YRKKH- Rabne Bana Di Jodi (intro) by Ridima


Kartik Goenka

He is a well known writer. He loves to write romantic and comedy stories. He has written many books. He is also a playback singer. He loves to sing romantic songs. Writing is his passion, singing is his hobby which he made his professions.

Naira Singhaniya

She is a professional dancer. Loves dance very much.But loves her elder sister Gayu most. She lost her parents long ago. As she is a classical dancer, she hears classical music most. She is least interested in reading books and magazines. She is very excited for her sister’s wedding.

Gayatri Singhaniya

She is an actress and acts in Indian serials. She fell in love with her co-star while playing the lead role in a romantic serial. Currently her marriage preparations are going on in Goa. She will be getting married to the person she loves. she has many fans. Her fans are vvvvv excited for her wedding. she loves her sister Naira very much and understands all her (N) feelings.


Hi everyone!! I am Ridima. I am huge Kaira fan. So that’s why writing a ff on them. Hope you all like it. Please support me by leaving your precious comments and keep loving Kaira and YRKKH

  1. Vinni05

    Wow it’s a different story line just loved it
    Can’t wait for next

  2. Excited ?

  3. Fenil

    continue pls.

  4. Tvfan1

    Continue soon!!
    Different story

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