asks what happened. She leaves. Sid asks Jyoti what was she doing in his absence. She says I was helpless, mum made me swear on you asking me not to interfere. Riya hugs Sid and cries. Sid says I will make everything fine. He also blames Jyoti and says I trusted you a lot, and I regret today, I was wrong. He leaves. Jyoti thinks what to do now.

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Rashmi Mami talks to someone and tells about the profit. She gives the home address and says send it asap, thanks. She says even if one thing works, I can do more bigger business than Indrajeet and I will have a more luxurious big house. Pradeep comes and says he came to know that Ahilya and Poornima want Indrajeet to remarry. She says leave it, will he marry of they say, we should see how to take over the business, but why did he make the new girl PA. Pradeep says that girl is very beautiful and she can trap indrajeet. She says don’t worry, he won’t remarry, else he would have done earlier.

He says this can be Ahilya’s plan as she called the girl very soon, Indrajeet and the girl can meet often and fall in love, if he marries the girl of Ahilya’s choice, we will have to leave. She says this won’t happen, and asks the solution if he knows. He says I will think and tell Renuka comes to Sid and asks don’t sit like this crying, it brings bad omen. Sid says what more worse will happen now. She says since you married Jyoti, its always bad things happening here, I want you to give Jyoti divorce. Sid says enough, you don’t care for Riya, you want to make Jyoti leave, I love her, why don’t you understand, why do you want to break my marriage, think how to make Riya’s life better.

Astha gets ready and offers help to Anjali. Anjali asks her to go, as Sojal and Sita are here. Astha says I m going for work. Anjali makes her wear a chain and Lord pendant, and says Bappa will save you from bad sight. Astha thanks her and leaves. Anjali prays that Astha succeeds. Astha comes to Indrajeet’s home. The kids see her and hide. Mishti tells Shantanu that she maybe our new governess. Shantanu says she will run from her. Ahilya asks Astha what is she seeing like this, don’t try looking around at anything in this house. Astha says no, I have problem in my legs and doctor asked me to walk more.

Ahilya says don’t be oversmart and now note down the things to do. Astha notes down. Ahilya says your work will be to take care of indrajeet, note his meetings, and remind him about timings and make all arrangements. She says arrange the files as per years in good way. Astha says fine. Pradeep and Rashmi come there. Ahilya goes. Astha says don’t know from where she came, she gave me so much work, I m just PA. Pradeep says she has come, she is the PA. Rashmi asks is she the one, lets go and talk to her, lets tell her that we are most imp here, Indrajeet’s Mama and Mami

Astha greets them and says my name is Sapna, I m Indrajeet’s PA. Pradeep introduces himself and Rasmi, and acts strict and commanding. He asks who has sent you here, and whats your motive of coming here. Astha is shocked. She says I did not understand. Pradeep says you felt we won’t know, we are ahead of you. Astha smiles and asks what is he saying. Pradeep laughs and says I was joking, you got serious, don’t you see serials, I was just scaring you. Rashmi says we love Indrjaeet a lot and I don’t like anyone pleasing him, maintain some distance. Astha says fine.

Pradeep leaves. Shlok says its first day for Astha’s job and worries. Anjali pacifies him. Niranjan comes home buying veg. Shlok asks why did he get veg. Niranjan says I went for walk, what happened if I get veg. Anjali says you and veg. Niranjan says a man learns everything some day, I m feeling glad to do this work. Shlok tells about Astha and asks should we call. Niranjan says no, Indrajeet can doubt on us, lets wait. Shlok hopes everything is fine. Shantanu and Mishti greet Astha and sits with the bags. Astha says you both are very cute. They say yes and show their homework.

She checks the homework, and gives the books. Mishti asks shall we go to play. He keeps the ink bottle and throws lizard. Astha shouts and throws the file, which gets spoiled by the ink. Astha shouts for help and Indrajeet comes. She holds his hand and asks him to save her, as she is very scared of lizard. He says wait and shows its fake. She says sorry, I felt its real. Ahilya comes and asks her to do her work. Astha says I was doing my work, I don’t know from where did this ink and lizard come. Indrajeet says I know who did this. Ahilya asks did kids come. Astha says yes, they both came and showed their homework. Ahilya says maybe they felt you are their new governess. Indrajeet goes to talk to kids.

Astha says my hands got bad, I will go and wash. Ahilya says yes and shows the other way, and Astha goes upstairs. Ahilya says how does she know there is washroom upstairs too.

Astha talks to Shlok and cries as she has memories here. Shlok says he was worried, thank God she called. She says yes, don’t call me again. Someone comes and holds Astha.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Why do you read written updates of IPKKND2?
    pls reply me.
    my answer-bcause I don’t know Hindi so I can’t understand what are they saying

    1. me too dont know hindi properly as i am tamilian so i read updates

    2. madhu, thanks for replying.

  2. yesterday someome clarified my doubt regarding ipkknd season1 thanx to them but i am still confused
    relation b/w arnav and akash -not brothers since akash is mami’s son
    payal and khushi-sisters since khushi is garima’s sis’s daughter said in ep 326 it is available both in written update and video in dailymotion as bolum326 earrings scene please someone watch it/read it and clarify me what garima said and whether arnav and khushi could marry since i am getting brother sister relation b/w them from these sources sorry for irritating but i love the show i am very much confused regarding this issue.

    1. asr is the mam to akash in tamilian relations name

    2. meaning of mam?

    3. be chill new i am tamilian though i can understand it
      if ur unable 2 get the point just leave it the epi got overed many days ago think about the present epi k
      be chill & dont break ur head cool dear

    4. So Kushi and PayPal are cousins kushis parents died in an accident. Arnav and Akash are cousins akash’s dad is Arnav’s uncle from moms side

  3. It’s just avg

  4. khushi and payal are not sisters
    payals mom is khushi’s mami

    1. not mami mausi arnav told dadi

    2. Actually arnav was unable to recall d relation bwn khushi n her aunt

  5. its k new,its jus a serial vch is for entertainment,,,,
    y u r breaking your head that much…
    let it go..
    anywayz dat season got overr very long back na

  6. The epi was good.waiting fr tomorrows epi

  7. hey new. I’m a south Indian too n don’t worry serial relations don’t make much sense .I got bro/sis relation when I was watching ipkknd 1 too. Also same thing in Bidaai (another serial) where one sister marries the brother in law of her mami’s daughter while in actuality they should be bro/sis. so leave it. even in Yeh hai mohabbatein mihir is raman’s wife’s brother which makes him a brother to Ishitha and in continuity brother to mihika too but they were engaged……so don’t think much about that…..

  8. nice epi whos hand was it may be mami think so r indrajeet
    waiting to watch 2morrows epi

  9. If Shlok comes to Indrajeet’s house as kid’s caretaker will Poornima fall in love with him?

  10. Shlok should avoid coming to the house in any way and disguise possible. It was bad enough having Apsara looking at Shlok in a flirtatious way.

    Renuka will never learn. Siddharth needs to open her eyes to the way Jyoti treats her. And as for Riya, she’s never appreciated what Jyoti has done for her.

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