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Pyaar – Chapter 2

Recap: Naira has gotten married. She enters the Goenka villa and they pray to God. Naira is in their room and Gayu Mishti and Mansi have organised a light show. Naira smiles at the love she is getting. At singhania household, everyone is upset and reminisce.


Naira has taken off her wedding attire and changed into her normal clothes ready for bed. Naira waits for Karthik and smiles. On the other hand, the sisters are being cheeky and annoying him.

Daddi: Karthik go tum log chira kyu rehe ho!? Jaane doh usko, sattana band karo!

Daddi laughs. Karthik shows his tongue at the sisters and goes.

GAYU: *in her head* hum itne jaldi nai jaane denge!

She laughs.

Gayu looks on. Karthik goes to change his clothes and Gayu locks him in the bathroom using the front lock. She laughs. After Karthik is done, he tries to come out but realises he can’t and he keeps knocking. Mishti! Mansi!! Mujko bar anne do aur mai tumko sabakh sikowunga!!
Gayu laughs.

GAYU: “Mai hu yaha bhai. Mujko tofa chaye, sirf to hum tumko aane denghe!”

KARTHIK: “Nai! Mujko baar ane doh, mai tumko ek acha sabakh sikowunga!!”

Gayu laughs.

DAADI: *shouts* GAYU! Mujko meri duwa chahiye!

Gayu is scared and runs to be at her service and forgets about Karthik. Karthik continues knocking.

Someone unlocks the door for him. Karthik opens the door.


He stops, and sees it was Naira who opens the door. Naira blushes and smiles and goes to their room. Karthik follows her to the bedroom. When he enters Naira is sitting on the decorated bed. Karthik locks the door. He sits on the bed and goes closer. There is romantic music. Lights go out….


Gayu arrives at the bathroom door because she just remembered Karthik. She goes towards the bathroom and realises it is already unlocked.

GAYU: HMMM… “she laughs” Bhabhi meri team mai nai lugrehi hai. Woh dono ek saath he rai!

She prays on the spot.

It is the next morning and the entire Goenka family pray to God. Naira sings an aarti and everyone is surprised at her sweet voice. Everyone sings “Oh Kanha” with her, and Karthik is shown as he smiles at Naira with love and admiration. She gives everyone the opportunity to take the arthi and distributes the prasad. She goes towards Manish and offers him a prashad. Manish is about to take the prashad but just then his phone rings. He is about to pick up but Naira stops him.

NAIRA: Humko maaf karne keh maine ruka pur, pehele yeh prashad pls.

Manish is slightly shocked but follows her instructions. Daadi is at the back and smiles at Naira.

DAADI: *in her head* Pratiksha acha kaare pahlay asambhav najar aata hai. Aur ub, kuch aur…

PRECAP: Naira is making her first breakfast. She is finding it difficult to find out what is where. Karthik comes into the kitchen and romantically helps her. Surekha looks from the back and is not happy to see a man in the kitchen. She goes to tell daadi….

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  1. Rosa18

    Wow what a quick update both episodes almost simultaneously. Great story line waiting 4 the next update

    1. KapilS

      Thank you Rosa

  2. Vinni05

    Wow just awsome
    Can’t wait for next

    1. KapilS

      Ive sent the next one to be published 🙂

  3. Hales

    Wow!! Just awsum loved it! Cute cute scenes
    Waise i would love to see kaira ke sweet sweet talks too
    Cant wait for the kitchen romance …post soon?

    1. KapilS

      Tysm for your support. I have included some in the next chapter, hope you enjoy 🙂

  4. Vrushy

    Awsome story and plot.
    Seems to be interesting.
    Nice work.
    Can’t wait for next part !!

    1. KapilS

      It means a lot coming from you, ty

  5. Tvfan1

    Rlly awesome!!
    Try to write in English so everyone will understand
    That is, if you want
    Carry on!!

    1. KapilS

      Ive done it in the next chapter, ty 🙂

  6. Fenil


  7. awesome concept….both chapter was nice….update soon

    1. KapilS

      Thank you for the support 🙂

  8. KapilS

    Thank you everyone for the support. I will write dialogues in english as well 🙂

  9. This is an awesome concept with kaira having and arranged marrige ??

    1. KapilS

      Thanks Seema!

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