YRKKH – Pyaar – Chapter 5

Recap: Surekha refuses to eat the sweet because she and Daadi doesn’t like it but Suvarna says she has to and she does. They really like the sweet and can’t stop eating, even Surekha can’t stop herself. Karthik and Naira have a sweet moment together and get lost in eachother. Karthik says he has the day off so he has planned a whole day.


Karthik and Naira get ready to leave and daadi stops them.

DAADI: Bhulna mat ki tu, dono ko Naira ka mayka mai jaana hai. (Don’t forget, you have to go to Nairas maternal home)

Karthik and Naira nod and leave. Naira is excited to see her family and cannot wait. They both go outside. The driver waits for them.

KARTHIK: Mai Naira ko lejowunga, chinta maat karna. Shukriya. (I will take Naira. Dont worry)

The driver nods and exits. Karthik opens the door for Naira on the passenger side. He does her seat belt for her. Naira smiles and blushes as Karthik shuts the door. Karthik enters the car and stares at her romantically.

KARTHIK: Sirf mai aur tu hi hai. (It’s just me and you)

Naira smiles, and Karthik looks for a while and then they leave.

–FLIP SIDE– Singhania house

Everyone is busily running around and preparing for jamai sa (son in law) and Naira. They are all very excited and are preparing flowers to welcome them. Naksh has organised a fan and places it by the flowers.

BADI DAADI: Sab kuch tayar hai nah! (everything is prepared right)

AKSHARA: Ji ha. (yes)

When badi daadi is standing by the entrance, Luv and Kush turn on the fan accidentally and the wind from outside does not help. They are scared and run, but are amused and surprised by how cool the flower fan looks. They also laugh because badi daadi is getting showered with flowers. Everyone stares angrily at Luv and Kush. Akshara shuts the door.

NAITIK: Koi baat nayi hai, Akshara ne dusre bhi phul rakhe hai. (There’s nothing to worry about, Akshara has another plate)

They are all relieved as Akshara brings an additional plate and puts it in its place. Luv and Kush pick up the flower petals from the floor and put it on the other dish and place it on the other side of the entrance.

Everyone continues to make preparations.

After a while Naira and Karthik arrive at the door. They are surprised to see that the doors are shut, and they continue knocking on the door but everyone is busy with preparations and do not notice.

Luv and Kush hear the door and try and explain to the elders…

LUV: Mamaaa ! Mamaa!! Koi hai! (mum, mum, someone is there)

KUSH: Durwaza koliye mamaaaaa!! (open the door mum)

AKSHARA: Tumne bohot parishaan kiya hai, ab kuch nai. (you have messed around enough, now nothing)

She continues with the preparations and does not believe the kids.

Luv and Kush run towards Naksh and tell him that someone is by the door. Naksh opens the door to see that they are going back in the car.

NAKSH: Madam Naira! Rukhjow! (Stop)

Everyone go towards the door to see that they are about to exit and meanwhile they turn, smile at each other and come back towards the door.

NAIRA: (in a jokey manner) Ek din bhi nayi hua aur tum log mujko bhulgaye! (It hasn’t even been a day and you all forgot me!) Mai kitni dare kiliye knock kiya! (I knocked for so long)

AKSHARA: Luv aur Kush keh bhi raye teh par hum log intizam mai busy hai. Mumma ko maff kardo. (Luv and Kush were also saying for so long but we were busy in preparations, forgive your mother)

SAAS (of Akshara): Ji son chudiya, sab lok ki paas kuch bolne kiliye hota hai aur hum sab ko nanhe sai bhache ke bhat sun leyi chahiye. (Yes, sweet angel, everyone has something to say and we should listen to even the smallest of children)

They all laugh.

NAKSH: Ooi! Hamara welcome tho bhulhigay! (We forgot our welcome)
Everyone is annoyed at themselves, and Luv and Kush are disappointed.

NAIRA: Koi baath nai, sab kuch plan mai nai jaatha hai humesha. (No worries, everything doesn’t always go to plan) Ab mujo welcome karo! (Now welcome me)

They welcome the couple. Flowers surround them and they look at each other and smile in love. They all smile and badi daadi takes of evil eyes from the couple.

Badi daadi does an aarti and welcomes her in. Karthik is a bit weary on time. They enter and share stories and eat food. Badi daadi tells Karishma to get them drinks.

NAIRA: Chinta mat karo, yeh mera hi ghar hai! (dont worry, this is my house)

Naira is slightly upset because she feels that she is being treated as a guest.

They eat food and laugh and play. THey are having a great time. Karthik is slightly annoyed because it is taking longer than expected but Karthik is having fun so he doesn’t mind.

NAKSH: (to Karthik) Humko koi aur behen nayi hai or aapke pas koi bhai nayi hai. (I have no more sisters and you have no brothers)
He laughs.

KARTHIK: Tum mereh bhai hi hoh! (you are my brother)

They high five.

Karthik continues looking at his watch,

NAKSH: Koi baat hai? (Is there a problem)

KARTHIK: Nai kuch nai. (No nothing)

Naksh smiles

NAKSH: Abhi toh tumne mujo tumarhe bhai bhola, kaho, koi baat hai. (you just called me your brother, tell me if you have any problem)

Karthik wants to remain polite even though he has a romantic day planned.

Karthik smiles.

KARTHIK: Nai bhai, koi baat hai toh mai definitely kahunga! (No bro, if there is anything, I will say)

They laugh and continue in their fun. Naira oversees Karthik looking at his watch and gets the signal that he has a day planned out. Naira looks at Karthik and smiles….

Karthik and Naira are at a romantic scenic location. The wind blows on their face and they stare at each other. Cut. It is evening, time for the reception and Karthik and Naira are having a date in a hot air balloon. Will they lose track of time??

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