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The episode starts with Taruni getting ready for the office. Gauri and Ajju ask her where is she going. She says office. Ajju asks if she is doing it as she pities for YS. She says no. He says she is doing it as she feels bad for YS. She says she is not and is going to office. Ajju asks him to give a job in her office so that he can be with her. She gets happy hearing that.

Doctor informs Mona and Smritis’s father that Smrita has got PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder). Mona tries to speak to Smrita. Smrita says she is fine and asks why are they telling I was kidnapped. Mona asks if she does not remember anything. She says no and asks her to take her to home. Inspector informs Mona that he has to release Kapil as girl does not remember anything.

Taruni meets Yudh at office and apologizes for coming late as she slept off. Yudh says it is ok as she needed that relaxation.

Anand reaches his office and asks if anyone knows to remove the handcuffs.

Rishi starts a meeting with his employees. Secretary shows culprit’s pics and says these people do not work for us. Rishi calls security guard and asks howmuch he got on that day.

Anand takes bath, relaxes himself and informs Yudh that a man wanted to befriend him. Yudh sees clown behind Anand and starts behaving weird. He asks Anand to go out and ask Cindy not to disturb him. Once he goes out, Clown says he told already that they will come back and eat even his dead body. Yudh says he is still alive.

Anand informs his wife that he will be late today as he left his car somewhere else. He asks office driver to give car keys and gets into the car.

Anand’s kidnappers and Singh whom they acted as killing in encounter are having a meeting. Man says he will get an order soon and gets an SMS. He says order has come.

Inspector meets Anand and says he is searching Singh in Anuj Malik’s murder case, but why he met Singh. Anand says when he was with Singh, police came, took him and Singh to encounter them, but he escaped. Inspector laughs and says he is in charge of this area and he did not order anyone to arrest him. He says he did not find any deadbody. Inspector says to hide Anuj Malik’s murder case, Singh has to disappear. He says he will keep an eye on him. Anand says ok and tries to move in his car. Inspector sops him, asks him to open his car dickey, and is surprised to see blood stained clothes and cutting player.

Ranjan meets his partners and says they can kidnap Rishi and put a blame on naxalites. Partners says already naxalites kidnapped and he escaped, they cannot trap him again. Ranjan pleads they can, but they go from there. Singh comes and says he believes him and to tell his plan.

Inspector says Anand that before they met, his car was not there, so they did not see it. Anand says before meeting Singh, he went in company’s car. Inspector says he does not believe. Anand says all the evidence are against him, if he is trapped. Inspector says very badly and laughs. He says people who have seen you with police and Singh can save him. Anand asks if he can make a call, calls his wife and informs that he is going on business meeting and is in airport. Preeti says he would have reached and informed. Inspector asks why did not he inform his wife. Anand says he does not want his wife involved in it. Inspector says he is a very big players. Anand says not now.

Yudh is on the dinner table and asks maid to call Nayan. She says madam told she is not hungry. He goes to Nayan’s room and asks if she not well and to call doctor. She says she is fine. Yudh says in fever, it happens. Nayan asks him to leave. He says he will sleep in Rishi’s room and asks her to have rasmalai. Once he turns, he gulps rasmalais.

Mona’s mother sees her packing her bags and asks what prob she has with them. She says she loves them, that is the big prob. Her dad asks her not to go, but she gets into her car and starts scrying while her reporter friend tries to console her.

Yudh hears clown’s voice in his sleep and wakes up. Clown takes drilling maching and says he wants to open his head and chest. Yudh asks him to go out and starts fighting with clown. He breaks whole room;s furniture. Nayan and servants hear his voice and come to his rescue. Nayan sees Yudh on the ground and asks whom he was talking to. He says nobody. Maid says she heard his shouting sound. Yudh says he does not remember anything. He sees his hand injured and bleeding.

Security guard informs Rishi that 2 workers want to meet him. Rishi asks him to let them in. Workers plead Rishi that they made a mistake by giving their gate pass to the culprits and asks him to give back their work. Rishi says because of them, many people lost their lives. Workers says their whole family’s life is in his hand now. Rishi asks them to get job from the culprits, gives them 1 month’s salary and asks them to leave. They plead they their job back. Rishi says then they need to do his work.

Home minister is busy enjoying wrestling match. Devaraj gives hi report and says he is innocent. Minister says sensitive information is leaked from his office.

Yudh says Nayan that everything is hers and Taruni cannot snatch anything from her. She says Taruni has your faith and you believe her more than me and Rishi. She says after 24 years of marriage and 9 months 22 years of take care you and your son don’t care about me.

Yudh speaks to Dr. Ganatra and asks when did he return. He says i in the morning. Yudh asks if he can meet him. Dr. says to come in 1 hour as one appointment got canceled. Yudh leaves to meet him.

Workers meets culprits and informs that their work is gone because of them, so they should give them work. Culprits say they would have thought before getting money.

Ranjan, Singh and his partners reach Rishi’s place and Ranjan leaves to meet Rishi. Rishi is busy discussing business strategy with his staff. He sees Ranjan and asks what is he doing here. Ranjan says his mother was worried about him, so he came to be with him. Rishi’s secretary informs that home minister wants to meet you. Rishi leaves with Ranjan to meet home ministers.

Culprits see their bike punctured and doubt workers for that. They both start fighting with them. Workers keep knife on them and say they need work at any cost. Culprits take them to Gopal. Gopal asks why they brought them here. They say they need work. Workers say Gopal that they need work as they lost it because of him. Gopal asks them to come tomorrow. He asks culprit to escape from the city and not to come back until he asks them to.

Ranjan and Rishi meet home minister. Ranjan identifies him as bablu and says he used to work for his father. Rishi asks Ranjan to go out. Home minister praises Rishi for his work and says let us forget what happened between me and YS and start a new friendship. Rishi says yes and requests him to increase electric power supply as he wants to work day and night and clear his losses.

Anand in jail informs Yudh that some insider is behind his arrest. Yudh scolds his officer that they could not find betrayer. Nayan goes to stay with Rishi saying Yudh that he has his daughter with him. Home minister informs Ranjan to execute his plan. Goons attack Rishi with gun and Rishi counter fires.

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