She asked & I said Yes!!! (Dil bole Oberoi) (Om+Nandini) episode 1

Hello Guys Samaira here this is the 1st story i am writing about “Dil Bole oberoi ”
hope u all like it.
Omkara(Kunal Jaiswal)
Nandini(Sheeru Panek) (pari) nick name
Suhana (Nandini’s mom)

It’ 8am in the morning & still u r lying in the bed get up pari i can hear mom shouting ? but i felt very lazy to get up but i knew i was late for my office !! When I got out of bed, I banged my knee on the dresser. Then I burned a hole in my favorite skirt, while ironing it. I had to pick out another outfit, which made me incredibly late for work. As I was speeding to get to the office, I hit another car. We both pulled over to the side of the road, and I immediately lost it. I was sitting in my car crying hysterically, when the guy I hit came over. I looked up at him and felt tingles all over my body. As soon as our eyes meet I felt a strange feeling as if I knew him really well, even though I knew I’d never seen him.

(OM comes walking near pari’s car)
oh hello r u ok?? pari was still lost in her own thoughts hello??? After 2mins pari finally realised that Om is calling her she came back to reality & said oh yes sorry r u ok Mr.?? Om replied yes yes i am fine.

Pari looked at her car then she tried to start it but the car was not starting !!!! OMG y all this things are happening with me i am really getting late oh God ! Om then came near her & asked her that if she dont have any problem then he can drop her pari was suprised & said yes please !!!! They went towards OM’s car. While driving pari cant take her eyes off OM even OM was looking at her innocent cute face suddenly their eyes meet both of them smiled ? finally a conversation started.
Om with a smile said “Hi I am Omkara” & u ? “Hello i am Nandini” then pari got so engrossed in the conversation; that she almost forgot to give Om her office direction finally Om asked where should i drop u ?

Pari (enbrassed) sorry sorry my office is just 5mins away. Oh stop here she get down the car & said thank you Om. That whole day pari couldnt concentrate on her work whole day she kept thinking about Om , his voice , his eyes, his poliet nature !!! At night pari thought about searching Om in fb but then it came to her mind that Om havent metioned his title it made her feel dejected!!! Suddenly her phone rang she picked it up & cuted the line as it was a wrong number but then she realized it wasnt her phone while geting down Om’s car maybe their phone exchanged !!! Pari was tensed but in the back of her mind she was happy that this could give her a chance to meet Om.

She decided to give him a call. But before She could pick up the phone, it rang. It was OM. Om said that hello is it Nandini ? Nandini (feeling shy) yes speaking unfortunately today our phone exchanged & i need my phone back so can we meet tomorrow ? Pari( was very excited) Yes sure even i also need my phone back .
Ok let’s meet tomorrow at CCD at 10:30 am.
Pari: ok thank u good night.

Om: Good Night.
That night she cant sleep properly even she was excited for tomorrow . She was really confused wats happening with her.

Next Morning:

Pari wake up 8am that day got freesh & then started to decide what she will wear that day ? she was feeling confusing that y she was choosing the best clothes as if she was going for a date .
Om: was thinking about Nandini he was feeling curious to know her
he likes the way she talks , the way she said sorry but Om reminds himself that earlier he has heartbroken & now he cant afford any sort of heartbreaks .
Om already reached the cafe & there was no sign of Nandini
After 5mins Om can see Nandini arriving from a distance
when she entered the cafe Om cant take his eyes off her
Pari was wearing a Yellow suit her hairs was open , she has applied kohl in her eyes , baby pink lipstick.

Finally they took their seats they ordered 2 cups of coffees & then Om looking at Nandini said a poem
“Khuda ki fursat me ek pal aya hoga,
Jab usne ap jese pyare insan ko bnaya hoga,
Na jane kounsi dua kubool huyi hamari,
Jo usney aap ko humsey milaya hoga”…!!!!
Pari was pleased to hear that poem she cant stop herself from saying wow Om!
Om (oh God !!! wat i have done y did i recite a poem?) sorry actually i didnt mean to embrass u sorry
Pari: No its fine i like poems?
By the way what do u do (pari asked)
Om: I am a artist i have my own art gallery

Pari: oh wow sounds interesting . I am an Architect ?
Om : we both build things then ?
By the way u can call me pari
They both became good frnds Om & pari finally exchanged their no’s they started hanging out.
They dont talk over any particular topic they talk over anything & everything.
Days were flying & their friendship grew more strong .
Now its a routine that everyday Om will wait near pari’s office to pick her up then they could have some coffee & then will go back to their home.
Pari: (at night in her bedroom) she was constantly thinking abt the moments she spends with om is it love? Paris heart gave a single that Yes it is love for sure . she decided to confess her feelings to Om.

She decided to take a day off & with the help of her frnds she make a plan to propose Om in a unquie style.
She booked a five star boat & decorated it with roses , candels , with her & Om’s pics she arranged a candel night dinner on the rooftop of the boat . Then called Om & asked him to come & meet her near her house. Om came & give her a call .
As pari came down from her house Om can’t take his eyes off her she was wearing a off shoulder green gown with a ruby pendant her hair was loose , a little kohl in her eyes, she applied a baby pink lip gloss she was looking stunning . As she came close Om said u r looking beautiful but where r we going , pari didnt replied & told him to start the car it took them 10 mins to reach that place Om was still unaware of what is going on !!!! He again & again asked pari said i have a suprise for u come with me she blind flond Om & hold his hand & went to the rooftop of the boat she opened the blind flond Om was taken aback for 2 mins he cant say anything then he said its beautiful pari said i have something to confess & i choose the open sky & pure water to be a witness of this moment

“Your love is something that I can’t control. You are on my mind and heart all the time. Before I met you, I was not familiar with the feeling of love. But now I came to know what love is. My heart misses its beats when I come closer to you. I love you Om I Love You Om!!!”

Pari was standing with teary eyes Om please say something Om came near her hugged her tight & said “I Love U ❤pari” & i will never let u go ???? Then on that romantic boat under that blue sky full of stars they looked at each other’s forgeting everhthing & the song started
“Kehte hain
Khuda ne iss jahaan mein
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya
har kisi ke liye” ❤❤❤❤

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